Video: Independents Hold Press Conference

December 13, 2012

[Updated] Some of the Independent candidates running in this year’s General Election are holding a press conference this morning [Dec 13], and you can tune in live below.

They said if they are elected they will remain independent and not join either political party. They also noted that contrary to rumours, they have not been paid by either political party, nor are they trying to be spoilers.

Independent candidates David Petty, Cornell Fubler, Roderick Simons, and Gershwyn Smith all spoke, as did Mrs Cindy Swan on behalf of her husband Kim Swan.

This election will see a total of 15 Independent candidates contest 12 different constituencies. By comparison two Independents ran in the 2007 Election, one Independent ran in the 2003 Election, three in the 1998 Election, and five in the 1993 Election. The last time an Independent won a seat was 23 years ago, when Stuart Hayward won the Pembroke West Central seat in 1989.

The press conference is over, video below:

The Independents running in the 2012 Election are:

  • C#1 St. George’s North: Cornell Fubler
  • C#2 St. George’s West: Kim Swan
  • C#4 St. George’s South: Kingsley Francis
  • C#7 Hamilton South: Gershwyn Smith
  • C#8 Smith’s South: David Tavares
  • C#18 Pembroke West Central: Philip Perinchief
  • C#19 Pembroke West; Erwin Adderley & Meredith Stapff
  • C#20 Pembroke South West: Jonathan Starling & David Petty
  • C#21 Pembroke South East: Tillman Darrell & Leyoni Junos
  • C#24 Warwick South East: David William Burch
  • C#27 Warwick North Central: Roderick Simons
  • C#31 Southampton West Central: Charlie Swan

Update 11.34am: David Petty spoke first saying: “We wish to make it abundantly clear that though you may see us here today as a group, we have no intention of forming a political party.

” We pledge that we should we be elected, we shall remain independent for the duration of our elected term and will not walk the floor to join a political party, though we do not rule out constructing a coalition to safeguard ourselves as independents or to form a government in the event of a stalemate or a very close result in this coming election.”

“Please help us rescue our country from these divisive and polarized parties by voting for an Independent candidate wherever you can,” Mr Petty said.

Cindy Swan, speaking on behalf on her husband Kim Swan, said her husband has served the country for many years and as an Independent candidate “he can now focus on the issues without toeing the party line.”

“Yesterday [at the Advanced Polling] I sat there from 8-6, and saw OBA people coming in droves as election agents. Nothing has changed Bermuda, they are the same UBP people that were there in 2007, that were there yesterday,” Mrs Swan said.

Mrs Swan said 68 people [the old UBP executive] made a decision to “hoodwink you into a new party”. She said she is not “going to let the PLP off, as they have been overspending and we need to address that as well.”.

Cornell Fubler said: “There are innuendos we have been paid by the OBA, or paid by the PLP. I can clearly state none of us have been paid by any one of these parties.

“We are not trying to be spoilers, we are simply trying to bring a fair democracy to Bermuda, and give the people a right to vote outside the PLP or OBA ideologies,” said Mr Fubler.

Gershwyn “Shiloh” Smith said: “Bermuda is in a very serious situation at this time, and I am here to encourage everybody to stand up for peace. Stop the violence.”

David W. Burch said due to confusion he is the same “David Burch” [Lt. Col David Burch - who is also running in this election] he wanted to say that he wishes “not to be connected with the Uighurs in any kind of way, shape or form.”

Update 11.44am: Mr Petty’s full speech follows below:

Good morning members of the Press and welcome to this auspicious and historic occasion.

We, the independent candidates for the 2012 Parliamentary Elections, wish to underline our commitment to transcending the two-party system and promoting alternate visions for Bermuda politics.

We wish to make it abundantly clear that though you may see us here today as a group, we have no intention of forming a political party. We pledge that we should we be elected, we shall remain independent for the duration of our elected term and will not walk the floor to join a political party, though we do not rule out constructing a coalition to safeguard ourselves as independents or to form a government in the event of a stalemate or a very close result in this coming election.

In such an eventuality, we would continue to function as independents. We will not submit to any political party’s common political platform, constitution, Whip or leader and will express our individual points of view and vote our conscience on behalf of our constituents in the Bermuda Houses of Parliament.

Currently there are only two voices in the House of Assembly, the voice of the leader of the PLP and that of the leader of the OBA, as all the rest of the party MPS are tied to the message of their leaders through their party’s Whips. If even two independent MPs were elected we will have effectively doubled the number of voices in the House of Assembly.

Further, if one of the two parties were to require the support of independent MPs in order to form a Coalition Government, any independent MP’s voice becomes very powerful as the formation of a government may hinge upon their agreement.

As a directly elected representative of their constituents this provides those constituents with the opportunity to really influence the future of Bermuda.

Given the possibility of a Coalition Government, let me put it to you that the question you may want to ask yourselves is not, “Why should I vote for an independent candidate?”, but is perhaps “Why wouldn’t I vote for an independent candidate!?!”

As the saying goes, “If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same result” – a vote for an Independent is a vote for change – real and meaningful change.

Please help us rescue our country from these divisive and polarised parties by voting for an independent candidate wherever you can!

We will stop at this juncture to give the Press the opportunity to question individual independents in respect of their platforms and perspectives on this historic occasion.

Thank you!


Update 2.37pm: Webcast replay above exchanged for higher quality video

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  1. L. Smith says:

    Mrs. Swan is good looking and speaks with passion! I appreciate a good woman standing by her man. They are a dedicated family.

    • swing voter says:

      hahahaa all the perks are gone, him got him azz scorched by the fire, and now yeh a bag-o-mouth !!!!!

      • Vote Person says:

        What friggin perks? None in the oba can shine MR. Swan shoes.

    • Out of flight says:

      Don’t they know the minute they met and off course when they stood at the advance polls,they became a party. The Party of losers who are upset they could not have their own way.

    • Is this for real? says:

      What has happened to this noble well cultivate society. These are dear souls but my goodness where are we going on the international stage with this. Ms. Swan would have done better to let her husband remain out front. She is is taking this personal. Cornell Fubler looks sneaky and ambitious. He takes himself seriously though. I am not sure what on earth made him get up do this. Starling is hurt because PLP rejected him. I dont know what pill Petty is taking because he is well spoken and seems normal. The others, well give democracy a chance but for real!!!! We need some order around here! We have lost our way. I hope OBA wins. At least they look like representatives of a first world country. This crew belong together off north shore in a punt!

      • J Starling says:

        LOL – This is the first time I have been made aware that the PLP ‘rejected’ me!

        I have been quite clear about the motives for my running, and it has nothing to do with rejection by the PLP.

  2. Bermudianotworking says:

    Whoa, great statements from All, I’m voting for my Indpendent candidate.

    • Webster says:

      Bermudian not working, I wish the hell I had a Independent in my area,

  3. media says:

    I don’t have one and I wouldn’t vote for an Independent if I did.

    Kim Swan was one of the main hold outs to any change to the UBP and is one of reasons why they had no alternative but to break away en masse except for the two Swans. He resisted change. Without evolution of the Party that had lost 3 times in a row, they were destined to continue to lose and make the same mistakes over and over again. He refused to accept the reality and make the required changes to attract new blood to the Party and thus attain victory at the polls. Seems very short sighted to me.

    • Yng Black Mind says:


      You are mistaken, my friend. Kim Swan wanted to change the UBP from within the party. He did not want to change the name, change the colors, change the “look” – - he wanted them to change their processes, their mindset, and the way they conducted business.

      The Old UBP guard (not the candidates, I mean the money that runs the party) used him as the black face of the party when they needed to – - and then, cut their funding when they didn’t need any use of him.

      Mr. Swan is a man of the people with a passion and love for his country. A vote for K Swan is a vote for someone who will work for the people – - unlike Ms. Davis (inexperienced and uninformed) and Mrs. Ming (just a little too late).

      Yng Black Mind

      • media says:

        As the Leader of the UBP he certainly wasn’t effective at creating change within. The results speak clearly for themselves. The UBP no longer exists. It would still exist if he had been willing to change and had accepted change. Yes, he accepted the role of Leader when nobody else wanted it, but we all paid the price for his ineffective Leadership in the form of a weak Opposition. Things had to change and they have.

        • hEART OF sTONES says:


          Make a new party BDA, hire a new black surrogate and keep the same old same old back ground leaders.

          No I have spoken to Mr. Swan and He wanted all to work harder in their constituencies, work together to create a ONEBDA as his license plate. Work to bridge the economical gap. Work together to acknowledge the wrong doing of the UBP in the pass. IMO their bottom red line need to be in the black now rather than later.

          • Blurt says:

            You can’t chamge a constitution, they structure or ways of a party. It doesn’t work like that. One of the reasons that the PLP model is failing Bermuda too.

      • OBA = NOT says:

        They used Kim, and now their using Craig and all the other black faces. They continue to front blacks like mascots. Craig the whites in the OBA will not try to test you because in the end it will mean political suicide for the OBA or they’ll replace you with Bob.

        • swing voter says:

          But wasn’t craig elected at an open election by OBA membership? This has never been done in the history of BDA politics. If the OBA become the next government I will join that party to ensure the initial vision of the BDA that merged with the ex-UBP remains in the OBA constitution. Cannonier as Party Leader, Richards as Premier.

          If you care more about your country than party polictics, rallies, and the white boogyman, VOTE OBA

          • Missinginaction says:

            Where’s Craig? He did not come out Tuesday nor Wednesday for the advance poll? Leader gone missing before election?

            • Alsys says:

              He was there when I voted on Tuesday.

              • Balanced Facts says:

                He was there when I voted too…looks like a Government supporter ignoring the facts and making things up to cast a bad light…tediously familiar, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

          • Bermudian Man says:

            @swing voter,

            Please stop saying if you care more about your country, you would vote OBA. Just because you feel they are the soluction to Bermuda’s problem does not make them the soluction. I notice many of the OBA supporters try to make the argument that if you choose to vote any other way, you are somehow against Bermuda. Personally, let all Bermudians vote however they choose, be it OBA, PLP, or Independent. If you all believe in democracy, well let it take it’s course, and stop labeling people. Some people might just disagree with the candidates that each party has put in there area, so if they choose to vote for an independent, so be it. Doesn’t mean they don’t care for BDA. Get off that tip.

        • Eastern says:


          Your entire comment is a general racist remark, racist

          • gotta laugh says:

            Eastern, that was all in the plan that bda/ubp/oba followed. read the plan and make comparisons. better yet ask jeff sousa how the plan was planned and implemented.

      • Webster says:

        young black mind, you are spot on .Kim is as honest as the day is long.

        • Media says:

          Never said he wasn’t honest, just ineffective at creating change. he might have had ideas, but if you can’t get support you are ineffective. He seems sincere but never thought he was up to the challenge of leading the Country, which you have to believe as Opposition leader.

          • Bermudian Man says:

            @ media,

            If Mr. Swan was trying to make the changes that Heart of Stone spoke of, and they backers didn’t support him. What does that tell you about the people who were backing the UBP? What would be their motive to reject the change that Mr. Swan was looking for?

          • OBAisUBP says:

            he never hid like Craig is now doing. he never disrespected the media as Craig has done. He faced challenging times, paid off the 07 Michael Dunkley election debt. He definately has more leadership skills than most.

      • Webster says:

        Young black mind,you are so right…we need right thinking like you.

    • hEART OF sTONES says:

      and why? because their hearts of money, money and stone could not change?

    • I love Bermuda says:

      You said it 100% right.
      I respect Kim, but he just don’t get it.

      • Mrs. Wright says:

        You are right Kim did not get it right. Kim fought for the man in the streets not only the man in tuckers town.

  4. George says:

    With all due respect Mrs. Swan your comments were overstated and came across as being very personal! Did Kim really ask you to stand up and chide the OBA for the way in which they formed a new party or did you take it upon yourself to do so out of spite for how you perceive they treated your husband?

    Bitterness and personal vendettas should have no place in politics, look where it has gotten us so far? Your husband by contrast is very good at removing this sort of emotion from his brand of politics and I wager that is why so many people like and support him!

    Unfortunately your rant tarnished what was an informative and humble request from the independents to get voters to seriously consider themselves as real alternatives to the two political parties!

    Enough of ‘the us vs. them’ divisiveness it benefits no body!

    • Argosy says:

      Good points, George. Unfortunately, it’s too late now as they are already committed to running. The outcome is a foregone conclusion – they will split the vote and, becuase their suporters are NOT generally blinkered, die-hard types who believe hype and will not take note of thePLP/BIU record in government, they will take votes away from the OBA and let guess who through the door for a 5th (and final) time.

      I say final because, if the PLP get the reins for another 5 years, Bermuda will have a lot more to worry about than political parties, elections, etc…the worry will be how survive the disaster and live on fish. There are not many fish left close to shore and there will be no fuel for boats. No vegetables as the Island is all concreted over!!

      • swing voter says:

        You’re spot on mate….over 90% of reasonable adults know its time to change the government again for the good of the country. Unfortnately, angry people make poor decisions.

      • Bermudian Man says:

        @ Argosy,

        How about we make a bet, I bet you (your house) that in 5 years, no matter who gets in, we will be eating chicken, beef, lamb and fish, and therey will be plenty of fuel around lmao. Please tell me you and swing voter are just venting, and are not serious lol.

        And swing voter, you are right about 90% of the country is ready for change. However they are not sold (like yourself) that the OBA is the solution. Plain and simple.

    • Terry says:

      Very true George.

    • Eastern says:

      Kim is a good man and few will disagree.

      Mrs. Swan ‘s rant has more to do with keeping him employed than anything else.

      Good luck Kim, you are not in my Constituancy, but I wish you well.

    • Cindy Swan says:

      I spoke from the heart! Bitterness would have seen me speak more about the personal laundry of the UBP/OBA which my husband would not have approved. Whenever we speak out against the OBA its personal. I also spoke of the PLP spending?

      An OBA supporter shared that she’s UBP at heart and “feels so sorry for Kim” but is being told that she has to come out and support the OBA because her grand children are at risk with this government making the playing field level “my grand children inheritance is dwindling & they will not be able to get jobs because of this dishonest government”.

      I shared with another how much Kim has done in the community helping this constituent own children when they were in need and his response was he is voting OBA because “there’s nothing Kim can do for us” – I did give him some choice words.

      What is happening to Kim is disgraceful. The OBA is doing their best to shred his integrity to pieces. A medical doctor in St. George has written a letter to his patients in Constituency 2 stating how he supported Kim in the pass (he does not even live in C2), which is unethical but probably not illegal (where have we heard this before and who was it referred to)

      Did I speak of any mistruths? Did not an angry mob descend on Parliament and most of the same people endorsed the OBA neglecting the UBP constitution that got them elected? My husband was fired by the PLP government and could not find a job in the golf world that his colleagues belong to?

      If I am guilty of trying to save his “job” so be it but I am really trying to save the reputation of a Man of Integrity who has done so much for all Bermuda, Bermudians and the Golf community in Bermuda.
      May God Bless you all and God Bless Bermuda!

      • Real Talk (original) says:

        Wait. So now the wife of the former Opposition Leader(UBP) even refers to the OBA as the UBP/OBA although her hubby was one of the folks keeping the UBP on life support.

        Add to that, the former leader of the UBP is now an MP under the PLP…

        So many cases of schizophrenia running around the House of Assembly it ain’t even funny…

        • OBAisUBP says:

          95% of the OBA election agents were UBP what’s changed? Fact Craig is the only OBA elected MP. Just like the UBP could never rid itself of its legacy, the OBA will never rid itself of the UBP legacy because they through the back illegal door to establish the OBA.

        • Balanced Facts says:

          Psychologists…we need more psychologists!

        • 4Real? says:

          Question: How many legitimate MPs are in the oba – answer 1

          Question: How many UBP MPs resigned their seats, held by-elecions and then joined the oba – answer 0

          So Mrs. Swan is entitled to her opinion, and in my humble opinion she stated no lies. Mrs. Swan is a senior transportation advocate and should run for parliament if she has status. Pity the TV news did not share about her husband being fired by the PLP and the UBP golf family not helping her husband but instead help place foreigners in the top golf jobs in Bermuda.

          My family will all be voting for Mr. Charles Swan. He remained true to Bermuda and himself.

      • Webster says:

        So true Cindy,your husband is for all people and he has a lot of respect from all segments in the community, stand by your man.

      • Bermudian Man says:

        @Mrs. Swan,

        I belong to no political party, but I must let you know that you are correct Mrs. Swan. The OBA and their supporters have been trying to belittle your husband in the media for a few weeks now. One thing that they don’t realize is that independent voters are watching all of this, and realize they are trying to discredit a man who has done nothing wrong. They speak of truths, but it seems they only like the truth when it suits them. They obviously don’t want to accept your truths.

  5. Par 4 says:

    With all do respect to Mrs. Swan, my experience with Kim Swan goes back to the Bermuda PGA. I have seen his roots, I know his true intentions. Things did not go his way and he is bitter. Why is he not there 4 days before the most historical election Bermuda has seen? I do however applaud her, a good woman standing beside her man.

    • Webster says:

      par 4. Kim is not bitter , he stayed the course and I admire him and Charlie for doing so…..I am very concerned about the O.B.A. leader he does not have leadership qualities…why the hell did the O.B.A. not put Dunkley as their leader? I hate to admit it but it was all about the colour of skin !!!!!and how sick is this ?

      • George says:

        Sick it is! But a reality that both parties have manipulated (all of us) to their benefit! We want to get rid of this sort of politics then we need to change the system and get rid of some of the politicians who refuse to change this sick behavior!

  6. Cindy Swan says:

    Bitter for some in the golf community hiring less qualified foreigners than the local qualified golfers. When we stand up for what is right, we are considered bitter people and God knows we have nothing to be bitter about because all are treated equally in the Bermuda Golf Fraternity.

    Good bye my Swan Song.

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      Ms. Swan,

      I don’t know your husband,but Mr. Charlie Swan was one of my COs at TS Venture (sea cadets) and till this day I have the upmost respect for Mr. Charlie Swan. Back then he was man full of integrity, love for his wife and two sons and for the community at large (hence his volunteering). So if Kim is anything like Mr. Charlie Swan then no defense of his character is required. The apples don’t fall from tree IMO.

      Politics is a downright dirty game in this island nowadays. And the Swans bring too much honesty and integrity to the game. It is a shame because we need more such characters more than ever before.

  7. OBAisUBP says:

    I just got off the phone with a C2 voter. She’s astonished that the white people in St. George would so wholehearted support the OBA candidate vs Mr. Swan. “Mr. Swan a man of experience and committment for a young girl who has no experience, what if they win and she has to be a minister and balance the budget, speak on it etc, they deserve what they vote for” She got a letter from her doctor and is highly insulted at the audicity of her doctor soliciting votes for OBA and will be sending her letter to the medical board.

    • Media says:

      And you are not concerned with some of the spoon fed Ministers in the PLP? I am sure they will give her time to adjust as an MP before throwing her in at the deep end. There will be others with more experience and as she gains more herself, she will do just fine moving up to the Cabinet. Don’t worry, Craig is a successful business man and knows how to manage people in different roles in his business using their strengths to the greatest benefit.

      • C2 voter says:

        @Media. I have a choice of choosing an OBA inexperienced candidate or voting for an experienced, committed business and parliamentarian candidate, so this is no brainier for me and should be for all C2 voters. Mr. Swan has proven to be a man of highest integrity. The man works for all in C2 PLP, OBA the poor, the rich and he has pledged to me to remain Independent once elected and his word I can take to the bank. Not sure about the others.

  8. Charlie Swan says:

    Its amazing some of the comments that are generated from the simple reporting of an event.
    I ask you to consider this:
    If this story was about a press conference for the PLP, or the OBA, what would the comment thread look like.
    Think about it.
    Whether you like Kim Swan or not, whether you like Cindy Swan or not, whether you like or dislike the OBA or the PLP, challenge yourself by asking the question : Would You Do It?
    I applaud them both, as well as their daughter. A great and strong family.
    Charlie Swan (Independent Candidate, Constituency #31, Southampton West Central).

  9. small fry says:

    Politics unfortunately is all about the art of compromise and collaboration. These people will all fail because they all refuse to compromise. By the next election most of them will either join a political party or be gone from the political arena. My one question is – why on earth did Mr. Swan let his wife appear on his behalf? In my humble opinion, he has just shown the world that he is a very weak man and therefore should not be taken seriously..

    • Bermudian Man says:

      @ small fry,

      You can’t make that assumption brother. Behind every great man, there is a great woman. This by no means takes anything from Mr.Swan. And a point for you to know, we all are weak at times in life, so whats your point?

  10. Mr. Smith - St. George says:

    Mr. Swan Weak? Mr. Swan was attending to business in St. George. Is Obama weak? Did you consider him weak when Michelle came out to speak on his behalf? If any politician can be taken seriously its Mr. Swan. He stayed committed to St. George. He stayed when all left him. He stood with His Jesus and His Jesus will keep him strong.

  11. Louise S says:

    Mr. Swan, stay focus you are a MAN of great integrity. We appreciate and admire you and your family.