Two Webcast Replays: Final Political Events

December 15, 2012

[Updated] The PLP is hosting their final rally this evening [Dec 15] at the Berkeley Institute Field starting at 7pm. Primarily featuring the candidates from Constituencies 13 through 23, all candidates from the 36 constituencies will be in attendance and will address the crowd.

The PLP’s event will also include local entertainers as well as a “Get Out the Vote Party” until 1am featuring Bermuda DJs Selecta Fray and Presidential Elite.

Part #1: Webcast replay of the first 2 hr 50 mins hours of the PLP rally, drag bottom bar to fast forward:

Part #2: Webcast replay of the last 30 mins of the PLP rally, drag bottom bar to fast forward:

Update 8.30pm: We also have a live video stream set up at the other political rally happening at the Bermuda College this evening, and once it gets underway we will update with that video.

Update 9.05pm: According to the event poster, the Bermuda College event — billed as “Change Fest”– is scheduled to include overseas entertainers from the East and West coast [TJ Gibson, DJ CMS, Ray Jay], Jamaican artists, who will all be supported by local acts, plus a chance to meet the candidates.

Part #1: 1 hr 45 mins webcast replay of the event at the Bermuda College, drag bottom bar to fast forward:

Part #2: Webcast replay of the last 11 mins, drag bottom bar to fast forward:

Update 9.41pm: Both events continue, with the PLP’s event having had most the central candidates speak as well as some entertainment. The event at the Bermuda College has featured musical entertainment.

Update 11.58pm: Both events have ended, the webcast replays are available above.

The PLP rally was attended by hundreds of people, and began with the PHC majorettes and also included a number of local singers as well as the Gombeys. You can drag the bottom bar on Part #1 of the PLP webcast replay to go directly to each speaker.

The approximate times are: Darius Tucker at 41 mins, Dawn Simmons at 57 mins, Rolfe Commissiong at 53 mins, Marcus Jones at 59 mins, Vince Ingham at 1 hr 15 mins, David Burt at 1 hr 24 mins, Walton Brown at 1 hr 30 mins, Michael Weeks at 1 hr 39 mins, Walter Roban at 2 hr 13 mins, and Glenn Blakeney at 2 hr 20 mins.

All three former Premiers also spoke, with Dr Ewart Brown at 1 hr 51 mins, Dame Jennifer Smith at 2 hr 1 min and Alex Scott at 2 hrs 5 mins. Premier Paula Cox’s speech can be found at the very start of Part #2 of the PLP webcast replay.

The OBA themed event at the Bermuda College was attended by a few dozen people, and consisted mostly of musical entertainment by both overseas performers and Bermudian artists.

There was 30 minutes of inactivity onstage after the singers performed [1 hr 20 mins to end of Part #1] which appeared to be related to the immigration issues with overseas artists.

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said: “I think most of you know what’s happening, we are having some challenges with some of the main groups getting here with immigration, but that will not wane our spirits.”

He didn’t elaborate, but it appears Jamaican reggae stars Gyptian and Khago were supposed to appear at the event, which was scheduled to start at 7pm, but got underway closer to 9pm.

Many of the OBA candidates were present, however Mr Cannonier was the only one to speak, he can be heard at the beginning of the second Part #2 webcast replay.

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  1. Dafuq says:

    Wow “De Pee El Pee ruling in the name of Jebus”

    Praying to god for a political party, so much for seperation of church and statee.

    • KB says:

      Impossible to separate, I don’t want a person without god running OUR Island. Decisions need to be fair and respectful.

      • longtail says:

        I do not see a problem here: our candidates already have angels guiding them!!!

        • Blurt says:

          Why are the PLP so desperate to cling onto power….the OBA if they get in are going to work like crazy to get Bermuda working for Bermudians, whish is a good thing. If they don’t do a great job, the PLP will be back in power in 5 years. It will be a stronger PLP that reworks itself, and not this same old excuses, no accoutibilty money losing group we currently have.

          A vote for OBA is a win for Bermudians an Bermuda, and a win for the PLP.

          A vote for the PLP is loss for Bermuda

          We at minus 2.8% GDP for 2011 are at in the bottom 5 of 190 countries… Remember this is a benchmark the PLP chose to use and now are hiding from.

          • Black Soil says:

            I really hope people do not base their vote on rallies. I mean engage your brain and think about things.

            • Black Santa says:

              Ho ho ho everyone on here knows you’re not black aka White Soil. Better start looking for more black surrogates after Monday. Merry Christmas.

      • Blurt says:

        God loves us all and is everywhere. God does not guide people, he gave us free will, so what the PLP are doing is free will.

        Why are people so mixed up in stage show and partying. Focus on what we need to know….

        Where are these Hotels???????? None, all promises, but none delivered. Then Furbert starts banging on about the cost of building a hotel in Bermuda…so there you have it, none will be built, or they will if Bermudians don’t build it….I just wonder who will be the head benefiters of companies that bring in that cheap labour? Hmmmmmmm i wonder!

        P Minors could be in violation of the Human Rights Act for discriminating against a persons because of their place of origins upon the awarding of a contract. It only takes the business to make a formal complaint and I think should could be in sticky water…I’m no expert. Whilst her spirit is to be commended, you have to go by the rules you make. And 8 bermudians now suffer, and 80,000 more disappears from our monies, as the new contract. Cost that much more???? Great the arbitration starts immediately, so give us an update on progrees and an END DATE.

        DeSilva is in violation by by not disclosing salaries in the annual report to do with the Hospital. Remember his arrogance. Disgusting.

        Cox has yet to deliver the Mid Year financials. How many prior year financials have had to be qualified…not a good thing, it means not squeeky clean. Where is the Accountant general, and why was she put on Administative leave before the election?

        Cox has yet to stop ministers getting involved for personal gain, financial or otherwise with contracts being awarded. Think of LED, pharamaceuticals distribution, a Famous company, and JUST who is CAhow Limited?. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

        Who are the Benefiters of the Trust money on the Dame LB Evans Building?

        Where is the missing 600million

        Who was Makai D. Protecting, who’s cigarettle case was it he held and took the fall for……has he been charged yet?

        Why did Berkley cost over $60million more than it was supposed to. Perhaps more .

        Why did theWharf cost more than was budgeted. why is it not fit for its purpose, just 2 years into being built. Why did the PLP ignore hamilton and St Georges for tourism and push all the income into Wedco… I rememer looking at a report a few years ago.. a PLP name was a director of Wedco.

        Where are the promised PLP minister paycuts?

        Why did Bean pay himself to effectively work for himself in an already paid government quango and not pay it back, when asked, why is is still running in the PLP, when he didn’t listen to the Leader. Why did Cox go quiet on this…..there is more to this one…come on PATI, I want to know.

        Why did Burgess gave a lease to Bean for White’s island for one day shy of 21 years?

        Why did another Bean just in principle overule all the experts positions for a property to be built which, noone knows who it is for or what it will be. With 3 purposes on the application.

        Why did Weeks and Burgess have to be separated …what is the truth behind that scuffle.

        Why is Roban running….he had to resign after pushing through friends and family planning deals didn’t he?

        Why haven’t we recovered the Faith Based money.

        Where the hell is PATI Cox…did you just lie about that to keep us Bermudians quiet ? Show me the transparency in government?

        Why does Smith pretend that the school results were great, when is is a disater….an embarresment…14 years and it’s like day 1.

        Why did PLP claim they were tackling gang crime afer Perinchief admitted it took them by surprise and that he couldn’t get traction, so pushed it off to Families, youth and sports. So what has CARTEL done that earned them the super lease FREE that allows them to charge other people for use of the island!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This list goes on and on and on…..

        Oh, and What business does Cox’s husband do…we hear Business man all the time, what business, what is it called and how many govt contracts has it had? It may be none, he is a very nice person to speak with, on the occassions I’ve spoken to him, but what is his directly benefits Cox, surely she needs to disclose any govt contracts his business has. Maybe he has none.

        Most important of ALL is WHY hasN’t the PLP run on their record….They have had 14 years to make Bermuda magnificent, but they failed, they made us poorer, told us what we should Grand Atlantic Condos on South Shore and completely ignored us time and time again. They know they don’t stand a chance in heaven or hell if they run on that.

        I want answers not Divisiveness

    • de ja vodoo says:

      How ironic! Last election they brought in a witch doctor from the “islands”. I guess “it” wasn’t available and Jesus was.

    • Velvet says:

      OBA at Bermuda College 2! After all the hype go to 7:28.

      PLP central 2! After all the hype go to 28:34.

      I stopped by both events with my family. Sorry but the OBA will not be the elected Gov tomorrow. It looked pretty bad there with so many empty chairs. I felt sorry for OBA Leader Craig Cannonier.

  2. media says:

    Bernews, the sound is very distorted. Can it be adjusted by the camera operator?

    • Bernews says:

      Sorry, our streams are always of dubious quality as we aren’t exactly CNN, but we figure ‘something is better than nothing’. Tonight the situation is magnified as there are two events on, so we will be streaming them both simultaneously which has stretched us!

      • MisssssC says:

        This is definately better than nothing Bernews !!! Much APPRECIATED. You are doing a great job of bringing media to a new level !!! Keep it up !!!

      • media says:

        I really appreciate the effort you make and consider this cutting edge for Bermuda. I was using Air play and playing it on my flatscreen wirelessly. Dubious quality at that size but in time it can only get better.

        Is there no adjustment of audio?

        • Nitty Gritty says:

          Maybe the sound is not of dubious quality, maybe it is the normal standard we have come to expect when the country is broke.
          There were more PLP candidates than supporters, no wonder the mc had to yell at them to get a bit of response.

          • VOTE PLP says:

            @nittygritty…. maybe u should have asked the camera man to move tha camera around… the grounds of Berkeley was full of plp supporters… i think the oba event only had about wa 60 ppl there Hmmmm>>?????

            • Hey says:

              The OBA will be cutting ministers pay, the PLP ministers want a pay increase for themselves.

          • Honestly says:

            Duh! U can see the crowd clearly!! Get a life!

      • frank says:

        next time get me resorses

  3. SpinCycle says:

    This is sad…!!!

    • MisssssC says:

      I know very sad so sad that we have to wait till monday to re-elect the PLP !!!!! ALL THE WAY !!!

      • Dafuq says:


      • frank says:

        power to the people it was the plp that got the voteing age down to 18 and helped to get rid of the property vote

        • Blurt says:

          So what, even if that is true, it has nothing to do with the situation we face today.. Bermuda is in the toilet, and we are so close to being flushed. We need a party that works for Bermudians and Bermuda.

          Voting based on the past is dumb. You need to vote for what needs to happen now and tomorrow. Perhaps we should vote for the use of motor carriages instead of horses in Bermuda… Come on get to the 21st century.

        • Nitty Gritty says:

          and it is the 18 year olds who know they will pay this multi billion dollar debt off for the rest of their lives. Still think it means anything?

        • longtail says:

          Let’s not forget that the poll date was engineered so that most 18 year olds studying abroad will NOT be able to vote!!!! The Ewart Brown Party does NOT want the educated vote!!

          • Hey says:

            If you want to find out the truth on where your money went VOTE OBA

  4. Mark W says:

    Listening to the singers Saying we have come to far to give up now. Well, they are definately right that we have come to far, since 1998 we have gone to far down a rocky road to where we are now. Unlike the song, I wouldn’t mind going back.

    • Hey says:

      In 5 years they can have another go…what is the fuss with the PLP…Are they saying that if they are out they don’t have the guts or spirit to try again.

      These PLP rallies are just cheap trickery, divisive and brainwashing…They try to buy your vote with fakery instead of doing the work they should to actually earn your vote…14 years and they still have nothing to show us, but this nonsense.

      It’s as silly as conversations that went a little something like this…

      VOTER: Erm Why didn’t you create a great Bermuda with opportunities for all, great education and a nation to be proud of in the last 14 years ?

      PLPEE: “What, shut up have an elephant, praise the Lord, who told these voters about what we were suppossed to do….quick shout out Random project that we made up that we haven’t actually done anything on yet, nor will we…oh and Cuts and Pain…how does that sound, you want some of that”

      VOter: huh? Cuts and pain?

      PLPEE: We made it up, good eh, that ‘ll get us some votes!

      VOter: But it’s not true!!!!!

      PLPEEE: Shhhhhhhhhh, you are not mean’t to know that. Hey COGSY go have a word with him , bamboozle him with your mind altering responses (she is like that KAA snake in Jungle Book…just look into her eyes.)

      VOTER: Oh hello Madame Preliminary COGSY, you are important and may be able to help me. What are you doing to get me a job and feed my children.

      COGSY: I’m glad you plated this question as we the PLPEE are 135% committed to produce, achieve and deliver an encumbering thrust.First we will travel, then the earth shall put forth a plentitude of deliverables, the distant between the sun and the moon is as vast ant the perception of the relevant functions which will result in many things happening to do what the evaporation cycle produces….(5 minutes later, head bobbing and eye trickery) …. and that will bring hope to Gerbils and the mindset of populations that endevour to be in this modern time.

      VOTER: What did you say, that didn’t answer my question at all , it was just a load of nonsense ????????

      Other PLPEE “Oh no COGGSY your powers have become weak, they don’t work on him, quick put on your Camoflague , that way they won’t see you.”

      VOTER: erm where did COGSY dissapear too, I can still hear breathing?

      PLPEEE” “VOTE for US because YOU ARE BLACK and so are we”

      VOTER: Yes but so are most of the OBA, wait what about Zaney and Smiff, and Correriiiiaaaaa?

      PLPEE ” oh oh yes…forgot about them…shhhhhhhhhhh. Look Voter you are poor, they don’t represent you, so you have to vote for us we ar a Labour party”

      VOter: I wasn’t poor, I was doing OK, my construction job went when the firm I worked for closed down, you made me poor by your poor management of the economy, you overspent on things and now have nothing left to spend……In fact you said we would weather the storm, well we didn’t and now I’m poor, what can you do for me in terms of Labour?”

      PLPEE: Ha!!It’s in our name!!!!!!

      VOter: I know, why do you sound surprised?

      PLPEE: “Look …..We will build you a golden temple called Grand Atlantic Housing”

      VOter: What?

      PLPEE: for you to live in!

      VOter: But I can’t afford it!

      PLPEE: But it’s 100% fianancing

      Voter: But I can’t afford it!

      PLPEE: “Errrrmmm”

      PLPEE: Arrgghhh Look here voter…Here is $20, go and knock down some OBA signs and stop asking us the trickiest of questions. My head is going to explode….

      Rofly: I was wiked mon ! Dya ear me pump de toon out.

      PLPEE: You sang the wrong words…I can’t believe you sang the wrong words!!!

      Rofly: “Get Up stand up, Stand up for your Rights.

      PLPEE Its RICE ! We have a truck load of peas and rice that we had in the cement Silos that we have to get rid of.

      • media says:

        Very amusing. I liked the Paula Cox mind altering babble. She can’t help it though, it comes from being a bright well spoken lawyer and long standing politician.

        • Blurt says:

          Sadly finance was not her specialty, great politician though..

          • Blurt says:

            You know that is not a compliment don’t you!

            • longtail says:

              Having dealt with the Cog I must agree – I do not think she can add 2 + 2. Finance – let alone simple maths – is not her strong point.

        • Grubster says:

          The way she talks, her tone of voice, always seems like she is talking down to you. Always seems very patronizing

  5. SMH says:

    They actually brought Rolfe on with “Ge Up Stand Up” ! lol Robert Nesta just rolled over !

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Is anyone there? Sure don’t hear much of a crowd.

    • Blurt says:

      Lots of cars parket on the grass, lots of GP cars too…was about 200 when I went past including the MPs and cronies. A few going in after all the speeches for the Beer and party. Lots of security at the gates.

  7. media says:

    Rolfe just praised former great PLP leaders. He conspicuously didn’t mention Jennifer Smith…was that an oversight? I somehow think not.

  8. Terry says:

    Whats this,…..the muppet show?

  9. Private Pyle says:

    Was wondering what the racket was in the distance. :\

  10. Capt says:

    So where is the OBA rally? Forgot they don’t want to show who’s really in the house at Bermuda College.

  11. SMH says:

    Wow…..I get the very real impression that they are nervous with this rally….and so they should. Once again …no substance…only hype.

  12. SMH says:

    I am leaving home right now for the free glow sticks at the after party !

  13. GOD 1st says:

    OBA all the way

    • frank says:

      you an a===ss

      • Blurt says:

        Frank you are vile and rule and never have anything more than divisive comments to spit. You spit.
        We need a Bermuda where Bermudians work together for Bermudians and Bermuda. If we don’t this country will fail. Wasn’t it the union who said….united we stand divided we falll……funny that a labour government want to divide a country…smell what is really happening before it is too late for us all.

  14. Noel Ashford says:

    Vince Ingham… You are a fool… What did you do after the tsunami ? You spent all the savings you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are you trying to fool !!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    • SMH says:

      That my friend is a genneralization that might have a smattering of truth….

  15. Dafuq says:

    Dora the Explorer Show for ‘adults’

  16. Mister Nice Guy says:

    um just watching…. dont think i will be voting for anybody from none of the political parties…… people might say um selfish but thats ok its MY choice.

    • Dafuq says:

      Just curious are you in a constituency with an independent candidate? If so that might be an even better “protest vote” than not voting at all.

  17. SoMuchMore says:

    The PLP should enjoy their last hours in Power cause their time is almost up.

    Why would they (the PLP) sing “we’ve come to far to give up now…” that is such an insult! they have ruined this island and I have ALREADY given up on them years ago.

    It is indeed ‘time for a change.’

  18. Aware says:

    Very embarrasing to watch. Reminds me of something, but I just can’t think of it right now…

  19. Dafuq says:

    LOL A SUPRISE appearance by Dr Ewrat Brown spouting his racist stupidity.

  20. Red Hind says:

    Dr. Brown is baaaaaaack!

    • Dafuq says:

      The First President of the Republic of Bermuda, that or Rolfe.

      • Blurt says:

        Wasn’t Markham in Browns camp? Hhmmmmm nobody likes Brown, probably just cost the PLP the election.

    • Terry says:

      All part of the plan.
      Hope it fails.

      • SoMuchMore says:

        i think it would have been better if he would have stayed in martha’s vineyard.

        just brings back all the memories – lies, etc LOL


  21. Mister Nice Guy says:

    watching the OBA rally now.

    • SoMuchMore says:

      You are prob. laughing your butt off LOL – these people are jokers they should be sign up to be comedians LOL

  22. Nemo says:

    Oh Dr. B find 20 young Bermudain’s under 35 at the polls will vote you out for sure!

    • Nemo says:

      P.S. They are all at The OBA Jam!

      • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

        Dude, there were 50 people at your OBA Jam……… Face reality

    • Dafuq says:

      Everybody will struggle to find 20 under 35s because half of them are away off island.

  23. MisssssC says:

    I’m sorry did OBA decide to pay these overseas artists to come in!!! R U KIDDING ME. The money spent to bring these overseas artists in is how much money going out of the country ??!?!?

    • Dafuq says:

      The OBA DID NOT SELECT the music acts it was a private company that selected entertainment.

    • Ryan says:

      This is not an OBA rally, by the way.

      • media says:

        What is it then?

        • Ryan says:

          It was sponsored and organized by SpanishTown, who have endorsed the OBA. However, the OBA had nothing to do with it outside of promoting it as part of the movement for change.

      • frank says:


      • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

        You aren’t serious are you!!! It is an OBA event. Your party was tweeting the bejesus out of it yesterday, the stage said “vote for change”!!!

        C’mon, you really think people are that dumb.

        Your leader even said on friday that its a concert to thank your supporters…

        Stop lying to the people. We ain’t dumb!

  24. Gabbani says:

    Vote Dr.Brown back in power.

  25. Gymgal says:

    The OBA bringing in a Jamaican artist and others that probably sing rap is a darn joke…..the same idiotic supporters who bashed the PLP for having a rally will probably be in the front row drunk and/or high acting like a hooligan just like the PLP supporters did (so they said). I bet it will hurt those clear skin former UBP candidates to be at that concert/change fest.with that type of music…..idiots… MisssssssC said money leaving the country…they could have gotten all local artists to help boost the so called failed PLP economy but I bet the blind supporters won’t even see that….SMH

    • SoMuchMore says:

      stop crying gymgyl – you upset they did not offer you a gig LOL

    • frank says:

      maybe it was done by ras.

    • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

      Don’t worry, no one showed up to the OBA Rally. Even the security at the OBA rally wanted to head over to the PLP event..

  26. MisssssC says:

    JIM CROW WTH !!!!! Really OBA ?!?!

  27. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Hamish let the cat out the bag . The OBA/UBP have two different sets going on tonight . One at the college for the hip hop vote and one at the yatch club for the line dance , heal and toe ,well heeled Yee haw country boy and Miss Daisy .

    Even caught the media flat footed , I bet !!!

  28. Dafuq says:

    Has Christmas been cancelled in Bermuda this year? Seems like it

  29. A. Little says:

    Poor Lois, Freddie, Julian, Austin, David, Molly, and dare I say even father Eugene, must be ‘rolling in their graves’… Surely this is not the ‘proud party legacy’ they worked so long and hard for and died for… They fought the good fight of high morals, integrity and justice, but now it all seems lost and abandoned, (10 years later) how far have we strayed?!
    They would be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed! Wayne, Randy, Dale, Jennifer, and Paula, what say you in good conscience?!
    Remember ‘we had to deceive you’, ‘I’m just a cog in the wheel’, ‘mock it up’, ‘make it happen’, overspend, overspend, overspend, ‘it’s unethical but not illegal’, sorry but the
    negatives far outweigh the positives… and there’s no such thing as ‘free’, somewhere, somehow we all pay… you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours… severe lack of accountability, justice and leadership… the silence is truly deafening… the children are watching and listening too, what examples are we setting ?! Double standards abound, shameful, shameful, we can do much better to ensure our collective futures!!!
    Please, Lord have mercy on our souls…… time to vote……..

    So….. it took the UBP 40+ years to self destruct, fizzle and become extinct and not to be outdone, now it appears the PLP are in hot pursuit, mimicking a similar performance of scandals, hiccups and alienating themselves from the people, tourists and big business, on a much grander scale.

    Possibly, the two party system needs to be shelved in the annals of history with the dinosaurs.
    A golden opportunity exists for the OBA to amalgamate with the ‘near to be extinct’ PLP, as they did such a great job amalgamating and re-branding with the dormant UBP.

    ‘One party’, of intelligent, gifted, enlightened men and women, young and seasoned, black and white, for the collective benefit of ‘one island’, in spite of our differences and opinions. A ‘win-win’ scenario, no more ‘divide and conquer’, after all, ‘united we stand and divided we fall’.
    The new name could be One United Progressive National Liberal Alliance of Bermuda, or, One United Progressive Democratic Alliance of Bermuda, or, One United Progressive Bermudian Alliance.
    If we can get men on the moon, we can do this too…. it’s so crazy and preposterous it just might work, seriously folks…. consider Bill Gates and his crazy idea, look where it took him!
    We do have the collective intelligence, talent and potential required to accomplish such an awesome feat!
    Time will tell…… time to vote…..

    • Keeping it Unreal says:

      How about just United Progress.












      Pour some new footings.

  30. Dafuq says:

    Derrick Burgess looks like the black version of Luigi from Super Mario Bros in his green outfit.

    • KB says:

      No need to be disrespectful, have some class.

      • SoMuchMore says:

        KB, take a chill pill… if he looks like Luigi, he looks like Luigi – can’t hide who you look like! LOL

        • Blurt says:

          Has he got 2000 tyres, LED lights and a 1 day shy of 21 years lease to give you, so you can make money for youself on public property?

      • Ayisha says:

        Derek burgess is a piece of —….respect that

    • yep! says:

      vote PLP!!!!!

  31. SMH says:

    OOOOKKKKK I am watching the Change Fest…. what happen it’s 10:40…. where is everyone…

    • SMH says:

      oooo it’s over… I didnt see any artist… what happen to Ray Jay? Did he perform?

      • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

        Nobody Showed up… That’s what happens, when you take your perfectly scripted campaign off the script.

        They should have stuck to renting taxis to drive them around (just like the UBP)!

        I give them an A for effort. Too bad no one is buying what they are selling.

  32. KB says:

    I pray that the next Government has the guts to do what is needed to get this Island back on track and I do mean guts. It won’t be easy with the mess the PLP has left or will re-inherit if re-elected. I hope not, the PLP has to much self importance to think strait about this island. EG: Why was the cruise ship companies not asked about future ship size when building the docks. Its takes many years to build ships, what the info was not available? Not one project on budget, why? You want more of this? No jobs insight for young Bermuda, spend $450,000 to get 8 people working and this what in the bucket. I feel really sorry them, no choice but to live at home or in a tent or car. Now we get promises of things to come that should have been completed years or months ago. WHAT ABOUT SHARED PARENTING – REMEMBER THAT. Make the change. 63 AND SEEN THE LIGHT.

  33. LaVerne Furbert says:

    In spite of the endorsement of Spanish Town, the OBA still couldn’t pull it of. I guess Spanish Town spread themselves too thin tonight, but they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

  34. Oh well says:

    Wow almighty Craig only talks for 2 MINUTES!!!! Then he talks about driving a car, give me a break this Island is not a car!!! It looks like only 15 people are there.

    • Solidarity says:

      There was 80 I’d say

      • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

        If you include the security and the media.

    • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

      And has their overseas MC!!!! Introduce him as the next president of bermuda.

      Overseas Consultants writing demeaning reports +
      Overseas ad production +
      Overseas MCs +
      Overseass Artist
      You not fooling anyone

    • yep! says:

      my thoughts exactly…what kind of speech was that?? PLP!!!!!!!!!!

  35. BDAHermit says:

    Happy Holidays…

  36. BDAHermit says:

    Happy Holidays Bermuda…

  37. Election Result says:

    As much as i hate to say it the oba dont stsnd a chance on monday

    their rally flopped and they got spanish town to say it was their event

    the plp has the soul of the people no amount of pretty ads or surrogates can take away the soul of the people

    time for the oligarchy to pack their bags and go back to canada and the uk

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      Amazing the lack of awareness shown toward the very real danger of each of you Pumping for the PLP being without employment when they secure their”Victory” as you call it! If the ‘oligarchy’, who happen to be the same who create the jobs, do leave, your employment situation will be certain…UN!
      The Govt is broke.
      There is no money for overtime and civil servants should expect to start seeing checks bounce soon after the “victory”
      Oh and go down to the banks and ask for a loan sometime after the”victory’, That will wake you up.
      Smart money is on getting a peddler’s permit while they are available.

      • Blurt says:

        Why did the PLP event need so much security on the gates? For agovernment that pretends it is so oen and transparent it made a huge effort to keep people out. The friends and family got to go in.

        • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

          Dude, you didn’t even come to the event, so stop talking crap.

          Its called parking assistance, which is needed when you have people actually show up to your event!

        • yep! says:


      • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

        You can’t be serious. Attempting to threaten people with economic blackmail… C’mon, grow up!

        You said the same in 1998, people are smarter than that.

        • yep! says:

          vote PLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          OK, and provided you are not in the civil service or in the friends & family plan, how has life been treating you since 1998.

          Are jobs plentyful? Seen any new hotels lately? Seen any closed ones open? What is your house worth these days?

          It is not blackmail at all. It is statement of economic fact.

    • Mother says:

      I agree with you, they dont stand a chance on monday, meaning The OBA.

    • Who wrote the report? says:

      Why would they go back to Canada ad the UK, wheh they are just as Bermudian as you or any other PLP supporter?

  38. Election Result says:

    “……… other words

    time to reinvent yourselves




    Democratic Peoples Party

    Former Gibbons PArty


    you get my drift

    and drop the eye candy candidates, go for substance

  39. GOD 1st says:

    Paula cox is disrespectful

  40. GOD 1st says:

    PLP forcing grown men to warwick camp SMH

  41. GOD 1st says:

    By the way i was at the function and it wasn’t a rally ok.

  42. GOD 1st says:

    OBA is on the door step working. Figure that out

  43. GOD 1st says:

    OBA gets my vote

  44. GOD 1st says:

    T N M Tatem middle school and Berkley is were majority of the plp voters have attended. Not a large turnout at all for the defending champions.

  45. confused says:

    Is the OBA a new party or just the UBP with new people if its brand new has it just been know to us two if so why vote for them and how can we trust them and also how will they get bermudians back to work

    Why are you supporting the OBA they do not have bermuda bestinteresttheywillmakebermuda a white island if you think bermuda bad and worse now what are see what more damage the oba will do


    • Reversal says:

      If an OBA supporter said the PLP was going to make Bermuda a black island I wonder if such a comment would have been moderated by Bernews.

      This election and peoples response to it is just incredibly sad.

      • SoMuchMore says:

        Confused, you are really ‘confused.’ You’ve made yourself sound like a real fool!

        • mixitup says:

          This type of thought does not represent the PLP, quiet frankly I’m offended by it. White people are a part of this Islands fabric and aren’t going anywhere, we gotta do a better job of bridging the gulf between us, but your comment is very offensive and ignorant.

          • Portia says:

            Mixitup – actually, this type of thinking DOES represent the PLP – exactly.

    • yep! says:


    • Honestly says:

      The OBA is scampered by the Uba. Take a brand n bring on new varieties just like OBA! Just wait til Grant n Dunkerly have their say. Not to mention smiler the finance man.

  46. GOD 1st says:

    Apparently it was not an OBA event. As a member I was not informed about it and I imagine the same was true for other members. Certainly no media promotion leading up to it.

    It was produced by Spanish Town and endorsed by the OBA.

    Yours truly Laverne Furbet And Frank

    • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

      Yeah. And spanish town has money to spend for free concerts all the time.

      Dude, you tried to out-do plp, you failed.

      Also, there is one Party that has put the end to conscription in their platoform, and it is not the OBA.

      • Pro PLP posters kill me says:

        “Also, there is one Party that has put the end to conscription in their platoform, and it is not the OBA.”

        Yaaa and that’s why they raised the fines and jail time if you don’t go/show up. You’re a dumba$$ if you believe they’ll get rid of it. It’s just another promise like all the other ones! You must like to gobble up all the bull$hit. Enjoy it! Ya dummy

    • Honestly says:

      What ever it failed!

    • So Tired says:

      That’s true

  47. GOD 1st says:

    @ laverne furbet and frank (FACTS)

  48. Concerned Citizen says:

    500 hundred plus at the PLP rally, 65 people at the OBA rally. Im doing my own math, I guess the polls arentt to accurate.

    • longtail says:

      This election is about Bermuda’s future… while you apparently think otherwise it is NOT about who can party best. Jennifer Smith was the first to go with her champaign party lifestyle, and subsequent plp leaders have only added to the party-party-party style of governance. It is time for change.

  49. C.B.A says:

    Lol the plp is really scared about young voters not voting for them. They should be

    • yep! says:

      I’m young supporter, and I’m voting for the PLP!!! btw, lots of young faces last night!

      • C.B.A says:

        You must like paying off debt then. Our generation is going to be confined with what we can do because we won’t have the money to do it! And you can thank your party and yourself for voting them in

  50. Really says:

    Black white ,red green who will you choose what’s your favorite colour ?after the sad horror that has took place in the USA this racist divisive nonsense has no meaning and leads me to believe that all these politrickers should be ashamed of themselves and the low depths they will go to especially as we are trying to enjoy the holy season.

    Well they got to live with themselves I guess ?

  51. MJ says:

    If the PLP win the election on Monday you can expect the following.
    Paula Cox will be booted out and Derrick Burgess will become premier, with Rolfe as deputy.

    The primier then appoints Ewart Brown to the senate.
    Welcome back brother Ewart. There is a few drops of milk in the old cow, so milk away for the next 5 years.

  52. confused says:

    I’m not confused I ask a simple question
    Is the OBA very new party or just the old UBP with a new name
    If its brand new party they haven’t been around that long as the PLP

    As a young bermudians how do I know that the they OBA as my best interest and also get me a job if they are elected on monday

    Why do you trust the OBA for

    • MJ says:

      With it’s appauling record over 14 years I do NOT trust the PLP. So far the OBA have not had the chance to earn my trust. HOWEVER they do provide HOPE. I shall vote OBA with hope for all Bermudians. If they [OBA] earn my trust as THE government, then in 5 years I will vote for them again. The PLP have destroyed my trust along with hope.

      • yep! says:

        blah blah blah! PLP!!!!!!!!

      • Honestly says:

        Just look…any familiar faces in politics in the OBA? Pls!

        • Pro PLP posters kill me says:

          Any familiar faces in the PLP. Ya that’s right then. STFU ya dummy

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        @MJ The PLP never destroyed your trust , they never had it to begin with . Now hope is a different animal ; when the economy was really, really good , you got more than you deserved and hoped for more .

    • mixitup says:

      I personally don’t trust the OBA. When they were the BDA they coulda had me, but then they collected the UBP Garbage, Sifted through it and wala! Look what we have! Also don’t listen to people who say the past 14yrs was a failure. They didn’t say this when the economy, in 2005,06,07 was overheated with thousands of jobs and money coming outta the wazoo! They say the past 14yrs because they NEVER wanted a PLP government from jump and was waiting with baited breath for them to fail. Then the economy crashed. Now when you have an overheated economy then an immediate crash of the world economy and all your eggs are in that basket, you will feel the PAIN and you will feel it hard as Bermuda is now. But the PLP was not a failure for the past 14yrs.

  53. Balanced Facts says:

    Interesting to hear some of the PLPL speakers…”THEY think YOU are less intelligent…YOU are surrogates…” no mention of “WE”…that type of speech has been made to masses for centuries, usually by one Tyrant or another, making out to be the savior of “the people” , to be one of them and feel their pain, but all the time sitting comfortably above them and doing well for themselves. Seriously, does that sound familiar? People should be objective about who they vote for, changing a vote form one party to another reflects a healthy and thinking electorate looking at the issues and the facts and who can best address them, the latter concept not forming much of the central part of the PLP campaign! Sad…we are the only Western Democracy that still operates like that, and our GDP ranking (FACT) is now in the bottom six out of 194 countries in the World!…vote plp.? Wow…

    • yep! says:


    • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

      Um… Don’t lie. GDP growth last year was bad.

      Our Per Capita GDP is still #4 in the world…….

      C’mon, come with something better.

  54. Les B. Frank says:

    20 seats OBA
    14 seats PLP
    2 seats Ind

    PLP rebrand in 2015 (inclusive of ‘secret document prepared by a consultant)

  55. GOD 1st says:

    Paula you are standing on thousands of young men forcing grown men to warwick camp.

    • Pro OBA posters kill me says:

      UM. Where in the OBA platform is the end to conscription???

      Think about it, don’t let them play you for a surrogate.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh give it up! There are many more issues much more important than a disfunctional Regiment & archaic conscription.

    • Honestly says:

      Hush. Boys need to be taught to be men. Why not the regiment , because your sons have come to age! Get a life n be responsible! It’s better than working on trash truck!

    • @Pro OBA Posters kill me
      Firstly we gotta ask where the heck is the OBA platform … they never came out with one

  56. yep! says:


  57. Ringmaster says:

    By rolling out Dr Brown, the PLP have shown the public who really is pulling the strings and getting the marionettes literally dancing. So belittling to see Paula Cox descend to a level her father would undoubtedly have found totally distasteful. The rest just show their true interests, and those interests are not in Bermudians except to get their vote tomorrow.

  58. yep! says:

    Just like the OBA, ready to push the blame on someone else. “It was hosted by Spanish town” There’s nothing new under the sun!!! Regardless of whether or not it was hosted by Spanish town or what, did Craig find out he has to speak that same day?? ill prepared rally.

    and it’s funny to read all the excuses the OBA supporters are making. yawn*

  59. Who wrote the report? says:

    I just can’t understand all the excitement.

    Is it debt? Extremely poor education results and graduating children with no real prospects in a BDA type economy? Is it the rise in gang activity and murders? Is it the level f unemployment? Is it the fact that many Bermudian businesses have shut recently while many others have had their homes foreclosed upon? I could go on but I know it will be nothing but a futile exercise.

    So can someone explain what all the excitement is over?

  60. Expat who is leaving says:

    Wow, this event was a disaster for the OBA, poorly organized. poorly attended, lame applause for CC…does not bode well for them at election time.

  61. GOD 1st says:



  62. GOD 1st says:

    @ SMH Truth is fact ,but the PLP smatters the truth lol

  63. Kalonji says:

    Wow. That OBA event looked pretty awful.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Most likely because it was not an OBA official event. Who even knew about it? It was done by Spanish Town. There was no promotion of it.


  64. Ayisha says:


    You’re reporting on these two events seems really biased, in favour of the PLP.

    Why is there only 11mins of the OBA video, yet there is 1h 48mins of the PLP?

    Don’t worry, you wont have to rely on the bad, sad and unethical headlines that gets your viewers if the OBA get in, hopefully we will start to see some headlines of prosperity and progression!!!!


    • Bernews says:

      You are wrong on both counts so hope you don’t mind if we interject with a few rather obvious facts :-)

      There is more than 1hr 48 mins video of the PLP event, and there is also more than 11 mins of the OBA video. Anyone can look at the replay videos and see both events are shown for around 2hrs or more each. We put a lot of effort to bring both streams….and both events were carried in their entirety.

  65. Pro PLP posters kill me says:

    Look at Ewart Brown visiting all his surrogates last night! You all just lapped it up hahahahaha jokes on you.

  66. letariatpro says:

    Speaking of Dr. Brown,

    Let’s not forget the mess he started:

  67. It only hurts when I breathe..... says:

    STOP TRYING TO make something out of nothing!

    The OBA event was not even advertised until a last minute add was placed into the RG yesterday.

    Unlike the PLP who party, dance, sing and like to use walking canes as pretend guns (shame on them!); the OBA is already working for the people,while the PLP party!!!!!

    Last night’s event was a simple low key event, as a get together for folk at the end of weeks of hard work. NO MORE, NO LESS.

    The PLP have nothing but partying and race baiting.
    That’s it! Nada, zero, zilch, nothing. No worthy record, no meaningful accomplishments, no nothing that didn’t cost and arm and a leg, and ALL OF IT OVER BUDGET. But hey! Lets party while OUR PEOPLE ARE OUT OF WORK.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That working for you?? Really? really?

  68. SoMuchMore says:

    I could not resist, I had to post… here is the prayer from the PLP. LOL

    With the election on Monday, we pray today for guidance and for the strength of Bermuda. In this important moment for our island, we hope you will join us in offering a prayer.

    Thank you,

    Wayne Furbert

    A Prayer for Bermuda
    Almighty Lord, bless the inhabitants of Bermuda with wisdom. Guide the people of our island in the upcoming general election that with honest government and wise laws, all may be blessed with justice and prosperity. For as it is written in scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13).

    And through Your Divine Power may we serve You faithfully in healing those who are broken in body or spirit and eliminating cruelty. Your loving hand has given us all that we possess; we thank You for freedom and the ability to participate in our democracy. Impart Your wisdom on us that we may serve those in greatest need.

    Hear us good Lord, that all may vote with sound minds. And grant us wisdom in this election that we may have a House of Assembly committed to the priorities of Your Holy Scripture, the source of all truth, so that peace, justice, truth and compassion may prevail among us and we may be enabled to fulfill Your purposes; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  69. GOD 1st says:

    @ Frank PLP is responsible for forcing grown men to warwick camp leaving many to be victims of verbal,sexual abuse. By the way they do not intend on abolishing conscription .Abolish means to put an end to conscription but the PLP’s definition is different wayne perenchief’s idea is to raise the age limit from 32-33-35 and raise the fines for conscripts who fail to show up from 900-2000 . These PLP lies have been going on for 14 years now flip flop spin Doctors. I see the devil in plp’s story.

  70. GOD 1st says:

    listen to the spin doctors on hott 107.5

  71. An expat who is leaving... says:

    All very sad.

    The incumbent party has bankrupted the country while race baiting and scaring away the IB Golden goose, while the challenger can’t even organize a free concert and whose strings are seem to be pulled by members of a party everyone loathes….

    Bermuda does not need a big government, it needs a good mayor who is not trying to fill his pockets. Why not ask the Brits to take over rule again and clean the place up?

  72. GOD 1st says:

    @ pro OBA posters kill me I am voting for the OBA and yes i am a surrogate . lol all the way to vote for OBA hey hey hey lol

  73. fidel says:

    the oba sheep are dressed in ubp wolf clothing !!!!!

  74. GOD 1st says:

    OBA OBA lol all the way to vote OBA all the way bye bye laverne lol

  75. GOD 1st says:

    Has anyone seen waynes PLP prayer ( minister furbet)

  76. GOD 1st says:

    PLP beggs please don’t let them use you as a surrogate whilst grasping for air lol

  77. GOD 1st says:

    minister (furbert)

  78. GOD 1st says:

    I recorded a message for you to watch before you go out to vote tomorrow for the PLP and our candidates. Please watch it and then send it to your friends and family so that they can see why we need to continue standing strong for Bermudians. Paula Cox is sending email links with messages asking us to listen to the clip before you go out and vote. lol Desperate attempts

  79. GOD 1st says:

    Talk about nervy ha lol PLP you insult people and force young men to warwick camp.

  80. GOD 1st says:

    Frank L.F, M.P MOUNTBATTEN Your out!!!!!!! Patrice Minors, Micheal weeks will be at Govt. Employment seeking jobs lol