Blood Donor Centre Calls For Donations

November 26, 2012

In preparation for the busy holiday season, the Blood Donor Centre, located on the first floor at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, is seeking blood donations to replenish supplies.

A statement from the BHB said: “While we are especially seeking O positive, A positive, B positive and O negative donors, we also welcome donations of all blood types. We are now open Monday and Friday from 8:30am to 1:30pm and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Please contact the Blood Donor Centre at 236-5067 to make an appointment. We thank members of the community in advance for supporting this call for blood donations.

Blood Donation

  • The Blood Donor Centre requires 40 to 50 people every week to keep blood supplies at the level required to meet patients’ needs.
  • Only about 1,100 people in Bermuda donate blood regularly.
  • Most healthy people between 18 and 70 who weigh a minimum of 110lbs can donate blood.
  • Healthy blood is vital to us all. It has three major functions: to carry oxygen and nutrients to the body cells so they can create energy; to help defend the body against infections and injuries; and to remove waste products from the body cells.
  • The average adult contains 12 pints of blood, which contains many substances including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.
  • When you donate blood, one pint is taken which your body will easily replenish within 24 hours. The blood is then separated into different components.
  • To ensure a donor is healthy enough to give blood, donors are asked to fill out a questionnaire and their blood pressure and haemoglobin is checked.
  • The entire process, including pre-testing, donating and time for refreshments afterwards takes about half an hour.
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  1. O+ says:

    I used to give blood regularly, they stopped taking it because I had lived in the UK for 6 months in 1980.
    I can donate in the UK but not here! 1100 out do 40,000 Bermudians is a disgrace.
    Talk about a selfish group of people!

    • Harmony says:

      A part of the problem of a large amount not donating is due to the fact that a lot of them have tattoos or get tattoos on a regular basis and there is a waiting period before they can donate after the fact which by time they can the thought doesn’t even cross their mind until something like this article is put out again. And there are also a lot of unhealthy people on this island who cannot donate, more than you would believe. So before you start calling people selfish get your facts!! Thanks

  2. In General says:

    The regulations on who can donate come from the Red Cross internationally. The reason those that lived in the UK for a certain amount of time over several years is because there is a likelihood that you were exposed to what is commonly known as Mad-Cow Disease. This can be transmitted through the blood that you donate.

    So it is not being selfish – it is ensuring the safety for those that need the blood.

  3. Yupyup says:

    It’s far from a ‘likelihood’ and probably time to review the policy!

  4. Allan says:

    Red Cross ever consider doing blood drives in town. If they have I simply missed the memo. When I studied abroad the community hospital became very innovative in getting blood donors. Besides mobile blood donor units in the city, they hit up big companies and partnered with businesses to offer discount coupons and tickets. A huge chunk of people that work in town may do this on a lunch hour if awareness increased.

    • Harmony says:

      I agree Allan. Mobile donor units would be a great help as a lot of people don’t have the time on a lunch break to get in and donate.

  5. um just saying says:

    y dont this article give the restrictions for donating because i have wanted to donate for a while but ? if i can. i have tattoos and am a diabetic but am other wise in good health. can i donate?


    With these high drink prices these days, I dont see why more people arent giving blood….

    All you have to do is give blood and then you only need half what you would normally drink to get HOTTTT!!!

    Carefull though…very easy to get super juiced!