Video: 2013 NYE Onion Drops In St George’s

December 31, 2012

[Updated with videos] With a few hours left until the official start of 2013, the traditional Onion is up in St George’s and and ready to drop at the stroke of midnight.

The celebrations in St George’s will begin at 7pm with musical selections from Black Lion Sound System & Reality Sound System. The band the “Unit” will perform between 9pm and midnight with the Sound Systems performing during the band breaks. After the fireworks display, the evening will end with a performance by the “Unit”. There will be food vendors, novelty vendors and a kiddies fun land.

There will also be a New Year’s celebration on Front Street, with Spanish Town Entertainment hosting “Unity Explosion: The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party.” It will begin at 8pm with a movie night for families, followed by a dance party hosted by Onika Best, music provided by Video DJ Craig “Bubbles” Darrell, along with food vendors, party favors, a licensed bar and more.

Update 12.19am: Video of the onion dropping in St George’s

Update 12.46am: Video of the celebration as the clock stuck midnight on Front Street

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  1. Even though it is a cold night here in Bermuda I say well done again to all those who are responsible for the events in St. george’s and Hamilton as we can come together on this night as one people being thankful that we have made it this far to end off another year and to begin 2013.

    To all Bermudians and residents alike I would like to say Happy New Year and may the God of Heaven bless you in abundance this coming year and strengthen each and everyone of us to go into 2013 being very hopeful of our future and reconize as a country that if we put Jesus first nothing is impossible.

    God bless each and everyone of you and to the staff at Bernews thank you for putting up with us all year long with our very nice blogs and sometimes not so nice blogs but in all truthfulness we appreciate you for giving us the oppurtunity to give us a voice to our Island home and beyond in trying to make a possitive difference in the lives that we live and the things we are faced with in these beautiful Isles.

    God Bless.

  2. D. Evans says:

    Hate to say it but I don’t feel safe going anyway these days

  3. Voter says:

    Great night in St George’s

  4. Speak my mind says:

    Sorry but I should have gone St. Georges. The music was drag up until after the New Year and then they played nice music. Fire works on a big screen REALLY!!!!!!! We have got to get better than this. Next Year a trip overseas sounds good!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      You’re right you should have gone St. Geos since it might be the last year fireworks are done on any end of the island. Fireworks cost money that the current government doesn’t have since the previous splurged year after year. What Hamilton had was good enough for the kiddies to have a bit of celebration & that’s all that’s needed since there’s way too much adult catered fun on this island than stuff for our young. Maybe by 2099 our island would have got over the self induced millions of dollars debt & we can have a grand centennial celebration but till then we have to make due with what we DON’T have.

  5. fidel says:

    or better yet , pay for the fireworks !!!!