Police: Do Not Distribute ‘Objectionable Images’

October 15, 2012

The police have issued a warning about “distributing objectionable images of persons” via cell phone and/or social media, saying anyone found with such images may be arrested.

A statement from the police said: “The Bermuda Police Service would once again like to make the public aware that distributing objectionable images of persons via cell phone and or social media may result in the sender or the receiver being prosecuted.

“In particular, sending or possessing any child pornography or objectionable images of children is an offence punishable under the law. Anyone found with such images can expect to be arrested and brought before the courts.”

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Comments (18)

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  1. Eyes Wide Open says:

    How can the receiver be prosecuted for the action of another? Can you control what somebody sends to you??? Not condoning any of those disgusting actions, but really? (p.s. I would personally delete that crap and go bop the fool who sent it to me on the head, but I don’t think that I should be prosecuted for receiving such images).

    • Mayan says:

      @Eyes Wide Open: I was thinking the same thing. I guess it’s looked at on a case-by-case basis. Most of these pervs willingly exchange these disgusting photos between them and I think those are the people they’re talking about-not just if someone randomly sends you something inappropriate; you can’t help that. I only assume they mean people who expect these photos and willingly accept them and look forward to accepting them…

  2. Hmmm! says:

    Birds of one feather flock together… Um just saying.

  3. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Forgot to say that I would grip that fool by the earlobes and drag their @ss to the police station if I EVER receive any inappropriate image of a child!! Nasty!!

  4. Throwing Stones says:

    Meanwhile any police officer caught photographing their ‘planking’ stunts will be greeted with laughter, and reminded that the taxpayer would rather know but not see their dollars wasted.

  5. Will says:

    is there a reason this has come to light? just seems a bit random for the police to put out a ‘reminder’

  6. tricks are for kids.. says:

    If this article is in relation to what I think it is than parents need to teach their daughters not to allow themselves to be filmed or photographed in compromising positions…..You shouldn’t be doing it number one, it’s not cute number two and if he really loved you than he would not takes pictures of you during what should be a private moment….The minute it is sent to another person is no longer private and than that person sends it to 5 people who in turn send it to 30 and so on and so forth……

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Maybe parents should be aware of their children’s findings of them doing the same thing… Um just saying….
      Be aware of your children mistakenly opening files of your electronic device and you wonder why they want the same tattoos.

  7. ella says:

    To the PO PO: Where in the heck is this coming from? Is there something that the public is not aware of?

  8. Amazed says:

    Objectional is vague and does not mean illegal. Child porn is illegal so why are they not giving the full story?

  9. really... says:

    What about images of our Premier dressed in a green garbage bag representing our country? I find that very objectionable. Just disturbing…

  10. 1984 says:

    Unless you count the Royal Coat of Arms, not maintaining a sewer or causing RF inteference there are no laws stating that ‘objectionable’ is in itself a crime…’

  11. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    they will obviously use a most horrendous offence to make thier point and i do not condone child exploitation …but someone already said it ….not only teens are sending pics coz adults do too….its jus another chip off of the block of freedom. slowly but surely you will be monitored to your teeth…ahhhhh the sweet smell of freedom.

  12. eyes wide SHUT! says:

    This is CLEARLY not a random statement and linked to a case and its disgusting to me that they feel we don’t have the right to know. and if someone sends you a picture of child porn and you keep it THAT’s a problem.

  13. William says:

    receiver being prosecuted.
    this sounds somewhat like it is a means to disrupt political candidates by sending them some off colour photo. Then swearing up and down they were involved to more of a degree by allegation… it says not to bear false witness for a reason.

  14. Winnie Dread says:

    Hmmm warning!warning! is this we can get from the over staffed,over paid, not needed PO PO media relations department?

  15. Martial law round de corner says:

    well they have just informed the public you and your devices are been tracked and logged.
    “The police have “issued a warning” about “distributing objectionable images of persons” via cell phone and/or social media, saying anyone found with such images “may” be arrested.
    Dont take my word for it do “due diligence” check a law book and see what these words mean.
    May = will
    warning = Notice
    issued = given to