Santa Claus To Visit St George’s On Dec. 8

November 28, 2012

The Corporation of St George’s will be hosting a visit by Santa Claus on Saturday [Dec 8] night in King’s Square. Entertainment for the night starts at 6.00pm and is scheduled to include majorettes, dancers, a fun castle, food vendors with Santa Claus arriving at 8pm.

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  1. swinginfromchandoliers! says:

    lets teach the children early..there is no such thing as a santa who buys them any gifts, he may give a toy but Mommy,Daddy,Grandma,Grandpa,relatives godparents and friends are the givers in life…what is the history behind this BUSINESS of santa,? in a recession he is more likely to cause harm than good especially if one of the little kiddies don’t get presents cos people are jobless,..and while your at it the easter bunny farce also must stop, rabbits don’t lay eggs!and no one has been nown to return to life after is all about the SPIRIT!

    • TWISTER says Its a Dam shame and a Minster at Gospel Crawl says:

      Some people love to spoil the Spirit igues they had their fun growin up heh anybody kno if the Bikers goin to be there