Screening Of ‘The Color Of Fear’ [Cancelled]

October 24, 2012

[Updated] On Thursday 25th October CURB will be screening the documentary The Color of Fear, a documentary which deals with race relations.

The film was screened and discussed on the Oprah Winfrey show. It deals with the pain and anguish that racism has caused in the lives of North American men of Asian, European, Latin and African descent.

Out of their confrontations and struggles to understand and trust each other emerges an emotional and insightful portrayal into the type of dialogue most of us fear, but hope will happen sometime in our lifetime. The film challenges viewers to reexamine their thinking about the material they are viewing and question the assumptions and perceptions they have previously acquired.

The screening is free — donations are welcome — and will take place at Penno’s Wharf, St. George’s. Doors open 6:30 pm. The screening will be followed by a facilitated discussion.

Update 4.29pm: The documentary ‘Color of Fear’ will not be shown tomorrow evening in favor of the ‘Economic Forum’ scheduled at the same time.

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