Man Jailed For 4 Months On Indecency Charge

January 30, 2013

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner this morning [Jan 30] sentenced Miguel Estrella, 23, to four months in prison for having induced a male child under 16 to perform an act of gross indecency.

The offence occurred on a date unknown between 1st June and 31st July 2012 and Estrella pleaded guilty. The boy was 15 at the time of the offence, with the Court hearing Estralla induced the teenager to perform a certain sex act in his presence.

Telling the Magistrate that this was Estrella’s first offence, that he took full responsibility, was remorseful, had already sought therapy, and that he had pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity; his lawyer asked for leniency and recommended a sentence of Community Supervision.

Crown Prosecutor Nicole Smith told the Senior Magistrate that the maximum sentence for this offence was twelve months.

However, having listened to Victim Impact Statements from the boy and the boy’s mother, the Magistrate said that the offence had a devastating impact on the victim and his family, and that there was a need to protect the community from this type of behaviour.

In his ruling, the Magistrate said that an immediate custodial sentence was warranted and he set sentence at four months. After release, Estrella must serve two years probation during which he is required to participate in rehabilitative programs that would assist him.

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  1. Jury says:

    Miguel boy don’t get on my nerves. Why! WTF man, people respected you for owning up to your lifestyle preference but to interfere with a young teenager that is so disappointing and disheartening. I am totally disturbed by your actions and I highly don’t CONDONE what you have inflicted on this young boy. PISSED the FUX off.

  2. SMH says:

    Wow would’ve never expected that from you

  3. ice says:

    4 long months for a life time of pain how encoraging.smh

    • Tee says:

      I agree, the legal system here is a fackn joke. Do you know that overseas criminals will have a field day here. You got guys in USA doing the same shite and they get 45 years and more. I am so damn serious, this is like murder in USA. Why are we so soft ON EVERYTHING, GET SOME BALLS and run the country. Child molester, And same sex…. Are you serious .. FOUR MONTHS….. THIS NEEDS TO BE BLASTED INTO EVERY DAILY PAPER IN THE WORLD.. JOKERS

    • Tooth Fairy says:

      Another piss poor sentance from another judge.
      If a grown man molested my 15 year old, I would have no choice to to seek revenge as I have no faith that these Judges today hand out sentences that fit the crimes.

      Im actually surprised this one didn’t also get a suspended sentence!

      • sc says:

        He never molested the boy, clearly you didn’t read it properly. Don’t always believe what is written, they way they wrote it, is to make it seem like he the only one at fault, remember there is always two sides to the story! Don’t judge

      • fm says:

        Yo Tooth fairy!!! get ya facts straight.. and if you aint got the facts then mind ya business and keep ya opinions to yaself!! there are three sides to every story.. in this case, miguel’s side, the 15 YEAR OLD’s SIDE (whom is old enough to know the different from left and right.. SMH) and the TRUTH!!

        Everyone too busy puttin in their two cents but struggling to make a cent…


    • watching-n-listening says:

      And let’s not for get outta four months,he’ll only serve 3-90-days for molesting a child wtf is wrong with that picture???our judical system is a joke serious smfh!!!!

      • fm says:

        he DID NOT MOLEST THE 15 YEAR OLD!! get ya facts straight!!!!

  4. WTH says:

    Disgusting! He needs a good effin bust azz, and then be held down and show him the Machete.(If the Machete accidentally falls down on him – Oh Well). Hoping the young boy gets counseling. Parents keep an eye on him as he going to need lots more attention and care.

    • fm says:

      How about the machete accidentally falling on you?? hmmm (OH WELL)

      • WTH says:

        @ fn. So you didnt like my comment about the machete. Sounds like you must like the nastiness he did. Think before you type.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          You have to understand their innuendo. #1 you said he needs a good effin “bust azz”. I think “azz busting” is exactly what they like. Now with that context it follows that “the machete” might be code for “the ©o©k”. Now read Fm’s comment again and add the queeny tone. Hollerrrrrrrr. Lol

        • fm says:

          think its a bit much! dont worry i did think before i typed, dont need any suggestions from you..

          I dont condone his actions but at the end of the day that 15 year old boy is not a baby… he needs to except his own decisions and learn from his own!!!

          • ABC says:

            Fm are you related to miguel,the way you are defending him, the teenager is underage even if he knows right from wrong, Miguel took advantage of him
            u should be saying that crap to the person who got convicted,I hope. He cry everynite in prison can you imagine what his family has to go through, are you in the teenager shoes before you throw stones, to his family n to the teenager I will keep you in prayers

  5. Ann says:

    He needs a bat to his knees ! or a public stoning !

    LOCK THESE DIRTY BAZZTARDS UP ! not for 4 mths either…


  6. jennifer says:

    I always knew you had that “happy” side about you…but to inflict this on a teenager is disheartening Miguel. I am really not digesting this to well at all.

  7. BULLSH*T says:

    this dude needs to be beat!!! personally if he done this to my son, he would be 12feet under! and 4months is not long enough!! dumb a$$ probably going drop the soap on purpose! real creep!!

  8. Free says:

    This big mouth who was running his mouth on Bernews attacking everyone during the Miss Bermuda pageant? Ha. I guess it’s his turn to be attacked now. Everyone who knows him knows this about him but a kid under 16? Why?!

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    Where is the Rainbow Alliance on this one. What is the excuse? He is not gay, he is a pervert? Sodomites!

    • Giving me a headache here says:

      Being homosexual does not equate to being a paedophile anymore than being heterosexual does. There are sadly perverts in all sexual orientations. Don’t be narrow minded and use this as an excuse to condemn a whole group of fellow humans because of one bad apple in the barrel.

      • Free says:

        Ignore the idiots. People often have the most hateful and negative attitudes towards things they secretly crave. Thing is I never see those type of comments on pedophile cases involving men and under-age girls. I guess he’s only disgusted when it’s an older man and younger man.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          Aside from the accuracy of some of your argument, are you saying that homosexuals secretly crave heterosexual relationships too ?

          • Free says:

            No that’s not what I’m saying so learn how to f*$%ing read and stop asking stupid questions.

            • Judge Dredd says:

              Learn how to foresee the logical conclusion of your incomplete logic

              • Free says:

                Learn how to comprehend what you read so you don’t end up looking like a moron. It’s perfectly logical to those who understand logic but you are a religious nutter, no surprise that logic is foreign to you. Say hi to the big man in the sky for me. Or maybe you can just pray away all the gays. Very logical.

                • Judge Dredd says:

                  Oh you’re one of those who believe that the universe created itself. You also believe that there is no intelligent design in the universe yet we are part of the universe and we intelligently design things. Or is it that you also believe that humans have no intelligence?.. LOL it would be the logical conclusion to your confusion. Out of no intelligence comes intelligence? Now isn’t that the most unintelligent thing youve ever heard? Now thats different from man in the sky how again please?

                  • Free says:

                    I never said any of that, don’t assume ass. LMAO! I’m not even going to explain to you why you were initially wrong and I’m not going to debate religion/creationism with you either but you keep thumping that bible and having faith in the man in the sky! Instead I’m just going to laugh at how stupid you are. :)

                    A Christian talking about logic in of itself is hilarious and contradictory. Did you pray away all the gays yet? How is that working out? LOL!!!!

                  • God says:

                    Ever seen a 1 week old baby get a law degree? (The answer is no because baby s are stupid.)

                    Me either. Over time though, that baby becomes intelligent. He doesn’t become intelligent in a church, I might add.



                    • Judge Dredd says:

                      So if you can’t earn a law degree you’re stupid?

        • Tooth Fairy says:

          Sounds like you are defending his actions?! He was with a 15 year old!!!!!! Again, HE WAS WITH A 15 YEAR OLD!!!!!!

    • The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda does not condone any non-consensual behavior. A 15 year old boy cannot legally give consent to any sexual acts. Pedophiles come in all sexual orientations.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Just like Incestuality and homosexuality. It’s like if someone practiced beastiality we wouldn’t say they are hetero because they performed the aboninamble act on an animal of the opposite sex. I maintain that they are all harming the persons (and animals) involved. The only difference between them is that a child or animal is not consenting to the harm, whereas both parties of the sodomites are consenting to their harm. Consent doesn’t really equal free of harm. Many women and men consent to abusive relationships and consensual sodomy is no different. It is harmful and destructive. Does your fight for two words and a comma include adult incest couples? If not why not? I demand that you stand up for the rights of adult incest couples (Father-Daughter, Mother-Son etc.)or explain why you dont think they deserve rights too.

  10. SMH says:

    And all you want to encourage Gay’s
    This is what happens.

    Im seen all the ladies all over Miguel acting like its cute to do what he does and all that.
    Man and Woman The Perfect Match

    • Black & Straight with a Brain says:

      all all you want to encourage blacks
      this is what happens.

      Now if I left that comment on an article about any of this gang violence I would be a racist. Someones sexual orientation doesn’t lead to pedophilla. There are pedophiles who prey on the opposite sex and same sex. I beg of you just try and use your brain I swear its there for a reason.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        What does being black have to do with someone’s sexual behaviours?
        There’s no black “act”. There is a homosexual “act” though.
        You need to develop this argument a little further because its getting old. Stop trying to marry the immoral sodomite cause to a race or skin color.
        People are not born hetero or homo or any other orientation otherwise you are sexualising our children and that is a reasoning that produces more pedophiles.

        • Free says:

          So when did you decide or choice to be heterosexual?

          • Free says:


          • Judge Dredd says:


            • Free says:

              Nice try. Since when? At what moment did you decide to you were attracted to women(something I’m not convinced of)?

              • Judge Dredd says:

                It’s not about attraction, it’s about action. I’m attracted to my neighbors wife, doesn’t mean I should act upon every impulse just because I have it. I didn’t decide to have millions of sperm raging through my body, each wanting a woman of their own. Does that mean I should pursue every woman I desire since I’m attracted to them? So the moment I became sexually aware, I was taught human values and decided to discipline my sexual orientations in line with my human disposition. I decided not to allow my primitive urges to orient my behaviour. Nice try? Right back at ya.

                • Free says:

                  Thanks once more for proving how stupid you are. Can’t even answer the question because you know it would make you look even more stupid. A question I might add came from your own comment. The question wasn’t about impulses. Nice try though.

                  • Judge Dredd says:

                    I answered your question so thoroughly I literally demolished it’s misguided pretenses, more than you wanted to chew I’m sure. When I started liking women, I didn’t like ONE woman I liked DOZENS and it was not by choice. I am sexually oriented to polygyny from birth. Now you help us understand how my devotion to a monogamous sexual orientation is not my choice. I see you are throwing smoke and retreating with name calling. How about FAIL?

                    • Free says:

                      The only thing misguided is you and your neanderthal thinking. Pick your knuckles up off the ground crybaby. You name call people daily. Maybe if you didn’t avoid questions you wouldn’t be so confused. Once more that is not the question I asked you but as we’ve already established your reading comprehension skills are sub-par at best. Your attempt to obfuscate the discussion is failing miserably and making you look the fool.

                      “…. and it was not by choice.”


                      Yes so much fail in your comments. So much.

      • Bermuda says:

        Black and straight with a empty brain

  11. DisgustedBermudian says:

    I know this dude.. He didn’t hide his sexuality at all.. Everyone know his is bi/gay.. What ever it is he into.. But for real man? You couldn’t go find a man? I hate $h*t like this.. It disgusts me.. People like him give all gays a bad name.. SMH! He has ruined an innocent childs life forever and he has also ruined his life at the same time.. I don’t sorry for you Migg’s.. The judge should’ve gave you more time bro!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Umm sodomites give sodomites a bad name just like people who practice incest give themselves a bad name by virtue of the act they commit.

  12. NotinBermy says:

    Good thing de kid wasn’t my son…….

  13. OMG says:

    One thing is for sure he certainly can get all the acts performed for him and by him where he is going!! If he likes it or not.

    Sad for the victim.

  14. KG says:

    4 months??! That’s supposed to be a harsh sentence?! Sickening!!

  15. Disgusted says:

    Lost all respect for you!! Hope he gets the help he needs!! I understand what that boy is going through.. it is not easy!! Smh just gross

  16. cba says:

    I thought consenting age for homosexuals is 18 in bermuda and 16 for heterosexuals?

    • Jobda says:

      You are correct cba, it’s 18 for homosexuals and 16 for heterosexuals.

      And to others generalizing here, please note that this is not reflective of the gay population of Bermuda or the world for that matter.

      As an openly gay man myself, I think his actions for this were deplorable, as for the sentence I’m sure it was what the judge felt best served the parties involved.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        It is sufficient that sodomy is reflective of sodomites.

  17. God says:

    God’s words not good enough for Bernews?

  18. WTHisgoingon? says:

    This is so disgusting.. Miguel should be retrialed (if its possible) I in no way condone these kinds of acts from anyone. Miguel knew he was doing wrong, but he still went ahead and done it. Also, this boy was 15 at the time? He also know’s right from wrong.. He is most likely gay also, and it only came to this because they got caught.

    • Disgusted says:

      I was thinking the same thing.. no straight 15 yr old would pull out his private in front of a openly gay man.. what miguel done still is not right tho

      • BG says:

        Definitely agree, anyone who knows Miguel knows he is no monster. Not trying to take away from the boys age which would be equally as bad if this was a heterosexual relationship but more than likely the kid is gay.

    • yawn says:

      what a sad comment from ‘WTHisgoingon’. it doesnt matter if the kid knew right from wrong, what matter is that the adult knew right from wrong and what the adult did is wrong. he should have gotten a longer sentence. To the kid – I hope that you can heal from this…

  19. God says:

    If you give me credit for saving saving or creating life.

    You have to give me credit for creating pedophiles.



    • Believe says:

      Whoever you are – your comment lacks any decency or respect. To say something so religiously disrepectful is wrong – period.

      Man, in his sinfullness, creates pedophiles – not God.


      • God says:

        To give credit for the good you must also give credit for the bad.

        Straight forward and logical.



        • SMH!! says:

          To sign something using the name “God” is just rude as ever. You are nowhere near God, your just one of his bad seeds he created unfortunately. You need to be educated, seriously. God didnt creat pedophiles nor did he create murders or theives, he created humans and with that gave us free will. We choose our own actions. Get it straight. Reading everyones comments on this sites really makes me laugh. Bermuda get it together. If this is how you as an “Adult” think what chance do your children stand. Instead of calling Yourself “god” try praying to him. Seems like your in serious need.
          - Use the brain GOD gave you, xoxoxo

          • God says:

            Can’t you read? It says My name is God..



          • Ty says:

            @SMH – ” You are nowhere near God, your just one of his bad seeds he created unfortunately. ”

            Your quote above….. So your true God does make bad seeds afterall???

    • You are creating a situation for your life if you don’t stop your shenanigens referring to GOD. Change your name to a “new name written down in glory..” and let the REAL GOD do the rest……Shouldn’t play with GOD. Pray to GOD not Play with him. ….jus’ saying, but u fix……..

      • God says:

        Ill be fine thanks. Since, you know, I am God.



        • CM says:

          Shame on you !

          You no not what you are doing !!!

          You are a mere mortal !!!!

          NOT GOD

      • Je'sus says:

        There are many many more crazy religous people in Bermuda than there are pedophiles, etc. They have a screw loose yet act as if they are the normal ones. I mean really, the stories in the bible are laughable if people sit back and look at them. How exactly was man created? And what makes the christian ‘god’ real and all other religous ‘gods’ make believe? It’s scary the amount of ish you people say!

      • Will says:

        what situation is he going to create for his life? if his name was Allah would you be scaring him with christian boogey man tales?

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Everything is created with it’s appropriate destiny also. Yes God created all and He also created the appropriate destiny for sodomites, pedophiles etc. unless they repent. God is merciful and forgives anything you may have done even if your sins were as high as a mountain or filled the space between the heavens and earth. If you change your ways He will forgive all of that.

    • Smh says:

      You are an a#s

  20. Fruity says:

    What is up with all these *&^(%^*^% males ARRGH!!!!! May the lord better you fools!!!! Stop being led by the DEVIL!!!!! Geeeezzzus

    • Je'sus says:

      There is no god. There is no santa claus. There is no easter bunny. There is no tooth fairy. Sorry.

      • CM says:

        What do you believe ?

        How were you created ?

        Who wakes you up each morning ?

        Who provides for you ???

        Answer that ?

        • Darwin's Child says:


          Sperm and ovum.

          Circadian rhythm.

          Me through honest hard work.

          Is that really a question?.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            How can you say you believe in evolution yet you believe you were created by a sperm and ovum? Thats not where it started. Shouldn’t your answer be that you were not created but you evolved? The questioner didn’t ask “what” wakes you up he asked “WHO”. So you provided arms and legs for yourself? You provided a universe and elements and sun and moon? You provided oxygen and water and a brain for yourself?

            • Will says:

              to sum that all up..Yes.

              • Judge Dredd says:

                Oh I think you like the idea of God more than you pretend. Its just that you want to be the god.

                • Will says:

                  whered you gather that from? all i said was Yes to those questions

                  • Judge Dredd says:

                    You answered yes that you provided arms and legs for yourself. An atheist would attribute that to natural selection but you claimed that power for a personal being of intent, yourself. So you make yourself a god basically. How about FAIL?

      • dh#1 says:

        Don’t make me hollar! I’m dying laughting reading your comment – stop upsetting these people. Don’t you want to wake up 2morrow (LOL)

        • dh#1 says:

          Oh….my reply is in response to “Jesus” comments. Funny…..

  21. SMFH says:


  22. Really??? says:

    This is SCUM!!

    The system and certain people in Bermuda care more about animals than they do about human life. It is really disgusting the way pedophiles/child sex offenders are let off with a slap on the wrist while the victim is left to deal with it for the rest of their life. It is a VIOLATION!!!!! Poor Kid.

    The justice system is RIDICULOUS.

  23. Will says:

    you gotta ask yourself tho, how old really is 15?
    just like the R-Kelly sure at 15 you know if you want to be peed on or not..maybe the 15yr old is gay as well, anyone thought about that?
    btw i dont condone the behaviour at all of paedophiles…but age of consent is a taboo not even worth discussing…just gonna put it out there though that Germany is 14 and some places 12

    • B says:

      I agree the 15 year old is clearly gay as well and of course the 15 year old would have to willingly participate but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a grown man and should know better. Why couldn’t he get someone his own age? You think it’s acceptable to have sex with a 12 year old?

      There has to be a limitations and bounds to protect vulnerable children from people like you and Miguel. Children and teens who haven’t mentally developed to understand consequences of their actions, adults on the other-hand do but do it anyway. 12 is fine, what next? 8? 5? How low can you go? The only people I ever see thinking the age of consent laws are taboo are men, who coincidentally enough are the main offenders. Lust after grown women and leave the teens and children alone.

      • yawn says:

        the 15 year old doesnt have to be ‘cleary gay’. men used to prey on me when i was that age. i didnt want it to happen, but i was paralysed with fear. on the flip side my sibling was different – she would curse them in a heart beat so they would basically leave my sibling alone. you peeps and your opionns (including me) are just that OPINIONS!.
        to the 15 yearold, be true to yourself and do not let the past shape your future.

        • B says:

          Yes he does when he did what he was “induced” into doing. Miguel didn’t force himself upon the boy based on what Bernews has posted. Did the men who preyed upon you ask you to do something and you did it? Different cases, different circumstances.

          I can understand being afraid but they had to have been somewhere alone together for it to have happened in the first place. Exactly this is MY opinion and in my opinion the boy is probably gay as well or at the very least sexually confused and/or curious. I have male cousins that age and they would never do that unless they wanted to! You won’t change MY opinion.

      • Real Talk (original) says:

        Saying that the 15 year old is “clearly gay as well” is the reason why many victims of sexual abuse don’t come forward.

        A 15 year old is still a child and capable of being coerced by an adult who is in a position of trust and authority.

        Your narrow-minded, ignorant comments are disturbing.

        I suppose victims of date rape were “clearly” asking for it as well, huh?

        • B says:

          Nonsense!! Sexual abuse? —- Go walk up to a 15 year old boy and ask him, excuse me, INDUCE him to masturbate in front of you and see what happens!

          You need to get a grip and realize this is not a typical sexual assault case and it is not ignorant or disturbing to state that a 15 year old boy can defend himself and/or refuse to do it in the first place so save the name calling! I’m not blaming him so the notion that this is why abuse victims don’t come forward is stupid! Miguel was wrong, end of. Saying the boy is gay however does not make me ignorant, narrow-minded or disturbing when it’s most likely true. I know it’s hard to accept for some Bermudians but people are gay including teens who want to experiment and most teen boys would not do that, no matter how much they are “induced” to do so. Unless of course they wanted to!

          He is a 15 year old boy and to compare it to date rape(where someone has no control over themselves being that they are DRUGGED) is pure stupidity. Your ridiculous thinking and analogical thinking skills! Now THAT is absurd and disturbing! Go-re-read the story! It has nothing to do with “asking for it” as he didn’t actually attack the boy but “made him” do something. Clearly you didn’t read it.

          • Real Talk (original) says:

            Um. Date rape doesn’t necessarily require the ‘drugging’ of anybody. It simply means that somebody enters into a social situation with another individual and is coerced or forced into performing a sex act against their will. Grown ass women (and men) are capable of being victims.

            I suppose had this been a 15 year old girl coerced into performing oral sex on a 23 year old man your ‘argument’ would have been that she was fast, loose, asking for it, responsible, etc.

            Reality check. Whether this 15 year old is “gay” or not is not the issue. The issue is that when a grown adult coerces, forces, convinces, whatever, a MINOR into engaging in any type of sexual activity, that is a form of abuse.

          • Darwin's Child says:

            You can be date raped without being drugged. You can be raped by your spouse on a typical evening at home if you say ‘no’ and they don’t listen. .

            The sexual orientation of the victim is irrelevant. He was 15, legally underage. The perpetrator knows better. And given that he is (or was) active in the community as a cadet leader he is surely aware of the necessity to maintain a distance from children. .

            The victim’s statement was clearly enough to sway the judge, so homosexual or not, he was clearly negatively affected.

  24. Owner4Comment says:

    wow!! O_O,0 how the people you grow up with change for the worst. This is very saddening to read and at this point all I can do is pray that both parties receive the help that they truly need.

  25. Knowledgeispower says:

    Knowledge is power. I am not condoning this. but i can assume by the majority of the messages, people don’t know the whole story. what he did was wrong!. I agree, and he will pay for what he did. but know this, the definition for what he did, is a much broader definition and only includes what he did.
    I do feel for him. whether Gay or not. he had his day in court, was found guilty and will suffer the consequence, and ya he knew better. but before you start cutting off body parts, get the story.

  26. What. says:

    15 year old straight kids in this generation would get their mates to pull a knife on you if you did this to them. Fact.

  27. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    ok so what im gathering here from the “Christ” like commentors is that none of you had sex before the age of 16 or 18yrs of age huh..?
    Apparently, you have not ever heard the way high school girls(underage)talk..? well i have overheard a few and trust me i wonder where they even get this info…Now back to the subject, i didnt see the word rape here, what is forcefully committing a gross and undecent act…? When i was 15 had any male asked or forced me to do the dirty dirty…trust me again, i would have been arrested for grievous bodily harm with intent to mame…you a*&^les here calling a grown ass 15 yr old a “child”…typical of why todays youth are the way they are ….i dont even know why im commenting on this s#!t

    • Realist says:

      Agreed…I do not blame the victim for what happened because this Miguel dude should have known darn well better than to get involved with an underage teen. At the same time, the teen is old enough to say no or defend himself…I know for sure that at age 15 Nobody could have forced me to do anything if I didn’t want to do. Plus when i was 15 I knew girls who lied about their ages and I am sure that is still happening. With that being said people need to make better decisions and leave underage teens alone…and underage teens should stop lying about their age. Again, I do not condone what this Miguel guy did. He was wrong for what he done…especially if he knew how old the teen was.

  28. Bermuda says:

    Sad, Sad, Sad…. All these girls going along with this because they think his behavior is cute. Now this smh. If this was your kid I would love to see your reaction. Miguel is no monster, they said that about the countless school shooters as well, sad. I hope all these girl who supporting this let him babysit there little boys

    • barbie_b*tch says:

      He is a Monster! Gaga’s little monster! And I think he should be retrialed! He needs to spend a min. of 3 years. And he needs to go to a mental institution after.. Padophiles are mental people!

      • Bermuda says:

        That’s what I said, he is a monster!! Being Sarcastic in the line. Throw away the key on him!

  29. Real Talk (original) says:

    What a sick and twisted community we live in when we blame the victims.

  30. bingy says:

    there pictures need to be put out in public anyone who commits a crime like this should be exposed its disgusting and the public have a right to know who these disgusting people are to protect there children from them.

  31. WhatDeHell says:

    Why are their so many gays in bermuda? and why are you all doing nasty a$% s#$@. keep it to yourselves

    • barbie_b*tch says:

      Bermuda has more gays than you think. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is probably gay/bi lol! Gay/Lesbian is the new Black! Gays are all over the world.. So stop talking sh#t! And get over it!!! And not just homosexuals do these sort of things. Heterosexual people also are pedophiles!! Pedophiles are SICK people and don’t deserve to live. In my opinion they are murders!

      • WhatDeHell says:

        whose talking s$% again? i just asked a question. your the one saying they should die.

  32. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Bernews, all due respect to freedom of speech, but some of the comments on this site are just unacceptable. Just my opinion.

    For the record, of late, I have chosen not read the comments section because I find them so very offensive. I’m not into pornography.

    I think it would be acceptable not to allow comments for certain stories,knowing that Bermuda is such a sick community.

    “Nonsense!! Sexual abuse? The boy did it willingly, he did not force him to do anything. Go walk up to a 15 year old boy and ask him, excuse me, INDUCE him to masturbate in front of you and see what happens!” Come on Bernews!! This is not acceptable and in my opinion discredits your site.

    • B says:

      The RG printed those same words in their article about it and being that you are an avid reader over there you are well aware of that fact. That’s what happened so that’s what they will print. Is the news not supposed to report the news because it’s horrendous and bothers some people? The world doesn’t work that way. The world is corrupt, including Bermuda, the world is sick, including Bermuda there are pedophiles out there. Shutting down the comments won’t ever change that. Reporting on it won’t ever change that.

      You are a grown woman don’t act like you’ve never heard those words before. You need to get over it and grow up or continue to not read the comments if it bothers you so much. Clearly Bernews doesn’t care about your opinion and will continue to do what they want to do and they are quite successful at it and don’t need your suggestions.

    • Gimmeabreak says:

      Laverne maybe you should worry about the credibility of your own newspaper first. Weren’t you just thrown out of the Media Group for refusing to apologise for an error?

  33. bermy$hotta says:

    – out b%^&@mon n sodomites

  34. shame says:

    real weird a@$ —–, he should be beaten

  35. What Do You THink says:

    I need to get my Law Degree, cause these weak sentences do not give the victim time to recover. Only a small percentage of people who commit crimes ever return to a normal or stable life after incarceration. The other larger percentage who commit crimes and return to the mainstream tend to commit more crimes. The Local laws from 1609 need to be abolished and totally modernized… 4mths is not enough time. He be out just in time for summer and then what!!!!!

  36. .am says:

    Would it have had a ‘devastating impact’ on the boy and his family had they never been caught?

    • JOE says:

      Exactly. I’m not sure of the specifics of this case but my understanding of the charge is that things were essentially consentual between the two… Who was more devistated…the boy or his family?

      Also, I wonder what the outrage would have been if the kid was say 17 and legally underage for such an act. Would there be 100 comments calling the guy a pedo? Or what if the kid was 15 years 364 days old (underage for a hetero act) vs 16 years 0 days (legal for a hetero act/illegal for a homo act). It’s ridiculous that there are different ages of consent for hetero/homo sexual acts in Bermuda. We truly are a third-world country when it comes to human rights :(

      • Judge Dredd says:

        The two of you are perverted sexually deviant predators.
        @ .am I’m surprised at you. I do recall you wanting to donate when a dog was shot. But when an underager gets shot in the bootay you want to join in the festivities. Could we not ask the question also of a young girl? Or a baby that won’t remember? You’re sick!

  37. Judge Dredd says:


  38. Realnigga says:

    Smh pathetic

  39. laughing says:

    So as I sit here im having a good laugh at all you stupid arrogant people with your comments. Firstly the boy was 15 not 5. I am currently 19 years old and i know 4 years ago i was old enough to make my own decisions and certainly knew how to say yes and no in the right context when it was needed. But no he went along withit therefore this little boy is GAY if not curous for sure. So before u point fingers take that into concideration and shut your damn mouth. Miguel wouldn’t hurt nobody intentinally. He has a heart of gold.

    • yawn says:

      aint no amount of ‘heart of gold’ going to get him out of this. what your friend miguel did was AGAINST THE LAW!! thats the point.
      next time he wants to see a winkie pulled, perhaps you can offer him your 19 year old winkie.

  40. Wow 12 says:

    @JOE you are so right! This country is so behind when it comes to Human Rights! It trully sad…im not saying the acts were right, but how this went down has mess up a person life forever!

  41. Rea W says:

    This is so sad and in alot of cases for #FACT what is coming out when these teenagers are getting caught they are changing their stories, I am in no way saying it was the teenagers fault, however, there is something terribly wrong that this “straight” 15 year old boy (legally or not) consented to this. I just hope the “adult” in this situation gets the help he needs because from what I hear he isn’t a bad guy but what he did was unbelievable. Parent once again talk to you children don’t turn a blind eye to what is really going on with them, things that happen in the home are known factors to why they go out seeking attention and love from places they shouldn’t.

  42. Pizza says:

    To all u stupid b*****s that are unrealistic this boy was f*****g 15 yrs old not freaking 5 he knew full well what he was doing, any other 15 year old boy who was straight would have said no and most likely f****d him off, so stop saying all these ridiculous comments on how its sad for a f*****g 15 year old that has a mind of his own. The only reason he probably came up with a sad story in the courts was because his parents were their and his ashamed of his actions but truth be told the 15 year old teenage boy going 18 in three years is —– not to mention there’s far more important stuff out there to be worrying about such as crime and the friggin lady that allowed the baby to die and didn’t get no time for it, are justice system is weak people need to start worrying about the serious things in life and not patty a** b*** s**t!

  43. babymama says:

    Well said pizza!!!!

  44. Robbie says:


    The typical UNIVERSITY now prides itself on DIVERSITY. But watch out when DIVERSITY becomes PERVERSITY. That’s when God will put His CURSE-ITY on the whole world (see Malachi 4:6 – NIV)!
    For dessert Google “Separation of Raunch and State,” “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up” and “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.”
    And a Google piece titled “Control Hollywood, Not Guns” is an after-dinner mint.

    (submitted by Robbie; seen on the web)

  45. Bun some boy says:

    Sounds to me that some of u guys (no typo) only sayin stupid crap cause he got caught. u must like that too. GOD never sleeps. TRUST ME.