Video: Independent Candidate Gershwyn Smith

December 7, 2012

Independent candidate and Young Progressives member Gershwyn “High Priest Shiloh” Smith held a press conference this morning [Dec 7], where he predicted he will receive 99% of the vote in the upcoming Election.

Mr Smith will run in C#7 Hamilton South against Sylvan Richards [OBA] and Diallo Rabain [PLP].

He said the press conference was called to make a “statement to clear up Young Progressives name and their kind of attitude in general.”

“Something surfaced in the news recently with our name attached. We want to say our thing is good relations for better community. And I would like to thank the Premier for hitting the nail on the head as to say that journalists should make phone calls before they make reports.”

Mr Smith said: “Since 1969, Bermuda Young Progressives have put me forward as a candidate for elections. I have run 6 times, this makes my 7th attempt.”

When asked what impact him running for office has had, Mr Smith said: “It has made a difference over the last 6 times. It has encouraged the person to keep optimistic views for better Bermuda

“And when we do not get the kind of vision that we are looking for, we have to run for Parliament ourselves if we have vision and encourage others to do so.

“I think this time, with 15 Independent candidates, the example I have set over the years has been a good example,” said Mr Smith.

Asked how many votes he thinks he will get, he replied: “Percentage wise, I would say 99%. Being realistic.”

When asked by a reporter if he thought the voters would take him seriously, Mr Smith replied: “They have to, if not Bermuda’s done. I have the vision….”

He said he stands for peace, reconciliation and truth, and will have his leaflets out shortly.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I’ll vote for you Shiloh. I’m definitley not voting for Diallo Rabain, I ain’t seen him around at all. He is a little wet behind the ears and is only doing what he’s told!

    • Luis Suarez says:

      Diallo who?

      He ain’t been knocking on my door.

      I’ll vote for you, seriously could you do any worse than the current Govt?

      • observer says:

        The PLP is smart, they know you won’t for them anyway. So they don’t waist their time>

      • Jamal says:

        Actaully Luis…Mr. Rabain “knocked on my door” one day when I was not home and left contact information in my mailbox. I did call him and scheduled a follow up appointment, which he gladly accommodated. He sat with my family to hear our concerns for approximately an hour (give or take). Everytime I have sent him an email, text message or phone call, he has responded….every time. I do believe he is committed to the constituents of Hamilton South and believes in enpowering our community. He IS “a people person” and does what he says.

        Now, contrary to your statment, who I haven’t seen or heard from…..Mr. Sylvan Richard or Mr. Gershwyn Smith. one can only surmise there is no desire to hear our concerns. Yes, you may be correct that Mr. Rabain hasn’t “knocked on your door”, but I can say the same thing about the other two candidates.

        Let me end my statement by saying, everyone is entitled to vote for PLP, OBA, UBP, Independents (or for whatever other party is out there). I am simply stating the facts. So if you going to get on your soapbox and down one, be sure that they ALL have done their due diligence BEFORE you make such negative remarks.

        Remember, don’t forget to cast your vote on the 17th now. :o ) I do hope you have a great day!

  2. unreal says:

    The cell phone going off in the fanny pack at 2:00 is absolutely priceless!

    • fox_gap_2 says:


  3. navin johnson says:

    Young Progressives is a bit of a misnomer

  4. Mike says:

    I think I may have to cast my vote for him. Can’t take either party right now.

  5. One thing High Priest Shiloh brings to the table is hard core values that Bermuda was known for and built their legacy upon.Mr Smith may not seem to be the most learned person when it comes to economics,education and global sustainability.

    What I do see is a dedicated and passionate man that has fought since the early 1960′s and has never stopped pounding the pavement for equal rights and justice.To that end I would like to actually see him win in his area to help bring a balance in the house of assembly that really could use a major shake up at this point.

    Bermuda has move to far from it’s land mark trying to build on other’s shoulders and if we would only build upon the firm foundation of our forefathers and mothers I think we can stir the ship back on course,but of course we think that is to simple of a plan.God gave us Wisdom,Knowledge and divine understanding to make wise choices but we choose to do it our way instead.

    We have a house of assembly that opens each session with prayer and then debate as if they are powerless after saying they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who they just finish praying to,so my recommendation is go back to basis and stand firm on what works and the rest as they say is and will be history (HIS STORY).

  6. Piper says:

    Hmm. Watching this makes it seem very unlikley that the Young Progressives were a likley audience for Michael Markham’s report as claimed. Mr Smith seems to champion peace, harmony and “inter-dependence” and certainly not the divisive racially charged tactics Mr Markham writes about.

  7. Terry says:

    Know the guy since we went to school.
    Radical at times but his answers were spot on.
    Best of luck ole horse.

  8. Kim Smith says:

    I like a lot of what Mr. Smith states here. Perhaps others will be inspired by his thoughts.

    • Big D says:

      Mr. Smith is trying to make a difference and Bermuda a better place, wich is commendable! I wish we were all working towards these goals…

  9. Bermyman says:

    London and Ghana! I agree!

  10. O says:

    Im voting for this guy too…His got the vision!!

    PLP and OBA are both trash in 2012

  11. fidel says:

    a true visionary !!!!

  12. James Tucker says:

    Best of luck to you on the 17th., my brother.
    You speak from the heart – and that is so much more than can be said of so many of the other candidates.

    • Webster says:

      And he spoke from his heart not some script someone else wrote for him, I wish we had an independent running in our area.

  13. SurvivingBermuda says:

    I’m a swing voter, registered in C#7 and becuase we live (unfortunatly) in a party poltics Westminister system, likely won’t vote for you as an Independent at this time. I do want to say that I appreciate your dedication to caring after Bermuda’s soul. Please keep it up and continue to inspire.

  14. Future says:

    This guy has tremendous dormant talent. It will be a great day when it gets developed.

  15. craig looby says:

    the young progressive team have great depth……

  16. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Ras Shiloh could teach all of you OBA surrogates and puppet masters how to really love one another without putting a price tag on your faux love .

  17. Cleancut says:

    I bet he gets more votes than Laverne Furbert,

  18. Good impression says:

    Many may have laughed at this man in the past (including myself) but he was ready with an answer for every question and spoke directly from the heart not having to refer to prepared notes for his speech. Although I was impressed I can’t see him getting anywhere near 99% of the votes.

  19. down de road says:

    I am in complete support for High Priest Shiloh! As a non-black Bermudian, I am moved by his honesty and dedication and inclusiveness . You can feel the honestly when he speaks. So what if he has little experience in government affairs. I trust him more than ANYONE in this current government!

  20. Silver Lining says:

    All the best Shiloh!

    O.B.A. – Old Bull$h!t Again

  21. James Goodfellow says:

    Shiloh. Your perseverance and dedication is something to be proud of.

  22. Thomas Mahoney says:

    You got my vote shiloh!

  23. I agree with you 100% Gershwyn Smith,I will STAND firm behind you, what little experience you have, I will still vote, I feel a positive energy vibe coming from your speech as I look directly into your eyes. I feel you can make a different.We all need to come together and support this Independent – Candidate, give this party a chance.I feel that the change is needed. Without this change Bermuda has yet to head for a disaster. good impression people like you are scared for a change, reading what you wrote you send of negative energy, what’s to laugh about!in these hard times, you are foolish never undermine anyone in life less its yourself, cause you couldn’t stand in this man shoes that’s why your chatting your mouth. NUFF RESPECT BRA

  24. Xman says:

    I have talked to the high priest Shiloh a few times a I found his views on Bermuda as a whole very interesting.
    He is educated, articulate, and pleasant to talk to.
    I worked with him for a year and found him well mannered,very hard working, at peace with others and himself.
    As a white Bermudian I never heard him say nothing negative in regards to race, the Shiloh as I know him told me that he combined teachings of his Pentecostal Christian background, Islam ,and Rastafarian together to form his beliefs.
    Most people in Bermuda is expecting a politician to come out with a Coat and tie but not the Shiloh.
    His views on politics my not suit everyone but I would rather vote for him any day than MP Jennifer Smith who has run down the area were I come from.

  25. Look D Plane D Plane says:

    Gershwyn “High
    Priest Shiloh” Smith you are living in a fantasy world.

  26. @dplane

    It is you who are living in a world of fantasy. Juat because someone doesn’t fit into your silly little self righteous box you make disparaging remarks about them.

    This man is honest and speaks from the heart which is evidently something that you are not familiar with. That’s reality!

  27. Optimistic says:

    At first I must say I didn’t take Mr. High Priest Shiloh serious from his outward appearance but I am highly apologetic because he has all the values I will like to see in a political leader. His intensions are pure and not obstructed by greed or ego. I wish I would have seen more of him during this election campaign. If I was in his constituency he would have my vote.

  28. Keturah says:

    Good luck gershwyn smith. We like your courage.