Hamilton Princess In Expedia ‘Best-Reviewed’

October 9, 2012

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess has been named to the Expedia Insiders’ Select® list for 2012, an annual ranking of best-reviewed hotels as determined by the world’s leading full-service online travel agency.

The Insiders’ Select® list largely reflects the feedback from more than 500,000 verified Expedia customer reviews received during 2011, combined with a value rating and the local market expertise of more than 650 Expedia employees in local markets worldwide.

The exclusive 2012 list designates only 650 hotels as Insiders’ Select, from among the more than 150,000 properties available on Expedia-branded sites worldwide. Insiders’ Select helps travellers make confident decisions by identifying the hotels in their destination that have been recognized by other travellers as delivering an excellent overall experience.

“We at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess are consistently focused on delivering value in the form of superior customer service, ensuring our guests have an enjoyable travel experience,” said Leonard Czarnecki, General Manager of The Fairmont Hamilton Princess. “It is rewarding to see that commitment has been reflected in our placement on the Insiders’ Select list.”

“Expedia customers reward value,” said Joe Megibow, vice president and general manager, Expedia.com. “Value reflects an everyday commitment to excellence on the part of the hotel. For these hotels, customer satisfaction is paramount. And when we publish the list, we reward those hotels by doing more than sending them a plaque.

“We lift them up and make them visible through every stage of the booking process. This has an impact: millions of travelers visit Expedia’s 30 global- travel sites every day because they are looking for value. So everyone wins.”

Joining the Princess on the list was Bermuda’s Coco Reef, with one reviewer saying: “We could not have asked for a better hotel, we had privacy but the staff was fantastic! we literally had the beach at our feet! We could go swim in the ocean, then the pool, change and have the most wonderful supper, or have lunch then go to the beach.

“We loved being able to catch the bus to Hamilton or dockside or any where and the staff at the hotel was very nice and helpful if we needed anything… we even got a ride to our room a couple of times, in the golf cart! I think Coco Reef is great for a couple or for a family! The rooms are spacious and bright and they even have a fridge for your beer! We will go back to Coco Reef for every stay in Bermuda!”

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  1. happy onion says:

    As far back as I can remember, it has always been a fabulous hotel . . . The location & service is perfect for the business & mature visitors!

  2. meow! says:

    Whilst I do agree that hotel is wonderful and I have enjoyed it for many years for a variety of events, however I would like to know more information about how Fairmont Hamilton Bermuda was chosen and what exactly was the rank also where else can this information be found?..I took the trouble a while back to look up some of the other properties owned by the Green Family and they are doing quite well! I have no doubt that Fairmont Hamilton is a favourite but Coco Reefs? why haven’t we heard more about them locally?! The last time I was there the waiter was also the cashier, bartender and wine porter!And it was not very warm and cozy, maybe they have improved but I would like to know more about the Expedia’s Inside Selectors list.

    • Soooo says:

      Meow… I stayed at Coco Reef last year for a long weekend (they had a not too bad locals rate) The room was filthy and poorly maintained. The staff (except for the bar tender) seemed like they didn’t want to be there.

      Like I said, except for the bar tender who stayed open an extra hour to accomidate the 6 of us at the bar.

      This hotel has one of the best locations in the Island, but seems to me that it is being run into the ground (wonder what ever happend to that SDO that was given for the “townhouses” on the site)?

      • meow! says:

        @sooooo—They have over one hundred years to correct the problem, we might as well have kept it Stonington–the decor is uninviting the first thing the owner did was get rid of majority Bermudin staff who worked there for years!!!No wonder its in a pathetic state! but I haven’t been back recently so I guess I better go and get a birdseye view for meself! by the way th bartender was also non-Bermudian and although as accomodating as possible was multitasking to the umth degree!

        • Soooooo says:

          Meow… Actually the bartender i met was Bermudian and very good… No wonder he’s not there any more. He is now working at a bar in Hamilton.

          Yes that 120 year lease on the friends and family scheme is a real kick in the a$$ to Bda. Although the hotel college lost money it gave great training for entering the hospitality industry. At one time the college even attracted students for other countries because it was one of the few training hotels world wide.