Photos: Capital G Bank To Open Paget Branch

January 17, 2013

[Updated with slideshow & video] A new Capital G Bank branch will open on 4 February, 2013 at Paget Plaza, located at 161 South Road, Paget near the corner of Point Finger Road and South Road.

With the addition of the new branch, Capital G clients can enjoy the convenience of banking at the only full service bank on the outskirts of Hamilton, providing a complete portfolio for personal and business banking needs.

The new branch affords customers the option to bank at either the Capital G Bank Paget Plaza or Capital G Bank Head Office, located on Reid Street in Hamilton. This expansion is the result of customer feedback regarding the need for a more centralized branch but outside of the heart of Hamilton.

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In addition, the Capital G branch currently located at 1 Church Street will close effective 1 February, and all employees at the Church Street branch will transition to either the new Paget Plaza location or the Capital G Head Office.

“We are proud to be able to mark the start of 2013 with this clear indication of the further growth and development of Capital G as a privately-held bank with full service banking capabilities,” said Capital G Bank Limited President and CEO Ian Truran.

“We would like to express our appreciation for the loyalty and support shown by our loyal Capital G clients that have made this growth possible.”

Capital G Bank Paget Plaza will provide the services available at the flagship location including full Teller Services, a dedicated Commercial Banking Teller and Personal Financial Services.

Services available for 24 hour access include an ATM, Quick Deposit and Commercial Deposit facilities. A team of qualified banking experts have been identified to operate the new branch.

Hours of operation will be 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. This branch is closed on Saturdays, but customers can still enjoy Saturday banking at the main branch, located at 19 Reid Street.

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Comments (25)

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  1. we are blessed says:

    so they laid off people last year, to open a new branch this year smdh

    • ismellarat says:

      Capital Gibbons were all waiting to hoodwink and win the election

  2. Tya Wills says:

    Just looking at the ‘related posts’ above all I can do is SMH

  3. Anne Marshall says:

    But what about parking? I like to shop at the Size Wise store but can never get parked there so what about when the bank opens for its customers? No use having a branch if you can’t get parked.

  4. Smh says:

    “Capital G clients can enjoy the convenience of banking at the only full service bank on the outskirts of Hamilton”

    How is this convenient? Most people go to the bank on their lunch hour or their quick break from their job which is in town and in walking distance. And many people catch the public transportation which will make it even harder for them.

    Convenience is when you have one in town and possibly another in a separate location like HSBC having a branch in Somerset. This is not convenience, it is an idea with lack of consideration.

    • justsayin says:

      And what about all the people that do not work in town or go to the bank on their lunch hour?

      What about the people that have to DRIVE into town to go to Capital G… This new branch is convenient for lots of people, just not for you.

  5. stupid is as stupid does says:

    If you read the article in its entirety, which apparently is very diffcult for some who comment, they are closing one branch located in the city and opening this branch on the outskirts. For those with a glazed over look still: one branch closes, staff from that branch moves to new branch. Pictures to follow.

  6. media says:

    Well done Capital G. I see nothing wrong with making changes to the way you run a business to try and make a better business. Yes, I am sure it is hard for those laid off, but a business must constantly evolve to survive. In the end they might even hire more people as they become more successful.

  7. BDA Meh..... says:

    The guy in the purple tie is bangin’!!

  8. Joonya says:

    Yeah for those days I dont feel like going ALLL DE WAY into town…

  9. Islander says:

    Vision and they are thinking of the employed throughout the Paget/Warwick area – realizing the number of people who work on Point Finger Road alone… again !VISION!

  10. yes yes says:

    You always have someone that needs to complain….@ we are blessed, would you rather them lay off more people??? At least they are maintianing these jobs!

    @ smh – it is a matter of convenience for those who do not wish to come into hamilton…obviously those who want to bank during their lunch can do so as they are already in town. You do realise they are not closing their main branch! Just expanding!

  11. Capg Customer says:

    Congrats and thank you Capg I look forward to using your new branch when it opens!

  12. Family Man says:

    It works for me. I HATE going into town. And I can save my $1.75 in parking!

  13. Jury says:

    Why don’t Cap G consider putting a few more ATMs in different locations across the island. Just a suggestion!

    • jimbo says:

      @Jury – CapG cards work in BNTB and HSBC atms with no charge.

  14. Postive says:

    Finally another 24 hour ATM!! I’m excited as i am a capg client. And to those who think the reason why they laid off staff is to open a new branch, get your facts straight!!! This has been in the works for sometime and opening another branch is going to make capg successful!! I will definitely take advantage!!!

  15. home time says:

    This is great, i live on collectors hill and this is ideal to just shoot up the road and do some banking as i dread driving into Hamilton. Not a Cap G customer but i plan to be now.

  16. Home Time says:

    Banking Should be done on-line , why are you going to be a Cap G customer now because of the branch location? Have fun Parking.

    Stop living in the past.

  17. Parking? says:

    I have been driving by the renovations at that location everyday wondering what it was going to be.

    I personally never thought much of that location due to its extreme shortage of parking.

    Good luck to Cap G, but I expect it won’t be open too long in that location.

  18. Paget boy says:

    No parking for the business’ there already…hard to get in and out into the main roads traffic…at least it has been on my visits there in the past…what was planning thinking…oh I no – they weren’t…

  19. Sally says:

    a very good move with the hospital soon to open. great job capG!!

  20. fedup says:

    outisde of the city… up the security.. beware of ” wanna be bank robbers”…worked for brinks amoured truck service for 20 years in NYC.. i know

  21. shaking my head says:

    Ok so wats gonna happen with all their clients who live in the East end n travel by bus. Hamilton was a better location 4 us. Y don’t they think about opening up a branch in St Geo. We can use another bank down this side….I’m just saying.

    • justsayin says:

      The main branch (Reid Street) is not going anywhere. They are closing #1 Church Street (Old First Bermuda Securities).