Five Arrests Made In Connection With Burglaries

January 30, 2013

Five males [aged from 15 - 21] have been arrested in connection with burglaries in the east end, and the police said it is believed they were “operating as an organised group targeting homes in the eastern end of the island.”

The full police statement is below:

Five males have been arrested in connection with reported burglaries in the eastern parishes. The suspects, ranging in age from 15 years old to 21 years old, remain in police custody pending further inquiries.

In addition, suspected stolen property has been recovered and is in the process of being identified.

It is believed that these individuals were operating as an organised group targeting homes in the eastern end of the island. Inquiries are ongoing by the St. George’s Criminal Investigation Unit.

This underscores the commitment of the Bermuda Police Service to ensure a safer community and we continue to encourage members of the public to report any suspicious activity or individuals in their neighborhoods to police on 295-0011, no matter how unimportant the information may seem.

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  1. Annoyed says:

    Curious as to why when my house was broken into in Southampton…BPS did absolutely nothing.

  2. Observer says:


  3. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Bring ya own Body Bag if you try to steal from me or break into my home.

  4. Concerned says:

    Thank you BPS – St. George’s branch!!

  5. Serious though says:

    What’s wrong with these kids?

  6. Get Real says:


  7. ice says:

    The lost generation for sure Lord please help our young men.

    • HeySeuss says:

      Surely if you believe the ‘lord’ can help our young men you must also believe that it is ‘his’ will to make them do such acts, no?

      • Fed Up says:

        No it is not his will to make them do bad things, read your bible or get educated.

        • HeySeuss says:

          My bible says there is no god. But somehow I have a feeling you feel as if your bible is more important than mine…

      • la la dy says:

        It’s not God’s will that they do this. It is God’s will that they prosper and be in good health, live uprightly and fulfill our God-given purpose. It is of these boys own free will (that God gives all of us) that they do this nonsense. Don’t blame God. We make our own choices – good or bad, and God WILL hold us ALL accountable for those choices – whether you believe that or not. You are free to believe as you choose, as am I.

      • ella says:

        Hey… @HeySeuss There is nothing wrong with prayer. NOTHING!!

        • Fairytalesr4kids says:

          ..and there’s nothing wrong with not believing either…nothing wrong with holding the viewpoint that we all own our decisions and don’t abdicate to some higher order that we wait upon in vain to make things better. HeySeuss – Im with you 100%

          • truthseeker(the original) says:

            and thats why the world(including bda) is like it is today…..

            • HeySeuss says:

              Are you saying the world was a better place when theocracies ran the show? Or how about Europe during the Crusades? Religion is the root of all hatred in the world, not the other way around…

              Here’s an interesting fact: say there are 1000 religions in the world and therefore 1000 ‘gods’. As an athiest I believe in 0 gods and have therefore dismissed 1000 gods. You are obviously a religious person and as such have automatically dismissed the possibility of 999 other ‘gods’… We’re not that different… you only have one more to go!

  8. Bobmarlin says:

    Increase the penalties for burglary!

  9. tidbit says:

    Their not lost, they know exactly what they are doing! So before we run off and blame the Justice system, let’s reexamine the Parental system! And dont start saying “he,she,they came up in a home without a father”! So did Barack Obama and today he is the President of United States of America!

  10. ItsTime says:

    Thank you BPS for your hardwork and effort to fight crime.

  11. Jango. says:

    Legalize guns. That way we can defend ourselves against these thugs. More guns, less crime.


      Are you stupid? Clearly YOU do not have common sense. Guns at the moment are illegal and our crime rate in reference to guns is high. Therefore, ignorant statement makes no sense. If guns were to be legalized Bermuda would definitely spiral down faster than the rate it is going now. Bermudian parents and its people need to redefine the levels of authority and respect. In other words stop acting like a child/teen is your age and on the same level are you because they are not. I, as a young person cannot stand the average Bermudian adult and young person. Young people today in Bermuda do not know their place. Adults in this country need to stop treating and acting like their pre-teen/s are grown and are their company. Not only do I blame Bermudians for lack of morals but I also blame the Government with not enforcing their so called “laws”. Many Bermudians including myself and I’m sure many parts of the world see Bermuda as a JOKE! Laws are made but not enforced. Criminal laws are made just for criminals to get out on a probation or on bail just to go back to jail for either the same reason or something worse. Bermuda and its people need to stop being in denial and realize that you all are hypocrites!!! I am tired of Bermudians trying to bring each other down and act like their own crap doesn’t stink. Instead of bickering how about you all swallow your pride for once and help make change because if not the young people as a whole of tomorrow are not going to be able to run this country.

  12. -_- says:

    Sometimes in life your just gotta be the Bad Guy #muhahaha

  13. youngblackmen says:

    these people involved they all come from good homes so don’t disrespect someones parents for actions their child has done.. One day your children might make the news and people will be talkin about never no what your child is doing when your home.. Stay up young people and make better choices..#rns

    • So Sad says:

      Their parents aren’t all perfect. Some of my property was recovered from one of their mother’s who lied to officers about how she came by that property. That is a FACT. So at least some of their parents are enabling them and reaping the rewards of their crimes.

  14. To all the bible quoters! Whether u believe or choose not to believe; if u just take out time out of your blog time n get into some bible time n read 2 Timothy chapter 3 verse 1 to verse 17, then decipher it, just like u do Bernews! then u just might reconsider your way n your talk in regards to the Bible n GOD. These things are schedule to happen n this is why GOD allows us to choose ye this day whom we will serve. There are two qualities n the quality one chooses is the quantity one gets with their choice. For everything we face today, is by design. Read the scripture! And it mentions nothing about the OBA/PLP/UBP or any other organisation can stop that which has already started. The lost generation comes from children having children; when they could not even take care of themselves. If no one did teach them, how do we expect a child to raise a child. Now we find ourselves n this island in the midst of unlearned, disrespectful wanna bee thugs or thieves and both. Prime example the headlines. Accountability holds the reigns; but! denial puts us all in unnecessary heartache and pain. Parents must be held accountable, for their menacing child/children n come out of that denial mode, saying not my kid. Well it is your child…5 sets of parents (perhaps). Somebody threw the baby out with the bath water and as a result, they never found the love n guidance n teachings to know how to do the right thing. They appear like a ship without a sail on tumultuous seas n did not know which way to set a course.
    Here is another fine efforts that BPS has done; only, for the judicial system to unravel. Throw the fullest extent of the law to these organised punks n the pen too; along with the keys too.
    Bermuda has had its share n it is high by time we curtail this dumb@$$ behavior. Parents? of these no batteries included child/children! By some batteries n install them. You failed miserably n I can only assume why. One to many 3 paper spliffs. Try that. Shame on you unconscious wanna be, can’t bring up that/those monsters that u r now intimidated off. Get ur life back, leave all the distractions that keep you away from home and go home to your GOD given responsibilities n raise up what GOD has given you as a gift. Child abuse is illegal n your child is a testament to the fact as they actually blame the home environment. Imagine that n u say. “NOT MY KID”…..go check Police Station. Look into the cell, tell Bermuda what you see……that’s not so cute now…..your punk baby. HELLO u 5!!!!! Hello.

  15. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Maybe some enterprising newspaper editor will see the benefit of publishing the mug shots of all convicted criminals who commit crimes against person or property , include drunk drivers . On the second Wednesday of every month anyone convicted in the preceding month could be sure to see their mug shot grouped with others in a nice family photo . That way we could shame them straight .

    • BermudaGirl says:

      Good idea! It can’t do any harm, might set someone straight.

  16. Xman says:

    If the basic sentence for a Burgling should be 5-6 years.- first time offense
    could make the thievish Basxxxxs think twice before doing it.

  17. youngblackmen says:

    To m.p mountbatten jp. SHUT THE F$%$ UP! We already shame on you.—People like making a$$h()le comments

  18. tidbit says:

    @ youngblacmen

    Apparently you are a narrow minded reader. If you read it properly you will see I said Parental System…this a broad statement and is not directed to this case in particular. How often does people come on here and attack the Justice system for everything that goes on here in Bermuda.

  19. Real fren says:

    If dey had jobs dey wouldnt need to break in houses. Not makin an excuse jus stating facts!

  20. la la dy says:

    @Real fren: A 15 year old should not have to be worrying about a job. That’s what his parent(s) are for. His butt should be in school worrying about grades!

  21. Simple says:

    Common sense isn’t so common – you are speaking the truth!

  22. Simple says:

    And so la la dy – there are jobs available for 15 year olds so please cut that noise. But real fren – you are just saying foolishness! No one has the right to steal from anyone.

  23. smitty says:

    M.P.Mountbatten JP i hate people like you

  24. Linda R. Simons says:

    I am so sick and tired of locking my house up everyday. I can’t even air my house daily until I return home after 6:00 p.m. This is the third time an attempt to broke into my house has occurred, but thankfully I do have an alarm system which scared them off again. I am thankful for the BPS to attend so quickly.

  25. hear hear says:

    if some lil punk tries to walk on my property they will beg for death, cuz I will show and have NO MERCY, I will show them the fear of fears

    you think your gangster or tough? you dont know shiiiite

    people will go missin

  26. hear hear says:

    my mates in canada have shotguns on the mantle.
    someone on your property or in your house they dont know or like?

    they get the shotgun. They blast the hell out of ther stupid tails.

  27. hear hear says:

    i think we should chop these kids hands off so they cant steal again. and also put ball and chain on their feet.

    sounds more constructive than anything the government will do

  28. Real fren says:

    Im tellin u de real. If dey 15 dey wanna have money too. Can’t earn it legally dey gonna take de easy legal route like 90%of their peers