Photos: Advanced Election Polling Underway

December 11, 2012

[Updated] Advanced Polling is underway today [Dec 11] at the at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall on King Street in Hamilton, with officials saying they have seen steady traffic all day.

Voters who intend to be abroad on next week Monday — Election Day — had to apply in advance to participate in the Advanced Polls, with voters required to show proof of intended absence from the island such as an airline ticket.

There were a number of candidates there in the brief time we visited including, but not limited. to PLP candidates Dame Jennifer Smith, Paula Cox, Randy Horton, Lovitta Foggo, Diallo Rabain, Dale Butler, Walter Roban; Independents candidates Phil Perinchief, Kim Swan, Charles Swan, Erwin Adderly, David W. Burch; and OBA candidates Ed Bailey, Alexis Swan, C. Anthony Francis, Bob Richards, Jeanne Atherden, Trevor Moniz, Pat Gordon-Pamplin, Jeff Baron, Jeff Sousa and Peter Barrett,

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Comments (29)

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  1. Terry says:

    Love the photo of the two ex Black Berets.

  2. Surf's up! says:

    Don’t forget to vote OBA and have a great day :)

    • Ali Domner says:

      Right after you vote for PLP

      • Surf's up! says:

        Been there…done that. Hasn’t worked out that well.

      • sooooo says:

        Hell yeah, put an x for both!!

      • Nuff Respect says:

        Sorry , nope! Cant afford to “make it happen” again! If the OBA Win or lose at least I won’t feel the same disgust as I did those fist two times I voted PLP watching them blow MY money and sons future. This last time at least I did not have any sense of guilt!

  3. bir says:

    watch out for Mr Swan it will not be long before he will be heading over to the other party don’t trust him..

    • navin johnson says:

      which other party

    • Factural Fact says:

      Mr. Swan is the only politician we can trust. A vote for Nandi Davis is a vote for the PLP -

  4. Bermudian, and thats all says:

    I wonder if any votes were casted for the independent candidates today…

  5. Bullseye says:

    From the pics it appears Mr. Swan is quite tight with the PLP. We’ll see if he is integrated as a thanks if they win for splitting the vote.

    • Autumn Fire says:

      A picture is worth 1,000 words, I see 4 pictures…hmmmm…maybe just sayin’ hello!…

      • Y-Gurl says:

        Kinda have to agree with that

        • Nuff Respect says:

          Im sure it part of the PLP secret plan! You know the one written by the primary school kids that says, keep calling OBA members UBP and the stupid ones will believe it.

          • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

            Out of the mouth of babes , and the stupid truth will be revealed . The bible speaks of what you repeated .

            • Hey says:

              Cox is most definately not a Babe! Babbler full of excuses who keeps telling people to keep their eyes on the prize and the wind at their backs….I guess so that she can get away with anything and everything, whilst you stare as her. Is she the prize? Nah..the prize is a bottle of whine you can open when you all realize you’ve been taken for a fool while your country and future has been sold out from underneath your feet and you asked them to do it, so you can only blame yourself.

    • Trust? says:

      Mr. Swan is no turncoat and he and Charlie Swan are the only politicians to write and post that he will remain Independent. None of the others have made that promise.

      Recall all the flip flopping from Pamplin, Gibbons, Dunkley, Richards and all. I looked in that advance poll and all the the people representing the OBA were the ones there 5 years ago, only difference, their faces were more wrinkled.

  6. Your joking says:

    Question to Bernews… we know how many registered for early voting???……and will the results be made public before Monday??

  7. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Ohh,,, this is gonna be good !

  8. Man in the Mirror says:

    Advanced Polling results will be tabulated per constituency and added to the other ballots on election day.

  9. kevin says:

    We have 7 days to either get a total change or at least send a sounding message to the current bunch that we are not going to accept ‘business as usual”. If this election was run on facts and only facts there is no discussion we need change, but as it has become the norm for the last 20 years we never get past race. lets face it we are Black and we are White but in the end we are Bermudians. Our economic future is at stake we need sound management to guide us back or at the very least guide us to a balanced budget. $1.5 billion in debt and we are paying back huge interest payments. These bonds will soon have to be paid back somebody has to stop the slide. 7 days , hopefully we can find a way forward.

  10. down de road says:

    To the candidates:

    Take your sunglasses OFF! You’re Bermudian…you can handle a little sun in your eyes!

    When I shake your hand, I want to see your eyes. The eyes tell us a lot about the person behind them.

  11. Fooled Once... Not twice says:

    Hey!!!! Anybody seen Craig?? Been missing since the whole press conference debacle…. Is he still walking or has he been put in timeout with mike, grant and glen

  12. GOD 1st says:

    over 2k

  13. Like It Is says:

    Where is craig cannonier, havent seen or heard from him in awhile.



  14. GOD 1st says:

    PLP forcing young adults to warwick camp chasing and hunting them down like dogs. SMH

  15. GOD 1st says:

    And locking them up against their will