Man Charged: Sex Offences Against Child

June 25, 2012

In Magistrates Court this morning [June 25], a 35-year-old man was charged with two sex offences relating to a young girl under the age of 10. The Crown objected to the grant of bail and Senior Magistrate Archie Warner remanded the man — who cannot be named for legal reasons — into custody until his trial in October 2012. The defendant was silent throughout the proceedings, and pleaded not guilty.

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  1. TheFuture says:

    What are the people of Bermuda doing that produces this kind of (alleged) behaviour?

    • Pastor Syl says:

      Do not fool yourself. This kind of behaviour has been going on probably for as long as the island has been inhabited. 25 years ago, 80 year old women were telling me they wish the RAPE Crisis Centre/Women’s Resource Centre had been around when they were children. At least now, the perpetrators are being taken to court and for once, this one has been remanded in custody so he won’t be able to do any more damage for at least the next few months. The down side are the numbers of older men who are preying on the 12-14 year olds, waiting outside their schools at lunch hours and after school, or waiting at the bus depot. Wish we could stop them, because they have NO shame and don’t even try to hide what they are doing!

      • Politely Pompous says:

        I remember some old perv was hanging around my daughter’s primary school in his car every day even though he had no-one to collect there. Most kids would be collected but a few would walk to the bus stop and he would offer lifts to the little girls. Parents noticed, and the principal came out to grill him. First he claimed to be waiting for a relative but couldn’t come up with a child’s name. Then he tried to make it look like he was trying to do a good deed by taking kids home-yet only offered this help to girls. The school warned him to stay off school property but he then parked close by and still offered lifts-again only to the little girls (who were obviously his preference) but never to the boys.

        Parents notified police who said that they really couldn’t do anything as he hadn’t committed an offence yet but offered to come talk to him and scare him off. The fathers all said ‘to hell with this’ and a bunch of them got together, approached him and told him if they saw him hanging around the school again they’d beat the crap out of him. That was the last we saw of him, but he probably moved on to another area. It makes my skin crawl the amount of perverts we have walking around in society-and it’s a worldwide thing. These people are just sick and capable of anything to get what they want. It’s scary.

      • TheFuture says:

        I did not specify a time frame as to when we started the process of producing people with these and other flagrantly offensive traits. My point was though, whenever something like this occurs we must ask ourselves what our role is in this. To stand by and shout how upset we are changes nothing. These people are not coming from outer space. They come our collective homes. Contemplate what we can and should be doing differently Bermuda. There are enough victims already.

    • all clogged up says:

      You’re being stupid….the same shyte happens worldwide….not a problem restricted to Bermuda.

    • all clogged up says:

      Its a global problem idiot! In some countries, its either overlooked or legal. At least we prosecute

  2. Observer says:

    If found guilty, he NEEDS to be named!!!!

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      I think the reluctance to name the offender at this stage is to protect the victim’s identity, which is the far more important thing.

  3. Claudio says:

    meanwhile, our useless politicans are refusing to have a sex registry

  4. SpaceCadet says:

    People make me sick to my stomach..

  5. Um Um Like says:

    We should start a sexual offender program, similar to the US’ witness protection program. These predators deserve the right to not be named.

    • WTF! says:

      Are you serious? Or was that just a typo? You’re obviously just as dumb as your name implies…um um like yeah really! This poor excuse of a human being has no rights! He lost them after he decided to allegedly molest an under aged girl and take her rights away! Anybody like that is deserving of absolutely nothing but to be castrated and the rest of us deserve to know the identity of such a monster so that we can protect and be protected! Are you kidding me?

    • tricks are for kids.. says:

      @ Um Um…really? why not? R u not a parent? wouldn’t you want to know if a sex offender lived next door amd befriended your child? THEY need to be named and shamed..I’ve said it before and I will say it again I would rather know who is going around poking with children than who’s been caught with a poke of weed in their pocket!!!!!!!!!

    • WTF! says:

      Are you serious? Or was that just a typo? You’re obviously just as dumb as your name sounds…um um like yeah really! This poor excuse of a human being has no rights if convicted! He lost them after he decided to allegedly molest an under aged girl and take her rights away! Anybody like that is deserving of absolutely nothing but to be castrated and the rest of us deserve to know the identity of such a monster so that we can protect and be protected! Are you kidding me?

    • G says:

      Have you heard of Megan’s Law? The sex offenders’s profile is put right on the internet; complete with full name, picture, address, and tattoos / markings. Do your research.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Wow… I guess nobody appreciates sarcasm!

      • Carmen says:

        It’s extremely hard to read sarcasm… avoid confusion and just state what you really want to say.

        That being said, I’m all for a sex registry. There are too many cases of sexual abuse which can be prevented because we’re ‘protecting the victim’ but, utimately, we’re just giving these pedophiles license to continue what they’re doing.

      • LMAWTFO says:

        Sarcasm on a delicate issue such as this will never be taken with appreciation.

    • Politely Pompous says:

      Um Um-WTF? Are you serious? Protection? Deserve not to be named? Are you f**king kidding me? Look at the word you used-PREDATOR. That is exactly what these people are and it is a proven fact that they cannot be reformed! So in your eyes, you don’t think a family with kids deserves to know that such a person is their neighbour just laying in wait to get their filthy hands on their children?

      Words escape me. I can’t even adequately type what I really want to because Bernews wouldn’t print it. What the hell are you thinking? These people are dangerous. A pedophile who has been convicted is the most dangerous kind because they are desperate not to go back to jail for their crimes. They are the ones who will murder a child to keep them quiet, thinking it will cover their tracks. Parents deserve to know if a convicted pedophile is living in their area for that reason! They need to be named and shamed for their disgusting behaviour and to protect the public, especially children who cannot defend themselves! Yes, Bermuda is a small community but these perverts should think of that before they mess with children. Your logic scares me-why are you an advocate for predators or do you fall into that category yourself???

      BTW-don’t think that a rape/murder of a child can’t happen in Bermuda. I don’t know how old most of the people are reading this but anyone over approximately the age of 40 will remember this name: Connie Furtado.

  6. Withheld says:

    So many little girls getting abused. The girl with the fireman, the one in the paper the other day by two guys, the bathroom at the middle school peeping cameras. I myself have had many females tell me what was done to them growing up in Bermuda. It’s the island’s dirty secret. I’m so glad i took my little girl out of there. Yes it can happen anywhere but it seems more likely to happen there.

    • Mayan says:

      I don’t think that the abuse rates in Bermuda are higher than anywhere else in the world-especially the U.S which just seems to be crawling with child predators. You can see old reruns of To Catch A Predator and it’s amazingly scary how many they get just from a small area-then multiply that by the ones they don’t catch and all of the U.S. It’s a big problem out there.

      As bad as Bermuda is, you don’t have men randomly snatching girls off the street, raping and murdering them. Most of the time when you see a child has been snatched in the U.S. you know it’s not going to end well. Our kids in Bermuda are more protected. In most cases, it’s a relative because those are the ones who’d get close enough to get the opportunity and it’s up to parents to be vigilant in those cases. I’d still rather raise my daughters in Bermuda then the U.S., or anywhere else for that matter…the odds of attack by a random stranger are extremely low and those types of predators who lay in wait to randomly snatch children are the most dangerous.

      • Withheld says:

        In my opinion they are more likely to get abused in Bermuda than snatched in Canada where we live. I have spent equal time in each country as an adult and find there are so many more women tell me they have been molested in Bermuda than in Canada. (7 to 1)

        • Mayan says:

          Do you have any stats to back up that claim? Yes, Canada is safe and there aren’t as many random kidnappings as the U.S. but many kids are abducted annually in Canada-approx. 50 a year. The fact that ‘many more’ women tell you that they’ve been abused in Bermuda doesn’t mean much. First of all, maybe women are more open about it in Bermuda. Secondly, due to our size you may work in closer quarters with people and make closer bonds where this kind of information could come out than you would have in Canada.The key words you used were ‘tell me.’ Just because you weren’t told in Canada doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

          Also, in Bermuda we take a more no-nonsense approach to child molestation and are more likely to alert authorities. We turn people in-even if they’re a relative. In many places, abuse by relatives is covered up as a ‘dirty little secret.’ In many other places, how many parents alert the authorities concerning unlawful carnal knowledge of teenagers? In Bermuda many parents call the authorities on guys who have sex with their daughters when they’re 13, 14, 15-in many other places, parents find out and put a stop to the relationship but don’t take legal action.

          I don’t believe that sexual abuse of kids is higher in Bermuda-just better reported. I’d still rather live here than in any other country because it really is one of the safest places to raise a child. I remember to this day a case in Canada where a mom living in an apartment building put her daughter in the elevator to attend a birthday party a few floors down and the child never made it and was never seen again. Things like that just don’t happen in Bermuda-I’m not saying they can’t happen, but as a general rule they just don’t.

          • Pastor Syl says:

            @ Mayan: “Also, in Bermuda we take a more no-nonsense approach to child molestation and are more likely to alert authorities. We turn people in-even if they’re a relative. In many places, abuse by relatives is covered up as a ‘dirty little secret.’”
            I only wish what you were saying was the truth! In 1987, the RAPE Crisis Centre’s unofficial poll indicated that 1 in every 2 females and 1 in every 3-4 males was molested before the age of 16. I don’t remember the statistics on stranger vs trusted relative/friend, but in my experience our children, both here and in other countries, are more likely to be molested by someone they know than by a stranger. Even in the case you mention where the child was abducted off an elevator, that still indicates to me that she was taken by someone in her building. It makes sense to me to think that it is the person who knows the child can identify them that tends to murder rather that the random stranger.

            @ Politely Pompous: The solution you mention for the perv sitting in his car waiting to prey on little school girls works if there are fathers around to enforce the safety measure. In our often fatherless society, that isn’t always an option. I think it is time for women to unite for the protection of the children, both male and female. Anybody interested in forming a derivative of Neighbourhood Watch and policing our schools and the bus depots at lunch times and after school? I think a group of women surrounding the perv(s)can be just as effective as a group of fathers, even if they have to carry frying pans or something similar as a deterrent.

            • Not taking it!!! says:

              @Pastor Syl,

              I family has experienced this first hand. I was overseas in school for a five-year period and upon my return, my fourteen year old was harassed every day on her way to school by a sixty-five year old man. He parked his car on the school route every morning and afternoon and spoke to only the girls. At first he just tried to get my daughter to come over to him at his car. When she refused, he started to cuss at her and call her names. I asked my ex and her dad to go and speak with him. He did and the advances stopped for a while. During the Christmas break, she told me it had started again and he told her “i have got something for you” To me this just esclated to a sexual nature, so I approached him the next morning and told him who I was, the little girl who I was referring to and that if he ever said anything else to her again, I would crack his knee caps with a baseball bat. I reported him to the Police that night. The police visited him and his wife and told him that he is displaying pedophilia behavior and if he speaks to my daughter or any other little girl, they would arrest him. He admitted everything accept the last comment – which I responded to. Every morning after that for two weeks, I caught the bus deliberatly and eyeballed him until my bus came. I have not had a problem since. Sixty-five people!!!! he should be enjoying his retirement!!!! What these predators also depend on is a detachment in the home. Parents are often home late and the children are left to their own devices or they don’t talk to their children, so the pervs can get away with this deviant behaviour. We have to talk to our kids. Let them know what acceptable behaviour is, what happened during their day and let them know that they can discuss anything with you.

  7. OBA sucks n so does PLP says:


  8. navin johnson says:

    he needs to become a eunich……

    • K.T.B. says:

      I agree Navin, if he’s guilty chop “it” off.

  9. REALISM says:

    yuck. wats wrong wit ppl in this island

  10. cw says:

    @um um serious: what you stated certainly did not sound like sarcasm in any way. It was a statement in poor taste. No one is going to take what u said as sarcasm, trust me..

    • Um Um Like says:

      If you lot really believe I’m serious then I pity you.

      • just a librarian says:

        @Um Um…serious or not the sarcasm in this case was in bad taste. how about you try being sarcastic during a time when it will be better well received and not when a child is at stake.

        • Um Um Like says:

          Um um, no like. I achieved what I set out to do: stir up the hornets nest. If you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t read it- plain & simple.

  11. Ronnie says:

    I recently saw a picture with the caption, “This is the last thing a Pedophile should see!” It was a picture of a sawed off shotgun!! Loved it!

  12. Unbelievable says:

    If convicted put him in a cell with one of the 38 to life dudes so they can rape the sh%t outta his dirty fawkin a#s every fawkin night!!!!

  13. Unbelievable says:

    Better yet Bermuda needs to ADAPT TO THE REAL FAWKIN WORLD!!!!

  14. Redundant Bermudian says:


  15. A.D.O.W. says:

    First of all….everyone always talks castrating the man….nobody knows if he is innocent or guilty….do you know how many inncent people are serving time in the world? I know both the man and girl personally….and I can honestly say I don’t believe that this is true….[edited]

    • just a librarian says:

      even though you may not believe it is true and you know these two the only ones who really know what happened is the two of them. if it is true then justice must be served and a child’s innocence must be protected. knowing them will not save them.

    • itsnot the FIRST says:

      I’m just wondering why would a little girl, under the age of 10, make something up like this….. You can “personally” know someone but do u REALLY know someone.

    • Put the Child First says:

      And this is why victims are afraid to speak up because nobody wants to believe them! It is usually a trusted friend or family member that abuses the child. Obviously if anyone would have suspected the person to be capable of this behaviour, they wouldn’t have had them around the child in the first place. So @ A.D.O.W.,I’m sure you wouldn’t believe that he would do something like this. That’s because being a child molestor, rapist and pervert is usually something people keep as a secret and go to great legnths to make sure you would never suspect it. Honestly take off your rose colored glasses.

      • A.D.O.W. says:

        I can’t even comment anymore cause I know this information first hand and I know more than any of you guys do on here….so all I’m saying is that trust me the accusations aren’t that deep…and personal relations did not cloud my better judgement….

  16. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH says:


    • all clogged up says:

      nah………only makes it more probable. There is a high level of deviant behavior due to dwindling genetic pool and high rate of mental illness amonst ‘functional’ bermudians

  17. Eddie says:

    I don’t no how Bermuda can just sit back and accept the identity of child molesters, rapiscts, pedofiles. But when a convicted or or murder accused is on trial their picture hits every source of exposure. I’m really left smfh. Touch one of family members or family friends and I will be taking matters into my own hands.

  18. Eddie says:

    These ppls pictures need to be exposed just like everybody elses!! Tired of hear it can’t be for legal reasons total BS!! We all have loved ones out there!! In other countries they let you know when they move in your neighborhooh I just feel Bermuda is so backwards at times!! Give these ppl little slaps on the wrist knowing full well they gonna get out and commit the same offences smfh. I feel if you can give a convicted murderer life in prison why not give a PREDATOR the exact same. Let’s stop being ignorant bermuda and protect our yout when in actual fact they are our future!! Or you can neglect the situation an allow them to grow up damaged an explode n our society and blame then like you already do for everything else.