Photos/Video: Bermuda Youth Orchestra Perform

February 14, 2013

[Updated with photo gallery & video] While many of their peers are enjoying free time, 35 budding string players and percussionists from many of the islands public and private schools — ages 10 – 19 — have spent the better part of this week being coached in musical styles, technique and interpretations in preparation for public performance today [Feb 14] at 12:30pm on the steps of City Hall.

The Bermuda Youth Orchestra [BYO] encourages students and teachers to pool their energies to create a single musical organization in which all young musicians can participate. Although an audition is not required, students must demonstrate proficiency on their instrument and be recommended by their teacher.

Update: Video of today’s performance [apologies for the audio quality!]

The BYO is a rehash of an old idea, as more than 30 years ago a similar organization existed—with the same name. The older BYO concentrated solely on strings, whilst the current BYO has broadened its scope with a view to attracting and providing opportunities for a broader spectrum of instrumentalists.

The orchestra’s repertoire is as diverse as its student-base. The playlist contains a range of genres – from classical and Broadway to top 40 pop hits.

“The students have been a joy to work with. They’re all dedicated to this project and it shows in the resultant product,” says Tiffany Fox, Music Teacher at CedarBridge Academy and committee member for the BYO.

Major Dwight Robinson, of the Bermuda Regiment and Band stated, “It has been a great couple of days. The students have been enthusiastic and receptive to the instruction and coaching offered. They are to be applauded. Bermuda’s students have long been in need of opportunities such as this.

“It gets them out of the classroom and exposes them to the wider world of musical performance. They find themselves performing out of their comfort zone and alongside persons they will have never met before; but there is an instant commonality among the students that transcends all manner of demographic.”

He continued, “We encourage all who can spare a few moments on Thursday lunchtime to come and support these scholars and virtuosos-in-the-making.”

Update 1.43pm: Photos of today’s performance, click to enlarge

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  1. Back-in-the-day-girl says:

    I was a member of the original Bermuda Youth Orchestra back in the early 80′s. Fun times. Good to see they are bringing the program back.

  2. shame says:

    It’s a shame they didn’t have some sort of sound system set up for them. Due to the wind blowing the wrong way you couldn’t hear a thing.

    • Bernews says:

      And unfortunately our video audio isn’t exactly award winning, as we had issues with the wind also…

  3. First, well done and congratulations to all the students who participated in the BYO this past week. You did very well. Your commitment to your craft was demonstrated in your sacrificing you time and in the strides you made in the short time you had to do it. Your performance was greatly commendable. Continue to discipline yourselves in your craft and you will do exceedingly well. Bravo!

    Second, please allow me to correct my submission made above re: the earlier BYO. It did not include stings only. Wind instruments were also included as it was a fully-complimented orchestra; however,its focus was solely the development of the orchestra as a single body. The current BYO here differs.

    We are regretful that the wind was as high as it was and aimed to mitigate that as best we could. These things happen in live performance and as developing professionals it is a dynamic which they must learn to manage. It was an important learning point for the students and they managed it well.

    The students were all a great pleasure to work with. We encourage all music students, their parents, and friends to keep current with the BYO on Facebook and look forward to other performance opportunites coming up in the near future.

    Dwight Robinson
    Planning Committee Member

  4. Well done to all involved with this project! It’s so good to see our young people coming together from all walks of life and being given the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents! I would love to play their music on the radio as part of our Community Voices FM 89 weekly show “spotlight on local music Art’s and Entertiainment”. We just received a copy of The Warwick Academy Jazz band CD and have received very positive feedback from our listeners. Our goal is to give our local artist a platform to showcase their talents on a consistent basis on local radio and to highlight the positive things our youth are involved with through the performing Art’s. We also use the program to tell the stories of our music legends like Michael ” Curtis” Clarke,Ghandi Burgess,Lance Hayward,Olive Trott,Violeta Carmichael,Cheesey Ray and Gene Steede just to name a few. We must bridge the gap between band leaders like Earnest Leader and Dwight Robinson so that our youth will know the rich culture and history of local music and the many musicians who made sacrafices and layed the foundation for music in Bermuda. I believe that each participant in the BYO should be given a copy of Jazz On The Rock (written by Dale Butler) to read about the history of local music and musicians. Blessings Gina Spence Producer & Host Community Voices FM 89 Radio Show

  5. LH says:

    Alright to my Berkeley friends! I experienced being a part of the Marching band On Bermuda Day…It gave a feeling of togetherness and it is great to see kids doing something constructive. Congrats to All and Thanks to BYO!!!!