Photos: Formal Opening Of Noble Automotive

November 21, 2012

Minister of Education Dame Jennifer Smith formally opened the Noble Automotive at mechanic facility at the CedarBridge Academy on Monday [Nov 19]. A partnership exists between CedarBridge Academy and Noble Automotive where over the next three years, the organisation will work with the school to advance its motor mechanics and electrical engineering programme.

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  1. Really?? says:

    How can Bermuda keep doing this Noble automotive already exists in the UK I’m sure this name is copyrighted. Breaching, bending and breaking the law again.

    Standing Strong!

    • Yng Black Mind says:


      How’s does the name of this local company which MAY breach copyright laws in regards to a UK based company HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE GOVERNMENT AND ITS “STANDING STRONG” TAGLINE??

      Explain – please?!?!

      If anything, you should be upset with the company – not the government as they have nothing to do with the naming of any local company – seriously, I know it is silly season but GET A GRIP!!!

      Yng Black Mind
      (those who know understand)

      • Hey says:

        Both of you completely missed the point that this is a great thing done by a private business and the school. I hope this program runs for more than 3 years.

        Please disclose the monies that Noble will receive for this. Did this go out to tender ?

        Please tell me this was done ethically and fairly

      • Arthur - Atlanta says:

        As a person that does business logo designs, I can tell you from experience that 1: Using the same name in a similar business does not automatically constitute a copyright breach as much as using the same or similar logo design. 2: Not all business names are copyrighted. Using your logic, if your name is ‘Noble’ then you would not be able to use your own name in any business you own because somebody somewhere in the world would have used that name before with a similar business. A quick example for the name Noble from a Google search:- Noble Breads in South Carolina, Noble Electronics in Iowa, Noble Investment in Atlanta, Noble Gases, Noble Energy, Barnes & Noble etc. etc. the list goes on.

    • Sonja says:

      Noble Automotive is a privately held company and there are several Noble Auto’s/ Noble Automotives around the world. None are incorporated, nor have filed copyright in Bermuda – so not illegal.

  2. Really?? says:

    As a breach of copyright laws. Government should not have offered them the contract to partner with this public school.

    My point is why when Bermudians open companies is there NO imagination put into the naming of them. Yup we will just copy there name.

    • Sonja says:

      Noble Enterprises was a company incorporated by my husband in Canada over 20 years ago. Noble Automotive GROUP is a UK company developed in 2001. And there are several more “Noble Auto/ Automotive” companies listed in the US. Again, No copyright infringement and the name has symbolic meaning – We treat people with respect and give great customer service. Try us out!

  3. Jay Richardson says:

    Regardless of what political party did or did not have a hand in opening this tech centre when can we just come together and say..”this is a good thing for our young ppl that wish to start their education in this field.” Put down your flags ppl… unity is what we need. Let’s hope whoever gets in will realise that and mend the hurt and hate in this country.