Tonight: Community Awareness Class On Gangs

November 27, 2012

Tonight’s police community class is on Gangs in Bermuda: Signs, Symbols & Tips for Parents and will be held at the Hamilton Police Station, 52 Victoria Street Pembroke, in the Community and Media Relations Room on the ground floor.

A police spokesperson said: “This free hour long workshop starts at 6pm and will end with light refreshments and a tour of the Hamilton Police Station. Those planning to attend tonight’s free workshop are encouraged to arrive on time as the community class will start promptly and space is limited.”

Workshops are scheduled every Tuesday night at 6pm until December 18th.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Swiss C-Suite says:

    Perhaps the leadership should attend these events.

    Recognize the “PLP’s Shining Star” on the left.

    Still not sure … here is the youtube video “Westside Shotcallers”
    [google it, link contains excessive profanity]

    Fair warning – pretty sick and disgusting video.
    Are these your kids? Makes you proud doesn’t it Bermuda? And you wonder why IB is worried? This is who is running for your Parliament Bermuda.

    • swing voter says:

      just viewed the vid on youtube….sickening. turned my stomach. I recognized one young man. Feeling bad for his parents but that’s what happens when you think the curly hair is more important than whats in your kids head. Not my daughter, not my son, so I must have done something right in raising mine

      • Barracuda says:

        everyone needs to see this video and photo

        • Come Correct says:

          ….WOW…This is life to these guys? I hope that video is’nt a sad attempt to get a record deal… I got some lyrics for you…

          you wanna be like Biggie,
          50 cent and Pac,
          you rap and do drugs,
          now you just gotta get shot,

          knowlege is power,
          so leave the guns up on the shelves,
          why aren’t you in school?
          none of you look older than twelve,

          you say the gang is like ya family,
          but you all about yourselves,
          you dont know how I roll,
          I hold down wit the Keebler Elves,

          see me in the street,
          you wanna step to me,
          kids…please go home,
          you’re not too big to go cross my knee,

          bunch of little boys,
          tryna front what you not,
          there aint no thug mansion,
          you should make the best of the life you got,

          Sittin in the bushes,
          aint doin fox,
          is that how you keep it gangsta?
          til rivals put you in a box,

          You aint no real gangsta.
          ya just a wayward youte,
          wake the f@ck up,
          only true heros deserve a 21-GUN-SALUTE.

          I hate rap but its actually not so bad when there is’nt an N-word after every sentence.

  2. Private Pyle says:

    I can’t spot the goon. What’s the time stamp where he makes an appearance?

  3. Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

    Shocking indeed. Sadly, no matter what Dickerson does, and what damage he does to our reputation, he will have the support of the PLP!

    If Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief has seen this photo how can he approve of Dickerson engaging in this type of behaviour? This must be very discouraging to the BPS to have him undermine their efforts. Oh, I almost forgot, the drugs did not belong to him right?

    We must do better than this!

  4. UBP, PLP, NLP, BDA, OBA, MOB, 42, Pkside says:

    Gang signs = GangS

    Red = Somerset GanG

    Politics = A Big Joke

    please pass me a spliff as a vote for the PLP is a vote for gang culture and a vote for the OBA is a vote for change back to 1930s racist Bermuda

  5. Urian Dickerson says:

    Are you guys serious? So you are taking a photo you know nothing about and using it for political gain? Let me give you guys some facts:

    1) That vid has nothing to do with my brother.

    2) That is a hand shake that my brother and his best friend never let me or anyone else into.

    3) His best friend (the other guy in the pic) is dead now, not by gang violence but a bike accident.

    4) My brother looks out for his best friends kids (he is their godpa and does what he was asked to do) and keeps them away from any type of trouble best he can.

    5) You are pulling the dead mans family into some unnecessary drama for political gain.

    6) This is worthless and why the OBA is poison because you do these things just to win power.

    7) You should be ashamed of yourselves for this.

    When will the issues be seen for what they are instead of being used for political gain? I feel for my brother, he tries so hard to do right and people just attack him for their own gain.

  6. Urian Dickerson says:

    Hope you guys feel ok of he gets killed because you all tied him into a gang, and someone believes it. But its just politics right? You all don’t even know how serious you made this.

    • Come Correct says:

      Sadly you make a valid point and I hope it never comes to that, but the saying is true, if you lay with dogs you’ll wake with fleas. Its sad that your brother is being demonized by people for something that shouldnt even be criminal but I used to hang out with questionable people, I have new friends now, I never diss the old ones but we don’t hang out anymore, I chose a different path. Sincerely I hope nothing happens to him and if his heart is in the right place I hope he gets the chance to step back up to bat. Everything happens for a reason, maybe this is part of lifes plan. Sometimes good thing fall apart for better things to fall together (can’t believe I just used her quote), I don’t support the plp but I don’t believe your brother should be demonized for something so petty, truly a low blow in my opinion, and they want the youth to step up smh.

  7. This crazy little world says:

    I feel you brah….. Bunch of idiots try an sway the vote….. And they didn’t even have the courtesy to apologize. Smh…. But God don’t sleep anything they do against your brother they will reap ten fold…. Keep telling the truth Makai and you politrickal c~>NTSC go lay down.