Cox & Hewey Plead Not Guilty To Murder

November 1, 2012

In the Arraignment Session this morning, David Jahwell Cox and Devon Rohn Hewey were together charged with the premeditated murder of James Lawes, and the attempted murders of Maurice Martin and Robin Stovell.

The pair were also charged with using a firearm to commit an indictable offence. All the charges stem from 19th March 2010 when Mr Lawes was shot and killed in the Court Street area.

Mr Hewey pleaded not guilty to each of the four charges, while Mr Cox refrained from speaking.

Justice Greaves took note of the fact that Mr Cox did not answer and said that on Cox’s behalf, he would record a plea of not guilty to each of the four charges. Their trial was set for April 2013 and both men will remain in custody.
Mr Cox is represented by lawyer Larry Mussenden, and Mr Hewey by Shade Subair.

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  1. Um Um Like says:

    Cox should walk.

  2. Opressed says:

    *If guilty*, Please bring back the noose!

  3. C.B.A says:

    If a defendant doesn’t have the respect to the court to plead guilty or not guilty, then a guilty plea should be entered in default. Why should the public foot a huge legal bill (assuming this is being paid by legal aid, as many Supreme Court trials are) for someone who doesn’t care enough to even enter a plea?

  4. If ya being setup by a person in a higher power then you & never like one of ya parents from years ago,I won’t talk neither.One day every blood cloud ding gonna come to light, then watch all the cockeroaches flea back home,from the little boys in blue to suits & ties. All my black man hear my cry, open up ya eyes both side are been setup. Its just not you guys doing the bang banging its the crockeroaches letting you like think that, stop be fools now & come together & reverse these cards. Enough is enough

  5. Ga#a says:

    My ni$%a!!!! G$%# 4 Eva

  6. UK says:

    C.B.A is right!

  7. BERMUDIAN says:

    i agree with cba!

  8. ga#a's finest says:

    Coxy should get off and do what he has to do

  9. haha says:

    Keep ya head up coxy