OBA Release Final Part Of Election Platform

December 11, 2012

The One Bermuda Alliance has released the final segment of their election platform – a 17-page document entitled ‘More OBA Solutions’.

‘More OBA Solutions’ includes plans such as instituting a sex offenders register the public can access, holding a referendum on casino gaming, introducing whistle blower legislation, giving voters the right of recall over MPs, introducing fixed-term elections every five years and more.

In his introduction to the latest document OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said: “Ultimately, Bermudians want a government that’s going to work better for them.

“The fact that more than 10,000 Bermudians are unemployed or under-employed is astounding – never before in our history – and it tells us something has gone very, very wrong. More and more, people are looking for a lifeline.

“It’s fortunate that this election should be held now, because you finally can have a say about the direction your country is heading; whether you want more of the same with the current Government or change for the better with the One Bermuda Alliance.

“The plans we have put forward can help people do better – whether it’s a new job that wasn’t there before, better educational opportunities or safer streets and homes. We are ready to help out. We are ready to build a Bermuda that works for each and every one of us.

“The One Bermuda Alliance offers the fresh start the Island needs. Our goal is to provide Bermudians with a government that helps build a society based on social and economic equity for all, leaving no one behind. Let’s move forward together on December 17.”

The full document is below [PDF here]

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  1. Navin Johnson says:

    They actually have substance

    • Oh this is Funny says:

      Reminds me of our current government. A lot of words that mean NOTHING!

      • Soooooo says:

        At least you admit the present government talks in circles. That’s the 1st step!

        • Black Soil says:

          A vote for the PLP is a vote to remain in the past while the rest of the world leaves us behind.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Hardly alot of words meaning nothing. You must have it confused with the PLP 40 pager of recycled promises.

        It is rather simplistic but then it needs to be. Attention spans are short & reading abilities are limited, as brought out in the education statistics.

        Very few even take the time to read anyway. Much easier to listen to a radio or go to a rally & be spoon fed.

        Vote wisely. Your job may be at stake. 3000 gone. Many more hanging in the balance.

        • Blurt says:

          Thiis document will add so much value to all our experience of life in Bermuda. Go get em OBA. Looking forward to seeing, feeling and enjoying the real improvements we will all enjoy.

    • Blurt says:

      They do, and it is about time. The PLP whizz bang pop, spend us into oblivion, blame everyone else, pretend to plan to promise to plan a proposal to plan to consider to plan a plan, false soundbite repeating, evil divisive strategy following party who ignore rules and advice of the experts, award contracts without a fair process and due diligence on their friends and family businesses, pass planning applications in principle when they don’t know what they are giving it for, claim transparency then remove the accountant general, not disclose who the benficiaries of the DLBEvans building trust, ignore rules on disclosing (remember Zane was suppossed to, but didn’t), hide the mid year financials they promised to disclose, and have spent all our money again, but still need to fix a two year old Wharf, One day less than the minimum length of time to go in front of the house leases on Public property party.

      What the PLP are still up to and have done brings shame on us all as Bermudians. We let them do this to us again and again. Now we have the chance to vote for a party that are commited to work to fix the mess we are in and work for us all. They are commited to getting done, verses their PLP peers who have only ever been committed to thinking about stuff or last minute throwing something together. Everyone know Bermuda needs change, The OBA represent probably the best option we will ever have to make you successful and Bermuda successful. If you want life to suck, vote PLP, if you want life to be successful Vote OBA

      Ps watch out for the PLP soundbites… They think you can’t see through them, everytime they say them, make sure you laugh at their childish desperate foolishness. Try not to get too angry, they are just after their paypacket (untouched, and not cut) first the the OBA will do is cut the pay of ministers…remember that.

  2. I was a Black Surrogate Female : ( says:

    While you’re at it Mr. Cannonier please explain to the rest of Bermuda why every Country in the World is having unemployed or under-employed issues like never before in history? When I asked one of the OBA candidates to explain the difference to my family he gave us some Bull $#it story that even my 10 year old daughter laugh @.

    Stop hidding from Paula and debate. You want to lead the Country, but you can’t even stand on you’re own 2 feet without the UBP boys, trust me ZBM can hide the puppet strings or black Surrogate strings as they call you.

    • The Truthsayer says:

      Funny how the United States is out of a recession now….AND their unemployment rate is at a four year low!

      • status! says:

        @truthsayer—–And you believe that load of Sh!)! when has US ever been truthful about statistics?! They are in debt trillions of dollars to China and will have to restart their own industries to give Americans jobs,outsourcing was obviously not the answer and Bermuda hopefully will realize that too!There have also been quite a few new businesses that have opened in Bermuda and once the US starts to float more Capital after freezing certain accounts due to fraud,theft pyramid schemes ect..I’m sure we will know of it because we will then benefit with more tourism.Glad Obama is back in, hope he now taes care of Main stret 99%!Time to rip off, fli and reverse the economics in this world, the old system is a wrap and we can never go back!

        • Rick Rock says:

          The USA and Canada’s economies have been growing for over 3 years, while during the same time our economy has been in free fall. The ideas that Bermuda’s economy is doing the same thing as everyone else’s, is just plain wrong. It’s a feeble excuse.

          And when you’re criticizing the USA, saying it’s being untruthful, that’s Obama you’re criticizing.

          • A Bermudian says:

            @ Rick Rock,

            I am not saying obama is lying about stats, but you can’t sit there and say America is out of this recession. They are currently working their way out, but don’t paint this picture that everything is back to normal in the US.

            • Bermyman says:

              Hmmm different account names, You reveal your hand Sir.

              On the other hand, you are saying Obama takes care of Main street, well that mean us here in Bermuda and the offshore domiciled companies that prop up our single pillar economy, so if he pulls the tax trigger is pulled don them, you may see some very desperate times on this Island . Obama is a good president but Bermuda is not in his best intentions. At the same time, yes the economy in the US is experiencing statistical growth and in Bermuda we are still in the throws of recession. You can’t PLP window dress that one is moving one way and one is moving the other. If you are saying that things in the US are not back to ‘normal’ than define normal? At present they are stable and improving. In Bermuda we are not stable and we see continued disintegration of the Private sector. You refer to quite a few new businesses starting up in Bermuda but you are talking about drops in the ocean compared to the capital and local jobs that used to be here through IB. These companies are either post boxes for tax reasons or they are small niche outfits that employ a handful of people. Again more PLP window dressing and deflection from the truth. PLP candidate Vince Ingham attacks local and international business when he was the one that should have modernized BELCO so that our Energy costs would not be so astronomical at present due to our dependence on high oil prices. How do you think decisions or lack of decisions that man has made have impacted Tourism, Business and the people of our Island? Well the have been very detrimental to the bottom line and definitely made our cost of living higher. So congrats Vince, you have directly contributed to our high cost of living in Bermuda. Those are the types of people who the PLP roll out. Greedy and self serving.

            • Zombie Apocalypse says:

              The definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. The USA has had 12+ consecutive quarters of positive GDP growth, so it is in fact not in a recession. Bermuda has had negative growth for 16+ solid quarters, so Bermuda is in a deep unending recession, while the USA has been in recovery for the past 3 years.

              So if you’re attempting to say we’re in recession because the USA is in recession, that is nothing but a lie.

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          are you saying Obama is lying about the stats?

        • Eastern says:

          Why would you be glad that Obama is back in when you immediately call him a liar???
          You are not making any sense.

          Your reference to outsourcing was dumb too, because everything began to get outsourced from Bermuda after International companies were given a hard time with work permits by this PLP Government.

          Here’s an old proverb for you which I’m sure you’ve heard before: Better to keep your mouth shut and let others think you are stupid, than to open it and prove that you are.

      • M3ke says:

        USA isn’t out of recession. They still have an unemployment problem.

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          An economy can’t be in recession if it has grown for the past 3 years (inc. 2012).

          Look it up yourself. But try a different site other than PLP.bm.

      • A Bermudian says:

        @ The Truthsayer,

        Who and what news organization told you that the recession is over in America?

        • The Truthsayer says:

          All the news outlets. Look it up yourself if you don’t believe me.

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Maybe if we didn’t have 1.5billion in debt we wouldn’t have so many un or under employed

    • Barracuda says:

      I bet you teach your daughter that the white man is evil too.
      Think for yourself woman.

    • Barracuda says:

      Hi Betty , still on the payroll I see.

    • goatfish says:

      Not true. Canada and ausralia are not suffering unemployment and no recession

    • One says:

      Your facts are wrong lady.
      US employment has improved and there are many countries that are not in recession, including the US.
      What Bermuda is experiencing now is the result of the fact that international business got fed up arguing with Government and when they couldn’t hire the people they needed they put those jobs overseas. Add the payroll tax fiasco and you have the recipe for the disaster we are experiencing. If Vince Ingham represents the PLP then we won’t see improvement until the PLP voted out. If you are looking for a job then your best hope is to vote OBA.

      • Oh Please says:

        WoW! from 7.90 percent in October of 2012 to 7.70 percent in November of 2012. What a big difference. Hardly anything to brag about.

        • Rick Rock says:

          And during the same time what happened to Bermuda’s unemployment rate? There were shops, supermarkets, builders closing all through this year. Oh, right, we don’t know. The wonderful PLP government can’t keep track of unemployment in Bermuda. They can do it in the US, Canada, the UK, but in Bermuda we get unintelligible unemployment stats years later.

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          The US’ economy has registered growth since 2009 and is expected to grow by another 2% in 2012.

          Hardly a recession.

          But hey don’t let facts get in the way of your deception.

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          @ Oh Please; I am not sure to whom your remarks are addressed but it is important to put real numbers to percentage points.
          .20 of several billion people is vastly different from .20 of 65 thousand.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Get the facts, read some history and find some objectivity instead of listening to the spin of the Government. The PLP Platform has very little substance compared to that of the OBA, particularly on the economy, and the Government record is simply not debatable …maybe stop taking direction from a 10 year old?

    • Paul says:

      Aside from the fact that you’re completely wrong, you make sense. Do some reading. The UK is OUT of recession.

    • jt says:

      Technucally, Bermuda is in a depression. Which other countries reached that state?

      • M3ke says:

        You are so well uninformed I won’t even reply to your answer. You need to search google or read some business publication or textbook or something.

        • Come Correct says:

          Um… That’s where you’re supposed to write something intelligent as to why they are (so well?) uninformed. Not type ignorance for the sake of ignorance. Point blank, other countries are recovering from the recession. For Bermuda, there’s no end in sight. However I will give you this, someone in the plp made a promise that is continuing to be a success as we speak…bringing the island to its knees. How can you vote for a party who’s member said that? How? At least if we become like Jamaica there will hopefully be more ganja so I won’t give a f@ck about how good life USED to be. Oh no, wait, I have another passport, just like the plp MPs, and when this rock is on its knees, I think I’ll do the same thing as them…bounce!…just with less money.

    • Soooooo says:

      I know a bunch of 16 year olds that laugh every time Paula speaks…. Why, because she says one thing and has her party members do another. She talks in generalizations and not specifics…

      When Paula can control her members, then she can lead… She really needs to grow a pair!!

    • Clive Spate says:

      I hope your ten year old daughter manages to get a better education than you did.

      Your English is dreadful.

  3. Rock Watcher says:

    Seems that the only people who are calling for a debate between the two leaders are people who are not going to vote for the OBA any how…. Waste of time Mr Cannonier!!! Keep getting on the door steps that what matters… The end is near!!!

    • Oh Please says:

      @Rock Watcher: Ditto

      • J says:

        @Oh Please and @Rock Watcher: I am undecided and want them to debate… if it “seems that the only people who are calling for a debate between the two leaders are people who are not going to vote for the OBA any how,” then it must be true that those who are voting for the OBA are running from the debate. Why is that?

        Do not the people of Bermuda deserve to hear the potential leaders of our country debate the issues, rather than being spoon-fed scripted communications?

        • Eastern says:

          Craig tried to organize a debate with Paula Cox on the “Sherry-J Show”, but the PLP turned it down, because they didn’t want to upset the voters that have already voted in the advance poll.

          Go figure!!!

  4. UmUMUmUm says:

    That is funny, my child can debate better than most of the OBA new candidates and know more about the Bermuda constitution than most in the oba. All I see is the same ole same old racist people in the OBA

    • Ringmaster says:

      What’s your point? My hamster can debate better than your PLP candidates.

      • jt says:

        Have your kid teach the PLP about the constitution, especially Doc.

    • Blurt says:

      PLP have no Ethics..

      .off you go, debate the Ethics of the PLP. Please stay on subject, the PLP and the Ethics of the Cox time as the Finance minister.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Ah yes, bring up race. Demonize the opposition. I see you’re looking at that Markham report for your instructions.

    • More with less says:

      Nobody in the OBA are racist, get a life. Get into the 21st century my friend. Do you know how many Bermudians are employed by people in the OBA? Compare that to the amount of Bermudians employed by the members of PLP. And no the bloated civil service does not count.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      I notice the chicken s#!t PLP candidate is too chicken sh!t to come to my house and see whether I’m voting for him.

      Because he’s a lazy chicken s#!t a#s.

  5. Who Done it says:

    So as usual the PLP die hard supporter jumps into use race, I am surprised. Why should anyone debate an irrational irresponsible person who by her own accord is a cog in the wheel. Did she ever stand up to the Dr.? Nope, never. When anyone tries to debate with the PLP they use childish name calling or refuse to answer any questions.

    Why don’t we stick to the issues like the Economy, Education and Crime.

    America and Europe are trying to spend their way out of this mess and it will not work. Prudent management of finances will work.

    Paula has not stood on her own to feet it took a whole party (team) to work together to loot us. Craig is the captian of a team and hopefully will all work together to get our country moving forward. PLP have shown they can not and will not do it.

    • status! says:

      @whodoneit—-Craig abandoned his team, some kinda captain he is..has no more debating skills after asking plp to bring it on! now he wants it to begone cos his surrogate status won’t allow him to speak of his own volition…After looking at that fiasco on zbm the other night just wondering how his other surrigate team players felt when he left them high and dry at the podium…Yea go oba, go back to school then come and debate! You guys have more excuses going in and less answers apparently you seem to be outdoing the plp at avoidance, oh yes sometimes there has been avoidance and now I see why. Clearly it is racist cos non of the comments make any sense that are critical of the plp..I suppose only you know the critical issues..how are you personally suffering?

  6. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Wow I’m glad that’s all over . Nothing new here . I was under the impression that you UBP/OBA people had something different that the PLP hadn’t thought about and implemented already if it was necessary .

    • Balanced Facts says:

      The PLP might have some similar ideas, the fact of the matter is they have not been able to make any of them work…time for a change!

    • Ringmaster says:

      Good to see that apparently specialgirl4 is still up and posting under a new pseudonym. What will the PLP do after more International Businesses quietly leave to avoid the scrutiny afer the Google publicity? Remember, IB doesn’t need Bermuda but Bermuda’s survival is dependent on IB. Bermuda’s business model has drastically changed, but the PLP hasn’t noticed it yet, too involved in partying and so called “secret plans”.

    • jt says:

      PLP either primsed and did not deliver, partially delivered and stopped, delivered and screwed up, or delivered and grossly overpaid.

    • Who done it says:

      How much do you get paid as a blogger?

    • Nuff Respect says:

      M.P. Brokeback Mountain JP…the PLP have though about lots and done NOTHING.

      For Goodness Sake – this is the same group of individuals that decided to rename Cupmatch and call it Heroes Day. After the first year they couldn’t plan far enough in advance to think of a second “hero” so there was no change. You can’t make this stuff up.

      And you still choose to support them..lol

      • Nuff Respect says:

        Lets not forget about the Faith Based Tourism Plan
        What about the Late David Allens hard work regarding the Diaspora Trail Tourism Plan? Another idea, lots of money spent and no execution.

        Need more, or are you starting to see clearly now.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Mounbatty, I’m sure Roban will be reminding us about his “third leg of the economy”, space ships. Remember that? One year ago, Roban was telling us the Satellite business would be the economy’s third leg. All so he could go on first class expenses-paid trips to Cape Canaveral and Paris.

      I notice they haven’t mentioned Space ships recently.

      What about those new hotels? No mention. I thought they’re being started before the end of the year?

      But I almost forgot. It was Wayne Furbert who said that, and even the PLP don’t trust that rat.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Mountbatten: There are some ideas the PLP thought of, and some they even took credit for, but very few of them have actually been implemented…PATI is a case in point.
      While we are talking about platforms, how about the PLP spending $250 million on education with a 28% pass rate, also spending $20 million (against good advice) on a pool that is a white elephant. Shall I go on?

  7. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    @ I was a Black Surrogate Female ;( – No one is denying the fact that there has been a “world-wide recession.” It is important, however, to compare apples with apples. I don’t think there are many places in the world that are as dependent on IB as we are, and I think you’ll find the few that are dependent, aren’t feeling the same pinch we are.

    What should be clear from the economic facts, is that we didn’t have to be in this bad a situation. The facts are that this government has spent more than its income for quite a few years. They have also made it clear that they do not value expatriates. These two points make us unique among the countries of the world.

    First, as any prudent householder knows, if you consistently spend more than you make, you will swiftly be in financial trouble. Just because the government has appeared to have lots of money (at least until fairly recently) doesn’t mean that basic economic cause-and-effect does not apply to them. It may have taken a little longer than it would have taken our hypothetical householder, but eventually, such extravagance catches up with you – and ‘eventually’ is now! Sadly, the people that did the spending are not the ones that are hurting.

    Second, since a significant portion of our income is derived from payroll taxes, making the folks who employ those of us whose salaries provide the payroll taxes, making them uncomfortable enough to leave, doesn’t make good economic sense either. People who aren’t working aren’t paying payroll taxes.

    If the government is out of cash, and the fact that they needed to borrow money indicates that they ARE scraping the barrel, it makes it hard for them to create new jobs to replace the ones lost when IB left. Now, I know that not all of them have left, but enough of them have gone that the trickle-down effect has resulted in more than 3000 out of work and thousands more that are underemployed – in other words doing jobs with less pay, or only being able to find part time work.
    The OBA didn’t make this stuff up, there are government figures to prove it, and the OBA has only been bringing these things to our attention.

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      Oh gosh with all these figures and economic issues that actually impact us: BLACK SURROGATES AND GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS IS ALL!…

    • Oh Please says:

      I was a white surrogate..doesn’t bother me. Pick up yourself and get on with it.

  8. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    People persist in seeing the OBA’s efforts to ensure the Bermudian public are aware of what is happening to our country as PLP-bashing. How about, we are being educated, and not by the ones who SHOULD be telling us what is happening with OUR money and OUR country.

    We should all be asking about the PATI legislation which would allow any one of us to find these facts for ourselves. The PLP SAYS they have enacted it, but the facts don’t bear that out. We still don’t get answers to certain questions, whether asked by the OBA or the media. The Premier is an expert at stone-walling questions she doesn’t want to answer. We STILL don’t have the promised Mid-Term Budget Review (which is essential so we know exactly where we stand financially); people are put on ‘administrative leave’ with full salaries no less, and no explanations; and most telling of all, the Auditor General STILL doesn’t have full powers of subpoena and the right to ‘follow the money.’

    Why not, that is what I want to know. What is being hidden? If nothing is being hidden, then why muzzle the Auditor General?

    I am so sick of this government’s ‘deflect, divert, point fingers’ way of dealing with serious issues, I can’t wait till next Monday. Part of me doesn’t know whether to wish for the PLP to win, just so they can be stuck in the mess they created of my beautiful home.

    • Fooled Once... Not twice says:

      So we’re the “uneducated ones” that the OBA’s report was referring to. Sorry we aren’t as smart as you or maybe we are a different smart….. The smart that knows the OBA’s plan just doesn’t add up. Where is this so-called 2000 jobs come from???? Up Bobs 4$$ huh? Also wouldn’t his payroll tax plan better serve to retain jobs as opposed to creating them. You’re gonna offer businesses a tax break if they hire unemployed Bermudians….. So what happens to the existing employees? Whats the incentive to keep them and what’s to stop the business from firing them to rehire and get this added break? All you seem to be creating is “loopholes”. And Craig spoke about stopping the gang violence he blurted out he would stamp it out but when pushed by a reporter how he would do it he says they would figure it out when they get elected. Then he eluded to”operation ceasefire” which implements more punitive measures on young black males. Sorry Craig this is not the answer and if you was in tune with the real world you would realize that. In a nutshell failure to plan is a plan for failure and it appears the OBA has failed here.

      • Blurt says:

        How can the OBA have failed if they haven’t been in power? We know whatever the PLP have done is surrounded by failure, it stares us in the face on a daily basis. So, because you hate failure, you’ll keep clear of the PLP and vote for success for you and Bermuda and vote OBA. Glad I could help you with that one.

        • Fooled Once... Not twice says:

          @blurt… It appears the OBAs plans are plans that I don’t see solving the real issues. Since Craig has been delinquent for some time now we as the electorate cannot ask questions of his/the OBAs plans then Im led to think they will fail. Sorry my comment couldn’t be understood in the context it was intended.

          • Blurt says:

            The OBA plans are solid and will work for Bermuda and all Bermudians. If you vote PLP after hearing the divisive child like approach of their candidates and reading their platform compared to what the OBA platforms cover, then you have not really read.

      • Come Correct says:

        “So what happens to the existing employees? Whats the incentive to keep them and what’s to stop the business from firing them to rehire and get this added break?”

        Um… The employment act?

      • theothersidebda says:

        The report did not state blacks are undeducated. If you believe that is what it said, then you are being deceived by the very people who you think would not deceive you.

        The report was a strategy document that identified a demographic group that contains a large number of voters. The census questions ask a) race and b) highest education level. From those two demographics you can group results. The fact is that a large number of the voting public falls into that group which combines ‘black and lower formal education (i.e. uneducated in your words’. It was not stating that blacks are uneducated nor was it saying that people in that particular group were inferior or ‘can be fooled’. It was merely stating that a lot of people fall into that category. Thus, if any party is going to win the election it is important to get the votes from that very large and influential portion of the population. So no, it was not stating black people are dumb or anything like that. But the PLP government wants you to believe that this is what the report said and inteded to mean. So you can believe what the PLP tell you or you can read the report as it was written. It is the PLP that is hoping you will be fooled into believing the spin rather than the truth.

      • Argosy says:

        …..and the PLP has succeeded???

        Where have you been the past 14 years?

  9. Barracuda says:

    Folks, it is not us against them . Yes , Black and White culture are different, we will always be different and should be. We as Bermudians need to rise above all this derisive bullsh&t. Go outside every morning and see in the new day, or sleep in and see it later , I don’t care , the point is, we live in the best place in the world. Life is short,we need to make the most of it. All this OBA, PLP crap, just vote for who is going to make your life better. Go Nahki

    • Blurt says:

      Vote for the party that is going to work hard for you…The OBA.

      Can’t wait to see the next round, keep up the hard work Nahki! So proud!

  10. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Hamish just got off the phone after talking to me for a while . During the conversation he asked me ,” Monty , what does the OBA stand for ” ? I said , “Hamish that’s a question you really should be asking some one like Craig Cannonier “. He surprised me with what he had to say next . ” In that case ,” he said , ” they’re not standing at all , they’re crawling .” I was taken aback , “crawling,” I said , “yeah ,crawling” he replied . “Every time that woman Paula Cox asks to speak to him he crawls away and hides “..Of course I told him that simply wasn’t true , I told him time was short and Craig wasn’t crawling at all , he’s actually on his knees praying that he could get through this period with out having to face any more questions from concerned black swing voters like Mr.Johnson of the RG .

    • M3ke says:

      Craig should have debated Paula and set the record straight. He would have gained so much more points to defend the OBA statements. He’s not a good strategist. But then again, he would have got defeated in front of the whole Bermuda, so I guess he made the right decision.

      • swing voter says:

        there is nothing to debate ace boi….we’re over 2 billion in debt and sinking fast. children are mis educated, people are unemployed, government is bloated, borrowing millions every quarter and IB is brushing us off like dandruff flakes on their color. Man f$%k you and yur stupid jerry springer debate. Um voting OBA

      • OBA... says:

        Lol ok is he or is he not a good strategist, because you said both… Fact of the matter is, he has nothing to gain and everything to lose by debating her.. It’s all about choosing your battles wisely, because at the end of the day, ppl know by now who they’re voting for anyway, so the govt wants to make Craig look bad.. Why should he oblige when they have such a piss poor record? If anybody thinks Bermuda is truly in a better position now than it was in 1998, I want what they’re smoking… #thatisall

        • M3ke says:

          Yeah but he shouldn’t go down without a fight. True leaders standup for their party and for their people while under pressure hence the term “Leader”. He he was good, he could have banged the last nail the PLP coffin. But he’s not a leader and should really attend a leadership class or function because he won’t get my vote.

          • Let me get this str8 says:

            I agree to a point.

            The point being is that the other choice is to vote for a “leader” who hs led Bermuda to a persistent decline in all facets of Bermudian life. That meaning increases in the social divide, a broken down economy, poor education results, poor tourism, the racking up of debt and the anti-business attitude which has contributed greatly to our overall malaise. And the above doesn’t even touch the numerous scandals and cover-ups which have occurred.

            I just don’t understand how some can overlook all this and more.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ M3ke: What would be the point of a debate? The facts are out there for anyone who has eyes to see. However, there are none so blind as those who WILL not see!
        We all already know that Ms. Cox can talk rings around most folks while saying nothing of substance. What a waste of ear space!

    • Blurt says:

      You are loke a worn out record with this same old same old repetative nonsesnse.

      I guess it makes sense, no new ideas, no new approach and worn out like the rest of your PLP. Time to get put and work on basing your approach on doing something for the people of Bermuda and not just for selfish gains of you and you.

      • A Bermudian says:

        @ Blurt,

        You are speaking to a person who is an undecided voter, who probably won’t vote for either party, if I vote at all.

        With regard to a debate, I do not see what’s wrong with having one. I do believe Mrs. Cox should have to stand up in front of Bermuda and explain their record.

        Same goes for Craig, there is nothing to fear if the OBA have their ducks in a row. Let him question the PlP’s record, and show how the OBA can be different.

        Putting the parties aside, I think Bermuda deserves to have the two people who want to lead this country have the chance to state their case, and defend what they feel is the solution for Bermuda.

        You OBA supporters are not helping your case by saying a debate makes no sense. Let both candidates face the music!

    • Rick Rock says:

      Another imaginary political discussion with your imaginary white friend?

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    What is there to debate? The debt costs us over $200 per minute to service, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Some folks just don’t understand how deep a hole the PLP has dug.

    • Concerned says:

      is that why they put the Accountant General on leave???? Where is she and why??? AME Church doesn’t have a conference going on, the Bishop has left – where is Mrs. Hayward and her assistant???

  12. Vulpes says:

    Odd that neither party has had the courage to come right out and state that they will legalise gaming ASAP, especially as it this issue that is blocking several large hotel investments, plus the other infrastructure projects that go along with it. Do we really need to waste another six months to a year to organise a referendum on something that has to happen?

    • swing voter says:

      agreed…best post on this story. church ppl need to step back and let business flow again. besides they have enough problems keepin their own members straight

    • A Bermudian says:


      You have my vote for post of the day. This is a real issue that should be dealt with, as this could help the island in a BIG WAY!

      I agree, this is something that can create jobs on many levels, and the positives outweigh the negatives any given day.

      Any church group or christian (who probably host of play bingo)who are against this are not living in the 21st century. Most tourist destinations have hotels with casinos, so this is the trend, and if we want to be a part of the trend, we have to move with the times.

      I can’t see how this is a hot issue, as we already have many forms of gambling on the island already, and this is something that can create jobs and create more revenue for the country. This is a win win for Bermuda, so I hope the PLP and OBA are listening.

  13. kevin says:

    can’t debate gaming now too close to election plp don’t want to upset the churches ..oh no way too risky …this should have been on the table years ago ….its a no brainer …hell might even attract a few more tourists, imagine that, no way to smart for the last 4 tourism ministers ….not a brain between them…hell this minister is claiming improved numbers year over year in months that he can, thats pretty sad when you compare them to air arrivals only 10 years ago for sure lets not talk about the 80′s. Then has the nerve to talk about hotel occupancy % we have lost thousands of hotel beds and yet the %’s are still below…these ministers should resign but their ego’s are to big hey only 6 days lets hope common sense prevails …there really is no confusion …..we need a change