Sick Passenger Transferred Off Cruise Ship

December 19, 2012

The Pacific Princess cruise ship returned to Bermuda on Monday [Dec 17] afternoon to drop off a sick passenger shortly after departing the island following a day-long visit to King’s Wharf in Dockyard.

A spokesman for Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said, “Shortly after the pilot disembarked the Pacific Princess, the ship’s captain contacted Bermuda Harbour Radio to report a passenger suffering from what was suspected to be a heart attack.

“The pilot boat was sent back to meet the ship at the sea buoy. The sick passenger, a 27-year-old Grenadian man, was transferred off the ship on a stretcher and transported to Ordnance Island to an awaiting ambulance. A member of the ship’s medical staff who accompanied the passenger on the transfer was returned to the cruise ship by pilot boat.

“The ship then continued on its journey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, its departure having been delayed by approximately one hour.”

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