One Bermuda Alliance Submission To The BPSU

December 15, 2012

[Updated] The OBA has provided a list of answers in response to questions posed by the Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU], covering topics including how they propose to deal with the debt, job creation, the role unions play in Bermuda and more.

Speaking on Thursday night, OBA Chairman Thad Hollis said “The One Bermuda Alliance received a series of questions from the BPSU asking that the questions be answered by a specific deadline. We submitted our response on Monday 10th December 2012. We understood that the PLP was asked the same questions.

“We answered the questions as thoroughly as possible and submitted a 29 page document in PDF format. We were today queried by a BPSU member as to the lack of professionalism in our submission to the BPSU. The document to which the BPSU member made reference is attached [PDF] and was received by that member today.

“In the interests of clarity and transparency we have attached here our actual submission to the BPSU. We would like to thank the BPSU for the opportunity to answer the insightful questions and the membership of the BPSU for their hard work and dedication in keeping Government running.”

The BPSU’s Ed Ball explained that the BPSU “will not publish and/or disseminate any political platforms/position papers for any of the political parties. The parties are capable of doing that themselves.”

The BPSU represents more than 3,500 members within Government, Quasi-Government and Private Sector businesses.

The full document submitted to the BPSU is below [PDF here]

Update: We have asked the PLP for their responses, however they have declined to provide them to us at this time.

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Comments (26)

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  1. swing voter says:

    A member questioned the lack of professionalism in the submission? Please elaborate. I tend to keep an open mind until I see evidence to support the critic’s claim. As a member, I read both responses….I won’t say any more than …. yeah I read both.

    • Union Member says:

      Ditto Swing Voter! I saw both as well and was confused by the headliner.

    • Hey says:

      Read the article and stop being a completely PLP propaganda brainwashed submissive Judge Dredd, or should I say minister.

      Throughout the lead up to this election you have posted nonsense and offered nothing relevant to what will make this country work for Bermdians and Bermuda. You have been divisive, and trying to split up Bermudians into them and us. Well we are not Judge Dredd, WE ARE BERMUDIANS, WE ARE PROUD TO BE BERMUDIANS and we will not be brainwashed by you or your PLP propaganda…We want a Bermuda that works….our GDP, something that the PLP have trumped up to justify the debt is not in a good position….look at the reality and truth in the below. (I did not create the below…it was all of the PLP’s doing)

    • Hey says:

      there is no Cuts and Pain Commission that is what the PLP coined the phrase of…They made sure all their ministers kept repeating it trying to brainwash us because they think we are stupid, but we are not stupid , we are Bermudian ! I find it insulting that the PLP treat us this badly and disrespectfully. We are Bermudian and we won’t take being treated like fools anymore!

  2. Oh Please says:

    There are many men & woman of principle in both party’s in Bermuda, but there is no party of principle..

  3. GOD 1st says:

    OBA is so focused

  4. SoMuchMore says:

    The Outlook and the way the OBA presents their work is on point… Stunning!

  5. A senior professional says:

    I read the document. What is unprofessional about it?

    • SoMuchMore says:

      Some people will just hate only because they can’t get ahead or the idea or words did not come from their party. Let’s move on… NEXT!

  6. Call Me Maybe says:

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of the PLP’s submission to their answers? I’d be curious to read both.

    The OBA report is fair to the point and clearly answers the questions regardless of whether or not you agree with the answers. Unlike Paula Coxs answers to questions at the last Rally?

    • SoMuchMore says:

      Remember the PLP have no answers… they just copy the OBA! LOL

  7. Rick Rock says:

    I’d call it unprofessional to pretend the main way new jobs will be created is by investment from Bhutan.

    The OBA’s answers are rational and professional.

  8. Bermudican says:

    It read relatively professional to me…it took time to prepare those writings. one would only wish that this is sufficient to do away with left field criticisms based on the amount of people walking backwards on Sunday thru Par L’ville park and more focused approach on what each person must be about to bring Bermuda back on the map as a decent community , place to visit and share some good times while they may…
    When folks get older , complications are not what they are looking for in a vacation…
    With more people hearing the message it is begining to sink in…

  9. Ringmaster says:

    When will the PLP publish their response? I won’t hold my breath. Their response is a secret. A big secret. Probably can’t find anyone intelligent enough to read the questions let alone respond. All too busy recovering from the alcohol consumption at the parties. No doubt paid for by the taxpayer, just like the use of GP cars, use of Government property and all the rest.

    They have no right to Govern Bermuda and represent Bermuda overseas with their cynical and manipulative use of race, race, race, prancing around looking like a bunch of 5 year olds.

    • Paid Bloggers are Idiots says:

      Their plan isn’t a secret, their party leader said he’d bring the island to its knees ages ago…nothing has changed.

  10. Petra says:

    Read every word, and it is a clear and transparent answer to the questions raised – well done OBA, at last no double speak.

  11. GOD 1st says:

    OBA a dedicated group of people working hard on the door step so that they can revive Bermuda. Bermuda sure does need cleansing

  12. Play Ground says:

    You say you will not cut jobs in the civil service that is just not good business . So many are lazy and need to be fired call a spade a spade please if you said you or any party will be truthful about this civil service i will vote for you. That is where the money is spent .

  13. 32n64w says:

    So where is the PLP”s reply?

    Bernews – perhaps you could ask them and report back their response?

  14. Jay Kempe says:

    On the face of it, this exercise by the BPSU is mature and responsible.

    1. Has Bernews asked the PLP to disclose their reply to the BPSU?
    2. Has Bernews asked Ed Ball what he did with the 2 submissions?
    3. Did he distil or summarize them for the benefit of his membership?
    4. If not, what was the purpose of asking the questions?

    Surely these are angles/leads Bernews should be chasing NOW on this story.

    • Unionist says:

      Only after the BPSU received both responses were they were posted to the Union’s website in our member’s section, as we asked the questions.

      The documents were presented as received from both the Parties. Those members reading them will see unedited documents as above.

      As the Bernews article above states quoting Ed Ball, if the Party wishes to make it public, it is their choice not our Union’s.

  15. Jay Kempe says:

    Dear Unionist,

    Many thanks for the clarification. I am pleased to hear that the BPSU posted both responses in the member’s section of its website.

    The Bernews article was unfinished and left me with understandable uncertainties and legitimate questions. The devil is always in the details!!

    Also, you would have thought the most natural and logical step for Bernews was to seek from the PLP its responses and if these were not forthcoming to report this.