SUV Involved In Collision On Parsons Lane

November 13, 2012

At approximately 3pm this afternoon [Nov 13] an accident occurred on on Parson’s Lane, Devonshire near the Pure Water depot. Two vehicles appeared to be involved in the collision, and one of them ended up partially lodged on a wall.

The Police responded to the scene, and blocked traffic while the SUV remained lodged on the wall. It appears that no one was injured, however we will update with official information as able.

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  1. SUV Owner says:

    Since when did you start singling out the models of cars.
    The last time i checked TCD, Bermuda’s roads have:
    1) auxiliary cycles
    2) motor cycles
    3) private cars
    4) vans and trucks (including L, LP, Intermediate, HA, HB & HC)

    Whilst i can appreciate that you like to be creative in your story writing, if you plan on singling out SUV, why not name every type or class or vehicle involved in accidents.

    Remember whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  2. SUV Owner says:

    As the old folks would say right church wrong pew.
    All i am saying is SUV is NOT a class of vehicle at TCD. When i go to register my vehicle at TCD, i register a private motorcar not a SUV.

    How hard is is to say a motor car, because thats what i bought.

    Because according to you, your stories should read:

    1) Class G Private Car – Station Wagon
    2) Class C Private Car
    3) 2 auxiliary cycles and 1 motor cycle
    4) 2 Taxi’s and a Class C Private Car
    5) Class B Private Car

    Catch my drift now.

    • Bernews says:

      We understand where you are coming from…however like we stated no matter what we call vehicles some people will complain as everyone has different views. Not just vehicles, titles/stories/photos/words etc are always up for debate – can never please everyone as there are so many different views…

  3. Um Um Like says:

    Who cares what type of vehicle it is?! More importantly, what kind of wall is it?’

  4. SoMuchMore says:

    it appears that this driver hoped no one would find out about this…

    Bernews in favor of the driver change the title to ‘SUV meets Wall’

  5. William says:

    Just because they have 4 wheel drive , it doesn’t give them the right to drive on peoples walls…

  6. Pat says:

    What is the big deal? I know! Many people want to stay politically correct and not draw attention to ALL the Hugh SUV’s on our roads owned by people who can’t drive them. I am not picking on that driver but that road is very dangerous for a car and I have experienced drivers racing through there and swerving to miss a head on collision. I don’t care how TCD has them classified, they are not cars.

  7. ABM says:

    Hmmmmmmm I thought it was a jeep, not an SUV??!!!

    Actually, it is a jeep! I use to own a vehicle like the one above, a later mode lof course and it is a jeep not an SUV.

  8. OMG! Get on with your lives, people! Bernews was differentiating between a regular “car” and an Suv. Let them do the reporting, AND the editing on such a simple matter. The important thing is that no one was hurt.