Man Reappears On Charge Of Sex With 14-Yr-Old

January 22, 2013

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner this morning [Jan 22] reduced the bail conditions for Ajani Albouy-Lovell, 21, and allowed him to be freed from jail provided he signs bail for $5,000 and someone else provides a surety of $5,000. His previous bail and surety was double that amount.

Albouy-Lovell had been held in custody since 29th November 2012 after he had pleaded guilty to and been convicted of three counts of unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of fourteen.

Albouy-Lovell had returned to Court today for sentence. However, the ordered Social Inquiry Report was not yet ready, and the Magistrate set a new sentencing date of 22nd February 2013.

Magistrate Warner set the new bail conditions the same as before. Albouy-Lovell must stay away from and not interfere with any of the witnesses or the complainant.

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  1. Micro says:

    Should cut it off. Willing to put money that says he’ll do it again.

  2. OBA Bermuda , Governor , United Kingdom says:

    You Lot need to get a #$%#$% GRIP on this Judicial System You hear me? I am tired of hearing about people getting off or reduced bail or let free while on trial. A lot of b/s went on when the PLP was in power and I thought the OBA was going to tighten up on the system. This man should not have been let out on bail.

    • jonny says:

      those decisions are soley in the magistrates hands, not the governments. its their jobs to enforce laws that are there to be used.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      Explain WHY you seem to think that this boils down to a political issue? NEITHER party are the “Law”…….

  3. OBA Bermuda , Governor , United Kingdom says:

    He is a thief as well.

    • Common sense isn't so common says:

      What’s your point… Sound like you have a personal grudge to have to pinpoint the obvious and to link it to your comment. Very deep. Everyone is so quick to talk about everyone else, but you alls shit stinks somehow or probably worse. Unfortunately not everyone’s dirt or criminal acts, decisions or behaviors come out. And some are smart in how they do it and this one obviously wasn’t. Well obviously he isn’t the brightest being he’s been up a few times now.