Video: Gombeys Make New Year’s Day Rounds

January 1, 2013

As is tradition, various Gombey troupes are making their way around the island today [Jan 1] to celebrate the New Year. We caught up with them as they made their way through the Glebe Road and St Monica’s Road area. You can watch the video below, and view additional coverage of the 2013 New Year’s festivities here.

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  1. keywest says:

    Gombey warriors!!!!

  2. Errin Butterfield says:

    Looks and sounds great keep up the tradition. Well done to all gombey groups.

  3. Maria Hayward says:

    They need to do something about H N H gombeys they dance nasty. For instance Saturday nite wen we had a dance off all of that wasn’t called for. We had a lot of young children around. VERY DISRESPECTFUL. N I mad it’s all about LOVE

  4. Sorry says:

    I am so Sorry you feel that way about H & H. But for the years they have being dancing they have never encountered such confusing until they came up against one group who does not understand clashing. Also as a bystander you are absolutely correct children where there it is all about the LOVE so why was big grown man flinging bottles and rocks from the other group, this has never happened since i have being following this group and hope this is a lesson for all troupes that if you dont understand clashing don’t take part. If its going to cause a RIOT.

  5. Peace be still says:

    @ sorry. U are so far away from the real that it’s unreal. Don’t defend something that you obviously know nothing about. If you follow them like you say then you truly would know.

  6. Julie

    Ms Hayward,

    H&H did not do anything wrong I was there, the dancer from the Wilson group did not understand what a clash is all about. I feel that when you join a gombey group, you should be taught the history of Gombey’s and what all of the dances mean,included what a clash is all about. I have been following gombey’s for years, I also had two children who danced in a group. I have never seen anything like this before, Yes Sorry is right, if you don’t understand clashing don’t take part.

  7. Warwick Gombeys says:

    WGT all the wayy! AYYYYOOOO.

  8. babeeluv says:

    Gombey Warriors looking good on the video.

  9. babeeluv says:

    I agree with what people are saying the gombey groups need to remember that there are young children in the groups so when they carry on this way the younger ones think that what suppose to happen. So I hope the two group took time out to tell the parents in the two groups that they was sorry for what had happen.