Videos: Inmates Speak About Life In Prison

June 28, 2012

Four prison inmates joined Attorney General Kim Wilson and Prison Commissioner Lt/Col Edward Lamb in addressing the media this morning [June 28] at the Westgate Correctional Facility. The four inmates have been convicted of a variety of charges ranging from firearm offences to murder.

“My initial intent for hosting this media briefing today is to dispel a few myths regarding the prison system that seem to be floating throughout the community,” said Minister Wilson.

“In recent weeks, for a variety of reasons, a scrutinizing spotlight has been directed at our local prison system. While I have sought to address each issue that has captured the media and the public’s attention head on – there seems to be one lingering mistaken criticism of our correctional facilities.

Minister Wilson continued, “It derives from the erroneous notion that Bermuda’s prisons are places of comfort, that the living here is easy, and that individuals who commit some of the most heinous crimes in our community – the drug dealers, the violent offenders and the murderers – do not receive sufficient punishment that matches their crime.”

“While Bermuda’s prison facilities do not rank amongst the most abysmal penitentiaries in the world, they are not places of comfort by any stretch of the imagination. While from the outside looking at it may appear differently, prison cells are standard-sized locked cages that keep men confined in limited spaces until they are allowed to roam in other confines under the watchful eyes of their guards.”

“But there’s another segment of the community that I think can perhaps assist in driving home the point about the devastating effects of making the wrong choices. They are here with me today. Individuals who have found themselves here at Westgate Correctional Facility for crimes they have committed.

“They will tell you first hand that their actions have had serious consequences including the loss of family, the loss of productive years, the loss of their rightful place in society and the loss of their basic freedoms as they know it,” said Minister Wilson.

20 minute video of four prison inmates speaking about their experiences behind bars:

In introducing the inmates, Lt/Col Lamb said “Behind these walls is a not so cozy place to live your life. And who better to express that to the wider public than those who are actually here walking that walk.

“There is a saying, you ought not judge a man till you have walked a mile in his moccasins. Well, this morning we are going to share with you the walk these men have in their moccasins.”

24-year-old prison inmate Anthony Swan said that the various freedoms he once had were given up due to choices he made. “Choices must have consequences. Whether it be good choices have good consequences or a bad choices have bad consequences. It’s obvious I made the wrong choice,” said Mr Swan.

Mr Swan is serving a 12-year sentence after he was convicted of firearm offences relating to the attempted shooting of Troy ‘Yankee’ Rawlins in 2009, who was later murdered in an unrelated incident.

“My message would be to set better expectations for yourself,” Mr Swan told the media. “As my choice was based on my expectation of self.”

Minister Wilson and Lt/Col Lambe address the media:

Prison inmate Leroy Symons also spoke this morning. Mr Symons, 22, originally went into Westgate on remand for a murder charge, which he and his brother were aquitted of in 2011, however is serving a 3.5 year sentence for unrelated offences.

“My experience in Westgate has done me some good, but I still have my struggles as an inmate,” Mr Symons said. ”To speak on the topic of Westgate being a ‘Holiday Inn’ – it’s far from it. Westgate is a place that will either make you or break you.”

“Everyday is a struggle,” said Mr Symons. “To the young men running around in the streets…this gang stuff…I have lost a lot of friends to this gang stuff…there is nothing you can get out of being in a gang.”

“At first I thought my life was over. But you have officers in Westgate who care about us young black men,” said Mr Symons. “I wish I would have paid attention when I had a chance…but life is not over.”

“Those of you out there in this gang life…make a decision…do you want to end up here or in St John’s cemetery,”  said Mr Symons.

Prison inmate Kellan Lewis also addressed the media saying sometimes he goes to sleep hoping he “will wake up in his own bed.”

The 20-year-old is serving a 12-year sentence for manslaughter after being convicted of killing 18 year old Kellon Hill in 2008.

“My message the community to the community is you are being lied to, you are being told fabricated statements about Westgate,” Mr Lewis said. “From the day I came here it has been a serious battle for me. This place is no hotel.”

“My message to everyone would be, if you are doing things think about them before you do them. As when you come here, you lose everything,” Mr Lewis said.

Kyle Sousa — who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Matthew Clarke in 2009 — said he has been in jail since he was 17.  He said, “I grew up here. This prison showed me a lot of growth. I am going through alot in these prison walls. I miss my family. I want to tell the public this definitely isn’t a hotel,” said Mr Sousa.

When asked about their victims’ families, the two men who had been convicted of  either manslaughter and murder replied. Mr Sousa said he is deeply, deeply sorry and that he has a lot of remorse, while Kellan Lewis said, “I have already addressed the victim’s family so I am pretty straight with that.”

Minister Wilson’s full statement follows below:

Good morning and thank you very much for joining me. My initial intent for hosting this media briefing today is to dispel a few myths regarding the prison system that seem to be floating throughout the community.

In recent weeks, for a variety of reasons, a scrutinizing spotlight has been directed at our local prison system. While I have sought to address each issue that has captured the media and the public’s attention head on – there seems to be one lingering mistaken criticism of our correctional facilities. I appreciate that this has existed, long before I had the responsibility for prisons.

It derives from the erroneous notion that Bermuda’s prisons are places of comfort, that the living here is easy, and that individuals who commit some of the most heinous crimes in our community – the drug dealers, the violent offenders and the murderers – do not receive sufficient punishment that matches their crime. In fact, I’m told that the general view of Westgate Correctional Facility is that it’s a “Holiday Inn”.

Like most societies we generally shy away from admitting to the harsh realities that prisons represent. At best they are accepted as necessary evils, and places where we lock away those who commit acts warranting our removing them from among us. So we are inclined to create myths about the places we confine them to mask the ugly truths their actions and consequences represent of our society at large.

However, while Bermuda’s prison facilities do not rank amongst the most abysmal penitentiaries in the world, they are not places of comfort by any stretch of the imagination. While from the outside looking at it may appear differently, prison cells are standard-sized locked cages that keep men confined in limited spaces until they are allowed to roam in other confines under the watchful eyes of their guards.

We Bermudians are travellers and I cannot imagine that it is anyone’s idea of a vacation to spend years confined to the square footage of prison cells and prison grounds, cut off from the rest of the territory of our already limited tiny island home. Not to mention interaction with the rest of society.

This leads to a related matter that I am compelled to discuss today – a matter that is much fresher in our consciousness – and a matter that should concern us all greatly as Bermudians.

While I can list a litany of issues that may divide us as a people – it is one issue that I can confidently say joins us as a community – and that is ridding ourselves of the threat of gun violence.

Five days ago, our community was once again rocked to its foundation with the news that another murder had taken place, when Joshua Robinson was gunned down in broad daylight at a popular local establishment.

For me, it’s important to address this latest incident in this surrounding because when justice prevails, Westgate is eventually where the individual (s) will rightfully end up. Unfortunately our society will suffer the twin tragedy of one life lost and another removed. My message today is to implore our young people not to engage in the kinds of activities which will result in them being sent here to Westgate to waste their lives.

I am also appealing to parents, family and friends to please take hold of your children, relations and peers. Communicate with them, immerse yourselves in their lives to prevent them from going down this path and if necessary help us to bring them to justice so as to stop them from continuing down that road, or to lose their own life. On the preventative side, share with them that every life has value, worth and meaning.

Remind them that living is about making choices and that making the wrong choice can lead to them becoming another Westgate statistic or a force for destruction in our midst that must be removed. Ladies and gentlemen, over the past week, you’ve heard from the Premier, the Minister of National Security, Assistant Police Commissioner Mirifield and his team, and Joshua’s family on just how much of a shattering effect such an incident can have on our community.

But there’s another segment of the community that I think can perhaps assist in driving home the point about the devastating effects of making the wrong choices. They are here with me today. Individuals who have found themselves here at Westgate Correctional Facility for crimes they have committed.

They will tell you first hand that their actions have had serious consequences including the loss of family, the loss of productive years, the loss of their rightful place in society and the loss of their basic freedoms as they know it. They will also tell you that life here at Westgate certainly isn’t a picnic – quite the contrary. For the most part, their home is four walls and a cot. When these security doors slam close – for some of our inmates – this facility is where they will live out the remainder of their years until death. In the meantime they will have to live the regimented life of incarceration where someone else determines their every move. It is appropriate at this time to single out our dedicated Prison Officers who go above and beyond to execute their duties on a 24 hour basis to ensure that they uphold their commitment to protecting and serving the people of this Country. Finally, I wish to close by expressing my sincere condolences to the family and friends Joshua Robinson. As a mother of a young son, my heart certainly goes out to his mother and to his children. I want to assure his family that this Government through the auspices of the Department of Public Prosecutions, the Ministry of National Security and the Bermuda Police Service, will do all that it can to bring those responsible to justice. I also want to appeal to anyone who may have any information about this latest murder or any other crime, to please contact the Police or Crime Stoppers and share what you know. We owe it to ourselves, our children and our country to do what we can to prevent a few among us from destroying our quality of life. Thank you.


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  1. haaaaaaaa says:

    Their wardrobe is better than most peoples out of prison….LOOK AT DEM SHOES! BIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I TELL YOU. Mind you, they got plenty of time to clean em…

    • haaaaaaaa says:

      Glad they cleared up the point though. make it clear to the children who think “thug life” is ‘cool’ (and yes…anyone who thinks this is a CHILD, regardless of age). all the best to you gentleman in your struggles & journey..i do hope it brings the best out of you.

    • Former Prisoner says:

      That’s a freaking hotel. Stop acting like cry babies. These punks don’t have to worried about some REAL GANGSTER trying to rape you in a real prison. Personality they speak about, dam in a real prison you have no choice. You eat and get locked up. In a real prison you don’t have programs you 2 busy worrying about some sicko trying cut your throat! I went there 3 times because I wasn’t scared of doing time @ my young age. Now that I’m older and wiser I don’t have time too be in cage.

      • B. G. Simmons says:

        And this, in my opinion, is why crime and gang activity is on the rise.
        The consequences of breaking the law do not scare people enough to stop them from breaking it. People like Former Prisoner are not scared of prison. If time is all they are giving is time, then they don’t mind giving that. And this is not just a one off prisoner. I – who has no criminal record – am not scared of doing time at Westgate. The that video does not give light to any type of physical challenges there, only the discomfort is of having lost your freedom….

  2. I kno first hand as well says:

    I know first hand how prison is as well. I understand that prison life isnt a joke and your life isnt yours. You are told what to do and when to do it. Mentally you have to be strong and if your not strong minded prison will eat you up. I say, I hope that these four and many more in their make a change for the better and grow to better themselves when they do come out. When you do return into the this community it isnt easy,cause at times I do feel like damn i wld rather be back in my cell. Cause dealing with people and negativity gets to you if you dont have famiily or someone that would encourage you to stand your ground and tell you to stay positive. I say keep positive, think positive and find the lord to give you the stregth to get you through life.

  3. Gibbo says:

    There is a problem with the sound on the video and it looks as though it is coming from Bernews side, can it be fixed.

    So good to see two young men there that come out to our services when we are allowed to go to the prison to have service on a Sunday evening. the last time we went they hadn’t had anybody since our previous visit which was six weeks. people ask for the churches to step up and help but it is not always that easy. How about letting us come at least once a month. I hope the right people get to read this,.


    • Bernews says:

      Thanks, and sorry but no…we won’t be able to adjust the video. The volume fades out somewhat when the person is speaking away from the mic, but nothing we can do about that. If you have a huge problem with audio it could very well be your computer, as its working okay on all devices on our end & no one else has mentioned it yet. Sorry about that either way!!

      • GetLikeMe says:

        I guess people can’t complain about something in a calm way without getting attitude. You run a website, expect there to be some complaints and respond to them in a professional matter.

        • Nunya says:

          What’s unprofessional about how they answered?

          I know that the audio is completely distorted when trying to watch on iphones but works perfectly fine on CPUs.

      • East says:

        Nah it ain’t workin. Sound is distorted.

  4. Whistling Frog says:

    Are you for real! Who cares what goes of up at the sunset inn… I’m sure there is something more positive to fill this spot like good children who are graduating and moving on to more positive adventures…
    Why these prisoners not somewhere breaking jail rocks to pave our roads or filling molding to make blocks for government projects?
    Just give the correction officers guns and tasers to carry out their job and put these goons back where they belong on their 23 hour lock-down…

    • Average says:

      There have been plenty of positive spots on and in the media about the youths go and comment on those since you have no interest for this, instead of wasting space on this particular article for such a statement. Good grief! You just turned something something positive into a negative. Serzly tho??? smh

    • Mussel Pie says:

      There are a lot of positive articles on here about our young athletes, recording artists, community group initiatives, kbb clean ups, performing events etc etc. But they never garner the 100+ comments the more disturbing articles get.

  5. Still do not believe them. says:

    Ok. So how exactly is Westgate not like a hotel? I see some of the boys have on sneakers that cost almost $200. The majority complained about not seeing their families, while there are lots of people not in jail who don’t see their families either. They did not describe why Bermuda’s prison system is not an easy one, and I do not believe them. They have no idea what real prison is like, and if they did, they would thank their lucky stars that they’re in Bermuda.

    • Grouper says:

      Very well said..

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Wow you can actually tell what type of sneakers they have on? Do they really cost almost $200? Or are you just saying this to sensationalize your post?

      Also, your point about people outside of jail not seeing their families is a weak argument, because that is their choice, or the choice of their families. These guys have no option, outside of visits.

      You don’t believe them because you are ignorant.

      • Still do not believe them. says:

        Air force 1′s cost almost $200 here in Bermuda. Yes I can tell. Please tell me,other than not seeing their family, what about this video convinced you that Westgate is not like a hotel?

      • Still do not believe them. says:

        You sound like you have been there before, maybe you can tell us from experience?

      • Nunya says:

        Exactly. Most of the sneakers they wear are reebok classics which are $90, maybe less. I pay $70 for mine and air force ones are nowhere near $200. Where do you shop?!!!?

  6. Real Eye Opener says:

    First, I have to commend the young men who spoke about their experiences; I am sure it wasn’t easy. I had tears in my eyes listening to them because I could hear the sincerity in their voices. I hope that they allow these men to speak at schools, cause even if they change the life of one young man, that’s enough. I pray for each of them that they will get an opportunity to be back in the community and make a positive change.

    • Billy Mays says:

      Having felons speak at schools, huh? Great idea! These are just the role models kids need. Forget the gainfully employed men who live with and provide for their wife and children. That’s old news. Felons with $200 sneakers; that’s who you want the kids to look up to! Let’s get murders back into the community too. That would be marvelous.

      • Real Talk says:

        I guess the phrase ‘cautionary tale’ is lost on you.

        I too think that this should be shared at every school in Bermuda. After the verdicts are in and sentences handed down rarely are we allowed a glimpse at what happens to those who once sat in the docket.

        These young men made some excellent observations about choices and consequences which should be conveyed to as many of our young people as possible.

      • Each one teach one says:

        I think it is a good thing having them speak in the schools, maybe they can help someone else to not make the bad choices they did and keep them from going to Westgate, if they can reach one young person it will be worth it. They can learn something from their mistakes.

    • Just Sayin... says:

      Well put…we have to start somewhere to affect change. These young men are to be commended for their courage and to use the programmes afforded them to better themselves for their future.

      • iBleedRED says:

        I say let them go to the schools now, handcuffed and all, so the kids can actually have a good visual. Don’t let them walk in freely with a guard. Tie their hands and feet together too! That will get the point across to the young ones.

  7. Nice Shoes says:

    Nice air force 1′s though – musn’t be that bad if they got those nice shoes!

    • metraa says:


      • Ignorance is bliss says:

        I second this! The shoes get bought by families a**hole!

      • Mmmm says:

        Why should “Nice Shoes” not be allowed to voice his/her opinion? Seems as though its a true statement to me. The FACT that they are wearing very expensive shoes that most people outside of the prison system would not be able to afford is just that. A FACT!

    • Dee says:

      Grow up!! If their families/friends want to buy them air force 1′s so be it!!! Ya silly a$$ don’t think that the prison paid for them!

    • Nunya says:

      The shoes they get and have, have nothing to do with what the prison is like. They are provided by family/friends AUSSHOLE.

    • iBleedRED says:

      They shouldn’t be allowed to have “nice shoes” … everybody needs to be uniformed…hell, go barefoot.

      But this is Bermuda. too proud. too proud

  8. me says:

    I think this was a great idea. I would like to hear more from them as to what got them to this stage in life, how can we change the future of the gang members so that another Bermudian life isn’t lost.


    I am glad that stories like this are finally being EXPOSED!! People need to know “WHAT TIME IT REALLY IS” when it comes to Westgate! But you know what the best part of this whole story was for me? The fact that you had the faces and stories of these men. That really hit home for me when i saw these young men! They remind me of MYSELF because they are still young! I am 25 and couldn’t imagine doing life in Westgatelike Kyle Souza! I would cry and i aint ashamed to say that either! Seeing them in this article is definitely a “HUGE DETERRENT”. I will most definitely “THINK” before i do anything that could or would jeopardize my freedom ! This article was like shock treatment! I and thousands of other Bermudians NEEDED this! It was so unexpected but so very much needed and right on time! They should have been doing articles of this kind all of this time! They should have live interviews on T.V from prisoners in Westgate. Show these Westgate stories in ALL schools across Bermuda and i GUARANTEE you that it will make a CHANGE! Minister Wilson keep up the good work!!

    • Daisy says:

      I agree 100%! This was a powerful video. I wanted to see more. A documentary on prison life should be done. It should also feature families who have lost their loved ones to violence. You hear about these stories but never actually see if for yourself. Well done Kim Swan!

    • smh says:

      Well if you can’t imagine it let alone live it then don’t murder anyone. Staying out of prison is a pretty simple concept, the fact that you needed this as a wake up call is a pretty scary thought. I imagine you’ll probably end up there somehow anyway.

    • Just Sayin... says:

      Couldn’t have agreed with you more…REAL stories with faces! Stories we’ve read in the media and now to see those of whom were the perpetrators…it’s REAL! CITV should pic this up…Real Stories from Westgate!!!

  10. just observing..... says:

    Isn’t the second young man making a gang sign.

    • Average says:

      No that’s not a gang sign. That’s actually a hand gesture that Ras Tafarians use in reference to the Holy Trinity.

    • Dude says:

      Spend too much time looking for the negative and you are sure to find it whether it exists or not… all while missing the positive…

      I put my hands like that to keep from fidgeting when doing interviews and the like…

      • Pay attn says:

        Don’t watch the haters…. They see young black men that’s lived the street life try better them selves & they still got negative things to say! You men done a god thing to actually face public & let them know that prison life ain’t no joke. These men are there for hefty times! Not no 6 months!!!!

        About the shoes who cares that they have on air forces its they families that buy those shoes for them (not your taxes)… Some bermudians just can’t get the negative out of the way for 2 seconds to see the positive. smh

        They all made valuable points that the youth of today still got they freedom & children should want to pay attention to. The choices you make today do determine the outcome of your tomorrow.

        • Pay attn says:

          And about the gang sign what a heap of shxt! You mean to tell me if you saw the queen/governor/premier ANYBODY else holding their hands like that they gang affiliated???

    • Mermaid says:

      Wow! I really cannot hold you accountable for something you do not know. I just can’t believe that you have not seen this sign used long before gang mentallity was even around. Even if you didn’t know what the sign was, you automatically connected it to GANG. Imagine saying this to someone who doesn’t have internet and the damage you could have caused to this young man being labelled to a gang and not involved with a gang. News travels just as quickly behind those bars as it does out here outside of those bars. BE CAREFUL HOW YOU WORD THINGS AS YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT ASSUME and you were innocent in asking but when dealing with these youth today, it seems like everything is a threat.
      Talk with the youth or amongst them so that you can get educated on these things so you don’t get caught in the midst of something and not know it.

      • FYI says:

        Whilst early Rastafarians probably followed these rules strictly, women tend to have more freedom in modern Rastafarian society.

        Women are known as Queens
        The main role of women is to look after their King
        Women are regarded as subordinate to men
        Women are regarded as housekeepers and child bearers
        Women must not commit infidelity
        Women are not called to Rastafari except through their husbands
        Women cannot be leaders
        Men are the spiritual head of the family
        Women must not cook for their husbands when menstruating
        Women must not wear makeup, dress in promiscuous clothing, or use chemicals in their hair
        Women must not use birth control, as it is regarded as a European tactic to suppress the development of the African population. This builds on the Old Testament prophecy that ‘The seeds of Israel shall be numberless’
        Women must also abstain from abortion which is regarded as murder
        Women must cover their hair to pray, in keeping with the Biblical teaching in 1 Corinthians 11:5: “And any woman who prays or proclaims God’s message in public worship with nothing on her head disgraces her husband…”

    • SickNtiredof being sickNtired says:

      Most of the negative comments on here sounds more like they are from WHITE PEOPLE…. Racist ppl.. Grow up.. Every1 deserves a chance. Not saying what they did was right, just listen for heavens sake N stop worring about played out air force 1s an region hand gesters… Stupid ppl .. U all make me sick

      • Finally left! says:

        Please let me know what about them makes them sound like white people?

  11. g-gurl says:

    God bless you young men !

  12. Real Talk says:

    Wow, what a sobering video. I fought back tears the entire time watching these young men, some of whom spoke so eloquently about their experiences. Would love to see more of this and hear more of these stories from the horse’s mouth so to speak to hear life from the perspective of our young black men and how we as a community may better support them.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  13. true dat says:

    Some people that comment on Bernews are so STUPID!!!! If you don’t have anything positive to say then SHUT UP!!

    This was a good Idea to have these young men Speak out and i really hope that it reaches some of these guys out here in the streets
    i don’t care how nice the clothes and shoes are!! Being Locked up is NOT NICE!! To have your freedom taken is no Joke!!

    You can have all the so called; what you folks may think is luxury you want!! 3 square meals nice shoes haircuts whatever!! it don’t matter because you are still living in a shoebox!!

    From one who knows!!

    From one who Knows!

    • I gotta be me says:

      just observing….. says:
      June 28, 2012 at 1:53 pm

      Isn’t the second young man making a gang sign.

  14. Fed up Somerset says:

    For just observing, is that the only thing that you observed? Be for real,that’s what’s wrong with this community. Step out of the small box that you’re living in.Did it ever occur to you that it may have taken a lot of courage for these young men to get in front of the cameras and pour their hearts out?

  15. Ignorance is bliss says:

    To all the idiots on here talking about the shoes they have on know this…. Their FAMILIES brought them for them. The standard jail shoes are no name brand… So STFU with the stupid comments & pay attention to the MESSAGE they are providing. The ignorance of comments on here piss me off. Just another FYI he is not making a gang sign. That is a Rastafarian symbol!

    • These boots are made for walking says:

      Which begs the question…why are they not made to wear the standard issue shoes?

    • Still do not believe them. says:

      Why is it that they are allowed the choice of fashion? Other prisons usually require inmates to wear the same thing. If you are in jail, you should be given no choice.

  16. Ya not serz says:

    Bermudians have to be the most sarcastic/ignorant/ arrogant people on this earth. Everything that people have to comment on is so negative. The a-holes that make these dumb a$$ comments are more then likely grown adults. Adults are quick to talk about the young generation but they forget who raised them. A good amount of young black people both male and female are being raised by their grandparents/foster parents/foster homes or homeless. How is someone like a grandparent that can hardly take care of themself handle the task of raising a child/adolescent/teenager come on think about it. Where are there parents? On drugs, in jail or just don’t want the responsibility of raising the child/children they gave life to. So before you criticize the youth or they guys that appeared in this video,look at the bigger picture and realize why some of them are doing what they are doing. Im not condoning any of their actions but some cases these boys are crying out for help. It takes a village to raise a child and bermuda is one sucky a$$ village.

    • Stop the Excuses!!! says:

      Bermudians are also the most naive people on earth. They buy whatever baloney they’re fed. I for one am sick of hearing about how society has let these guys down, and how they turn to crime because they’re poor, blah, blah.

      As a kid, my family was po…you’ve all heard the saying-we were so poor we couldn’t afford the ‘or.’ We lived in an old, ramshackle house. We got teased at school because we couldn’t afford the lastest fashions. We didn’t take trips-we couldn’t even afford to go to the movies! I hate vienna sausages to this day because my mom would make us sandwiches out of them (my sister comes to Bernews often-if she sees this, she’ll back me up). It was terrible.

      Despite all this, none of us got into any trouble. My brothers are responsible husbands and fathers with excellent jobs. Most of my siblings are professionals. Thankfully, we can give our kids a better life than we had. We never used our background as an excuse to get into trouble. My brothers could have easily went and sold drugs to support our family but didn’t-instead they went out to work while also continuing their education and were able to work themselves up through the rungs of society. One reason why we kept our noses clean was because we knew our mother would peel the skin from our backsides if we EVER got ourselves into trouble. She ran our Christian household with a firm hand and raised her children to be productive citizens.

      I recognize that many mothers are out there working multiple jobs, fathers may have left, etc. but guess what? It’s nothing new! That stuff was happening 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago, too! The only difference is the mindset of the parents back then-back then parents had high expectations of their children and didn’t stand for any of the nonsense some parents accept today. I could go on and on but I think people get the point: STOP THE EXCUSES! As blacks we need to just STOP THE EXCUSES! I’ve experienced racism and I’m only in my mid 40′s…I’ve been dirt-poor…mocked, laughed at…it’s NO EXCUSE to get into trouble and then blame society. This isn’t a PLP problem. This isn’t a UBP or OBA problem. It’s not society’s fault or the teachers’ fault or the postman’s or the dentist’s fault! Every living person knows right from wrong and should have a conscience so use it! Stop with the excuses and holding Bermuda ransom due to your ignorance! STOP THE EXCUSES!!!

      • Truth is killin' me... says:


      • Just Sayin... says:

        Agree…yet like the first young man in the video said, it’s about CHOICE and with choice comes the good, the bad, and the ugly!!!

      • Hudson says:

        Mark, while I appreciate what it is your are saying, one has to think that doing things like this is also a small step towards rehabilitaion of these prisoners. They have so little to be proud of – in fact, almost nothing at all. Sitting down and looking society in the eye and admitting fault/failure on their own part is indeed something they SHOULD be proud of. Too many of us can’t look at ourselves and admit that we have made mistakes – some huge. While admitedly they shouldn’t feel good about what got them into prison, they should definately feel good about taking steps to stop the next kid from following in their footsteps. Dont knock a guy while he is down and trying to claw his way back up.

  17. erica says:

    Thank you to these young men for sharing their stories. I had tears in my eyes the entire time. I hope that their messages reach those that don’t realize that choices have consequences and as the one young mand said he knew that he would one day be caught.

    I will be watching this again with my 3 teenage sons tonight and hopefully as they face the bridge of right or wrong choice they will remember this message.

    Sadly these are the ones that have accepted responsibility but there are many others that go in and out and do not want anythging better for themselves. I think those NOT taking part in rehabilitation programmes should be made to do hard labour or something….again it would be all about the choice.

  18. joker says:

    Stay up Deebo n Kaos

  19. smh says:

    They are all wearing $100 sneakers. You call that not so good living(family bought or not-why the hell would family buy their inmate relatives nikes? who are you trying to impress in prison)? Inmates in the United States wear cheap slip ons and these guys are wearing Nikes! IN PRISON! Wow! That doesn’t help to dismiss the notion that they are living good. Anyway most of these a-holes are murderers or attempted murderers so they should be living in misery! 12 years for murder? I bet Kellon wishes he could wake up, PERIOD, let alone in his own bed. He doesn’t even have a chance to live in “harsh circumstances” like Westgate is claimed to be because he’s dead. That’s FOREVER! This story would have helped if this article wasn’t about murderers or attempted murderers-thieves maybe or something lesser like that. I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for any of them. Rot in prison then hell.

    • Daisy says:

      Yes, what these young men have done is horrible, however, I think the point of this interview is to deter others from following their same destructive paths. They all admit that the acts they committed were wrong. Give them some credit for sharing their stories to try and save all the “ganstas” and lost souls out in our community now. I do agree with you that the sentences are too short though.

      • smh says:

        Listen, I hate to break it to you but these lil thugs running Bermuda’s streets will not be deterred by this. People know doing a crime will most likely end with them being in prison, people don’t understand things until it happens first-hand. That’s human nature just like most people don’t feel empathy for a situation until it also happens to them. You won’t know something’s hot until you touch it, even if someone before you just told you it was hot. In other words the guys running the streets won’t stop until they too end up in prison and realize the stupidity of their ways.

        Of course they admit it was wrong AFTER their freedoms were taken from them. I’m not giving murderers any credit! What else do they have to do? They are locked up, it’s not like they are taking time out of their important busy schedules to do it. As I said maybe if it was thieves or drug dealers doing this I’d give them credit but I cannot give credit to murderers, taking a life is something you can never undo. They are even calling them “their victims” with is not humanizing them, which is disturbing to me. They aren’t reading off a news report, call them by their names.

        • Politely Pompous says:

          I agree-the fact that they aren’t calling them by their names says a lot. They are telling us what we want to hear, but are they truly feeling remorse for their victims or so they still see them as dispensable objects?

          Bermudians must be the most gullible, naive people on earth and yes, I am Bermudian but I can see through the smoke-and-mirrors. Many Bermudians simply take things at face value and don’t think deeply about things-like what are the motives that move people and that people like this do things because they think there’s something in it for them. In the U.S. they’d never fall for this type of manipulation so quickly.

          Note-this isn’t an attack on the Minister or prison officials because their hearts are clearly in the right place. However, I’ve worked with these types of people before-both in Bermuda and overseas-and I may sound cynical but I just don’t buy that they regret what they did-only regret that they’re paying the price. Next people will say the people behind all the open murder cases are sitting at home feeling remorseful…I can guarantee they are not-not until they get caught, that is.

          BTW-people PLEASE look up the characteristics of a psychopath. Go back and look at these men’s arrest/trial photos, have a look at their eyes and tell me that you aren’t looking at a soul-less psychopath!

          • The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

            @Politely Pompous sorry you need to wake up and smell the forest. These boys are victims of society..

            • Just sayyin says:

              Sorry they are NOT victims of society but by their own words victims of CHOICE!!!

    • Nunya says:

      12 years for MANSLAUGHTER. He got found not guilty for murder. Stop having selective reading and do your research!

      • smh says:

        Listen I see you on here defending like it’s your job which means you’ve either been on trial for something serious OR you are related to one of these devils. Manslaughter is just a term used meaning they didn’t have premeditated intent to kill or “accidental”, murder means they did have intent but here’s a NEWSFLASH you c*nt they both result in the same thing…DEATH! So either way he KILLED SOMEBODY! They are both types of homicide! Now maybe your GED having, none reading or comprehending a** needs to stop having selective hearing and pay better attention next time your defence lawyer is explaining things to you.

        • This is WHY! says:


  20. Donna says:

    Thank you, Minister Wilson and Lt.Col Eddie Lamb for allowing them the opportunity to share their stories. And I thank the four young men for sharing.
    As far as the sneakers, let me inform you firsthand that they are purchased by us, their families,as are many other items they need. I have taken MANY items to WFC for him, as have other family members, since the only thing that you are getting out of this article is the sneakers they are wearing. For the person that does not believe what they are saying, you don’t have to. Your’re entitled. All that matters right now is what their families feel for them. They don’t know you exist and really don’t care. Real prison? have you been to “real prison?” By the way you are commenting it sounds as if you have been…. or have you been watching too much “Locked Up Abroad?” If you have been incarcerated, then you are just like them. If you haven’t, then don’t make stupid comments like that. They have accepted responsibility for their actions, have learned from them, and are doing something positive. You have no idea how many peoples’ lives may be effected in a positive way because of this video. It’s people like you that are going to try and keep them down when they are released. God used many bad people to get His word out – a pimp, a murderer, a thief, a prostitute…… so who are we to judge. I just hope something like this never comes knocking on your door. I bet you would not be so quick to spew your negative venom. I plead the blood of Jesus over your comment and any other negative comment that someone may want to post.

    • smh says:

      Shut up.

      • Gibbo says:

        Great answer, show your mentality

        • smh says:

          She’s so ignorant a simple shut up was suffice. Now you too can shut up.

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:


      I applaud you. A lot Bermudians (not all) are very uneducated people, and love swimming in a pool of ignorance and bigotry, because it make them feel better about their pathetic lives. Just ignore them.

    • JJR says:

      Donna – how about instead of spending so much money on sneakers for your convict son, you give me part of the $80k I am paying in taxes to feed, house and clothe YOUR delinquent kid. The money you save by having me feed him instead of you must be a rather big savings. I’m feeding, clothing and housing my own kids in addition to YOURS!

      YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!

      • donna says:

        I don’t have any delinquent kids and none of them is my son, NOR are you feeding, clothing, or housing any of my kids. My kids have been schooled overseas and have come back with degrees. So sorry to disappoint you – they are productive citizens of this country. My tax paying dollars are also going towards every inmate that is there or will ever be there. So if I CHOOSE to help a family, it’s my choice. In actual fact, I get to pay via my tax dollars and via my paycheck, so I am paying twice. Life is all about choices and unfortunately you don’t get to choose how I spend my hard earned money.

    • This is WHY! says:

      Donna you’re still missing the point. The sneakers don’t mean a damn thing. The fact of the matter is, these lunatics are ONLY sorry and wish they didn’t do this and that because they’re incarcerated. Would they have felt this remorseful had they NOT been convicted for their actions??? I don’t think so, WHY? Because the adrenaline they got from doing what they done and getting off for it would have only made it easier for them to commit again and again. That doesn’t even include the so called “Fame” they would have gotten from their brethrens. I don’t know what taking a life means to you but it’s very evident you feel it’s something to applaud. And please, don’t bring God in this. He washed his hands the day these guys thought they’d try and put themselves on the same level as him. They think Westgate is a bad place? Wait until they feel that everlasting hellfire.

      • donna says:

        Obviously you have NO CLUE about God and His forgiveness. It’s quite obvious you need to read the Bible. The only person I know that was perfect and died for all of our salvation is Jesus – and not one of you are that.

    • Politely Pompous says:

      I’m tired of hearing these criminals ‘feel remorse’ and ‘are taking responsibility for their actions.’ Let’s get real here, Bermuda. At what point did these men feel remorseful? Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know not one of them turned themselves in after committing their offence. After being caught, not one of them pleaded ‘guilty’. No, they tried to save their necks and put their victim’s families through the pain of a trial, having to see awful crime scene photos, etc. Now that they’re sitting in prison they’re suddenly sorry? Yes, sorry that they got caught and have to spend time behind bars.

      With these premeditated acts these men had many opportunities to turn back before going through with it. One of the men featured here left his victim battered to death in his own home for his family to find. Can you imagine his family’s horror at discovering his bloodied body? They talk about ‘missing their families’? Well what about the victims whose families will never see them again-don’t they think those families miss the loved one they so callously stole away? They’ll sit in prison, do their time and come out some day. Their victims will lay in a cold grave forever.

      I applaud what’s being done here but I don’t feel sorry for any of these men. Prison should be hard-as a deterrent to those who would consider committing crime and to curb recidivism-prison needs to be hard so that once these men leave they’ll never want to come through those doors again. It’s not a place to be coddled. These men knew prison wasn’t summer camp before they committed their crimes but committed them anyway-clearly thinking they wouldn’t be caught. Well, they did get caught and now they have to pay their dues. People like me who can see past the manipulation aren’t ‘spewing negative venom’ we’re just keeping it real. If your loved one was a victim, I’d bet you wouldn’t be so quick to forgive.

  21. Owner4Comment says:

    Glad to see these guys mindstates changing for the better. Everybody deserves a second chance @ somepoint and I pray when they get that chance they make way for a positive path.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Give the dozens who are dead a second chance then.
      give medals to all those who spent 75 years doing nothing criminal, ever.
      Each and every one knows at 10 years old- killing/shooting is wrong and punishable by a long prison sentence.
      So whats the need for all these apologists and crocodile tears

  22. Winnie says:

    We spend 80K on avg per prisoner and 20k plus per child in school. What is wrong with that picture……

  23. Average says:

    @ Donna: Co-sign!

  24. smh says:

    They are all wearing $100 sneakers. You call that not so good living(family bought or not-why the hell would family buy their inmate relatives nikes? who are you trying to impress in prison)? Inmates in the United States wear cheap slip ons and these guys are wearing Nikes! IN PRISON! Wow! That doesn’t help to dismiss the notion that they are living good. Anyway most of these a-holes are murderers or attempted murderers so they should be living in misery! 12 years for murder? I bet Kellon wishes he could wake up, PERIOD, let alone in his own bed. He doesn’t even have a chance to live in “harsh circumstances” like Westgate is claimed to be because he’s dead. That’s FOREVER! This story would have helped if this article wasn’t about murderers or attempted murderers-thieves maybe or something lesser like that. I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for any of them.

    • This is WHY! says:

      I agree with SMH wholeheartedly! If it were inmates talking that were up for other charges besides MURDER or attempted MURDER, I’d actually give a sh*t. Of course you’re sorry after the fact. The lives they were living, it could have very well been their lives taken. Then what? Different story right? The Families of these victims have to FOREVER live in pain & sorrow, so isn’t it only right that these males suffer in jail? And yes as WE ALL know it, Westgate may not be a hotel literally, but once compared to ANY other prison on God’s green earth it surely screams 5 STAR! Are you people for real? One little interview made you feel for these low lives? Do your research people before you go wearing your hearts on your sleeves.

      • Nunya says:

        MANY of these victims’ families FORGIVE. YOU should TRY.

        • 2 Braceletz says:

          And you know this how? Are you speaking for all of them? Oh.

  25. peoples says:

    I agree if you don’t know what your talking about shut up
    westgate is not like a hotel, if you have never been westgate
    please shut up.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Westgate is a hell of a lot better and way more improved then Casemates ever was. So in my opinion, Westgate is like a hotel. You have everything at your finger tips.

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Exactly Peoples.. I have never been locked up but I toured the place and it is not a hotel. And def not somewhere I would ever want to spend time.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      No Westgate is not like a hotel…..unlike a hotel in Bermy, it is open for business.
      Otherwise…it is a hotel and you dont have to be locked up to know it.

  26. Old Furberts kettle says:

    This is quite profound

  27. Compass Law Chambers (Charles Richardson) says:

    I would just like to wish each and every one of them the best. They have all made grave errors and are now paying the price. Its not an easy price to pay no matter who you are and it affects different people in different ways.

    • Bemused One says:

      What do lawyers and sperm have in common?

      Both have a 1 in 3,000,000 chance of becoming a human being

    • Bemused One says:

      How can a pregnant woman tell that she’s carrying a future lawyer?

      She has an uncontrollable craving for baloney.

    • Bemused One says:

      How does an attorney sleep?

      First he lies on one side, and then he lies on the other.

    • Bemused One says:

      What’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?

      One’s an ugly, scum-sucking bottom feeder and the other is a fish.

    • Bemused One says:

      What do honest lawyers and UFOs have in common?

      You always hear about them, but you never see them.

    • Bemused One says:

      When lawyers die, why don’t vultures eat them?

      Even a vulture has taste.

    • Bemused One says:


      Q: What’s wrong with lawyer jokes?

      A: Lawyers don’t think they’re funny and other people don’t think they’re jokes.

      • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:


        • Bemused One says:

          You first.

          They didn’t even print the really good ones…these are lame to a few I posted…

        • Bemused One says:

          C’mon Bernews…these aren’t that bad…they’re funny…I cut out the ones that could be deemed offensive. I have two lawyers in the family and even they thought this was funny so people need to grow a sense of humour!

          What do lawyers and sperm have in common?
          Both have a 1 in 3,000,000 chance of becoming a human being.

          How does an attorney sleep?
          First he lies on one side, and then he lies on the other.

          How can a pregnant woman tell that she’s carrying a future lawyer?
          She has an uncontrollable craving for baloney.

          The Post Office just recalled their latest stamps. They had pictures of lawyers on them, and people couldn’t figure out which side to spit on.

        • 2 Braceletz says:

          That’s real mature DarkSideOfTheMoon. Got a crush on Mr. Richardson or something?

  28. shawn says:

    im sorry if i missed it.but they didnt mention daily beatings ,lack of a/c or heat in winter,or stale bread rolls n watered down soup for dinner….IF its enough for everyone.they livin better than a good # of law abiding ,tax payin,feeding thier looser asses, citizens.murderers (gang related at least) should b housed in 1 of the caribean (real) prisons ,,up to and especially cuba. THEN ill hear ur sobs n complaints…..scum

  29. sistar says:

    wake up brothas before you reach this stage. Its too many single women out here doing it by themselves. Having to raise a household without a man. Nothing is right about that. We need men, real men willing to commit to family not the streets. Change your mindsets, set attainable goals even if they start small. Help one another instead of trying to compete for the wrong things i.e the title of biggest and baddest in the street, who has the best bike/car, etc. So many other things to fight for or protest over like proper education, a decent government, actual affordable housing just to name a few. Those people out there who condone such ludacris behaviour because they reap off what these gangsters sow need to quit it because you’re just as bad. I have so much hope in the black men wish you all could just see it in yourselves!! You men are intelligent, strong and beautiful beings start acting like it!!!!

    • Bemused One says:

      What we need is women who WAIT until the man is committed to her before she procreates with him. I know so many women who’ve just met a guy they like, get in bed with him and the next thing is they’re pregnant before they’ve even cemented the relationship. The woman is serious but does she stop and ask the guy if he is? Why get pregnant for a man you barely know and expect him to stick by you? I don’t get it.

      I don’t let the guys off 100% but I criticize the women more because they’re the ones left holding the bag when he bails.

      I do want to say this to the guys who get so shocked when the woman gets bumped up-were you not paying attention in sex ed. class back in school? From the point of view of nature, sex has one purpose only-to create new life…so why are you so shocked when it happens? The pleasure part of it is just nature’s way of getting you to do the deed-if sex was a chore we’d put it off ‘until tomorrow’ like starting a diet or going to the gym. Mother Nature couldn’t take that chance, thus the pleasure aspect of it but it’s sole purpose to make babies. So both men and women need to remember that and stop acting so shocked when it happens like you nobody ever told you where babies come from. These kids don’t ask to come into this world-get it together and get responsible. Last I heard, birth cheaper is dirt cheap at the island’s health clinics…

  30. well said... says:

    Well said and spoken Anthony Swan…….

  31. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    it was all coached and a few vague promises made to these guys that’s all..

  32. The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

    Many of these criminals are sociopaths:-
    person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience….when are we gonna have a psychologist to look into this problem. Many of these criminals are damaged mentally..

    • Politely Pompous says:

      I know one of those guys and I can say without a doubt based on past actions of his on top of what he did to get in prison, that he is a psychopath, yet my comment on that didn’t get posted for some reason. If you look into this guy’s eyes you’d get chills because they are dark and empty-just void of all that makes a person human.

      Psychopaths are good at imitating human emotions so they can act like they are caring, loving, remorseful, etc. but they don’t truly feel it and that lack of emotion is what makes them so dangerous. Not all sociopaths are killers but many violent, remorseless killers are actually psychopaths. They feel no different in killing a human being than killing a bug. Bermuda seems to be crawling with sociopaths and/or psychopaths. I hope the ones who are locked up are getting adequate treatment but I’m not even sure that either disorder CAN be cured…

      BTW-the only person a psychopath feels empathy for is HIMSELF.

      • Slick says:

        Bermuda is not crawling with psychopaths, if the Bermudian population is human then we have 1% psychos just like everywhere else.

  33. Mussel Pie says:

    I know one of the older guys who got of Westgate a few months ago. And he said all the young gangstas can be heard at night crying for their mamas.

  34. Catherine DL says:

    Who gives a stuff what sneakers they are wearing? They’ve lost their freedom and there ain’t no sneakers going to bring it back. To consider that life is anything about what sneakers you are wearing is just the epitome of materialism!

  35. Tongue-in-cheek says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. I think it’s an excellent initiative by the ministry and the Corrections Dept. This video should be played in every school in the island come September-including the primary schools. I was pleased to hear the men debunk the myth that Westgate is some kind of pleasure palace and reveal that life on the inside is actually hard. However, like a few have voiced, I have a few concerns.

    I’m sure that the men were asked to speak about themself and their own personal struggle but through all the me, me, me I didn’t hear any real ‘I’m sorry’s’ and I think that’s what some here have a problem with. They seem to have regrets only because it’s caused them all this inconvenience but don’t give any indication that they’re genuinely sorry for their victims or their families. It’s all about how their life is so messed up and how they wish they had thought it out so their life wouldn’t have ended up this way. Yet they didn’t say “I wished I had stopped to think because I killed someone and caused their family grief because they’ll never see their loved one again.” Not one of them said that it’s plain wrong to kill someone and to warn people against that-it all came out as if you do it, you’ll end up in jail and ruin your life but no mention of ruining the victim’s life.

    I know one of those young men and I always knew something was ‘off’ with him. He was stalking a family member of mine and I always felt he was dangerous. I had no idea of just how dangerous.

    I also knew Matthew Clarke ever since we were children and that man begged for his life-he said that he had children, a family; yet the men who killed him showed no mercy. They killed Matthew and left him there for his mother to find. Did they feel for her? No. That’s why I have a hard time watching this and feeling any kind of pity that the man who took his life is suffering. Sorry but that’s the reality of it. He didn’t have to do it. He had time to turn back but did he? No. So don’t ask me to feel sorry for him. Anyone who does needs to read this:

    All in all, this is a good initiative and I hope their remorse is genuine and not just a pity party for a situation they brought on themself.

  36. The nitty gritty says:

    and I would like to dispel a few myths about conditions in a grave six feet underground on a cold wet night, the sort of place where you cannot just kick back and do your time.
    Are you all serious? You did not know that shooting and killing is extreme violence, on the extreme end of illegality? You are committing a war against your society and your “struggle in here” is heaven compared to being in a grave.

  37. Not Impressed says:

    bla bla bla, I saw the short clip on the news and could help notice in someones cell they wrote kill them all. They didnt say anything that would make me think twice about doing something that would send me westgate. So I know they havent convinced any of these other young dudes that live that life.

  38. #wishing says:

    Great job guys, but knowing that this message will not reach the youths out on the run until they actually living this life then they one wanna ‘take back time’.

  39. One person says:

    It would have been better if they included an older inmate who has been locked up a bit longer. All these guys are real young. I get the impression they still don’t understand how they fit in society. It’s sad because they get a better education inside of prison instead of out.

  40. One person says:

    It would have been better if they included an older inmate who has been locked up a bit longer. All these guys are real young. I get the impression they still don’t understand how they fit in society. It’s sad because they get a better education inside of prison instead of out.

  41. Grouper says:

    More elevtioneering. PLP using convicted murders to try to win votes. How low can they go…

  42. lets get serious! says:

    saw them on tv last night with perfect hair cuts wow cant be that bad ,whatever happened to shaved heads in prison!

  43. Truth is killin' me... says:

    This is all pandering to the criminals and their families instead of giving “TRUE FORGIVENESS” to the families of the butchered victims. Ever seen a picture of a dead man who is your relative and who ain’t coming back!? These guys probably get a few years knocked off of their sentence just for doing the video for good behaviour!!!!B*llsh*t…utter b*llsh8t is what it is. They are all pschopaths who are playing you all!!!!!!!!!!!!How many have apologized face to face with the families of the deceased?????

  44. me says:


    • This is WHY! says:

      No One should feel sorry or even give praises because they “spoke well!” This article is really pissing me off! These low lives knew were they’d be headed if they got caught. They just didn’t believe they’ll get caught! I feel the only thing they’re remorseful for is getting caught!

  45. Yes I says:

    HOLLLL UP!! DO I SMELL NEYUUU SHOOOOZE??!!! Those things are fresh! I’m a working class citizen and i would find it hard to buy a fresh pair of kicks like that right now.

  46. real shit says:

    Anthony Swan spoke excellent!

  47. Shocked and Appaled says:

    After reading some of these comments I can honestly see why the youth of today are so misguided and lost. I believe the main point of the story was to highlight the ills of prison life and to help deter our kids from ending up there. But with people constantly referring to Westgate as a hotel these young thugs have no fear of it and continue to get even more brave with their acts of violence hence killing a young man in broad daylight. You’re concerned about what type of sneakers they have on but overlooking the fact that every choice that they used to be able to make on their own will now be made for them. I in no way condone the choices that these young men made but I do applaud their efforts to at least create some sort of fear in these young thugs and dispel the constant rumours that jail is a Holiday.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Shocked! I am shocked that you actually have the nerve to say you ‘applaud’ their efforts to create some sort of fear in anybody!
      They were electioneering, end of story.
      The young killas and thugs you saw were already experts in creating fear.
      Why are you onside with Govt trying to dispel rumors? They aren’t RUMORS!
      That place cots you and I $80,000 a year plus per prisoner for a reason! What hotel
      wouldn’t take $80,000 a year to put you up? Especially in Bermy!
      Westgate boasts 100% hotel occupancy.
      There oughta be a law against iggrunce.

  48. This is WHY! says:


  49. his cousin says:

    keep yuh head up deebo i love you cuzzy

  50. Think logically says:

    The point of this program was not to pity these young men but to raise awareness to perhaps deter future criminal behavior. All the rantings about any other issues should be a mute point. We are in a crisis! The Minister is trying! What are you doing to help?

  51. You don't know yourself!!! says:

    To all those that have posted negative SH!t about the prison….how many have actually been to prison,let alone priosn overseas???? Well i have done time here and overseas and neither jail was nice. I spent time in Giorgia and i can say from seeing some of the jails outside of the US,some US jails are a hell of a lot better….so what are you going to say about that,”US jails are hotels compared to jails outside the US?” Your a f-ing joke,jail is jail no matter where you go!!! And the same sh!t that happens in jails outside the US,most and when i say most happens in Westgate also. So if you dont know STFU!!!

  52. Unbelievable says:

    First of all to the young men and those responsible for this video, Please Please Please push for this to be introduced to students AT EVERY LEVEL with those incarcerated to go and speak to the students in person. I also believe that it will be a GREAT deterent if schools could visit the depths of the prison (the housing sections etc) for a few hours so that they can get the actual feel of prison life.
    Second, if what these young men are doing saves a few of our children then I say THANK YOU!!! What harm is this doing honestly? I hope that these guys are sincere with their remorse and only time will tell. With a strong, supportive, positive structure for them to have would really secure that positivity.

    What I would like to see is the prisons offer training for all inmates for what they have to expect once they are released. Because no matter how much rehab you have nothing prepares you for the BS you have to face upon release on a daily basis once you have a criminal conviction.
    Bermudian’s call for rehabilitation but are so quick to constantly remind you of your past and try their best to hold you back from bettering yourself at every possible chance they get. Just look at comments directed at Charles and Shawn for examples to this behaviour. No matter how much you have proven to everyone that you are reformed there are always those that feel the need to remind you of where you have been.

    I strongly believe this is one of the main reasons outside of drug abuse as to why we have such a high rate of recidivism.

    So to the young men – stay positive, look for positive, strong, stable mentors, dig deep in yourself to overcome all that you have already done and still have yet to face, seek forgiveness from those you have hurt/harmed by this. Once you reach a place of peace no man, words or weapon formed against you shall prosper. But YOU have to want it bad enough that no matter what you come up against will sway you from your foundation!!!

  53. tricks are for kids says:

    WOW..only after reading all the comments have I come to the realisation that Bermuda is full of negative, unrelenting, unforgiving, narrow minded people who are without flaws…..

  54. The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

    I like to see them doing hard labor many of them are mommas boys and have never worked a day in there life also talking to the schools about there situation. Maybe the message may get through to those little boys who are beginning to follow the wrong crowd.

  55. Cleancut says:

    It totally amazes me why this Government continues to support lambe. Every breath spoken from those inmates was A SETUP by Lambe. Even the Attorney General could not keep a straight face listening to his 2 minutes of crap.

  56. Not Impressed says:

    The bottom of this page says “Speak Your Mind, Feel free to leave a comment….” Apparently Bernews doesn’t really mean that

  57. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Wow Kyril Burrows , your are in way out of your depth here . I hope you make it , and I think you’ll pay for all you got .As long as these young man are incarcerated , a few people make a very comfortable living .

  58. East says:

    Free deebo dollaz. Real yout

  59. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Lamb and Wilson. You both sound like ENABLERS! Just like the families of these thugs who are enablers as well. Allowing all this gang violence to go unchecked!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

  60. WOW says:

    WOW……Bermudians are very negative!!!!!You see more comments on the so called negative things than you do on the positive things!!!! I’m not saying what these young men have done was positive, but I do feel them speaking was positive thing to do!!!You dont know and neither do I know if their taking the rap for someone esle(yes, it’s stupid if they are but hey right now that’s the life were living)Let’s just stop and think of the positive things it can bring out in someone else that might have seen it instead of looking at the bad side of things!!! Why you all so worried about the type of sneakers they have on, is it because most of you cant afford the sneakers yourself?????Why you worried if their families brought them the sneakers, do you expect thier families to just leave them hanging because of the choices they’ve made??I’m sure if you were incaracted you would expect your family to buy you air force 1′s to which Im sure they will. I watched this video myself and didn’t see any hand gestures @ all until you negative ppl posted it, your got it bad if you really had the time to notice that. You never know what it’s like unto you get there, so why assume it’s like a hotel, cause they have on air force 1′s and have haircuts LOL Bermudians are JOKER’S!!!!Let’s not get it twisted dont think casue of your tax payers money that your buying them sneakers beacuse all inmates get a form 9 that they put what they need on and it’s their FAMILIES that purchase their sneakers, boxers canteen etc. To all you young men I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST, KEEP YOUR HEADS UP!!!!!!Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a 2nd chance. Until them or their family are in this perdicument they will continue to make negative comments……

  61. Just sayyin says:

    The fact that families continue to financially support these guys while in prison so they can still look good proves a point that society has been making for a long time……. Bermudians in general have a sense of entitlement.  So just like when they were growing up momma is going broke to make sure that her baby looks good.  This In turn led to youth who felt that they can kill a man for the chain around his neck.   I think families being held responsible to finance their child’s prison stay is a good idea but there should be a standard list that ALL must abide by. E.g. The list should read …white no name brand sneakers purchased from Conrad’s.  For those that think comments are negative GET OVER IT!!!! The public is now responsible for these men and as a result we have every right to know what our tax payer dollars is being spent on be it clothing, food, dental visits, hair cuts etc etc.  The more family can provided the better.  Instead of paying For fancy sneakers the families should pay that money to government to offset the cost of their loved one’s stay.  Make them pay for food like some prison’s in the world.  I bet if they had to pay for more they would get very tired of their child being in and out prison as well.     I wish government would have spent  the $80 grand on each child’s educational And emotional development and allocate Less to funding prisoners maybe we’d see less of these guys in prison.  We as parents need to be held more accountable for how we raise our children as well.  I have had a relative in prison when it was casemates so I know what prison is like from visits and his point of view.  I can tell you this if he ever went back ( which I doubt as he has turned his life around) I for one would not visit as he now knows better..  I have also had a family member in a state prison in the u.s., in which you see families get on buses to take a weekly 8 hour drive to get there, stay at a dumpy hotel and visit for one hour to go home again the next day….. I bet  Bermudian momma’s would not want to do that every weekend, nor could they afford to.  I also know a lot of families are happy that their loved ones are in prison cause it means they are no longer embarrassing the family by being in the paper for crimes and I have heard some say at least in prison he is safe and alive….imagine that!!! I am not sure that some of these guys are truly sorry for what they’ve done, I for one would not want them speaking at my child’s school unless I was convinced they were truly trying to reform!!!

  62. WOW says:

    This just proves my point once AGAIN NEGATIVE Bermudians. I saw were someone mentioned about this topic being on bernews and to put something positive on here about children graduating. Well I did see were they had an article about students graduation and to date theere’s ONLY 3 comments, but yet this article has 140 odd comments SMH. This topic is about life in prison, why you all stock on their sneakers and haircuts?? My question is if they did have on Conrad sneakers(that are also hign in price now and I know this beacuse I do shop there)and didn’t have haircuts WHAT else would you all have had to complain about??????????Like I said their families purchase their sneakers from their form 9 they get not your tax payers $$$$ GET OVER THAT!!!!People do make bad/wrong choices in life,this dont necessarily mean they werent raised right.Sad thing is that ppl dont know what these young men’s loved once are doing for them while their incarated, they just might be doing what you all say they should be doing.

  63. JDOGG says:

    i agree with the above post- alot of ppl who dont know someone who is in jail dont know how it works….and as for haircuts- the INMATES cut eachothers hair….but whats more is has no one else noticed thede guys were clearly guide on what to say—”helpful programs”–ummm ya WHEN and IF they get around to running them==the violent offenders program was supposed to begin in march and still hasn’t begun….point being this whole press conference is a bunch of hogwash- and eddie lambe knew it thats why he loooks so disenchanted the whole time!

  64. Mark says:

    The concept was sound, however, if this is done gain the inmates need to look like convicts, with no identify, their names need to be a number, heads shaved, no facial hair and in glow in the dark jump suits to send a stinger message to the youth that aspire to join the gang in prison. To be placed on Television for crimes should be an embarrassment and not something to feel good about.

  65. Eyes wide shut. says:

    I am so tired of hearing west gate is like a hotel. The point of prison is not to be traumatized beaten and raped it is to form the person to re enter society. The prison isn’t perfect but taking away someones freedom has to be one of the worst things you can do.

    • holllllaarr!!! says:

      I beg to differ..have you ever woken up to find your child isn’t there, and will neveeeeerrrr be coming back…hae you ever watched a little child run into daddys’ room only to find he isn’t there and will neveeeeer be there again.. Can you imagine parents who set aside funds for their childs education, looking forward to the graduation of their only son,having to cancel all of those tickets because they were killed????????taking away someones freedom means not having any choices,.. one would have to be bound and gagged.. prisoners at westgate have the voice of the media. television, options of study courses, at least one hour of exercise a day, health taken care of , meals and snacks, sometimes choice of food based on religion.. and the list goes on,,( don’t forget the cell phones, availability of drugs and new sneakers) many of these choices some of us working people do not have…Westgate does look like a hotel compared to prisons inother countries where you struggle to live minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day and the best thing that can happen if Big Bertha takes a liking to you…

  66. Camp Hill says:

    “Time don’t heal all wounds” R.I.P. Kellon Hill, We Got You bra!
    Ps Free Glady