Photos/Video: BHS Presents “My Fair Lady”

January 25, 2013

Last night [Jan 24] saw the opening night for the Bermuda High School’s performance of the musical “My Fair Lady”, with performances set to continue through Friday and Saturday.

The musical tells the story of a man who takes a bet that he can transform the unrefined Cockney Eliza Doolittle into a lady and fool everyone into thinking she really is one.  The cast and crew of 60 students has been working for months to master an array of British dialects, including Eliza Doolittle’s Cockney accent and Henry Higgins’ mannered upper class English.

BHS Presents My Fair Lady Bermuda, January 23 2013 (32)

“One of the main challenges is to have our actors speak Cockney and formal British English in a believable and understandable way,” says Jane Thorpe, Director and Secondary Drama Teacher. “Added is the difficulty of singing quite complex songs in a dialect which is not native to our actors.

IB2 Student Katie Ewles is playing Eliza Doolittle, IB1 Student Catriona Tate stars as Henry Higgins and Year 10 Student Caroline Skinner as Colonel Pickering.

A quick preview of the show as filmed during the dress rehearsal:

Students are independently managing all lighting, sound and set changes involved in the production and all staging is unique and has been created at BHS by dedicated parent and student volunteers. In addition, a live orchestra made up of volunteers from the local musical community is accompanying the actors.

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. Kathy says:

    Wow – impressive performance by the youth of BDA!!

  2. Moonbeam says:

    If you have not yet seen BHS’s “My Fair Lady”, get your tickets now ! (Go to Facebook BHS).

    The production was brilliantly staged by those talented, young and energetic people, and it was most enjoyable. Congrats to the director, band, cast and crew ! And thanks to BHS for (once again) so successfully ‘breaking a leg’ !