Work Starts To Improve City’s Pedestrian Crossings

August 15, 2012

The City of Hamilton today announced improvements are being made to the pedestrian crossings on North Street and on Dundonald Street.

Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to the City of Hamilton, Edward Benevides stated, “As part of the City’s, and specifically the Development, Infrastructure and Futures Committee’s, ongoing focus of improving pedestrian and motorists safety in Hamilton, the pedestrian crossing on North Street, which is busy throughout the day and in the evenings, is being improved.

“Asphalt work started this morning to raise the height of the crossing. Signs are already in place and the Belisha beacons have been installed and are operational.

“Additionally, the pedestrian crossing at Dundonald and Parliament Streets will also be raised to improve public safety. This work will be completed on Thursday August 16, weather permitting.”

Mr. Benevides concluded, “We encourage pedestrians and motorists to use extreme caution in these areas while the improvements are being implemented.”

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  1. Just One says:

    What about the one on Victoria Street near The Shopping Centre? Drivers still zoom by on that street even after the sidewalk was adjusted there! There needs to be some consistency with these crossings having built-in speed-bumps.

    I love the crossings on Reid Street East and Church Street East, because it forces drivers to slow down, increasing safety to pedestrians crossing the street. It’s a brilliant idea, so let’s have some consistency please!

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Can they put signs up at the pedestrian crossings that have the amber lights erected… so many times people fail to push the button to alert oncoming traffic that they are going to cross… they simply treat it like the lights aren’t even there!

  3. mixitup says:

    AND PAVE REID STREET!!! Between Burnaby and Queen, it’s atrocious!