Seven Day Voter Registration Period Underway

November 13, 2012

The Parliamentary Registrar Randy Scott is reminding the public that the next General Election has been called for December 17th 2012.

And he encouraged all eligible voters to ensure that they are registered to vote. The seven day registration period ends on Friday November 16th at 5.00 p.m. Additionally, Mr. Scott said that advanced polls for travellers will take place on December 11th, 12th and for Institutional polls on December 13th.

Mr. Scott said, “If you have changed your name or address since 2011, and you have not registered your changes with us, you could lose your right to vote.

“Please check the current Parliamentary Register online to ensure that you and your family are correctly registered. To amend your registration, or to register for the first time, pick up a registration form the Parliamentary Registry Office in the Valerie T. Scott Building at 60 Reid Street, Hamilton, or from any Post Office or Police Station or you can register online at”

Mr. Scott noted that in order to be eligible to register you must be 18 years or older, Bermudian by birth or status [or a non-Bermudian Commonwealth citizen who was registered to vote on May 1st, 1976].

He added, “Because of the new constituency changes which are now in force, I think that it is important that people understand that they take the necessary steps to ensure they are correctly registered in the correct constituency.

“We will be doing our part to make the public aware in terms of where their polling stations are and the correct way to mark a ballot as the new electoral changes are now in effect.

“They can also visit us online at to register and also find their correct constituency by using the Constituency Search on our website to see exactly where they are located, and to view your polling stations.”

Mr. Scott advised members of the public who are seeking further information to call the Parliamentary Registry Office at 293-8683.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    So, if you are registered in one constituency and are living in another, but you go to vote where you are registered, is there a process to ascertain that you are living where you were registered? There are a lot of folks who haven’t taken the time to change their registration details. Will they lose their voting rights? or will we have stacked constituencies?

  2. Los1 says:

    Hi Pastor,

    I was wondering the same thing actually as my wife is in the same boat. (We have moved recently and she just needs to update the consistuency we are registered under – but would she need to get a new license as well showing the same address?)

    I had a look under the FAQ’s on and it doesn’t actually specify. While it does state that “All voters must be registered in the constituency in which they live in order to vote.” and with regards to the form of ID that must be presented on voting day… “Acceptable forms of ID are a commonwealth passport, a Bermuda driver’s license, a Special Persons Card, Voters Identification Card or an employee identification card with a photo, signature and date of birth.”

    So, it would appear that an ID which demonstrates address in not required, threfore there is no real way for it to be proven that the constituency that one is registered to is actually the constituency than one is currently living in/voting in.

    I would love for someone to provide any info to the contarary though! Perhaps the best option is just to call the registry on 293-8683.