Registrar: Election Day Requirements For Voters

December 13, 2012

Parliamentary Registrar Randy Scott today advised of requirements for voters on Election Day. Mr. Scott said that all registered voters should attend their polling station between 8am  and 8pm on Monday, December 17th 2012 to vote.

Voters will require photo identification such as a commonwealth passport, drivers license, special persons card, voter identification card or an employer issued identification with photo, date-of-birth and signature.

He noted that all households have been mailed a polling card advising voters of their constituency name and number, and their polling station name and location, and a full list of polling stations can be found on the Parliamentary Registry Office website.

Mr. Scott also reminded all employers that they are required by law to allow employees sufficient time off to vote.

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  1. Soooo says:

    “He noted that all households have been mailed a polling card advising voters of their constituency name and number, and their polling station name and location”

    I hope they put the correct address on them!!! There hasn’t been one of these cards delivered to my address yet, when were they mailed?

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      It’s Friday Dec 14. My one, and my wife’s one, have not been delivered to us.

  2. Family Man says:

    LOL We’ll all get them after Xmas.

  3. Nanny Pat says:

    You mean to tell me we do not have to provide proof of address? (A passport does not have a street address on it.) Why don’t we have proof of voter cards like most other countries?

    I am already calling for fraud. There are too many loose ends here. And now we aren’t allowing agents from the UK to come and observe the election? Hmmmm. I don’t trust this government who has “had to deceive us” in the past. I smell too many rats on this island.

    I don’t like this one bit. Not one bit and I am not comfortable trusting this lot with a lawful counting of the ballots.

  4. Hey says:

    If you VOTE OBA you’ll get a great 5 years of work for the benefit of you and this country AND a reinvigorated and newly motivated PLP ready to pick up the reigns in 5 years if the OBA slip up.

    The PLP have been there for 14 years and are certain to win this election. What will change if they win? Nothing, they will continue us down this path of no accountability, overspending, and ignoring the Bermudian population. Why ? Because they can, because it is what they have done (eg Grand Atlantic, overspends, travel junkets, wharf disaster, no hotels, gang crime increasing , unemployment and so on) and they know that even if they do nothing when in power except gesture they still get voted in.

    When they came in in 1998, they did a decent job in their first term, but in the last 2 terms it has not gone so well. Complacency, tired politicians shuffling the same deck and producing poorly have been the order of the day. So let’s think about this….

    What if you VOTE for the OBA?
    You have a great team of talented people who are hungry and dedicated to prove their worth to you with results . Why? If they don’t, they will be gone within 5 years. So, the OBA are going work incredibly hard for you. That is a good thing.

    If the OBA don’t succeed in doing a good job, it’ll be over for them and we will then get a reworked and newly motivated PLP in the next election. That is a good thing too. They do need it.

    So you can vote PLP and get much of the same tired, shuffle the deck promises and no delivery, but with even more added complacency (as they don’t feel they can lose power…they have little to no motivation to have to do anything, but take the increased pay ).


    You can VOTE and get 5 years minimum hard graft and work for this country and a newly motivated, desperate to prove themselves PLP at the end of it . SO, a VOTE for the OBA is a WIN FOR YOU, a WIN for Bermuda and a WIN for the PLP.

    Think about it !

  5. Mmmm…… Definately some monkey business going on!!! Ask the residents living at the Gulf Stream facility! They have been told if they do not wish to vote for a particular party they cannot vote at all because of where they live!! Go figure!!

  6. GOD 1st says:

    @ talk2mestr8 Are you serious?

  7. GOD 1st says:

    OBA all the way