Man Fined For Escaping Police Custody

October 23, 2012

Locksley Jeffrey Bruce Cummings, 33, appeared in custody in Magistrates Plea Court this morning. He faced four charges, pleaded guilty to all, and was fined a total of $1,500.

The facts read out to Senior Magistrate Archie Warner were that around 9:20pm on Friday 19th October 2012, Police saw Mr Cummings driving a car on Palmetto Road in Devonshire. Observing that he was not wearing a seat belt, Police caught up with him and stopped him on Frog Lane.

Asked for his name, he gave the name Jeffrey Cummings, but Police could not find anyone registered at TCD in that name. Asked for his driver’s licence, he could not produce one.

Police determined to arrest him and asked him to step out of the car. Shortly after, and before he could be handcuffed, Mr Cummings made fast steps and escaped from Police.

Mr Cummings later turned himself in at Hamilton Police Station. He was then formally charged with making a false statement to Police; driving without a seat belt; having no driver’s licence; and escaping from lawful custody.

Answering questions from Senior Magistrate Archie Warner, Cummings assured the Magistrate that he was named Jeffrey and that this was the name that he used; that he did possess a Jamaican drivers licence; and that he was married to a Bermudian and therefore, as a ‘belonger’ was less likely to flee Bermuda.

With those assurances, the Senior Magistrate acceded to Mr Cumming’s request that he be given one month in which to pay his fines of $300 for making a false statement to Police; $100 for not using a seat belt; $100 for not having a valid driver’s licence; and $1,000 for escaping lawful custody.

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Comments (4)

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  1. What the Hell says:

    LMAO, how exactly do you escape from police on foot.

    And why would you run when you’ve given them your real name. Oh this is pure comedy.

  2. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    People usually run when there is something bigger to hide , or more to lose then whatever they are stopped for , i.e. drugs or weapons . In the States or Jamaica , him running after a traffic stop may have been a deadly mistake .

  3. Key Stone Cops says:

    Did the Police search him before he ran off? If they didn’t he got rid off any incriminating evidence, then he turned himself in. Smart guy dumb cops.

  4. um just saying says:

    ok one ? how did he get $100.00 fine for no seatbelt and the man the other man that had like 6 ppl wif no seat belts only get a $70.00 fine….. WHAT DID I MISS?