PLP: No Response From OBA To Debate Offer

November 30, 2012

The PLP said they sent a letter to the OBA two days ago trying to facilitate a televised debate between Premier Paula Cox and OBA leader Craig Cannonier, and the OBA has “not even done us the courtesy of acknowledging receipt.”

Minister Walter Roban said, “On day one of the 2012 election, Mr. Cannonier asked for us to quote ‘Bring it on.’ In typical OBA fashion, one day they say ‘Bring it on,’ the next day they seem to be saying, ‘it’s not on!’

Minister Roban continued, “Premier Paula Cox has consistently expressed her enthusiasm to compare the Progressive Labour Party’s investment in our people and our 10 Point Plan for Growth with the ever changing positions of the OBA.

“We submitted our letter to the OBA on November 28, 2012 and so far they have not even done us the courtesy of acknowledging receipt. We hope that the OBA have not lost their enthusiasm for a debate and look forward to the opportunity to debate them on the issues.”

The letter sent to the OBA by the PLP is below [PDF here]:

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  1. Hey says:

    Was it sent by FedEx or by the postal service? Was it addressed correctly. Was it hand delivered?

    Debate Organizing committee …That is hilarious !!!!
    How about Debate Committee. Look at all the ink and time I just saved the PLP.

    • Realist says:

      Must be a fake LoL

      • True vote says:

        Craig can’t compete with Paula, and that’s the truth it is what it is! Now Dunkley and Gibbons they talk the talk and walk the walk. Craig is not on their level.

        • Blurt says:

          You are right he can’t compete with her level of lies , deception , cover up and pretending everyone in Bermuda is better off because of the debt she imposed on them. Craig is a man of integrity and a strong respect fir what is right. He has stepped up to the plate for Bermuda and Bermudians. Cox stepped up for herself, she was just a COG when she should have stopped the spending of the PLP and Brown, then she took the leadership and kept her hand on the cookie jar. A COG for herself. Now she wears camouflage like a dictator. Craig cannot sink to that level of vile disgust and never will. He is there for you , and me and all Bermudians. Cox is not.

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      When the OBA asked the PLP to explain where are the money went, how long that answer take?

    • fred says:

      If it was sent by our postal service it’s probably still sitting there to be sorted and delivered in about 2 weeks !! Hah, Hah, ha

      • The “to” is missing in line one. Did no one proofread? If it was sent in the post, it better have the EXACT correct address, including the EXACT ZIP CODE, or the postal workers will have no idea where to actually deliver this letter. Eventually they may decide to send it back to Mr. Roban after considering their options, but that may take months. So place no blame yet.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          First of all, we don’t have zipcodes in Bermuda we have postal codes. Secondly, saying “exact correct address” is a tautology. Did no one proofread?

    • Seeing Red says:

      Has anyone else picked up on the error (missing word) on LINE ONE. Wow, who writes this stuff.!!!

    • Out of flight says:

      Bring it on Cannonier. Get int he studio ASP and tell it like it is.

  2. Argosy says:

    The OBA is absolutely correct. There is nothing to talk about. The PLP’s record says it all and they can run on their record and let the people of Bermuda decide which party is the better choice.


    • 75 and sunny says:

      yes, PLEASE run on your record. it is SO appallingly bad, it speaks for itself….

    • Johnny says:

      So since the OBA has no record they should not run?

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Hahahaha good one! Only problem is that the OBA already has a record and they haven’t even been elected. Did you read the contents of that “secret” document which UBP Kim Swan confirmed is NOT a fabrication and is 100% real? Oh they have a record alright, one of deceiving and using token black surrogates. It’s nauseating.

        • street wise says:

          @ Dredd…. “token black surrogates”. Really??!

          That’s not saying much for your black brothers, is it. Unbelievable. Black folks ridiculing black folks… no wonder you guys can’t get ahead. SMH

          • Judge Dredd says:

            Those aren’t my words, those are from the UBP/OBA leaked top secret plan.
            Now since you already agree that such language is disrespectful and degrading to black people, what do you say now knowing that it came from YOUR OBA “brothers”? I would need my own website to show how pathologically racist your comment is. But it will suffice me to say that I’m not surprised to see you speak in the same tone as your OBA brothers speak in secret about the black electorate. So how about FAIL?

            • Argosy says:

              What about your Colonel calling certain people “house n…..s”? And hanging up on white women? Or Zane’s remark about being the head n….r?

              • More with less says:

                Haven’t you got it yet? The rules don’t apply to the PLP. They can say and do as they please and they certainly do not have to be held accountable for any poor decision making. The PLP supporters want to know the OBA’s plans yet demand nothing of their own party. It’s bizarre to say the least.

            • Bullseye says:

              Judge – the document was not written by the UBP. It was alleged to be written by a consultant as the UBP sought analysis of their loss in the 2007 election. It was not UBP language.

              Then also – what is wrong with surrogate? It is not a bad or ugly word. Would you want deputy or follower or what? Dunkley was number one in the party and anyone under him was a surrogate. Look up the word.

              Now when you add token on your own – you are the insulter.

              • Judge Dredd says:

                So the visible Black “leaders” of the UBP/OBA are actually deputies/followers/substitutes of the white leaders? ? ? WOW You’re only making it worse. And cut the crap about it not being written by them, they —– and circulated the document amongst members and IMPLEMENTED everything contained therein. They SUBSCRIBED 100%. That’s like paying a hitman for advice, acting upon his advice, then claiming you didn’t originate the advice so it’s not your policy. STHU Nice try but it IS written by the UBP/OBA and remember the full term is “HANDFUL OF BLACK SURROGATES”. Words are only bad or ugly in bad and ugly contexts and this context is indeed VERY BAD and VERY VERY UGLY. You FAIL!

                • Blurt says:

                  What are you, 5 years old, been at the PLP for 5 years or is it longer?

                • Mad Dawg says:

                  That isn’t what he said and you know it. You have no credibility.

                  The coward PLP candidate ever knocks at my door I’m planning to ask if I’m a ‘real Bermudian’, whatever that is.

                • street wise says:

                  You are making a big deal out of the so-called secret UBP plan, bla, bla, bla, (which may have been a fraudulent set-up by plp surrogates) simply to DEFLECT ATTENTION away from the absolute DISMAL performance of the plp.

                  What are the plp’s plans, forget about the UBP and the OBA! Try to get yourselves elected on your own merit rather than trying to smear the OBA. Concentrate your rhetoric on yourselves, plp fans. You’re sounding a bit desperate!

                  Everyone knew that the UBP could not get re-elected because of the most effective smear job the plp have ever done. So they had no choice but to form a new party. But that didn’t happen did it? No, it didn’t. The BDA formed independently under Craig & others… then out of that, with the ex-UBP members joining, they all formed a new party, the OBA. So whoop-de-doo on the secret plan to survive the nasty smear job the plp did on the UBP… and now to the OBA!! That’s just about all your party is good at nowadays, smearing people! Useless cowards!

                  • Judge Dredd says:

                    So let’s see …….the ubp/oba had to do everything in the secret plan to survive a smear campaign by the plp but the plp actually created the secret plan as a smear campaign? ? ? What the hell are you smoking ? GTFOH

                • reality says:

                  can u tell me why the plp got zane? sure wasn’t for his knowledge of politics! your telling every one else to cut the crap when your party is straight up racist, and i’m sorry but the plp supporters i have talked to have no other reason to vote for them besides it’s the black party. Ignorance has got the plp in, I just hope there aren’t that many close minded people left on the island.

            • Small fry says:

              Alledged document WRITTEN by a foreign consultant. Not words said by UBP members. Big difference

              • status! says:

                @small fry, stay in your small frying pan..original document is by ubp members signed sealed delivered

            • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

              @ Judge Dredd: Since FAIL seems to be your favourite word/judgement, where is your comment on the monumental fail of the education system – which I am convinced the “leaking” of the UBP document was timed to divert attention from?! I have to wonder when that Republican advisor was actually hired, because such wholesale miserable results must surely have been the brainchild of some white person with surrogate blacks running the Education Department, so that any child who can’t afford public school will not ever be able to run the Government. Maybe that “leaked” document actually referred to the rebranding of the PLP, since it definitely changed in tone from the PLP of my mother and others – and right around 2007 too, now I come to think of it.
              So who is really pulling the PLP’s strings, hm, Judge? I always thought it was Dr. Brown, since his advent in 2007, but maybe someone is pulling his strings too. It is so hard for me to accept that a black person would doom his own people to a life where they can’t even qualify as a handy man because they can’t read plans, much less create them, since that needs basic math. Pot washers and nail techs, for real. SMH

              • status! says:

                @pastor sly hayward—–Blacks are not responsible for the system we live in…the former ruling party did nothing to level any playing fields and they still don’t now what to do…..plp vs oba still plp maybe a better solution if more people join in an effort to assist rather than just critisize..the ecomomics of our island arelargely controlled by non-plp members

        • Blurt says:

          Fakery, fear and lies is all you got PLP, Bermudians don’t buy it, we don’t buy it anymore, and we are not going to vote for you. You failed us, you promised us, and you failed us.

          • Be careful what you ask for says:

            At least they promised us something, the UBP (my bad, OBA) never promised us or for that matter gave us anything. And i’m so sick and tired of hearing about he situation the country is in. Wake up people it’s happenning everywhere, and it would have happened to BDA regardless of who was in power. People just need to get over themselves and their ignorance.

            • Familiar says:

              I agree that some people need to get over themselves and their ignorance but I’m afraid we’re speaking about entirely different people.

              Yes, Bermuda would have suffered in the recession, no doubt about that. However, it is the extent to which we suffered that is unacceptable and can be placed for the most part upon the shoulders of an either uncaring or incompetent government who did not plan for the future.

              As for your comment that it’s happening everywhere, you’re incorrect. It happened. Past tense. Here, it’s still happening, with absolutely no end in sight.

            • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

              Its not happening everywhere! Canada is doing very well and the USA has been in a war that costs them billions in planes tanks, soldiers. They at least know where their money going? Where is all of our 600 million in unaccounted for money!

              Companies are leaving and shifting operations elsewhere. They are not colosing! The are MOVING! Why if you live in a neighbourhood where you are not made to feel welcome – you move.

            • Small fry says:

              Try listening to an honest assessment of the PLP by some International business executives who have done business here for more than 20 years and you might learn that PLP policies and attitudes were very influential in many Int’l companies pulling jobs out of Bermuda. But then again, may be you have had too many trips to Egypt..

      • Choir Boy (Original) says:

        First you lot say the OBA is really the UBP, and now you say the OBA has no experience. Just which is it? If they really are the UBP then they have decades of experience. If they have no experience – then they can’t be the UPB. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PLP – oh and deal with some real issues!

  3. Sunshine says:

    I would love to see the OBA n PLP debate

    • formidable deviant says:

      I’m not sure it would achieve much.
      PLP “you are inexperienced”, OBA “you are hopeless”, there just saved you 2 hours.

      Also why would the OBA do this? Its an act of desperation from a party that is gently hanging itself. The OBA knows that, so where is their upside?

      • Plato says:

        So both presidents of the united states are desperate?

        • Bullseye says:

          The debate process in the U.S. is mandatory and parameters are established. Here the rules would be unknown and Moreno as moderator at this point does not exactly seem unbiased as he describes an analysis alleged to be written by a foreign consultant as the OBA secret plan. The OBA did not author it nor did it exist when it was written and the UBP didnt write it either.

          I would like to see a debate between the Premier and Cannonier.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          “both presidents of the united states”? Um, there is actually only one President of the United States.

          Ask your teacher about it when you’re back in primary school on Monday.

          • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

            Please excuse the errors made by many . You see, many of us were educated here under the PLPs fake 95% pass rate. Dont expect much from us.

    • M3ke says:

      This would be perfect. Hopefully it wouldn’t be about pointing figures but offering solutions.

  4. Undecided Voter says:

    The OBA are probably too busy trying to figure out how to cover up their report.

    • formidable deviant says:

      You don’t sound very undecided to me. Sounds like you only know one way.

    • Who done it says:

      I can imagine the debate. The PLP using terms like UBP instead of OBA and other childish tactics. Have you ever tried to reason with a child? It is a lose lose for the OBA

  5. Hey says:

    I’d like to know why Cox thought she deserved two jobs and two paychecks when an increasing number of Bermudians have no jobs and no paychecks as a result of her parties governance and policies. Disgusting . How did that pay cut work out for the PLP…what they forgot to take it !!!!!!!!

    • Webster says:

      Paula. Do us a favor RESIGN…you have to know what you as the finance minister has allowed to happen to this Island !!!is China or the arabs going to bail us out ?how the hell did you allow this to happen ?

    • Itsaboutallofus says:

      You are showing your ignorance. She does not receive two paychecks. Do your research before showing your ignorance.

      • Portia says:

        I can assure you, she does not handle that extra portfolio for free. If you have proof that she receives no pay for being Premier AND Finance Minister, please post it here.

      • Blurt says:

        Prove it, you are wrong, very wrong, she does get paid more than a single position.

      • Vote for Me says:

        You are correct. The Premier does not receive any more money for also being the Minister of Finance. Also, holding the post of Premier and Minister of Finance did not occur for the first time under the PLP!!

  6. Limey says:

    ‘I write formally inform you’
    surely ‘i write formally to inform you’

    • Blurt says:

      Yes this letter was whipped up quickly by the incompetent PLP. It was dated Wednesday and they expect someone to have replied by letter by Friday. This is Bermuda, mail does not get processed that fast here. they don’t understand Education, perhaps they don’t understand use of language (by the opening line in the letter) and perhaps they don’t understand that they have made us, Bermuda, POOR. Forget your numbers and spin, buisnesses have closed, jobs are being lost left right and centre, expats have left and you pretend all is Perfect.

      Perhaps the PLP would have done something about it, if they had understood it. Frozen contributions to a pension fund is they last thing an underfunded pension fund should ever endure. You’ll never catch up, but they didn’t understand that did they. The PLP do not understand. Bermudians DO understand, we are NOT as DUMBED down as you wanted us to be and are sick of your bullying, flip flopping and failure. If you had been succesful, you would have the support of the whole country right now., but you sit in your high tower, pretending Debt is good for us, Appauling education results are good for us, unemployment is good for us…Well they are NOT, WAKE UP, SHOULD HAVE ADMITTED YOUR FAILURES. YES YOUFAILED TO DO THAT TOO.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      So they rush together a letter with errors in it, two weeks before the election, and when they don’t get an instant answer they go to the press.

  7. Spare us says:

    The PLP should reflect in the mirrow first as how long have they taken to reply to messages, letters, etc. How about no responses to unions enquiring about the government employees pension details that was taken off the table when the prisons and police did not agree. To my understanding there have been no acknowledgement and response. And employees are still wondering if government is paying their position in the fund. To date no clarification has been provided.

  8. Ringmaster says:

    I’d ignore a letter like this. No letterhead or logo, just a plain sheet of paper. No contact details such as a phone number or address so how can a response be sent? Could be a hoax. Could be sent by some weirdo out to create mischief. Or a fabricated letter that seems to have been sent by the PLP.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Yes and Bernews and all the other news outlets are weirdos for reporting it right? Yeah because the “SURROGATE” OBA leader might actually have NO idea that the PREMIER wants to debate him right? This is just a proof of the hollow show they’ve been putting on. Get into leadership simply by talking rhetoric and reciting scripts offtone? What? ? We never get to hear you debate the issues and you want to lead? There’s only one reason why they haven’t yet responded, they are deliberating who can actually debate and came to the conclusions that none of the Surrogates can.

      • Blurt says:

        What planet are you on, wake up and look around, the PLP are robbing you and very Bermudian of a future.
        Even though you work for them, take in the smell of what is going down there.. It is desperate. The PLP top brass have lost it.

        • status! says:

          @blurt—i’m still confused about what planet! I’ve been robbed waaaayyyyyybefore plp government..tht hasn’t been dealt with yet!

      • Plato says:

        LOL Damage.

      • Bullseye says:

        Hey Dredd,

        Dunkley is Cannoniers white surrogate.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        It does actually look like it isn’t official. Mistakes, no letterhead.

  9. In gambling one can always tell who is losing because they are the one’s shouting,Deal! Deal!
    In politics it’s the one’s crying Debate!Debate! Why should Cannonier debate when he has absolutely nothing to gain and so much to lose.
    “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them…”
    As far as the OBA not having the courtesy to respond that is vintage Paula Cox. Arrogant and dismissive.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      So we are gambling eh? I agree! Voting for surrogates is a huge gamble.
      Nice try! How about FAIL?

      • Mad Dawg says:

        You like the word surrogate don’t you. Moron.

        • Ringmaster says:

          I think he is referring to the present leader of the PLP.

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        @Judge Dred – the great defender of the PLP! Answer this please – and by the way I will give you more than two days to respond.

        Where is our annaccounted for 600 million?
        Has unemployment under the PLP gone up or down.
        Is the Education system better or worse under the PLP?
        Have Tourism improved or declined under the PLP?
        Has international business grown or shrunk under the PLP reign?
        Has crime increased or decreased under the PLP?

        Can you honestly say that the quality of life that you, your family and friends enjoy has improved under the PLP?

        Name one major project that the PLP has complted that didn’t go way over budget or to a PLP friend or family.

        Many have asked before and never do these questions get answered!

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ Judge Dredd: Since FAIL seems to be your favourite word/judgement, where is your comment on the monumental fail of the education system – which I am convinced the “leaking” of the UBP document was timed to divert attention from?! I have to wonder when that Republican advisor was actually hired, because such wholesale miserable results must surely have been the brainchild of some white person with surrogate blacks running the Education Department, so that any child who can’t afford public school will not ever be able to run the Government. Maybe that “leaked” document actually referred to the rebranding of the PLP, since it definitely changed in tone from the PLP of my mother and others – and right around 2007 too, now I come to think of it.
        So who is really pulling the PLP’s strings, hm, Judge? I always thought it was Dr. Brown, since his advent in 2007, but maybe someone is pulling his strings too. It is so hard for me to accept that a black person would doom his own people to a life where they can’t even qualify as a handy man because they can’t read plans, much less create them, since that needs basic math. Pot washers and nail techs, for real. SMH

  10. SoMuchMore says:

    How was this letter sent? snail mail or by courier? i know if it was hand delivered flip flop was nominated to sing on his way over there LOL

  11. Les B. Frank says:

    A frickin debate will not get me a job…. Next?

    • Webster says:

      You are so right a debate will not help the poor people with out a job, these people are hurting !!!!I have seen people going through trash to feed themselves…..but the members of this gov could give a rats ass as to how these people have to survive……….. all they care about is them and what they can obtain at our expence..

  12. Judge Dredd says:

    WOW this is freaking AMAZING how you UBP/OBA cult followers are behaving. Debating is integral to our culture as a methodological approach to sharing information and democratic process. You clowns are being extremely snobbish because you know that the spin you perpetuate will hold no weight. Your attitude is the same as a lynch mob who wants to hang the “guilty” N¿$%£® without hearing a word or without a trial. We are all supposed to take your word for it that the PLP caused the global economic crisis when the party promoting this logical fallacy kept secret plans to use “SURROGATE” BLACKS to make the OBA seem like whites weren’t in charge. Now when a public debate which will address your delusions, chicanery and subterfuge is on offer you opt to slither back into the hole of propaganda instead of carrying a tablet of truth. If what you say is true then trust that humanity can ascertain this through open discourse. Otherwise be vampires and squeal at the idea of showing your true faces and your true nature. The “SURROGATE” OBA leader Craig Cannonier should respond like a man if he has any dignity of his own. OBA are shaking in their pants. DEBATE!

    • Claudio says:

      Seriously just quit… I aint even a OBA supporter and what your posting is rubbish. If debating is integral to OUR culture when was the last time Bermuda had a political debate? Furthermore when Bob Richards challenged the premier to a debate several months ago there was no response.. so how is this integral to our culture?

      The only reason why PLP is so keen to debate is because of the poor performance by Ms. Swan on the ‘Lets Talk’ debate with L. Scott. Guaranteed if Ms. Swan had a good debate and defeated L Scott there probably will be no talk of debate. Lets not fool ourselves.

      Truth is, I dont know why parties are attacking each other now. People have already made their minds and want Dec 17 to hurry up. I have a feeling of alot of spoiled ballots and/or people not voting.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        You ask when was the last time Bermuda had a political debate in one paragraph then in the next paragraph you reference the last time Bermuda had a political debate. Should I even be responding to a schizo? Probably not, but for the sake of all the kittens who die every time you buffoons post your mantras I must inform you that we are always debating and rather explain that to you in detail I’d rather you just took your meds.

        • Blurt says:

          Who are you and why did your parents not cull you. What an embarresment to yourself you are. Some people judt can’t see the wood from the trees. Hopeless. Eventhough you are hopeless, he OBA still will work for you wnd a better Bermuda for you

    • Plato says:

      LOL this isn’t looking good for the OBA at All

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      OK, so this is when we know you are not a Bermudian!
      “Debating is integral to our culture as a methodological approach to sharing information and democratic process?!?”
      Debating has never been a part of Bermuda’s culture. This is the first year that I remember it happening, although I admit I wasn’t here for the run-up to the 2007 elections (I came home to vote, though).

      You and your “FAIL” I wish Mr. Cannonier would debate Ms Cox on the dang education system that has just monumentally failed a whole generation of school leavers, who can’t read, write and cipher well enough to get even a C grade! They couldn’t even pass Phys Ed and ArT!! Now that’s a FAIL of epic proportions. Yeah, debate that!

      • M3ke says:

        @Pastor, you are reading the wrong book. How can you blame a government because of a failed education system? First and foremost, the education system took a nose dive when CBA was built thanks to the UBP. Not to mention, half of these children bring bad habits from their HOME into the classroom. Unless you make public school like a “boot camp” no government can fix the public school education system. The root problem goes beyond government and into our culture. On a side note, if education wasn’t free that would fix more than half of the problem. Its human nature to take things that are free for granted.

  13. 32n64w says:

    The PLP complain they haven’t had a reply two days after delivery?! Really?!

    The people have been waiting for more than 5 years for effective implementation of PATI.

    The people have been waiting more than 6 months for the Premier to comply with her promise to release interim financial results.

    The people have been waiting 14 years for an improvement in internationally accredited education results.

    The people have been waiting 14 years for a new hotel development.

    And on, and on, and on.

    The PLP are a joke and a disgrace to the electorate. Their childish and demeaning campaign based on puppets, cartoons and lies is an insult to all voters.

    PLP – Betraying Bermudians since 1998, one unemployed voter at a time.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Yawn………sound of Bermuda crickets

      • Blurt says:

        Exactly The PLP do nothing , no accountability, no ethics, jut talk and boken promises covering up overspends, secret trusts , and Education failure.

      • 32n64w says:

        Sorry if the PLP’s duplicity and hypocrisy are so tiring for you. I suggest you take it up with them – maybe by letter. Just don’t expect a reply or resolution for a few years.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          Oh and you guys must be the whistling tree frogs. It’s a racket at first, then it’s essential background noise. Honestly I’d be confused if you changed your elitist ways. You actually believe your own lies and spin. The Premier stepped out and offered a debate and you night critters went silent. “Bleep bleeeep bleep bl………..oh $#¿+ …..she said debate!”

          • Blurt says:

            The PLP are elitist, the PLP are ELITIST. They do what they want, without consideration of the consequences. Borrowing money to pay expenses is not an investment in infrastructure,. Education is not a success. Like you, they pretend everything is wonderful and thet they are doing a great job. The PLP believe they are above good governence accountability and Ethics. The devil is so very proud of their work and the chaos, hate, and sin they have caused. Shame on the Elitist PLP, The people have finally seen through your hate , damage and hurt and will vote you out.

            • Judge Dredd says:

              Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye, a handful of black surrogates baked in a pie. When the pie was opened the surrogates began to sing, Oh wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king? The king was in his counting house counting out his money, The queen was in the parlour eating bread and honey The maid was in the garden hanging out their dirty clothes, When down came a black surrogate named Kim Swan and pecked off her nose!

              • street wise says:

                Yer good…. how much do they pay you?!

                The plp. No talent. No plans. No ideas. No solutions. No hope. No future.

          • 32n64w says:

            So no comment then on the PLP’s false cries for a timely response? Any room in that bubble JD?

      • Plato says:

        LOL OBA supporters are old and lame

  14. Black Surrogates Dont Debate says:

    Black Surrogates dont Debate, they read their lines!

    • Portia says:

      I guess white surrogates of the PLP don’t debate either – neither Zane nor Jonathan have stepped forward.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        I have not even seen Jonathan Smith yet guess he’s in a box waiting for the PLP to pull his strings or put a hand up his,………………….


  15. Itsaboutallofus says:

    Cannonier and Richards were so boasty before…now not so much…

  16. Truth is killin' me... says:

    How many times has the PLP given a “no comment” when their backs where against the wall when questions where asked of them by the OBA. Now they have the arrogance of giving the OBA a quick deadline to a debate and expect a cordial response. FACK OFF!!!

  17. How to write a letter 101 says:

    1a) Select company letterhead on which to write the letter.
    1b) Writer (of the letter) should include a return address, phone number or email address so the person receiving the letter can reply. Do not expect a reply if you choose not to provide this information.
    2. Take special note of the spacing between paragraphs. Please be consistent throughout the letter.
    3. Proofread letter to ensure grammar and punctuation are correct. (1st sentence “I write formally inform you…”)
    4. Do not use the same verb “propose” in every sentence in the second paragraph that contains only 2 sentences!)
    5. Do not use the verb “propose” twice in the 3rd paragraph if you have already “proposed” something (3 times) in the previous paragraph.
    6. Do not start the 3rd paragraph with the same sentence in which you finished the 2nd paragraph.
    7. The verb “propose” is not necessary in the 4th paragraph as you have already used it 5 times in the previous two paragraphs (and a in a total of 3 sentences I might add) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    8. Provide a closing remark ***but do not conclude the letter with the following sentence, “We look forward to receiving your response.” if you do not provide these details!!!

    Special note; Stay in school (and do your homework) so you learn how to complete the simplest of business tasks…composing a simple letter…….

    Mr. Roban, The PLP Debate Organizing Committee should get organized before the try to organize a debate!

    • Watching says:


    • Plato says:

      The OBA got the message where is the reply?……… I’ll wait
      PLP 2 – OBA 0

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      Absolutely true! I’m worried that the same individual that wrote this has sent letter overseas on our behalf!

    • street wise says:


    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      Ooh, another PSM!! Thank you, @ How to write a letter 101!

  18. JT says:

    The PLP will simply resort to the same tactics in a debate as they slink to on a daily basis now. Nothing in it for the OBA or the electorate.

  19. Cleancut says:

    In theory, the Premier will most probably talk Cannonier into a hypnotic state.

    But in Practice she has turned this country into a desperate state.

  20. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Mr.Cannonier , you my friend have been put in an untenable position by your handlers . You see , if you debate Premier Cox she will smash your balls . May I remind you that The OBA has a 50/50 chance of winning this election . If they win , you’ll loose your position as leader because Premier Cox would have exposed your inexperience as a politician for all to see , and Mr.Dunkley would push you aside .

    Should the OBA loose this election , I would hope that your shoulders are broad enough to bear the weight because all of the blame would fall on you owing to your lack of debating skills.

    Do you remember how Colonel MOMMAR Qaddafi used to shout threats and rattle his big saber to President Reagan knowing that war was unlikely ? I suggest you do the same . We all know that your an excellent Saber Rattler , so continue to rattle your little saber or BRING IT ON !!

    • Blurt says:

      Who is your handler. The PLP have lost the Bermudan public, It is a fact,the PLP failed us in education, failed us in careful fiscal management, failed us in delivering projects within budget, failed us in taking a promised paycut, failed us in PATI, failed us in accountability, failed us in tourism, failed us in taking from the pension fund, failed us in scaring off investors and hotel builders, failed us in those condos on the cliff, failed us in telling us the truth, they are still spouting rubbish… Standing Strong and failing because of that attitude of Standing Strong.

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        @Blurt .. It was expected that one of you from the OBA would produce a check list of debatable subjects . Now give it to Mr.Cannonier so that he has any number of trump cards to expose the PLP , one way or another . We could all learn a little something .

        • Blurt says:

          Who has been wearing the Camouflage? Ghadaffi, Cox. A debate was offered to the PLP ages ago, they lost their chance, it seems. All the PLP are doing here is trying ti make the leader of the OBA look bad. That has failed, just like so many things they have done. The people don’t care about which leader can talk the floweriest, they care about results. We have heard the COG talk with flowers and deliver nothing but lies, cover ups , and fakery for too long. She does not speak in the words of the people for the benefit of the people. Her flowery wrords are for the benefit of her and her position. To further her award cabinet from weird and wild newly or recently formed bodies of people. She is no fool, she is an Elitist….wake up and see the wood from the trees….please. She doesn’t want people to look around, she wants them to believe th PLP are standing strong, and that the people should ignore everything that has happened and keep their eyes on the prize. Whilst people do that, everyhting is being torn apart and taken from them…elitist and not for the people are then PLP. Mstop being fooled by their talk, look at their actions.

          • street wise says:

            The plp are attempting to SMEAR the OBA and its members in the most nasty of ways. That’s all they’re good at.

            That’s all they got. Nasty lying smear jobs. Pathetic.

            • Judge Dredd says:

              Kim Swan said it himself so are you going to accuse him of trying to smear the UBP proxy OBA too?

    • Barracuda says:

      Oh we’re gonna loose this election all over your azz

  21. CHINGAHS! says:

    It’s because they wrote the letter in Comic Sans… can’t take um sersly…

  22. M3ke says:

    When there is something in the news that’s actually professional in terms of a debate the OBA doesn’t respond that fast. Anytime there is negative news about the PLP they respond within a few hours!! I’m tired of the OBA supporters on this site, they even make up excuses for the courier. Let the parties debate and let the public make their vote of who they believe will lead our country in the best direction. Let the best party win point blank.

  23. Navin Johnson says:

    What is there to debate? the PLP has presided over record unemployment. Reckless financial mismanagement and improprieties Business closing and people leaving both expat and Bermudian…no need to debate that as their record speaks for itself….change is needed on Dec 17

    • Judge Dredd says:

      The debate would respond to everything you said right after you said “what is there to debate? ” Your mantras don’t rise past the nadir of rhetoric. Let’s hear a debate. It is the essential the qualizer of verbal masturbation and propaganda. The OBA and friends show can sure put on a punching-bag performance, now put your surrogates in the ring. Did you think you would not get your huff and puff and fluff and bluff called?

      • navin johnson says:

        what ever you say Judge…

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Where is the PLP platform? What are they running on? What will they do about the economy and debt? More of the same? Which is nothing but borrow more.

      • Small fry says:

        5 more years of the PLP and you will just be Dredd

        • Judge Dredd says:

          That’s right because then I wont have to smack the gavel down on your candy UBP/OBA @$$€$.

          • Anbu says:

            Oooooohhhh real tough guy over the Internet! Hahahahahahaha c@#ts like u make me holla!!! Probably a little bitty guy in real life. Enjoy it while u can mate. Yes those of us who have a brain already know who’s won the election. It’s simple, majority rules. U want it then u can have it. Those of us that we’re smart enough to save money over the years will most likely have the option to BOUNCE when the poop really hits the fan. Sadly many wont have that option. U have yourselves to blame as u choose to continuously vote these tools back in every time.

  24. On De Wall says:

    I do agree. This letter was quickly put together and should be ignored by the OBA.

    • street wise says:

      Everything is last-minute and by-the-seat-of-their-pants with the pathetic and increasingly desperate sounding plp. Now literally screaming for a debate that will never happen. Calm down numpties!

  25. Un-Ed? says:

    Why does the VERY FIRST part of that letter’s body say “I write formally inform”? what kind of dumb grammar is that!?!?!

    The PLP can’t even write a simple letter!

  26. Big Dog says:

    What a hastily thrown together bunch of nonsense. The PLP clearly has no interest in debating. More PLP distracting tricks. Burt must spend all of his time thinking, “what can I do now to distract our electorate from our @##@ record and that they don’t have any jobs….”

    • Ringmaster says:

      The latest trick seems to be for Chris Furbert to hold a press conference to denounce the OBA’s plan to assist businesses hire unemployed Bermudians. Bizarre at its best.

  27. Jus' Askin' says:

    BERNEWS you may not be able to track this.
    I was the first one to call for this debate via BERNEWS.
    OBA’s leader will not debate PLP’s leader.
    I also want to say yet again.
    Remember the winner of the next election will represent us Globally.
    Craig is not fit to represent us on a Global scale!
    Paula is not me favorite but she is better than Craig ;-)

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      I like Paula very much and would be happy with her as a leader as she speaks clearly and I think does a good job representing us. I also respect her for taking on the role of leader especially considering she was dumped into a hell of a mess left for her to deal with. My problem is with the rest of the trainwreck behind her! She does more on her own than the rest of the ministers put together and whenever she takes a step forward – some idiot opens their mouth without thinking first and drags us backwards. The PLP puppet advert is so poorly done – my kids could have put something togther that was more professional. The letter sent regarding the debate is full of errors and is embarrassing. You would have thought that someone would have proof read it – especially before sending it to Bernews to have it posted online for all to see. She is good but she is one person and can’t do it all. Sorry but I can’t risk it again. Voted for the PLP once before – and for that Bermuda – I apologize.

    • street wise says:

      Okay… you would rather have The Hon Derrick “son of a slave” Burgess as your new Premier. I hear he is Dr Evil’s sock puppet and is being “groomed” for the position as we speak. THAT will be interesting!

      Nice new mega-house anyway….

  28. Paul says:

    To be honest, if you were Craig Cannonier, would YOU want to spend an extended period of time in the same room as Paula ‘why say it in three words when you can say it in forty-three words’ Cox, as she drones on through the contents of a thesaurus? It would put you into a coma……..

  29. Interesting says:


  30. Small fry says:

    An poorly written unsigned letter on plain paper…I wouldn’t reply to either. If it was real it would be on PLP letterhead and signed

  31. X mon says:

    The PLP doesn’t want a debate because it won’t be in there best interest.
    The OBA have no Political record therefore the PLP would have to speculate on there performance but on the other side of the coin the PLP have to answer for quite a number of things that have gone bad since 1998.- thus this would allow the OBA to beat up on them in any Debate and expose them.
    The PLP would have to explain [1]how Crime has reached a level by which Gangs successfully formed and began murdering each other and why that they lacked the vision to see this coming [2]all the wild spending [3]
    the 1.5 Billion dollar national debt and how it reached this level[4]the actions of ex Premier Dr.Browns uncontrolled spending spree and how he managed to bring people here to live without nobody knowing and not going though the proper channels to do so.[5] how the town of St. Georges was willfully turned into a ghost town.[6]how the St. Georges Golf Course was closed down, and the Golf Club a building that was in perfect condition was knocked down without reason.[7]why no concrete steps have been made to widen the town cut channel knowing that only mega Cruise Ships will be operating here only.[8]how we have several thousand people unemployed[10]so many Business establishments closing-and so on.
    Now you see why the PLP don’t want a Debate.

    • M3ke says:

      X Mon………. In a debate, both parties will have to answer the same questions. You must not be that experienced with debates. Look up the word debate on the Internet. will help you in life.

  32. X mon says:

    The OBA will eat you alive.

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      If it is Paula and Craig debating – it might not be so bad, but I say bring on all candidates and ask them each a question. Im pretty sure that that Paula would not want that at all. Everytime one of them open their mouth – its a disater.

  33. Choir Boy (Original) says:

    Perhaps the letter was sent by post and will arrive towards the end of December. If the Post code is wrong, it will be sent for special processing and probably be returned to sender within a few short months.

  34. Choir Boy (Original) says:

    Besides, I hear the letter is a fake. Probably written by some school kids who aren’t quite old enough to drop out and start selling drugs.

  35. JT says:

    The PLP have clearly establishedd how they intend to run their election campaign. They refuse to address anything to do with their record and will only attempt to belittle, mock and criticize their oponents and it will only get worse in the next 16 days. Ok, fine, that is their perogative, but they should not expect the OBA to agree to a debate given this approach.
    The PLP have, for 14 years, failed to repsond to relevant questions relating to their performance and there is no reason to expect they would suddenly choose do so in a debate just prior to an election. There is NO CONCEIVABLE UPSIDE to a debat, for the OBA or the electorate.
    OBA – stick to issues that are of true concern to the electorate. You may win, you may lose, but don’t succumb to the predictable, and, sadly effective, tactics the PLP choose to employ.

  36. Mr.smiths says:

    As a young black voter, I say the OBA has nothing to gain and everything to lose from getting in a debate. We already know the PLP want to do some sort of damage control but what’s done is done… I detest how the PLP try to make it out that every black voter that doesn’t see it their way is an “uncle Tom or a house n%^$r”.. If u must, attack the policy, not the politician or the voter

  37. Triangle Drifter says:

    Id be inclined to get out my red pencil, mark all the mistakes, give it a mark, F & send it back, if only I knew where to send it too.

    A middle school student should know how to compose a better business letter. This just shows what a bunch of amateurs the PLP are.

    I’d hate to debate Paula Cox. She would put me to sleep in 5 minutes.

    • Cleancut says:

      Cox wins awards for her public speaking, but in practice she has run this country into the ground.

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        Im no fan of te PLP – but lets be fair. She was left this mess by those before her.

        • JT says:

          paaaleeeeese – she was/is a BIG part of the mess – she was and is the Finance Minister. You must be joking!

        • Mad Dawg says:

          She was left a mess? The PLP inherited low debt, low crime, no unemployment. This mess all happened under the PLP. And Cox was a big part of it.

        • Cleancut says:

          She would not speak out and protect the people of this country when Dr. Brown and Col. Burch “run amok”

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          @ BTL,BTR: Madame Premier was Finance Minister when the spend-more-than-revenue began, and has remained Finance Minister ever since. She was the ONLY one who could have stopped the spending and did not, in fact, she denied she had the power (cog in the wheel). What she did not have was the integrity to say “no” and risk losing her position. Nor has she had the integrity to follow through on PATI, which would include giving the Auditor General full powers to “follow the money,” which leads one to wonder…

  38. Familiar says:

    I’m another who doesn’t feel there is any need for a debate, though it would be interesting to see if the present Premier would actually talk about the issues which all PLP people seem to be avoiding.

    If a debate does come around, I sincerely hope that there will be strict rules about manners, time limits and acceptable topics in order to keep things in control.

    Certainly Premier Cox is a well spoken and intelligent woman, but she has a tendency to speak a great deal without saying anything at all.

  39. young observer says:

    OBA supporters so hate this

  40. Terry says:

    18th December will be a milestone in history just as *1609.
    You want same?
    Vote for it.
    You want your cousins and reletives to help move on.
    Vote for it.
    There is much to loose for the ones that make it.
    The children.

  41. Les B. Frank says:

    Soooooo you are asking for a debate????? … Thats a Plantation question….. Next.?

  42. MJ says:

    Why vote PLP if you are not “Family and Friends”? It is Family and Friends that push the “Back to the Plantation…House N@**er…Don’t look like Me”….rhetoric. They do this for personal gain. I say vote ANYTHING but not the same cr*p that we have seen since Dr Evil. The Cog is controlled from Martha’s Vineyard, Dr Evil is still very much in control……that is clear as day. What happened to the old PLP…..Mr Freddy Wade must be looking down and shaking his head in disgust !

  43. young observer says:

    News Flash!!!!! Craig Cannonier is the OBAs black surrogate, it so obvious its hilarious. This guy couldn’t debate a high school student let alone Paula Cox. As much as he was in the plans to be the black surrogate, there was absolutely no intention of the this guy going face to face with Paula, that is a trump card they (OBA) wish to have no part of.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Lol couldn’t debate a high school student. You’re right about that. The “handful of black surrogates” are eye-candy and nothing more.
      “I’ll take ya to da caandy shop dehnt dennnit dehn…….. Woo”
      Hahaha lol

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Perhaps you could come up with some sort tangable proof that Craig Cannonier is a some sort of surrogate, whatever colour of his skin. Not that it matters. He does not look all that black to me. He does not look all that white either but he is lighter than me.

      I believe had a vote on who would be leader of the OBA. That vote was open to all members of the party, a method far more inclusive than the PLP.

      So, YO, what is your problem? Running scared?

  44. really says:

    All “real” political parties need to debate, it’s standard fair. The public then gets a chance to see the issues and how the candidates respond and stand up to pressure. Don’t you want to see how they perform when the heats on? You don’t get to see that behind closed doors? Hiding is easy and waiting until it goes away tells you something. If the PLP has such a bad track record then doesn’t it make sense Craig would have an easy go at it? Would this not help to strengen their parties initiative? It doesn’t make sense, unless even having all that he still is worried that she will out talk him. Lets face it, if you’re not a politician 100% from birth (so to speak) why are you playing this game? Everyone thinks they can be a politician but the truth is it’s not that easy. You think Obama wasn’t groomed for years by real teachers? Who taught them? I say you lose no matter who you choose. Bermuda needs to get a real party and not the drinking type. I hear ESSO is hiring ;)

    • M3ke says:

      If both parties debated and the OBA won the debates I’d vote OBA and vice versa if the PLP won. In my opinion, just let the best party win. This really isn’t about black and white or which party has the worst track record. Mind you, UBP breaks up and forms the OBA and all of a sudden their 30+ years are erased from history. Anyways I’d like to see a debate, I’d really like to see how both parties perform and tackle the issues with Bermuda.

  45. dboxer says:

    no one wants to hear paula cox’s mouth anyway…

  46. Reality Check says:

    Quite frankly, after reviewing this letter which is purported to be from a Government Minister but does not have any sort of official letterhead (and is unsigned), and has an obvious typo in the very first sentence, I would have thought it must be a fake and would have ignored it. Sorry, but I would have expected more from a Government Minister writing on behalf of the Premier.

  47. Vote for Me says:

    Connonier ‘debated’ Mr. Richardson and Mr. Sullivan in the 2011 bye election. ZBM could simply replay that debate.

  48. Ringmaster says:

    Noticeable that the PLP are making such a big issue out of not receiving a response within two days to a letter with no contact details. More silly diversionary behaviour by Party becoming more desperate each day to avoid facing the economic mess of reducing jobs, reducing revenue, lack of any investment in new hotels and increasing debt.

    In 2007, Dr Brown refused a televised debate with the UBP so why should 2012 be different? Oh, because it is the PLP that wants the debate.

    You don’t need a debate to provide an election platform. In any cae. where are the mid year 2012-13 Budget statistics that were promised by the Minister of Finance earlier this year? Where are the October visitor arrival statistics? What’s the response to most requests for comment from the press – silence. The PLP is now behaving like a 5 year old having a tantrum because no one wants to play with them. Grow up.

    Maybe there should be a debate – on Decmmber 18 2012.

  49. Mad Dawg says:

    They want a debate reply in two days but they take months to pay their bills. Single mothers aren’t getting their cheques for months. Businesses aren’t getting paid fir months. But suddenly they need a response in two days.

  50. Triangle Drifter says:

    What is the point of debating Paula Cox. December 18th she will no longer be leader of the PLP. Details will follow from Marthas Vinyard, NY, NY or maybe TCI wherever the leader & shot caller may be.

  51. Ringmaster says:

    If you have the spare time and are masochistic, listen to the PLP Election Song. Just when you think they have reached the bottom, they manage to dig deeper and mock who they take for granted.