Man Fined After Importing ‘Weed’ In Underwear

February 12, 2013

A New York resident was this morning [Feb 12] fined $800 for possession of cannabis, with the Court hearing a police sniffer-dog detected the illegal substance in the seat he had been sitting on for the flight from NYC.

Last week, 38-year-old Francis Patterson — a national of Trinidad & Tobago who was said to be was living in New York City — arrived at Bermuda’s LF Wade Airport carrying 6.08 grams of cannabis, said to have a street value of around $250.

A Police drug sniffer-dog that was in the aircraft cabin alerted authorities to the seat that Patterson had been sitting in for the flight from NYC.

In the Arrival and Customs Hall, Patterson was identified, taken aside, and questioned by Bermuda Customs and Police. Under questioning, Patterson pulled a plastic bag from his underwear and passed it over and admitted it was “weed”.

Patterson was subsequently taken into custody and held until today’s appearance. Before being convicted and sentenced, Patterson said that he was: “Very, very sorry.”

Patterson pleaded guilty to possessing the cannabis at the Airport, and Senior Magistrate Archie Warner fined him $800 and ordered he make the payment today.

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Comments (27)

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  1. Sorry Sir says:

    “6.08 grams of cannabis, said to have a street value of around $250″

    Who the fat makes these numbers up? $250 for 6 grams? Stuff must be de BOOM! lol

    What ever happened to that “Importation fine” that they used to dish out? Bout time they started being more lenient with cannabis.

  2. haha says:

    I wonder how the police come up with these numbers and values?

    • Orbit says:

      They go by each 1/2 gram and/or gram, that’s why its $250. BS

  3. swing voter says:

    I wish they would take down some ‘frequent flyers’, you know, the ones that seem to clear customs when the ‘right’ officers are in place?

  4. Rob says:

    250$!? That must be d loud pack!

  5. Come Correct says:

    Hard as hell to even find any weed right now, any shortages on crack?…coke?…Heroin?…Xtacy?… Thought not. I really dont get it, it’s a plant, the tomatoe plants in my garden are coming along nicely and the police havent even bothered with them. Salvia isn’t illegal and it’s a hallucinagenic. Any mention of Mary in the throne speech? No, no there wasn’t was there. I guess we’ll keep making criminals out of something that isn’t criminal. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. 70+ years and we haven’t figured it out yet.

  6. Come On Man!!! says:

    Why don’t Government legalize it and put a heavy tax on it. They’ll make a Hell of a lot more $ than $800.

  7. west says:

    N if this was a Bermudian they wud be locked rite with a trail date n all n want ne able to go bacm to the States f de courts here n them judges do the same for us

  8. lol says:

    marijuana only became illegal in america because some white man claimed it made white girls want to be with black guys back in the day or something like that

    • Come Correct says:

      Close but not quite. William Randolf Hurst used his newspaper to spread propaganda that blacks and Mexicans were using marijuana and raping white women so he wouldn’t have to spend money switching his printing presses from paper to hemp. I believe it was Henry/Harry J Aslinger who basically started the war on drugs/people that aren’t white. The war on drugs is just a means of locking away an unwanted segment of the population, unfortunately for them(the people at the top) all different kinds of people use marijuana now.

    • really doe says:

      It was really because it was cheaper 2 make paper from hemp plants n the ppl that used wood 2 make paper wer gonna lose money so they went about tellin ppl It is bad n makes u crazy and even makes girls want men so they made it illegal its all about the money not if its good or bad

    • Will says:

      Coke was made illegal because of the fears over coke crazed negroes
      Marijuana was made illegal because of the fears of weed crazed (or rather lazed) Mexicans

  9. derp says:

    really. this is getting pretty sad. everywhere else in the world is at least debating the subject, its like were stuck in the past and cant move forward. marijuana is nothing.

    I have 2 jobs, one full time, one part time, i also do odd jobs like painting and carpentry. also, in my spare time i buy and sell stocks online.

    Ive only had two speeding tickets and they were for going 63 and 66.

    But every night, when I knock off from work, I come home and I make some food, clean if need be, then after my shower i’ll roll myself a fat joint and trade stocks and watch tv.

    Am I a bad guy?

    • derp 4 premier! says:

      YES-I, POPPA. That was DEEP! #RealTalk

    • @ derp….how dumb can you be to put your stock info on Bernews n your “fat head joint” as well. Don’t be surprised, if that same drug sniffing dog, don’t wind up smelling out your stocks n “fat head joint”.
      If ever he shows up, don’t want to hear that Bernews pricked on your @$$; u done it to yourself.
      Fat head who is a stock dummy. They will find out who that derp is. Read about u shortly. The stocks just dropped. So did that dummy derp. Book him DANO!!! Take,” derp 4 Premier” too… is his POPPA.

      • Come Correct says:

        I’ve put up that I smoke too, they haven’t kicked in my door and considering the fact they need a warrent for your IP(the reason they couldn’t track the Facebook fugitive) they better hope they get lucky enough to find evidence that I haven’t already burned. Why would they kick in someone’s door for the chance of getting maybe 7grams or less? Dont we have people commiting murders with guns? Everyone who smokes should just stand on the lawn of parliament and burn until they do something. What are they going to do lock us all up? This country would be in a debt of no return within a year with all of us living off the tax payers dime.

    • Will says:

      same goes for a friday night in town..hundreds of drunken revelers causing chaos on Front Street demanding a high police presence to keep order…all the while we can get arrested for wanting to go home and peacefully smoke a doobie or two and watch some tv with friends…misplaced priorities if any!

  10. @derp and derp 4 Premier…….

    “NOT ABOVE THE LAW…….at all”..Huhv

    • really doe says:

      laws r the laws of man not the laws of god so forget wat the p— gotta say burn de highest grades simple

      • Will says:

        we will get no where with legalisation if the best argument is ‘gods creation’….you cant bring something with questionable existence into this im sorry..hard facts are whats needed not fairy tales.
        But if you want to take a religious side to this argument you can say that it is spoken about in your bible and historically proven to be used for many things back then as written in that book. Hell im sure they made early copies of the bible on hemp anyways and cannabis was a well known and documented sacrament for religious activities.

        • Come Correct says:

          You’re right we wont get anywhere with that argument but its this simple… To the BDA government: legalize, regulate, tax, give me a bag of weed to do what I wish with (cook, smoke, or vaporize not sell to minors) put a health warning on it and and stay the f@ck out of my life. I believe there is only one reason why this wouldn’t be done…someone or some people in a position of authority is capitalizing off the current situation. Nowhere else in the world is marijuana in competition with gold as far as price. This is beyond ridiculous now. OBA make an attempt or in 5 years guess who wont be voting.

          • Orbit says:

            Come Correct – Ya not paying USD$1635.62 ah ounce and if you are you’re a dummy!

            • Come Correct says:

              Uh that’s pretty close to the price of “exotic” and its pretty difficult to find regular right now so you were saying? Deny that and I know you have no clue about the current situation. Supply and demand, its basic economics. The question is who is benefiting from the reduced supply and outrageous prices. Notice there was no drought of marijuana in 2007? Hmmm….

  11. $hits&Giggles says:

    I like how this conversation is going. Good on you “derp”. There is nothing the police can do. they cant track you from here. they shouldnt want to either, you seem to be a highly functioning citizen who smokes weed to end off his nights. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. $hits&Giggles says:

    Why is it that drugs like bath salts that make people eat peoples faces legal but you cant smoke an herb that makes you get couch lock and eat a pizza?



    • Orbit says:

      Popped a molly um sweatin UGH, popped a molly um sweating UGH!!