NY Post: ‘Uighurs Prisoners In Paradise’

September 30, 2012

[Updated] The NY Post is running a 4-page feature article on the four Chinese Uighurs who spent more than seven years detained at Guantanamo Bay by U.S. authorities.

“Overwhelmed by locals and tourists alike pointing and whispering, the four men shaved their beards, cut their hair, got government-appointed jobs and private housing and began attending two local mosques,” the NY Post reported.

“Three of the four — Mamut, 34, Abdullah Abdulqadir, 33, and Salahidin Abdulahad, 35 — agreed to meet with The Post on the condition that they not be photographed and that many identifying details be omitted.”

The NY Post also said that the “United States made a one-time payment to the Bermudian government to relocate the Uighurs, and though the State Department will not name the figure, an official says that it was far less than the $3 million reported.”

All are now married and three of the four have babies,  with the NY Post reporting that they all met their wives through online matchmaking as “they wanted to marry Muslim women from the East, women who shared the same culture, and this was priority No. 1 upon their release. The Uighurs say that the US and Bermudian governments helped get their wives into the country, but won’t say how…”

Read the full article here on the NY Post.

Update: The NY Post’s statement the US paid a fee for relocation is not a new revelation. We asked about it in 2010, and the [Bermuda] Government confirmed the US agreed to pay for relocation expenses up to $100k per man. The full statement we were issued about the matter in 2010 is below.

The Government of Bermuda was neither offered nor received any money in exchange for taking on the Uighurs from the United States.

The US did however agree to pay for relocation expenses up to $100k per man.

The decision to take on the Uighurs was done purely as a humanitarian gesture in recognition of the long history and special relationship that the people of Bermuda shares with the American people.

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  1. BobthebuilderXfactor says:

    They get jobs and all that. Damn. Bermuda does more for outsiders than their own people. Sad. And you wonder why the violence is increasing ten fold.

    • St. D says:

      My first reaction was the same … but they are locked into their situation until there is a diplomatic solution or …

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      They got Ewey jobs. Dr Brown made the deal, he did this to look magnanimous now Bermuda has to deal with it.

    • WTF says:

      They took our jobs!!!

  2. Accuracy? says:

    Very sad for these men – it would seem that the gross hubris that was infecting Bermuda at the time allowed us to think ‘who wouldn’t want to live in our great paradise nation?’. As we now know beyond certainty prisons come in many forms. These men can’t even flee to the UK like the smarter rats have started to do and will have no choice but to stay and man the pumps on a sinking ship where they are but stowaways!

  3. Randal says:

    So where did the reported three million go? No,no our American friends would not do that. It must have gone to the Girl Guides and sadly not the Sunshine League because that had to close because Governent ran out of money. A good thing so much important Ministerial travel was completed before the money ran out…

  4. shag says:

    Is there any sign of the “less than 3 million” going into the government coffers.

  5. Mike says:

    The article in the NY Post is interesting, particularly where it says….

    “The United States made a one-time payment to the Bermudian government to relocate the Uighurs, and though the State Department will not name the figure, an official says that it was far less than the $3 million reported”.

    How many times were we told we received no money from the US? Perhaps Dr Brown or The Premier would care to comment.

    • Blankman says:

      Mike, Read carefully. The operative word is “WE” as in “we received no money …”

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      I think we definitely got a lousy deal if only “less then $3 million” was received for taking them. Personally I think we should have gotten a commitment from the US government to clean up the hazardous messes left at the bases when they pulled out. You know, the $30+ million messes the PLP didin’t stipulate to be cleaned when they accepted $11 million for the US to break a 99 year lease half way through… Say, where did that $11 million go? That’s now less than $14 million from the US the PLP have accepted, but never told us what was done with.

      • Vulpes says:

        Ah, but Dr. Brown made World headlines for about five minutes and Obama thanked him publicly – what we forget is that it is only ever about Ewart when he is involved and now he can run around pretending to be an important statesman — and Bermuda society is irretrievably damaged because of his vulgar, new money narcissism – a legacy of nothing but lies, hate and deceit. Thank You Ewart, Thank You Cog and Cabinet for pretending it never happened.

        • pepper says:

          Vulpes,president Obama actually thanked Brown for Bermuda taking on the uighurs ? please show me this !!!

          • Vulpes says:

            Sadly the people of Bermuda (or the Parliament of Bermuda) were never consulted so it seems rather pointless for President Obama to thank Bermuda – no, whether he knew it or not, he was thanking Brown and only Brown.

            • Family Man says:

              The US Attorney General did thank Bermuda – for making the USA safer by taking these four.

      • Blankman says:

        The US actually paid that $11 million for repairs to the lift bridge on the causeway (you know, the place where they’re now talking about tolls). The fact that the PLP spent it immediately on something else is a different topic.

    • pepper says:

      Mike, you will never hear from our premier or the former premier regarding the uighurs !!!!the truth is coming out…and like the old saying “what goes around comes around” and the #$%^ is just starting to hit the fan,

  6. J Starling says:

    The $3million, if it was paid, should have gone to ensuring that the four individuals are well-looked after – housing, groceries, healthcare, education/training. It’s a paltry sum though for the costs required, and the potential losses resulting from animosity from China.

    The US still shouldn’t have shirked their responsibility under international law – they should have settled them within the US and paid damages to them.

    • Come Correct says:

      Yes, they will clearly forgive the US for 7 years of being strapped to a table with a cloth over their mouth and water poured on to it. That’s right, and Osama Bin Laden infiltrated the US with sleeper cells and took down the world trade centers all from a cave in bumf@ck nowhere while on dialasis and not one US government agency could stop him.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Your opinion is it should have been used for those purposes. I wonder what actually happened to the money?

  7. Come Correct says:

    So how do I get government assistance to get my girlfriend here who’s an alleged member of the IRA? I emphasize alleged lol. Last I heard the Uighers were working on the port royal golf course. These guys wouldn’t happen to have jobs that involve fertilizer do they? Seriously, you don’t give a known thief a job as a locksmith apprentice, a hacker a job at the bank or a serial killer a job as a butcher. The fact that they’re here because their own country would have killed them doesn’t tell us anything? You know who gets locked up in Guantanamo? The types of people that grow hair on their palms, the types of people that have a 20 man armed CIA security detail for transport while they’re chained to a dolly wearing a face mask, the types of people they can’t afford to have escape back into society…and terrorists. Not only did we release them back into society, we gave them money, residence, jobs and apparently the internet so they could go on muslim-mingle.com and find a wife. How fun those women must be huh? I like curry and dancing…INFIDEL!!! What’s even funnier is 7 years in Guantanamo and even they don’t want Bermudian women lol “Akbhar where de hell you been?! It don’t take no 45 mins to get from town to crawl. You stopped up St. Davids again to feed the goats inna? One day its gonna be me or the goats Akbhar, me or the damn goats.”

    • Man the Lifeboats says:

      LOL@ 7 years in Guantanamo and even they don’t want Bermudian women. “Akbhar where de hell you been?!” I don’t blame ‘em.

      • pepper says:

        I am curious as to how these guys were able to bring in their on line wives !!!!

    • eye on you says:

      You are one sick arse! You do realize they were never tried and / or convicted don’t you? You do realize that they were never asked where they wanted to live, they were dropped here. They all have families and friends at home that they would love to see. Have you met them…do you know them??? How can you pass judgement? I too am Bermudian, not the kind (like you) that hates others, but instead the kind that loves. Why don’t you channel your hatred of others towards this countries real killers, the gangsters.

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      Yeah they are going to pull a terrorist attack in lil ole Bermuda…shut the hell up

      • Come Correct says:

        @eye on you & DarkSideOfTheMoom.

        Ok ok I’m sorry I had a little poke of fun at the muslims and the fact they were labelled “terrorists”. Maybe a tad prejudice but if I really believed they were “terrorists” it would undermine everything else I’ve said here. The real terrorists are in the US Federal Reserve. Yes I’m sorry, just because they were housed at Guantanamo doesn’t mean they are like the rest of the residents. No they weren’t given a trial and sentencing, they were black bagged and tortured. You can’t really give someone a fair trial if you commited war crimes on them lol. These men were probably innocent, they have been here a few years and if you aren’t around them regularly you almost don’t even know they’re here. I don’t have a problem with them being here, but I belive the events surrounding should be looked into, especially when my boy couldn’t get his WIFE and CHILD here due to immigration, but these guys had help with theirs. Appologies if you couldn’t see the sad attempt at a joke but really, Akbhar ((Ak-b-har) my make believe terrorist name doesn’t have a silent h), goats, the muslim trademark infidelity of dancing and the fact that none of them showed up here looking like Hanibal should have given it away.

  8. Pay Attention says:

    It’s more to it than worrying about the Government of Bermuda and Ewart Brown’s Poor Decision Making.

    We need to worry about if Bermuda will now be the Next ENEMY..

    • Come Correct says:


      Nope we’re good as long as they don’t find oil nearby. But when the things in that video start (not that they haven’t already) we’re going to see a lot of traffic coming through here. Just hope we don’t get caught in the crossfire.

  9. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Did the money get lost in the translation or the transportation ?

    • Family Man says:

      More likely just an expensive doctor bill. They didn’t have medical insurance you know.

  10. Family Man says:

    When I try to open a bank account I’m told I need a passport, drivers license, recent utility bill and a bank reference to prove I’m not a terrorist.

    These guys show up in the middle of the night on a secret flight from Guantanamo Bay, are given $150 cash and told to open bank accounts no questions asked.

    The irony is killing me.

    • pepper says:

      Mitt Romney, needs to investigate what deal Obama made with our former premier,and the uighurs !!!!

  11. Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

    The Government received a payment for their service? If so,we have been lied to, and deceived again!

    Cox(Finance Minister at the time)needs to explain this,as well as what happened to the money.

  12. LaVerne Furbert says:

    I see the New York Post updated its story (“Last Updated: 12:45 AM, September 30, 2012″) and there is no longer mention of “United States made a one-time payment to the Bermudian government to relocate the Uighurs, and though the State Department will not name the figure, an official says that it was far less than the $3 million reported.” Maybe Bernews wants to update their story as well.

    • Bernews says:

      Thanks for this note, at last check it’s still showing for us on page 3? http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/paradise_lost_nGjiD9YQDFlAiwwAMdq67O/2

      Is it just us…or is it not showing for anyone else?

      On the story note – which we probably should have included and think we will update with it – the NY Post’s statement the US paid a fee for relocation is not a new revelation.

      We asked about it before a while back, and the [Bermuda] Government said “the US did however agree to pay for relocation expenses up to $100k per man.”

      • Blankman says:

        It’s still on the third page.

        But if the NYP pulls it the entire article is posted on one of the blogs.

      • Ticked-off! says:

        Bernews just checked it & agree with you Bernews. Sorry,Ms. Furbert there’s no major changes in the NY Post article as you may have wished : ) & your beloved Dr.Brown & his wingman Col.Burch deceived ALL of Bermuda by sneaking the four Uighurs in. The USA had moral obligation to settle them into the USA if they were truly not terrorists, not dump them in Bermuda for a fee . . & then them taking jobs, housing, etc. from Bermudians!

      • Free says:

        It’s still showing.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        My apologies Bernews, I didn’t realise there were more pages to the story.

        I make no apologies for considering Dr. Brown a dear and beloved friend.

        • 32n64w says:

          There are is always more to the story, especially this one

    • Come Correct says:

      So all the other countries that took in Uighers got a one time payment but Bermuda did it out of the kindness of our hearts? Why are you so intent on covering the truth. Bernews can leave the article as they like until someone starts breathing down their necks about leaking classified information. Someone needs to contact Anonymous, then what you gonna do LaVerne? Screw a royal inquiery, Anonymous will do it for free and not leave ANY secrets. Attack freedom of speech and information and they attack you. I wonder what they would think of Minister Furbert’s thoughts on our commenters. Look up what happened to mastercard and paypal when they cut services to wikileaks, Anonymous is a hornets nest you don’t want to kick. I’m sure they would be very interested in the story of our last 10 years. They are legion, they do not forgive, they do not forget, expect them, they are Anonymous, for none of them are as cruel as all of them.

      • Cleancut says:

        Hey! there are some wealthy people out there, one of them is running in the next general election to play another round.

    • street wise says:

      Why would you be concerned if that statement was removed from the Post’s story or not, LaVerne? It is of no interest to you… unless you felt it may have implicated someone you attempt to protect. You’re such a good mummy.

  13. Get ready says:

    Not a story! Old news

  14. Rockfish#1 and #2 says:

    Why is my post of 10.47 today still awaiting moderation?

    • Terry says:

      Probabley because that 10.47 was what was paid for each………..(million).

      Freedom of Information Act in the US should clear this up.

      May cost a few dollars but it would be great to asses twitch even though State would deny it.

      Been there done that.

    • one answer says:

      Because you’re a clown!

    • Bernews says:

      @Rockfish….sorry, just as we are slower some weekends, as we try and ‘catch up’ on things we get behind on through the week. Always end up still behind anyway lol, but we do try…

  15. street wise says:

    OF COURSE a substantial fee of $3 million, or more (!), was paid by the USA to someone in Bermuda as a token of thanks for their assistance with this unsavory matter. I wonder who actually got the money?… well… actually… I already know who got the money. And so do you. LaVerne gave it away above.

  16. Michael says:

    History being re-written, and still, the biggest unanswered question.

  17. Judge Dredd says:

    Wow! Minus a few posters you people are evil snobs! I’m so disgusted with these heartless, selfish, and downright piggish comments. The sad thing is that people who think the way you do don’t deserve the blessings and grace we enjoy in Bermuda. It is a sign of our downfall as a society unless you snobs are just the barnacles clinging to the bottom of the boat. But even then, you are a major threat.

    • Blankman says:

      So people are “snobs” because they think that EFB should have obeyed the law? Or because they think that, because of his actions, four Uighurs have been given residency (and jobs) and they have spouses who were given permission to come here by “someone” [if you've ever tried to get approval for an expat to bring their partner here you'd appreciate that].

      And now we find out that three of them have “at least one” child and no health insurance.

      Where does it end? If Bermuda can’t take care of its own why should they take care of EFB’s blunder?

  18. Skink says:

    What nationality are the babies that were born on our Bermudian soil……..pray-tell???

    • Blankman says:

      According to one of the Uighurs the children have no nationality.

      They’re not Bermudian so their nationality depends on the laws of their respective parents’ countries.

  19. I am not against the Uighurs, I am against Ewart Brown and David Burch smuggling these men into Bermuda in the wee hours of the morning without the knowledge of the proper authorities. This was a deceitful, criminal act and heads should have rolled. We still don’t know who got what or how much for these men, but I do not believe for one moment that it was for humanitarian reasons. If I were some people I would be running scared now because the truth is slowly but surely coming to the surface, and for certain people to defend what took place in June 2009 needs their head examined.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Snob Alert!
      Whoop wooop.

      • Vulpes says:

        Snob or not, the lady has manners and more importantly basic human decency unlike Dr. Brown who can get upon and say that anybody who does not vote PLP (over 48%) of the population last time out wants to go back to the Plantation – I personally believe that he was deliberately inciting racial hatred which is in fact a crime —- We will all look back one day with shame for not stopping this evil.

      • Blankman says:

        So objecting to EFB acting in violation of the Constitution makes us snobs? Nice to know.

  20. bs is bs.. says:

    Too late Now!!.. Thanks or taking them Bermuda!! Check Ya Later!!!

  21. More Confused says:

    Since ignorance of the law is no defense in a court, Dr Brown should at the least accept responsibility for these 4 men, and now their families. As he is a doctor with a clinic, the basic humanitarian gesture would be for him to provide them all with free medical care.
    Then the US need to accept their responsibilty for creating this situation, and let them settle in the US, or some other location with the assistance of the US.

    • Come Correct says:

      If relocating the men in the US was an option it would have been done. The US attorny general thanked Bermuda for making the US safer, possible they still believed these men could be a threat, uh that’s a given because I’d be a threat too if I was tortured for 7 years. Then on the flip side you have a concern for their safety, after 9/11 eastern muslims aren’t exactly the top pick for neighbors and all it take is one anti-gihadi extremist with an idea and a gun. Remember we weren’t the only country to take Uighers in, if they relocated them in the US there would be more than 4.

      Think about this, if Bush didn’t demolish the twin towers killing over 3000 people to get his laws of invading privacy and his unspoken permission to invade Afganistan and Iraq, these men wouldn’t be here, period. The sad reality is, making sure oil is sold in US dollars (Iraq started selling oil in Euros in 2003, what happened to Iraq in 2003? Needless to say Iraq is back to selling oil on the American dollar) is more important than over 3000 lives, for some reason I think after 11 years the death toll is well over 10,000 all due to the greed of a few men. Bush started the war, Obama said he would bring the troops home, when I was training with the marines in 2009 he had just sent 300,000 more troops to the middle east on christmas eve of 2008. Bush and Obama are just puppets taking orders from the faceless higher up, the members of the federal reserve, the ones who control the US dollar. Iraq had WMD’s? Funny how 10 years, yes a decade later you still haven’t found them. How do you stop an Iraqi tank? Shoot the people pushing it lol and they have nuclear weapons my ass. Anyone notice the geofraphical positions of the two middle eastern countries the US occupy? Iraq and Afganistan border either side of Iran, a pretty volatile place right now and it just so happens to have the largest oil distribution port in the world. These men were labelled terrorists (could anyone keep count how many times that word was used after 9/11? Repetition is a powerful thing) and imprisoned for no other reason than oil and greed. For all the proud parents that have children in the middle east fighting the war on “terrorism”, remember all that when your child comes home in a flag draped coffin.

  22. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    Having spoken directly to these men and gotten to know them, it is evident that they are no threat whatsoever. Their story is as follows

    1) china had a problem with al-Qaida, America had opened Guantanamo bay a concentration camp

    2) bounty hunters were hired to help find “terrorist” bounty hunters were not highly skilled people at finding terrorist

    3) bounty hunters collected funds for the transfer of suspected terrorist that they captured

    4) bounty hunters collected anybody from small poor places in china and labeled them as a terrorist

    5) anybody was taken didn’t matter if you was a terrorist or not the bounty hunters had a quota to reach

    6) this resulted in women and men and teenagers being separated from their families and sold into Guantanamo bay

    7) thousands of innocent people sat and still sit in Guantanamo bay for crimes they never committed

    8) they were strictly a victim of wrong place wrong time, they was in their home when the bounty hunters came, they was at work when the bounty hunters came, and they took them by force no explanation or anything, and then sold to the concentration camp

    9) China vowed to execute all of them and wanted them to be returned, even though they was proven innocent

    10) Women were raped and many people were tortured and killed at Guantanamo bay

    11) These 4 men sat in jail for 7 years innocent of the crimes they did not even know about al-Qaida until they got to Guantanamo bay

    12) They were sons, fathers, husbands, workers, who were snatched up by evil bounty hunters only for a profit

    13) Obama became president, and vowed to shut down Guantanamo bay

    14) The 4 innocent men after 7 years was released however their own country feared what they might do if they was to come back to China..because China fu..ed them over and China felt that they would start a revolution to bring down the oppressive regime so China fearing what they done vowed to kill them if they return.

    15) Americans after 9-11 would raise hell if they was to come to usa, because of all the negative propaganda , Americans by way of statistics and polls showed that they would view them as guilty even though their leaders are saying we made a mistake

    16) USA looks at other countries that are willing to help who KNOW THE TRUTH AND WILL HELP

    17) Bermuda becomes the 1st country and makes HISTORY by being the 1st and the smallest to take 4 of the innocent people

    18) If Dr. Brown received less than 3 million ..for himself then how can he hide that money??? And why do the 4 men have to work to make a living??It would only be right for the USA government to give funds for these men to make up for the 7 years they stole from their lives, and what they gave was not enough, because you took their families away from them!

    19) Only a racist bigot can look at their story and have no sympathy and still label them as a terrorist or insinuate that they are terrorist, that makes you no better than the evil bounty hunters that took them.

    20) Dr brown and Burch did not break any laws further more to all you ignorant fools Dr Brown in a multimillionaire,AND SO IS HIS WIFE , they are not poor like the average black person you racist people think that he is, you think that he is so broke that he needs to come up with schemes to get money..are yall stupid or something the man is set for life before he even came into being a premiere or into government…not to mention his spouse is rich as well so now what can you say??
    hIS PLOT WAS TO GET MONEY???? Is Bermuda looked at as a good friend to USA..yes it is and guess what…Dr brown is not the leader..but Bermuda benefitted greatly, not Dr Brown…BERMUDA..and Dr Brow was the visionary who saw that, some of you people are still stuck on stupid

    • Come Correct says:

      Dr. Brown and Burch didn’t break any laws? Tell that to the UK. Dr. Brown and his wife are multi-millionaires so they don’t need money? So when you hit that million dollar mark its all unicorns and rainbows from there and you live happily ever after? No, whn you have more money you usuly spend more money, and when you live an unsustainable lifestyle (parties at the playboy mansion) you need more money. Lool at all the CEO’s in the states that had bank accounts that make brown’s accounts look like a wallet, and they were still stealing. Your logic is flawed and tour bling loyalty to a man that swore to bring the island to its knees and is succeeding is pitiful at most. Christ, his spiritual advisor was a scam artist! Brown must have stuck his silver toungue right in your ear.

      • CHEEKUMS BI says:

        @come correct that’s the dumbest thing I’ve read thus far and full of speculation, if Dr Brown and Burch broke any laws then kindly explain what laws they broke..please elaborate….
        You comparing an innocent man who has never been convicted of stealing to CEO’S that have been convicted of stealing, just like the average racist going off of nothing but speculation and nonsense and not one bit of proof whatsoever. Show one shred of proof to back up your claims if you can’t then shut up and realize that you’re a liar for speaking about a person with no facts. Everything I said can be verified above …nothing you said can be verified , it all speculation and cheap propaganda .
        Show where Dr Brown and Burch broke any laws 1st, 2nd show how Dr Brown benefited from the 4 Chinese men, and show where he pocketed any funds from that ….otherwise than that you have established yourself as a liar , and a person who purposely spreads lies and is a rumor driven individual.

        • Free says:

          #8 Is not the story they told when they first got him but okay.

        • Come Correct says:

          Do i seem like the proud owner of a book on international laws of the commonwealth? Last i checked we werent independant which means brown would have had to consult with the UK before accepting potential “terrorists”. Im comparing an innocent man who has never been convicted of stealing? —- I wasnt convicted of the spliff i smoked last night but I most definitely smoked it. No i wasnt comparing an innocent man with CEO’s convicted of stealing, i was saying rich people want more money ass clown, dont put word there that i didnt type. First thing I ever learned in economics, the question was how much money would you like to make? before you start crunching numbers the answer is, by human nature as much as you can. Just so you know your innocent man is all over wikileaks, a big thanks to Anonymous for keeping that going. Then we have the race card, well done, typical. The only beings I DISLIKE are liars and stupid people…your starting to fit into both. Show where brown benefitted from the four chinese men, and show where he pocketed the money…Did you just ask me to hack into the governments files? Because they’ll just hand over that info if I ask nicely, right? F@ckin idiot. You have proven yourself a liar by even trying to attempt to call him an innocent man when the majority of our population can see what he’s done, theyre still finding things and it’s in clear text on wikileaks.


          Have a nice read :) too bad Bernews wont post what else I know about your innocent man, he has an interesting past.

    • Future says:

      What a half witted rambling commentary. Ok, maybe half is too much. For starters, you admit you have HALF the story,mUighur half, and build on that as if it is the objective TRUE story. Uighur, please. I am not saying it is or it is not accurate But you do NOT know the other side to this story.

      • CHEEKUMS BI says:

        well then since your an expert please tell the other side of the story, i would love to hear the bounty hunters side, we do know that americas side of the story says they was wrong for taking them…however …yeah lets hear the bounty hunters side.

    • meow! says:

      @ CHEEKUMS BI-#8—if they were picked up at home then why can’t they return to the Pakistan border were they were allegedly picked up by bounty hunters, if they are so innocent why did’t their countries come for them and why doesn’t anyone seem to care from their country to look for these so called innocent men, who admitted learning how to shoot in the area they were picked up!! shooting so they could go back to their country to defend their rights!! I wonder how much can they stand of not getting their rights in Bermuda, after all they came through customs, got a bank account, probably demanded women of THEIR choosing, and now complain that the only holiday they can have includes going from one end of the island to the oher, sure right these “innocent” men have become dictators in OUR country, dictating everything they want and GETTing it no less!!they’ve already started a clan and since when do we take total strangers word for gospel? we raid large ships and bust into private cabins for people who have plant material”? but persons picked up on Pakistan/Afghanistan borden admitting to learning how to shoot to fight for their rights are given free reign in little Bda…..When they first came they said they wanted to open a resturant here! Now they realize the prison they live in hmmm grass is not always greener …

  23. Kathy says:

    …stick them on the next cruise to NY and drop ‘em off. Dr. Brown said there was “no quid pro quo”. So, where did this money go? Apparently people who got to know the men said it was over $3M per man….that would be over $12M! Where is it?

    If there was no “quid pro quo” then we should be able to drop them back at the US’ doorstep. It is not resolved with Great Britain yet and the only way to solve it is to send them back.

    • Kathy says:

      …oh, but that would mean we would have to return the money (and that is something we don’t have right now!)

      • CHEEKUMS BI says:

        you are a disgrace to thinking people, but you uphold stupidity well!! congrats

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Cayman and the house in Turks

  24. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    All in all, I am glad that these guys are able to have a nice life and wish them well…

  25. LaVerne Furbert says:

    How many of you posters were a part of the “lynch mob” that protested the humane action by the former Premier?

    • Come Correct says:

      Do lynch mobs protest or do they lynch LaVerne? Calling it a lynch mob is your sad attempt at trying to silence the peoples voices. Any group of people that voice their oppinions which are the opposite of you or your government will always be labelled a lynch mob. Remember what MLK said about the language of the unheard?

    • CHEEKUMS BI says:

      lol all of them

    • SadForBermuda says:

      Ms Furburt… white male here – 30-ish, didn’t come from any sort of money… don’t really have any now other than I suppose I could make rent for a couple months if I lose my job.

      Why do you hate me? I was standing in line behind you at Hamilton Marketplace last week around lunch time, you had several things you wanted placed in different bags. You looked back a couple of times… if looks could kill, I’d be more than dead. As far as I’m aware my only crime was being a white guy holding my lunch from the salad bar and waiting patiently. We met it passing one other time, at a funeral of all places… same look. Why?

      By the way, (since you like to throw those in so much) I have been around for a couple of protests… I don’t recall any lynching though, perhaps I left early?

      I don’t really expect a response, since that’s not part of your MO – you just launch little bitter bombs and run away, never to engage in any conversation. But I’d like you to think about it

      No, I will not post using my real name. I’ve been dating an expat girl for while, might even marry her. She’s professional, doing very well for herself, and black. Maybe you’d like her better? Or maybe she’s an uncle Tom… I’m not sure. Either way, I’d really rather not have any trouble with her upcoming permit renewal or her getting status someday if we do get married, so I’ll be keeping the name to myself. You have a habit of threatening that sort of thing.

      Have a Bermudaful day

  26. Verbal Kint says:

    These four men have my sympathy. Whether of their own doing or not, they were caught up in a situation which led to their detention and the total disruption of their lives. Then they were pawns in a game between Dr. Brown, the UK, and the State Dept./White House. Whatever their past sins, they have faced more than their fair share of betrayal. If their relocation was a humanitarian act, where is the Government’s humanity now?

  27. i gotta be me says:

    If Dr Evil woulda stayed in LaLaLand where he belongs, we wouldn’t have ANY of this! Think about that!