OBA: Government Ordered Ads Removed

October 17, 2012

[Updated] Shadow Minister for Transportation Pat Gordon-Pamplin has spoken out against the removal of OBA advertising posters from bus shelters calling it an “act of political censorship,” while the PLP said it is “highly inappropriate to have political advertising on government property.”

The OBA had purchased the ads through an advertising agency, and they began appearing in bus shelters island-wide recently, and were seen being removed and replaced by generic placeholders today [Oct 17].

Ms Gordon Pamplin said: “The PLP Government has ordered the removal of all OBA advertising posters in bus shelters around the Island. The ads, the first of which were installed in bus shelters on Monday, carried the OBA message on the need for change.

“This situation came to our attention on Tuesday when we were informed by the agency contracted to post the ads that a senior official at the Department of Transport told them to take down the posters, and that the order to do so came from ‘higher up’. The posters, the official reportedly said, did not meet Transport’s ‘criteria,” continued Ms Gordon Pamplin.

OBA ad being removed from the bus shelter in the Collectors Hill area at approx. 2.30pm today:

Ms Gordon Pamplin continued: “The agency reported that its contract with the Transport Department permits bus shelter advertising as long as it does not display profanity, pornography or alcohol and/or drugs.

“When the agency protested that the contract contained no restriction on political advertising, they were told to ‘just take them down.’ We understand the posters are to be removed this afternoon. We call on the Minister of Transport to justify this act of political censorship.”

The Collectors Hill bus shelter before & after the ad removal:

“Our concern is this: When a Government feels it can prohibit public expression, it starts down a slippery bad path. Today no Opposition posters, tomorrow who knows what?

“Bermuda needs to steer clear of such heavy handed behaviour, and so we call on the Minister to provide Bermuda with the clearest explanation of why his Government ordered the posters taken down,” concluded Ms Gordon Pamplin.

Both parties are advertising heavily in the lead up to the election, using mediums including local websites, overseas websites, print and electronic media.

We have asked the Transport Ministry for clarification on the matter, and hope to update with their comments later on.

Update 3.44pm: A PLP spokesperson said: “Allowing advertising on government property sets a dangerous precedent. When the PLP was offered, we turned it down as we believe it’s highly inappropriate to have political advertising on government property.

“We believe that this is a common sense position and have no intention of splashing political advertising on government property. We challenge the OBA to abide by the important precedent that government property is no place for partisan politics.”

“The OBA crossing this line is very dangerous. Today, politics in government bus shelters. Tomorrow, who knows what! This is a very slippery and dangerous path that the OBA would have for our country. Bermuda needs to steer clear of allowing political messages to appear on government property.

“It’s a shame that the OBA is using this as a distraction because they don’t want to talk about their lack of ideas and vision for the country. So, they are using political distractions like trying to display political propaganda on government property.

“Instead of distractions, we encourage Ms. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin and the rest of her OBA party to tell us what they mean when they endorse austerity. Austerity means deep and radical cuts and Bermudians want to know who’s jobs, benefits, and pensions are on the line. That’s what this election is really about.”

Update 5.20pm: A statement from the Transport Ministry said: “The Government fully supports the freedom of speech and public expression but the posting of political advertisements in or on government owned buildings and equipment is considered unacceptable and improper.

“The Department of Public Transportation has a contract with a local media company which facilitates billboard marketing and advertising opportunities in public bus shelters.

“In accordance with the contractual agreement the Department of Public Transport reserves the right to vet and approve advertising content prior to posting the advertisement.

“It was brought to the Ministry’s attention on Tuesday 16th October that the billboards installed in some public bus shelters had political advertisement posted on them without the appropriate prior approvals and the contractor was instructed to remove the posters.

“The decision to have the posters removed is by no means a form of political censorship it is simply the right thing to do,” the statement concluded.

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  1. Time Passages says:

    Typical PLP bully boy tactics. ***k the PLP.

    • Flags says:

      Why don’t the OBA/ubp just make flags so all the white men can put them on their cars.

      • Cha says:

        Racist much?

        • Come Correct says:

          Na, he just got wet walking to work… Bitter much?

      • US Observer in Pink Sand says:


      • SMH says:

        whats it got to do with being white…its about what govt will do this country RIGHT…so ignorant…these thought processes is what has landed us in the slump this island is in. smdh

        • Slick says:

          Because 88% of Registered white voters vote for OBA, 4% PLP, and 8% dont vote CHANGE THAT THOUGHT PROCESS

          • TRUTH says:

            The OBA keeps forgetting they have white voters in their party that can’t stand having blacks around them, but in truth put up with them so the party will look balanced. If you call 90% of whites in that party balanced. In theory they need 30% of the blacks that voted for the former UBP back in the day to flipflop back to them. Who gives a F about the other 70% of blacks.

            • Come Correct says:

              Your math skills suck. Don’t worry percentages got me too. Times by 100, divide by 100, I never knew…but I do know if I have 6 apples and 4 oranges there’s no way I have 90% apples…but what if you used grapples and grapes?! Damn it! Scew percentages!

              @Flags, I’m in the middle of designing an ob flag you can fly out of your ass…its proving almost as challenging as Truth doing percentages.

              • TRUTH says:

                @ Come Correct aka Mr. white man you’re no different from your past white ancestors that had black slaves fighting each other in the pits of hell. Blacks in the PLP are fighting blacks in the OBA=UBP. It kills you to know already that changing a name will not work!!!!!!!! Now go back to eating your fruits Master.

                • Come Correct says:

                  Every time you comment you show you’re nothing more than a racist pric. You are right though, I’m exactly like my ancestor, the Irish, stick that in your pipe and smoke it. You can say what you like about me, but it doesn’t make it true, but your math still sucks. Show me a 90% white oba or sit the f@ck down. Yea that’s right, just had my lucky charms.

                  • ABM says:

                    I thought the staistic department already prove that 90% of white voters support the OBA? Aren’t the stats what the OBA fully support? Just curious, why are you trying to stray from what Truth is saying?

                    • Come Correct says:

                      IsthatwhatTuthsaid? “If you call 90% of whites in that party balanced.”…oh,no, noits not.

                  • TRUTH says:

                    Take it easy Master, so much hate. I’ll be a good puppet for you. Pull on the other strings while your eating the luck charms it may work for you. If your this mad now wait till after the election when using blacks to win your votes and changing the name failed to work for you. What you going to do, change back to cornflakes or change the name again? LOLOLOL lets be clear come December you will fail again. You need 30% more black slaves to trust the OBA/UBP again.

                    • Come Correct says:

                      Wellsince I havenot retardedallegiancet any political party I think youargument isshot, alsocould you point out where I seemagry? Sarcastic maybe,its justone oftemanysrvices I offer.Bythe way,I eat lucky charmsbecause I’m partIrish,pease tellmewat lucky charmshave todowth the oba?Thanks for the comment though, itseaks for itselflol lol lol

                • Come Correct says:

                  Actually where is the fiery fighting pit of hell? I could put the UFC out of business. Does anyone habe property right to this place? I tried asking one of my ancestors but they’re refusing to talk to me for some reason…

                • Really says:

                  I have never seen such uneducated comments in my life, lmfao.

            • Real Files says:

              Truth I get what you’re saying, but black voters would rather stay home then vote for the Oba/ubp. They will not get the 30% they need to win. Both parties have racial problems but the OBA tries to keep theirs on the don’t ask/ don’t tell list with all the other little white lies. We all know why they put a black leader in a majority white party. They had know other choice. Nobody is going to vote for another WHITE MAN as head of house hold. That pains them to know they can’t put one of their own. That’s why every election they place black puppets to front for them.

              • Come Correctrrr says:

                A shame you talk about your own like that…standingstrong…

              • SMH says:

                u all might as well make this a pick my cupmatch team election. all u worrying about is white and black in the party rather than what sense which party is making. i feel so sorry for the kids of this great country…our generation is puttin it in a hole we will probably never climb out of…but lets argue percen tages and what color a leader is cuz THATs whats so god damn important isnt it??? idiots the lot of you who base ur vote on that alone. use your damn brains instead of your anger and judgements.

          • Well I Never says:

            Because 88% of Registered black voters vote for PLP, 4% OBA, and 8% don’t vote CHANGE THAT THOUGHT PROCESS

            Most of the black voters vote for PLP no matter how bad the PLP have run this country!

            Not saying the OBA are much better or could do better than PLP in making this island better. We should be voting the best person we think can help run this country better no matter what political party they stand for. Politics is just ruining this country!

            • ABM says:

              Where did you get those stats from?? Imaginary land?

            • ABM says:

              Sorry for being rude, but seriously, from where did you get them? I did a search on both Bernews and the RG on the voting stats, and the figures I found no where match what you said. Just curious is all becuase your trying to pass off your opinion as a fact.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        If anyone noticed..there has been a PLP poster on the Wellington bus shelter for many months until it finally emulated the economy and fell apart. You can still see the remains of this hypocrisy on the east facing wall pointing toward the sign that tells you St.Georges is twinned with Kingston, Jamaica or is it Lyme Regis?

      • More with less says:

        I think you know that’s not true. Keep fooling yourself that it’s just a black and white thing and avoid the real issues. The rest of us will live in reality and continue to see how horrible of a job the PLP has done over the last five years.

    • green eggs and ham says:

      ..so does this mean the PLP is moving from Authoritarianism to Totalitarianism?

      Does the PLP give equal time on CITV to the OBA or other parties? I also see PLP bumper stickers on GP cars, is that not political advertising on Gov’t Property?

      …he says she says… Bermuda suffers.

      • street wise says:

        And the plp have used the Government Post Office to deliver their printed propaganda. What about plp posters on Government sports fields. Hypocrites!

        • ABM says:

          I have both PLP and OBA messages within my mailings.Don’t know about the posters on the sports fields so I can’t comment on that one.

      • Bounded and Gagged says:

        So the PLP admitted in the article that they were offered the option to run ads in the same media space but because they chose not to do so, for reasons of questionable logic, they decided that they the PLP could pull the opposition ads. No rules were broken yet the PLP are deciding what is appropriate. Censorship like this is very worrying. Lets not even mention the hypocrisy when the PLP posts fliers through the government run mail service. Expect more of this to come in the very near future.

        • bermudiana says:

          I would think tht as long as they pay the postage this is no problem. It is a problem if it is done as a postage-free government mailing, unless both sides get this perk.

    • Whats really goin on says:

      Can you please buy a dictionary.

  2. Wow says:

    Are we living in Cuba, China, or worse, North Korea?? If this is in fact true, and the PLP have in fact ordered political censorship, then I suggest the UK look deep into a political reform as this is in fact compatible to something the communist countries would allow, as I have listed!!

    • RUFKM says:

      You can’t really be serious. Anyone with a clue knows that you can’t have political advertising on government property. Come on now OBA.

      As for Cuba, china, north korea, those are one party states. We have a vibrant democracy, but on government property, c’mon.

      When was the last time you saw political advertisement on the tube in London.

      Common sense ain’t too common

      • Portia says:

        RUKM – The PLP DOES have political advertising on Government property! On the bus stop at Mullet Bay, St. George’s is a PLP poster – I see it everyday!

        Stop endorsing a double standard!

        • RUFKM says:

          I endorse no double standard, and if that is the case it should be taken down!!! Full Stop!

          Stop assuming things about other people.

          • Gardener says:

            Then get your facts straight so your (incorrect) comments won’t lead to (incorrect?) assumptions.

          • please leave politics says:

            That plp sign has been on the mullet bay bus stop for months and they have another one on the bus stop before that one. Both been there for months… double standard?

      • Jah says:

        RUKM, you keep say no political advertising on Government Property, but as has been proven the PLP do it on City TV at Bus stops, on govt vehicles and in government offices. You still keep on spouting out no political advertising on government property is correct, but you refuse to acknowledge that the PLP do this and therefore, that needs to end today too.

      • Little old me says:

        When did the government of the UK start to own the underground? Just asking – and there are plenty of political posters in the underground stations for both parties at election time !!!!

  3. Bermyonion says:

    Someone is running scared eh? They dont have to worry about a few OBA posters, they NEED to worry about MORE than a few VOTERS who have had ENOUGH and have already made up their minds that the PLP is OVER.

  4. No to Posters says:

    I must say these political flyers are very tacky my old boy, just as tacky as those pink and green signs that Brian Alkon puts up all over Bermuda for those properties he cant sell

  5. downderoad says:

    We are slipping into the toilet if this Government has anything to do with political censorship. I personally don’t support the PLP, but I do support the PLP’s right to get their message out. The same goes for ANY political organization. That is what we would call a democracy! Removing Opposition advertising is called weak political fortitude at best and a dictatorship at worse!

    • RUFKM says:

      UM, the OBA advertise everyday, but on government property? Does you not even see the issue at play here?\

      Private property, yes. Govt property, hell no.

      • Little old me says:

        Why not? isnt government property owned by all the tax payers?

  6. Media says:

    so is it legal or not?

  7. Kim Smith says:

    The PLP don’t need to advertise in bus shelters because they have their own television station to do it on 24/7!

  8. really... says:

    No advertising on Government property?….you wanna go there?….
    Tell ALL the GP cars to remove any PLP stickers or propaganda, tell Government employees to remove PLP pins and other partisan identifiers. Stop pushing the PLP at public events, paid for with government money.
    Oh, and stop the spray painting of the PLP logo on park buildings. Lots of money for travel but not a cent to clean up “positive” graffiti.
    If you cant beat them you can at least make them illegal…..
    An act of a desperate party.

    • More Confused says:

      Take a photo of all the GP cars parked at tonight’s PLP meeting. Totally in breach of Government regulations, but of course ignored.

    • Do as I say says:

      It is simple do as I say not as I do. I’m God and can do whatever I want.

    • Soooooo says:


  9. Please Leave Politics says:

    This is serious. It doesn’t matter what party someone supports… when the government orders opposition posters to be removed…something is seriously wrong. Whoever ordered this needs to be brought before the courts. This is not a light matter… I don’t care if you are a PLP die hard or OBA supporter… this is not acceptable.

    • Little old me says:

      I agree – this is big brother trying to controll!!!
      What will they control next, what will they stop – will we have to get visa’s to leave the island, so they know when and where we are going??? just askin………….

  10. SoMuchMore says:

    wow this is crazy. i do think advertising in the bus shelters is a bit extreme but i think the plp should worry about its bigger problems… like getting Bermuda out of debt and trying to win people over lol

    • RUFKM says:

      Do you think that there should be political advertising on public property. That’s the question that needs to be answered.

      Whoever did this has no common sense, as that’s just STUPID.

      Newspaper, TV, Internet, Radio, Mail, that all makes sense, but on gov property, that’s DUMB.

      • SMH says:

        omg..govt property, private property…who cares…is this gonna help US in anyway??? look at the recession we’re in then bark to the moon all u want about THAT…this “where are they advertising” is such a petty issue compared to reality of Bermuda’s situation.

      • Adam says:

        The bus stop is public property, the ad holders containing the posters are private property that an agency has purchased the rights to use.

      • please leave politics says:

        Well I guess that goes for your plp party as well, as they also have fliers on bus stops that have been there for months.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        The PLP had a PLP poster attached to the Wellington ,St.Georges bus shelter for many months till it fell apart. Nuff said.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        CITV is not ordinary TV, it is PUBLIC television (like PBS) paid for with our tax dollars, and should not be a political forum – or if it IS used as a political forum, there should be regulated equal time for all political parties.

  11. Man in the Mirror says:

    @ WOW, YES lets please ring up the mother country and see when was the last time one of the political parties was allowed to display their message on Government Property. This isnt PLP property BUT the Government of Bermuda’s property.

    You are a frigin wanker to say the least. Let’s run to the UK blah blah blah

    • Wow says:

      It’s deeper than you think!! I would admit if I were wrong should you show me a law stating that the OBA advertising in bus stops is against the law. Maybe Bernews can clarify or investigate to see if it is, I don’t know. But if its not against the law, then yes I would want “the motherland” as you call it to investigate our political structure to see where we started to line ourselves with communist practices!!

      PS I got ur wanker Internet thug lol

      • RUFKM says:

        Hey, guess what, Motherland doesn’t allow it either. I think your call would fall on deaf ears!


        • media says:

          The difference is Bermuda has nothing in writing to say that. If it does prove it.

          • Wow says:

            @media exactly!! I can understand if it’s law but there’s nowhere in writing to say such! Second, if its illegal to advertise on government’s property, then why they allow a private advertising company to lease advertising space on the shelters? Third, we are not UK, therefore their written laws do not apply to us and I wouldn’t expect them to come here for such “miniscule” affairs so-to-speak. I’ only claimed such to get the point across that this act is touching along the lines of a communist regime in which sensorship is deemed the norm!

            • swinging fromchandoliers!!! says:

              @WOW—-WOWwwwww someone with some sense!!! I agree, its like the landlord coming to your house and telling you take down the curtains because he doesn’t buy from that store…this situation is serious and infringes on all types of rights where are the lawyers!!Gestapo!!!!!

  12. youngvoter says:

    Thanks PLP for making it even easier to know who to vote for!

    • Away says:

      you aren’t young lean back

      • Come Correct says:

        Unless they plan on dying at 40 or below then they’re still young, actually you’re only as old as you believe you are. Do the rockaway.

  13. Cooper says:

    “The OBA crossing this line is very dangerous. Today, politics in government bus shelters. Tomorrow, who knows what!”

    Around the WORLD bus shelters are used for advertising. More evidence that the PLP has no f***ing clue.

    • RUFKM says:

      For political advertisements?

      Lets see, why don’t the OBA advertise on the Bus & Ferry, big deal. Its public property, surely you see the issue with that.

    • RUFKM says:

      And around the world they are banned for political purposes


      UK, perfect example. This is just COMMON SENSE.

      Why on earth would you think to advertise of Government Property, the GOVERNMENT is not political!

      • Soooo says:

        If the Government is not polotical…. then why do we hear the words “PLP Government” spoken by Government Ministers in almost every speech they make?

        As someone has noted, advertising is illegal on Government property, but, the Governemnt let the cat out of the bag when they rented space for this purpose. And thus left it a fair game. The OBA have the as much right to advertise in bus stops as any other paying company does!!

  14. Serious Though says:

    at least OBA is keeping those 2 gentlemen working!

  15. More Confused says:

    Austerity means deep and radical cuts and Bermudians want to know who’s jobs, benefits, and pensions are on the line.

    Well the PLP know all about austerity as they have been enforcing it since 2010. First by memo from the Minister of Finance to the Civil Service then by the Budget cuts to the Police Service. Already free day care for all has gone, along with free bus travel for all. The various Government Departments don’t have the funding to pay for basics such as adequate fuel for Fisheries or rat poison (Vector Control has run out).

    So the PLP are right. Do Bermudians want more PLP austerity, or change?

    • RUFKM says:

      Seeing that there was never free day care for all or free bus travel for all I’m confused how the PLP took that away if it was never there?

      Change to what? Firing civil servants, privatising transport, slashing pensions.

      You can’t change for change’s sake.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Ahh it was the 2007 election promise free everything remember I think the then Premier stated it does not matter what it costs we will do it. This was stated in reference to FREE busses, daycare, and college. Which then became means tested as per the UBP’s platform. In fact the only difference was the PRCs issue where maybe 1,800 people who have been here for 30+ years might have gotten the right to vote. I think the PLP spread a lie about this and inflated the number to 8,000, which they them selves admitted after the election.

        Supporters of Government talk about trust too…..LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  16. Media says:

    When the regulations that are set out for what is not acceptable do not make any mention of politcal advertising the PLP do not have a very strong case to pull them down.

  17. Portia says:

    “Allowing advertising on government property sets a dangerous precedent. When the PLP was offered, we turned it down as we believe it’s highly inappropriate to have political advertising on government property.”

    NOTE – The PLP has already been doing this for a long time. On the bus shelter leaving St. George’s (near Mullet Bay) there is a PLP poster, and it has been there for a long time.

    This Government is getting more ridiculous and dangerous by the second…

    • Wow says:

      All I see is a bunch of outdated laws stating there shall be no advertising whatsoever. Clearly the PLP have ignored these laws to begin with as they wouldn’t have allowed an advertising company to purchase (I assume purchase or lease) space in bus shelters to advertise.

    • Robb says:

      According to the Law, no announcements of a business name can be any more than 15 inches high and wide. How do Digicel get away with their huge pained signs across the Island in buildings where they do not carry on business? I am especially thinking of the barber shop building down Crawl.

      • Soooooo says:

        So what yor saying is that the Government broke the law….. What a change!!!

  18. Run Come says:

    Up with People down with PLP there out OBA in lay down plp.

  19. swinging fromchandoliers!!! says:

    ??!!!!!???? I receive political msgs in my mail box, in newspaper, on public television, so who owns bus stop PLP or Government which is the people!!!we get more and more ridiculuos each day, this childish behaviour has landed us in the debt we now face..GROW UP! Bermudians are tired of the game..THIS IS OUR LIFE!!!The people make decisions, a party cannot decide who qualifies, gov property is property of people..and while we are on Property, what is happening with that CROWN LAND that also belongs wo the people and not a party!!PEOPLE SPEAK UP AND STAND FOR YOUR RIGHTS!We are sinking to a quagmire of confusion and its quicksand!!!

  20. 4Dppl says:

    This is mental! …. 100% agree with the post by “really…”

    And if it truly is against the law then we really do need “change for the better” because this is a clear example of manipulating the legal system.

  21. Winnie Dread says:

    Wow, we truly are heading in the right direction, it is either lawful or not to have them up. If it is against the law the agency should have known, if it is lawful then we are doomed. What the hell is going on Bermuda, am I dreaming, job losses, shootings,deadly shootings,crimes against persons, crimes against property,public purse free for all, whats next?? At this point something got to give…..

  22. Jim Bean says:

    The contract between rock media and government did not prohibit political advertising. CENSORSHIP AND REPRESSIVE REGIME COMES TO MIND!!!! PLP SUCKS. I love their statement about austerity! hilarious. PLP has in fact reduced the pension pot. they have reduced fudning for social programs etc – check this link

  23. RUFKM says:

    Bermuda is not the only country that doesn’t allow policial advertising on its transport system:


    I really can’t believe the OBA are making an issue of this. Whoever in OBA HQ who ordered this should be fired, as its common sense!

    • media says:

      Show us where it states that Bermuda has a similar policy.

    • bermy$hotta says:

      @RUFKM – De PLP are de ones making a issue bout it you fockin dumba$$. Stop suckin on de plp’s t*ts like ya mean it

    • Who Done it says:

      Great Idea and whoever puts the PLP stickers on Govt cars and who ever put the PLP adverts in the other bus stations should be fired as well.

  24. Things that make you go hmmmmm says:

    At last check Rock Media were the agency to contact if you wished to advertise at the airport, ferries or bus stops. They had the rights to the space for the advertising – so I guess it is more than political censorship the PLP are now telling a Private company who can and who can’t use their services.

  25. whatever says:

    I don’t know who the PLP has as their spokesperson but this individual is not doing them any favours. He or she does provide some entertainment value, however.

    I certainly hope that the PLP will not be using government assets to communicate their own party propaganda. Oh, wait.

    • Come Correct says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing, mimicing what the oba said as their response…kindergarden sh!t…again.

      Government property includes light poles right?

  26. theothersidebda says:

    So if it’s allowed in the contract, but they feel it shouldn’t be, isn’t this just another example of Government not being competent enough to think through a simple contract? Maybe Andre Curtis was innocent (SMH). How can you agree to a contract and then ‘rethink’ it after the fact and enforce something not in the contract? Inept. Welcome to Cuba.

    • Come Correct says:

      How many times did they ammend the seat belt and cell phone laws? They forgot to include a penalty for no seat belt the first time! If this is the calibre of our legislative consultants its no wonder why businesses need so many foreigners. How about we write a legislation on how not to be a complete f@ckin retard.

  27. Somerset DeSilva says:

    The OBA can put up a sign in my yard anyday.

    • RUFKM says:

      And that, is not against the law. Public property -v- private property. Its a simple concept really.

      • Come Correct says:

        Ok here’s a simple concept. Either advertising in bus stops is legal, or the plp wasted taxpayers money to mount empty frames on the wall…pick one.

  28. Jim Bean says:


    • RUFKM says:

      You think its right, I think its wrong, we can disagree.

      I however suspect that we’ll agree on little.

      • BeEs says:

        RUFKM – I agree with you that there should be a precedent set to give equal opportunties for advertising and therefore no abuse of the system, but as the Government, if they don’t set them – then it is fair game. However, if boundaries are set, then you have to take into consideration the abuse of GP cars for canvassing, PLP material on Mullet Bay bus stop etc.

  29. vee says:

    Seriously! So far beyond all the political OBA vs. PLP tit for tat..nahnee nahnee boo booo business. Bring on the election already! Tomorrow would be fantastic.

  30. BeEs says:

    Honestly – irrespective of the ‘precedent’ being set for advertising on Bermuda Government property, it just goes to show that this Government will use any force, even if they are in the wrong (can’t get a simple agreement right) – the Government signed a contract giving Rock Media the ability to place advertising there…they didn’t stipulate restrictions based on political affiliation.

    AND – assuming the Government is making money off the advertising, they are turning down REVENUE!!!

  31. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    I thought the property belong to “THE PEOPLE OF BERMUDA.” Correct me if I am wrong but the public pays taxes in order to have bus shelters, right?

  32. Chart says:

    Are you surprised? Why did the public not complain when the PLP stopped Government from advertising in the Royal Gazette? It’s censorship.

    • Wow says:

      I think you are a little confused. Dreb stopped the PLP from advertising in the RG as a way to “boycott” the RG and take revenue away from them.

  33. Away says:


  34. Jack Frost says:

    This makes u wonder if we have kids in Government or what!! Well he said, she said,.. CUT THE sh%^, and fix the BIG PROBLEMS around the island… Stop stealing the MONEY, and use it to better the island that raised u.. Make it back to a place we can all be proud to say I’m BERMUDIAN, Its time for change, we all know it, out with the old, in with the new!!! Maybe then we can fix a lot of the things that are going wrong, SCHOOL, GANGS, THINGS FOR OUR KIDS TO DO…

  35. Law-abiding citizen says:

    Whether your agree or disagree with political advertising in public spaces, there isn’t a law in Bermuda that says you cannot (at least not one that I can find).

    And at the end of the day, that is what is really worrisome with the PLP Government’s actions in this matter.

  36. Namaste says:

    I was at a Yoga Class in Flatts yesterday morning and I saw a — Truck pull up in front of the Bus Shelter facing the Inlet. A — Employee jumped out, grabbed his tools and dismantled the light box. He ripped the poster out and threw it in his truck and sped off. I don’t think he worked for Rock Media.

    • George says:

      Did you report this to — giving details of the incident? Regardless of how much detail you could have provided I am sure — would made a point of making their employees aware of the consequences of such actions! Please report such incidents in the future!

    • 32n64w says:

      So a — employee has committed vandalism and theft in support of his party. What are the PLP and — going to do about this?

  37. Sigh says:

    He on a minute… A certain st George’s PLP candidate was posting fliers and posters on public property and that was ok
    The PLP have access to everyone’s phone number and I receive automated calls at strange hours and that is ok

    I receive PLP garbage in my mailbox ( but no in person visit) and that is ok

    But the OBA can’t put their own posters up?

    Wow Dictatorship much?

  38. Jennadamsbda says:

    Rock media has a contract with government to rent the bus shelter wall for their clients. Nothing in the contract says anything about political messages not being allowed. So, the OBA, admittedly pushing the envelope, decided to use very visible spaces for advertising. Nothing illegal, nothing in contravention of the conspiracy Rock Media has with government. However, someone from government decides they must come down, and when Rock Media at first refuses, someone sends people out across the island to break into the poster cases and take down and destroy the posters. Sounds like vandalism and destruction of property to me. Whether you agree with the tactic of putting political posters on government property, it has to be allowed until the law or the contract with Rock Media is changed. I hope government will also reimburse the OBA for its destroyed posters (which are not cheap).

    • Come Correct says:

      If I was the oba I’d use this opportunity to come back out of pocket as not to waste more taxpaying dollars because of the plp’s poor decisions, yet again…cheap political point for the win, piyow b!tch!

  39. Y-Gurl says:

    Kinda like Nazi Germany …you cannot post this propaganda we must crush the opposition her leader

  40. letariatpro says:

    Why does a foreign company have the contract to rent out public property? Surely a local company could do this?

    • Forallbermudians says:

      @letaritpro. Come on! Rock Media is a Bermudian Company with silent partners – some of which are not Bermudian. We are all going to have to get over this Bermudian protectionist attitude! We NEED money from outside of Bermuda. Stop displaying your sense of entitlement…… It’s becoming very tiresome. We HAVE to welcome the world with open arms or you’re going to be farming and I’m going to be fishing for food!

      • letariatpro says:

        I know full well who Rock Media is and who their “silent partners” are.

        They bring no money to the island, they are not IB, they take money and it goes back to Kerwin, off-island.

        They are taking work and money away from Bermudians doing a job that any number of local businesses could do just as well, if not better.

        I am just asking, why?

        • Ummm says:

          Probably as no one else wants the contract due to the outlay required. The Government isn’t paying them, its the other way around. Rock pays the DPT upfront to rent the space then hopes to regroup their costs by selling ads.

      • Concerned says:

        are you sure EB isn’t behind it as it is being claimed that he is behind the contractor who just recently received a $36b job in dockyard. Watch how many more happenings in this island tie in with his “I’ll get what belongs to me”… he isn’t going to be happy until all the white folks are out of business and the rest of us are begging cuz financial assistance will soon be shut down and don’t count on pension as that will soon be dipped into as well.

  41. Mad Dawg says:

    Will the photos of the Premier and Cabinet Ministers therefore now be removed from post offices, the airport, and all government buildings?

  42. media says:

    No because they are the Government. You have to separate Political Party actions from Government.

  43. rusty says:

    I think there are more important matters to discuss like some of our children going without food !!!! on the news tonight it was reported that some children only have breakfast that the coalition provide for them the other meals they go without !!!!!!this is what we should be talking about, to hell with posters and advertising get real people.

    • Come Correct says:

      Yet we live on an island that you can see both north and south shore from pretty much anywhere (=fish) and a feral chicken “problem”…last I checked feral chickens lay eggs too and along with all of our edible greenery it sounds like a pretty good diet to me…if you’re starving…or you could cut crack out of your budget…

  44. Not good enough! says:

    Why is it ok for the PLP to use our public schools for their rallies and not for the OBA to pay a local agency to advertise in bus shelters within the rules given them by the Public Transportation Board?

    It’s also pretty terrifying that the order to remove the posters came from “high up” – how high, I wonder…Cabinet?

    Great to see comments on this – whichever way you vote, government censorship (or hypocrisy) is something none of us should stand for.

    • 32n64w says:

      Well the old saying “do as a I say not as I do” comes to mind. Typical PLP mindset.

      PLP – Betraying Bermudians since 1998; one unemployed voter at a time.

    • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

      Why does this Government continue to make us appear to be a bunch of imbeciles to the rest of the world?

      At the top of this sordid mess, sits at least one incompetent Minister.

      Wayne Furbert, surely this blatant hypocrisy and an inept group of Government lawyers is making your job more difficult—Right?

  45. Bermudian says:

    PLP a bunch of cowards! They must be shaking in their green boots if they’re resulting to this. OBA should put up flags on every inch of private property there is. OBA all the way!!!!!!!

  46. Clive Spate says:

    Signs taken down + money back from advertising company + high profile story = free advertising

  47. William says:

    PLP bees advertizing every DAY all DAY long ! The busses with the flat tyres , the rust on the light house , the rust on the ferries ,docks falling apart aeroplanes and major Tourist ships deferring to land, POS buildings they cant sell to a crack head, broke down roads , hey i can do this all day long every day too.

  48. Gilbert says:

    The question of whether or not Govt. Buildings and property should allow political advertising to be displayed on them is irrelevant if there is no law stating that it is illegal to do so!! Personally I would rather it wasn’t allowed but again if there is no Law barring it from happening then … ??

    Now if it is illegal to do so then the Govt needs to state the act clearly, also what are the fines and or punishments for anyone that breaks that law. Shouldn’t this also apply to Govt Staff who may wear Political pins, stickers, key/security card lanyards and the like when they are at work in Govt buildings, on Govt job sites, in Govt owned vehicles, schools etc… ??

    IMO if there is no law against advertising on Govt Property then what the Govt has done in having the OBA advertising removed is illegal. They also now appear to be in breach of their contract with the firm that has the rights to put up ads in the bus shelters, Rock Media would now be within their rights to sue the Govt for breach of contract with WE the public being forced to pay $$$$ for another PLP Govt Contract Screw Up.

    Remember the blunder which cost us a few million over the Sovereign Air debacle?! Sadly this probably just more incompetence from our inept PLP Govt and now it appears Censorship as well, the PLP really need to be voted out of office post haste as what will be next??!!

  49. John says:

    Working in St.George I can say that up until about 2 months ago the PLP had large political posters in almost every bus shelter east of the causeway going back at least 2 to 3 years.
    Guess they finally saw the light at the DOT. Nice to know they can move quickly when they want to at least.

  50. Grace A Bell says:

    When have you ever seen political advertising on The Tube in London, really??? Last time I traveled on the Trains in the UK, i read that they were private enterprise!!!????

  51. Sandgrownan says:

    It’s simple. Two can play at that game, the challenge is to deface every single PLP banner, flag that you see. Boycott businesses where the owners are known PLP supporters. Do it now. Someone might be be able to prepare a list.

    Challenge every mouthbreathing retard you see to explain why they think Bermuda is better off. Make them understand how stupid they are

    • JAWS says:

      @ Sandgrownan, now I know your a A$$ hole! I can’t believe you typed that. Your neither a white or black Bermudian, but complete garbage.

      That’s why we have this race war going on, because of people like you.

      “Boycott businesses where the owners are known PLP supporters. Do it now. Someone might be be able to prepare a list”.

      You must have typed the above statement out of pure anger.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Absolutey not. I have the right to spend where i like. If i see a business where the owner supports the PLP, i have the right to spend elsewhere and i will exercise that right.

        The PLP have systematically destroyed Bermuda through incompetance, corruption and blind rage. They have destroyed equity, the job market and spent our way into a hole from which it will be very difficult to recover. They have used the race card, they are homophobic and they abhor free speech.

        Well f&$k them. You can support whomever you wish but i will vote with my wallet.

        Who played the race card buddy? Not me.

        • Come Correct says:

          Anything anti-plp is racist you white supremist!…how was that specialgirl4u, can I get a check now?

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Lol..pretty good…it’s like they’re professional offendees or something. They’d make good jihadists.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            He did go alittle over board but keep it up you might indeed get a check but you need to throw in more jabs at whitty using PLP code words like OBA supporters etc..etc… 40 thieves, oliga….whatever……..


            • Sandgrownan says:

              OBA/UBP is a personal favourite of mine

              • JAWS says:

                Like I wrote before, this why we have this race stuff going on. Both sides of the table have their clowns PLP and OBA. Sandgrownan have fun in the circus. In the end we all loose when we don’t work as one. Sick bunch of people!

  52. Let’s be honest, if the PLP had one dime to spend they would have done the same thing with the signs. What a waste of time, we should be worrying about issues that matter.

  53. Jennifer says:

    Disgusting. Not illegal for the OBA to advertise but the agency was told, “just take them down”. Wow. I agree-the PLP advertises wherever they want. Just another way they show the rotten way they operate.

  54. Come on, there should not be any posters in the Bus Shelters promoting any Party, but if you go in St.George’s you woulg clearly see poster for the PLP in the bus shelters for John Gibbons why aren’t they made to take them down, the bus shelters are for the public am I right?????? then they ( OBA ) should be allowed to place their posters up too, because you ( PLP ) are the ruling party does not mean you can make any other party to follow your rules, supports of the PLP will vote PLP and the supports for OBA will vote OBA no matter where the signs or posters are.Get over it PLP and allow the OBA to put up their posters.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      I agree no party should advertise on Government property. If the civil service is suposted to be impartial, but they also know who is employing/paying them. I’m sure it safer to where a PLP pin than an opposition party pins.


  55. Had Enough says:

    Bottom Line,

    It’s Time for Change


    OBA IN

    It’s as easy as that

    & Cut the BLACK & WHITE SH*T .. Tired of hearing that. !!

  56. bill clinton says:


  57. Triangle Drifter says:

    Will PLP material be removed as quickly? That would include buttons worn by those emplyed by Government, especially those wearing uniforms provided at taxpayer expense.

  58. Triangle Drifter says:

    Anyone traveled the US lately? Political posters everywhere. Not just the Presidential campaign but everyone down to town board members is up for election next month. They are on private property, public land at road intersections, on the grass in front of town halls, but not stuck to walls.

    Immediately after the election all this stuff must be removed otherwise it will be considered littering & fined accordingly.

  59. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    The present government is the PLP and that is government property, and the present government doesn’t even use their own property for political gain. So can another political party think that it is ok to arrogantly put their ads on government property?
    If the OBA is for Bermuda then they should have enough respect for the government property and not arrogantly think its ok to put p their stuff on government property. If they have no respect for government property imagine if they’re in power they will have no respect for Bermudian property.
    The PLP doesn’t even post up signs in bus shelters so what makes them think that they can do that?? What gives them the right? Can the PLP advertisers put up PLP signs on OBA property or OBA members property, I’m 100% sure that OBA will not allow that and will take it down. So don’t try to disrespect the government by putting up your signs on their property.
    Ms Gordon Pamplin come on have some sense of respect ….cheekums bie

    • Come Correct says:

      Mullet bay bus stop…you typed all that for nothing.

    • forallbermudians says:

      @CHEEKUMS People like you amaze me.

      Thanks to “Come Correct” it’s now been made clear to you that the PLP installed a political poster up on the Mullet Bay Bus Shelter and it was there for months. Nothing was said and they were not mandated to remove it. The OBA researched areas around the Island that would be effective advertising to get their message out. They P A I D for these spaces. It had nothing to do with arrogance, it was strategic and look what this has done…….. over 200 people have commented on this between Bernews and the Royal Gazette. The Public is furious at the Government for how they have handled this but the OBA is laughing. They could not have bought the publicity that they are now getting. The Government should have kept their mouths shut and no one would have even noticed. And you mention respect; how about a little respect from the Government of Bermuda to her citizens!

    • Gilbert says:

      @ Cheekums …

      What absolute Rubbish!! Here’s a news flash for you, the PLP do not own Govt Buildings, Vehicles etc the people of Bermuda do!! Got that??

      With that type of rationale all I can say is Lord Help Us!! Further to that warped logic then how about this, the PLP Govt has racked up our massive debt, then they (the PLP)should be responsible to pay it back right?? LOL

      Else for whether or not the OBA would have no respect for Bermudian Property should they be elected (Yawn) Perhaps you have been asleep these last fourteen years or maybe just hibernating?? Naah probably just the usual Head Buried In The Sand PLP Fan. No Worries Bermuda’s Reality Check is here, Time For Change!!

    • Family Man says:

      lol the plp just leases Government property to their friends and family for free on 21 year less a day terms.

  60. scaredchitless says:

    enough of all this… Let’s DANCE!!!

  61. Triangle Drifter says:

    This one sure exploded in the PLPs face. Should have left the posters where they were. Only the users of the bus shelters would have noticed them.

    Talk about bang for the advertising buck! The OBA sure made out on this one. The PLP sure showed their true arrogance & good reason not to vote for them by this action.

  62. street wise says:

    Every day now the plp give me another reason NOT to vote for the plp…. they are hopeless nincompoops!