Hiscox Appoints New Head of Analytics & Research

August 13, 2012

Dr Michael Palmer has been appointed as Head of Analytics and Research for Hiscox’s Bermuda operation. He will report to Damien Smith, Hiscox Bermuda’s Underwriting Director, and will take responsibility for the analytics team in Bermuda, helping to develop the company’s understanding of all aspects of catastrophe risk.

Having originally joined Hiscox’s London office in 2005 where he was Catastrophe Research Manager, Michael Palmer has a research background from Oxford University where he completed a PhD in atmospheric science, carrying out climate model experiments to investigate different aspects of climate change.

This was followed up by post-doctoral work at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Oxford, UK), investigating the impact of the tropical upper atmosphere on the weather experienced at the surface.

Commenting on Dr Palmer’s appointment, Damien Smith said: “Keeping on top of the strengths and weaknesses of the catastrophe models the industry uses is a fundamental part of helping us to select the risks we take and ensuring we achieve the right premium rating. Mike will be a great asset to us as we look to build a class-leading analytics team to support and drive the profitability of the company.”

Dr Palmer added: “Bermuda is an exciting place to be when it comes to the science of catastrophe risk and I am looking forward to building on the work that has already taken place here to support the management of our reinsurance portfolio, as well as looking for new opportunities in the market.”

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Comments (8)

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  1. wiaruz says:

    Another ex-pat taking a job away from a Bermudian….

    • hot says:

      lol how many bermudians have oxford phd’s in atmospheric science?

    • Curious says:

      Another ex-pat to spend money on rent, food, entertainment, children in school, other services which then gets re-spent by other people.
      Money multiplier.. look it up

    • Umm Umm Duh says:

      Yea, right. This guy is an example of what Bermudians should be doing in order to be employed in Bermuda.

    • Mafew says:

      …but it’s not like Hiscox is doing anything in the community, like sponsoring youth cricket or the Eliza Do-Little Society’s Daily Bread programme to feed the hungry…

      And it’s not like they have a fantastic graduate scheme programme to propel high-achieving Bermudians into a senior management position one day…

    • wiaruz says:

      now I can remove my tongue from my cheek

  2. Islander says:

    Hiscox does do all those things for the community and it is my understanding that his team is all Bermudian, including two new hires. This is not an expat taking a job away from a Bermudian but someone highly qualified that several young Bermudians can learn and benefit from.