36-Year-Old Man Charged With Sexual Assault

January 8, 2013

In Magistrates Court this morning [Jan 8] a 36-year-old man — who cannot be identified for legal reasons — was charged with multiple counts of sexually assaulting two girls who were both under the age of 14.

The first set of seven charges relate to one girl under 14, and the second set of three charges alleged sexual assault and improper and unlawful behavior with another girl who was also under 14. The second set of offences were alleged to have occurred between January and December 2011.

Magistrate Archie Warner remanded the defendant in custody until Feb 2013 when he will appear for mention.

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  1. lofl says:


    People say bermuda is to small and the victim might be ID if these pervs names are released . . . well i say Bermuda is too small to NOT know who these offenders are!!!!

  2. WTH???? says:

    Yesterday it was a 33 year old man now today we have to read about the same thing but this person is older and with two girls. smh this is so sad

  3. SMH says:

    Yet again another one, what the hell is going on. Stop protecting these animals. no disrespect to the innocent victims, but these bastards need to be exposed.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but these cases are far to many and I would call on the newly appointed Attorney General to take a very close look at the simalarities of cases and find ways of dealing with these issues.

    I truly believe that these young man, if guilty need to and will be dealt with through the law,the alarming issue that many do not speak to which I believe is the greater of the two issues,is the under age female who engages into these acts.

    We consider them to be still a child but yet we find some of them going around with several males who they are being sexual with,I stated this before and I will say it again.some of these young girls should be removed from the care of their parents and/or guardians and put into protective custody,to protect them from themselves.

    To many young teenagers are sexually active and finding themselves with older people,we concentrate soley on the older male with the younger female but never do we hear of the older female with the younger under age female and that is happening on our shores,this is just as sicknening. both situations need to be looked into and dealt with,but until we get a grip on the teenagers themselves it will always be another case.

    It might be a hard pill to swallow buut how many of these young teens have had multiple partners and how many before they reach the age of 15,then my final question is as these men are brought before the system to recieve punishment,how many more man will these 14 year olds become active with that are older then themselves.

    To the families of these young girls and the young men in question, I sincerely offer my apologies for using this story as a result to view my opinion,I do reconize that the facts in this case maybe far different then the information that I raise,but the need to say it here is important as it is public information and hopefully another side that may be considered before falling into total judgement of being one sided.

    I am very open to this as I have had to live it over 30 years ago,I have also written to the former Attorney General Mrs Kim Wiilson in regard to these same issues,I wrote and hand delivered my letters to her chambers twice,not once did she acknowledge or respond to either letter and to date I still consider her disgraceful.

    So I am very passionate from both sides of the coin as I also have young daughters and would not like to see them go through this but equally know that there are young men that fall into situations that they themselves need to get help.

    In this country we have to many 20 and 30 year olds with the brain of a pigeon.for the record of the nay sayers I was 17 at the time of my situation and not a 36 or 33 year old.

    • SMDH says:

      The accused in the current cases are men in their mid-thirties. There are not ‘young’ men, they are GROWN men who are old enough to be the fathers of the alleged victims. There is nothing that these children may have done (and I am in no way suggesting they were complicit) which can excuse the behaviour of these GROWN men.

      As for the increasingly sexual behaviour of teenagers, this should never be an excuse for having under-age sex with a girl (or boy) but I do agree it is an issue. Unfortunately the sexualisation of children starts at an early age on our island – from birth some babies are referred to as ‘sexy’ if they are dressed nicely and encouraged to pose ‘pertly’ in photos. They grow up with the wrong values.

      • Come Correct says:

        You both make valid points regarding the topic. Wish you both could have seen what I saw at the beach on front street at 2 for Tuesdays and what/who they let in. I was blown away and I’m only 25. Confirms the fact I don’t want a daughter lol. If I had one, I wouldn’t let her go to sleep in what some of the girls were wearing/not wearing.

        For the rest of the guys/men out there, be real, I didn’t even have to check I.D.’S to know I shouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. One piece isn’t worth years of your life. No gal inna jailhouse. I don’t mind me a little cougar action anyway.

  5. Ya mama says:

    This is becoming a real problem in our society! These old perverts names need to be exposed to the public. They going to mess around with the wrong young girl and their punishment is going to be more severe then westgate! Trust and believe!!!

  6. What Do You THink says:

    I agree totally… with all the above. Stop protecting their identities, they are going to repeat it again and again on someone else who has no idea what they are about. I am all for naming and shaming

  7. Let me also state that I am in full support of a sexuall offenders list being made public but do hope that the powers that be would take into consideration,first to have a three Tier system that would put those on the list into the right catergories.

    If in fact that is not plain english for some then I suggest that you look up the U.S. laws and look for the S.O.R.N.A act: which will give you the guidelines,this to was already recommended to Mrs Kim Wilson but wether or not she looked into it I can not say.

  8. god1st says:

    Bolden’s corruption claim still under investigation in regards to Dr. BEE run Dr.run lol

  9. we are blessed says:

    I don’t understand, when it is a drug case, murder trial, assault, stealing etc the person is named and their picture is shown all through the trials and court mentions but when it comes to these kind of cases the accused is protected. Am I missing something here.

  10. Grizz says:

    Is CASTRATION legal in Bermuda…ph$ck it just cut their d^&& d^&ks off!! So sick of it..I personally think that mothers and fathers shouldn’t leave it to the courts…take matters into your own hands..trust and believe that’s exactly what’s gonna happen if you step in my space with my child!! Pray that the ambulance can get to you before you bleed to death with your penis stuck in your mouth…some of you may say barbaric…well what do you call what they are doing to these children…RATCHET!!

  11. Mother says:

    But yet u blast to consentail adults slobing in the knob but protect adults who pree child smh!! Name this dirt bag make him walk the same hall of shame!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. tricks are for kids says:

    To All men over the age of thirty that NEED TO BE REMINDED (don’t reply if this does not apply to you)a fourteen year old CHILD is NONE OF YOUR COMPANY!!!!! I DON’T CARE HOW “STACKED”,”FINE”, or EVEN “FORWARD” for that matter that she appears to you, SHE IS OFF LIMITS!!! At the age of THIRTY you HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON with a fourteen year old…YOU are the responsible party in this case because it is YOU that is the ADULT!!!! Sorry if no one in your age bracket wants your “played out” A##!!! YOU should be both DISGUSTED and ASHAMED of YOURSELF!!!! YOU KNOW BETTER….use your head up North instead of the one down South!!!

    Be greatful that you are on remand and away from the general population because I’m sure you would get a beat down with your perveted A## by one of the inmates. If I knew who you were I would thump your A## myself!!!!

    Yes, some of our young ladies can act “grown” but at the end of the day the fact remains the same….they are CHILDREN……and need to be protected from ‘scuzzies’ like yourself……..

    Disgusted and appalled!!!!!!!!!

    • Agree says:

      I Agree with you on this one and they need to put their names out there tired of this Sh$%!!!

    • 100% says:

      I’m with u 100% no matter how “grown” these little girls think they r they r still little n I’m not on the pervs side when I say this but I also blame the parents of these “too young” females on the things that r happening to “SOME” not “ALL” but “SOME” of them the parent allow them to dress like they are of age n parade around like they r grown and it makes me sick but that doesn’t give u scum bags ANY right what so ever to touch a girl under the age of 18 how would u feel if it was ur child u would want to kill so y would u touch a child and I’m with EVERYONE who agree’s names and pics need to be provided because we need to know who these people are

  13. Free says:

    Dirty men. It’s becoming an every-day thing. They’ll get maybe 2 years, if that, then they’ll be back out to prey on YOUR DAUGHTERS! All these women in Bermuda and you gotta mess with a child under 14. What the hell is wrong with these guys?

  14. Mother says:

    Two girls! Just give me 5 minutes and a baseball ball. He’ll never do it again. He’s lucky that it wasn’t not my daughter.

  15. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Hate to say it, but all y’all are acting like this is something new.

    What is new is that more of these cases are going to court. Hooray!! Grown men on this island have been preying on young children for at least 100 years. I say this because 80 year old women were telling me of similar situations back in 1987. Back then, women were considered to blame for their victimization. I note that for some people, that hasn’t changed.

    There is a pervasive lack of respect for women and children on this island that has never been fully addressed. It is as endemic yet as elusive as the ‘structural racism’ that is so often a topic of conversation, perhaps more so. (Which is not to say it doesn’t exist elsewhere in the world)
    We object, and rightly, to racist visuals in the media while freely accepting videos, dance styles, and lyrics that foster contempt of women. Many of us verbally decry the lack of clothing on some of the performers, yet then clothe our young ones in the same styles so they can be “fashionable.”
    This is not to say that scantily dressed women “ask” to be raped or molested, because nothing excuses such violations. However, as mothers, it is important that we help our young ones be aware of their vulnerability and not encourage fashions that leave nothing to the imagination.
    IF you ARE going to dress your little girl like a woman, please ensure she understands ‘good touch/bad touch,’ what to do if she is molested, and hopefully provide her with some self defence training. (Make sure your young boy understands these things too. Many child molesters don’t much care which sex the child is, just that the child is vulnerable).

    • Come Correct says:

      Well said Pastor, I think you’re absolutely correct.

      Rape defense lesson 1: look to the sky and scream OMG! When they look up punch them in the throat lol…no, for real though. No matter what anyone tells you never aim for a mans manhood, most likely it will only anger them in an adrenaline pumped moment and if they didn’t mean physical harm, they probably will after that. Punch in the throat, good luck breathing buddy. Not my throat not my problem.

  16. WhistleBlower says:

    As a victim of such a despicable act it has taken me years and many counselling sessions/groups around the world to overcome what the bastard did to me, also while I am at it my mom had me believing he was my dad – which only made me sicker as I became older and thirdly there was NO ONE willing to help me when I cried out as a child. Many women back then believed it was “normal” and I should try changing what I wore. I had 2 older sisters and we ALL dressed the same around the house! Bermuda NEEDS to read itself of many of it arcaic beliefs and then and only then can people find the courage to speak up about the abuse they suffered. I for one am NO LONGER blaming myself for what my ‘dad’ did to me, I tell anyone who is compassionate and understanding enough to hear my story.
    Needles to say in the early 70′s – 90′s very few young Bermudian females were given a voice for their cries and have suffered in numerous ways because of it. Also today there are many MEN abusing young boys in their care these boys are then having unprotected sex with their girlfriends who are unaware. I too spoke with the AG about these acts and informed her I had seen the filthy pics the pervert uses to keep these young boys coming back and was informed it was NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE! If someone can be STOPEED and FRISKED based on SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOUR then laws NEED to be INACTED to RAID homes of PAEDOPHILES!!!!

    SAVE the CHILDREN!!!!