Crowds Flock To Going Out Of Business Sale

November 20, 2012

Locals made their way to the 20% off going out of business sale at Computer City today [Nov 20], which staff members said saw well over 50 people lined up outside the door.

Citing the “unprecedented economic conditions in Bermuda,” Computer City said the declining sales have left the shareholders of the company no option but to close the business after 12 years, with all 9 staff members losing their jobs.

By 4pm traffic had slowed down and visibly tired staff had time to consider taking a break after working through their lunch break to accommodate the hordes of people.

One staff member said that they had sent out for lunch but that even after lunch had arrived they’d still;had no chance to eat it; so the food was still sitting waiting to be eaten.

Another staff member said that when he came in early to open up, he could only actually see four people waiting. He said that this changed after he openeed the doors. He counted 57 people before he stopped counting.

He said that Computer City sales staff asked the buyers to form an orderly queue and then staff went to work processing people as fast as they could. Sales did not taper off until mid-afternoon when they went from “very busy” to just “busy.”

By 4:00pm on the first day of this closing down sale, shelves and display cases were looking bare, however we were told there are still some items, not yet put out for display that are for sale.

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  1. Pimpingalltheway says:

    If their prices weren’t so high they would still be in business.

    • Soooooo says:

      Ok so you run a business, pay – rent, electric, staff, insurance, pension, as well as taxes and see what markup you need to survive…. It’s easy to say expensive before you look at what overhead there is to running a business…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You have no clue about running a business do you? If only the world were a simple as so many seem to think it is.

  2. Pimpingalltheway says:

    Follow the leader and you will see where the computer city is going next.

    • Blurt says:

      You lead a sad life don’t you. Zero knowledge and just hate mongering.

  3. Blurt says:

    I was there today, the staff worked really hard to advise cutomers and move the line along. If you are one of the people who workd at the store today, be proud. If there any employers looking for staff out there, then these folks at Computer City are worth taking a look at. Thank you for the help you provided. The quickest and most informed help I’ve ever received in Bermuda. The full price was reasonable, the discounted price was great. the reason for this business closing has nothing to do with the prices or the service of the staff. Very sad that it is closing.

    • nuff, nuff, dun says:

      Its a bit of both though isn’t it. Look I understand that bringing a car in is a really difficult thing, and you pay a premium, or fruit – it needs to be chilled and that costs, but an ipad? You can fit 50 of them in a suitcase, it makes no sense to charge lots more. Other things too here are ludicrous – reading material, why are they loads more than the US? Dried goods? car parts? Sports equipment? Kids clothes? Makes no sense. And then there is this Government, I think enough has been said about them…..

  4. Bullseye says:

    They are closing. In fact they are closed. I thought they might be teaming up or reopening, but that is not the case. The owners shut the doors. That company is done. To the survivors go the reducing spoils.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Another one joins the pile taking jobs with it. How about all those struggling to pay mortgages with empty apartments? Voted for the PLP last time did you? How is that working out for you now? Didn’t think Bermuda could crash so fast did you? Don’t blame the banks when they are forced to foreclose. They have depositors to answer too. Blame the folks who put the PLP back in power time after time, even if that requires looking in the mirror.

  6. Christine Franklin says:

    1. purchase from the supplier
    2. inland freight
    3. air freight if you want your merchandise quickly or ocean freight if you can wait. costs of landing merchandise in Bermuda are very high.
    4. duty, clearance and trucking to your retail outlet.
    5. all overhead costs to carry that item have to be built into your profit margin, otherwise bills do not get paid.

    Pretty much, if something is purchased for $100.00 it will cost $150.00 before any profit is built in to cover your overheads.

    The cost of doing retail business in Bermuda is very high and a lot depends on the best first cost you can obtain.

    Most customers have no knowledge of the costs involved.

    The upside of buying Bermuda is that the retailer will support their product.

  7. Amazed says:

    There are many contributing factors that cause a business to fail and the most important of these is competition. In any economy some businesses will fail while others survive and even thrive that is how the free market works.

    • HeyBye says:

      We have gone far beyond the normal workings of economics 101 in Bda.
      Politics in Bda has desimated the local economy, nothing to do do with competition at this stage.