Retail Sales Increase 0.7% In October 2012

December 19, 2012

Retail sales in October 2012 edged up a fractional 0.7% or by $0.2 million. Among the broad retail sectors, motor vehicle stores posted the strongest sales activity of 43.3%, while retailers of building materials experienced a 24.4% dip in sales.

Residents returning to the Island declared overseas purchases of goods valued at $5.3 million during October 2012, 7% or $400,000 less than the $5.7 million declared in October2011. Combined local and overseas spending totalled $87.2 million.

After adjusting for the annual retail sales rate of inflation, measured at 2.2% in October 2012, the volume of retail sales fell by 1%.

The full October 2012 Retail Sales Index is below [PDF here]:

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  1. Oh this is Funny says:


    whoops, this was october!

  2. Hey says:

    2.2% inflation would reduce a 0.7% rise to a (1.5)% fall. Perhaps should use 1.d.p. on the 1% for a more meaningful result