November 2012: Liquor, Vehicles Sales Increase

January 18, 2013

Retail sales in November 2012 increased 1.3% when compared to the previous year, however after adjusting for the annual retail sales rate of inflation the volume of retail sales fell by 1.8%.

The Retail Sales Index said: “Retail sales recovered by 1.3% or $1.1 million during November 2012. Sales activity increased in five of the seven retail sectors.

“Liquor stores and motor vehicle stores registered the largest gains in sales of 10.1% and 9.6%, respectively. In contrast, retailers of building materials reported the strongest dip in sales of 28.7%.

“Goods valued at $6.7 million were declared by residents returning to the Island from overseas trips. during November 2012. This was 13.6% or $800,000 more than the $5.9 million declared in November 2011. Combined local and overseas spending totalled $88.8 million

“After adjusting for the annual retail sales rate of inflation, measured at 1.5% in November 2012, the volume of retail sales fell by 1.8%.”

The full report is below [PDF here]:

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  1. Ride says:

    Thank you, Bernews, for putting the inflation adjusted number at the head of this article. That is the value we wish to see most.


  2. Bobmarlin says:

    No work=l lots of time to drink.The liquor companies should donate to the PLP.All the unemployment caused by the PLP have helped the liquor companies!

  3. OnTheRocks says:

    I’m not surprised liquor sales have increased. Burp Burp!!