Photo Set #1: Somerset ‘Zombie Walk’

October 28, 2012

The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard in conjunction with the Somerset Economic Empowerment Zone hosted the the Zombie Walk on Saturday [Oct 27].

The Mangrove Hallows event saw fully costumed Zombies staggering from Grey’s Bridge to the Mangrove Bay Village. In the Mangrove Bay area, Zombies took up residence on a number of business porches with a frothy brew; the remainder took part in a wide variety of ghoulish games and children’s activities.

The Zombies were also joined by other fully costumed devilish characters, also serving to turn Mangrove Bay into the ultimate ghoul town. Sandys Boat Club was transformed into a haunted house of sorts and a variety of family and children’s Halloween activities were available.

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  1. Like It Is says:

    This is just wrong…on levels

    • Judge Dredd says:

      I agree with you!! 100% With all the killings and heartless murders going on people still like to flirt with darkness and death thinking it is “cute” and “harmless” fun while in fact it psychologically prepares children for behaving like demons and recieving a sweet treat for looking like devils. The photo with the children wearing blood stained clothes is the most disturbing. Who’s blood is on their clothes? Why? This teaches them people that the more evil and disgusting you look and behave, the sweeter treats you’ll recieve in life. Why not have them dress up as something sweet to earn something sweet? Im all for fun and games but let’s make it recreational and create pure minds. Why not dress your kids as something sweet and usefull to society and have neighbors give them sweet treats for being a sweet citizen? Oh Thats not savage and bloody enough for you sick people.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        PS the superheros are cute! They deserve the candies. No candies for the demons and villains.

  2. mangrove tree says:

    uhh…..Mr/Mrs/Miss( whatever you are) like it is

    I think you , are a miserable curmudgeon
    Looks like a lot of people having fun to me , and a boost to the West End economy to boot!

  3. Miguelito says:

    And it WAS a whole lotta people of all ages having fun in Somerset. I was there, myself, and had a large time of it. Well organized, and a good vibe for all.

  4. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Like it is…GET A LIFE!!!

  5. not surprised says:

    @like it is…Why is this wrong? Is it because famillies were out enjoying themselves? Is it because parents took their kids, and created a fun memory with them? Is it because the small businesses in somerset made a little money and probably saw more people in one day than they have the entire rest of the year? Is it because someone organized a fun day that’s a little out of the norm and not the usual organized events in Bermuda? I’m not quite understanding, what is wrong on “levels”????

  6. marisa says:

    The walk was very fun,I don’t know why people are getting upset over it.

  7. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    Looks like,”like it is” is a very miserable, unloved person that needs to lighten up. Maybe if he/she had gone there and had some fun maybe he/she would had a new outlook on life.