Photos: KBB 2012 Appreciation Award Winners

February 28, 2013

Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] announced the recipients of its 2012 Appreciation Awards on Tuesday [Feb 26] at the charity’s Annual General Meeting in the Botanical Gardens Visitor Centre.

Anthony Whaley Jr_Mr Moniz_Amy Shillingford

Minister of Public Works Trevor Moniz presented the KBB Appreciation Awards and thanked the recipients for taking personal responsibility for keeping their communities clean. The AGM closed with guest speaker Mrs Judie Clee and a presentation entitled The Secret Life of Plastics to raise awareness of the dangers of marine plastic and its impact on the environment.

Couples for Christ Dennis Marquez and family

Mr. Moniz said, “As a new Minister, I will be looking at ways to improve the Island. I look forward to meeting with KBB to discuss ideas for simple but effective initiatives where we can work together to enhance our environment.”

KBB President, Amy Shillingford said, “KBB acknowledges our honourees for their outstanding commitment to the environment and dedication to keeping Bermuda beautiful. We thank them for their time and energy, and the valuable contribution they make to our community.”

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to:

  • Cathy Bassett – Outstanding Environmental Enthusiast, Educator & Recycling Advocate – for her role in encouraging hundreds of young people to respect and protect our environment and her continuing leadership of the green charge in her neighbourhood.
  • Nikita Robinson – Inspirational Role Model for promoting Family Involvement and Volunteerism – for her role in promoting volunteerism to her listeners and making KBB clean-ups a family affair.
  • David and Jocille Blakeney – Neighbourhood Leaders in Community Involvement & Improvement – for setting an outstanding example of good citizenship by taking pride in their neighbourhood, volunteering to keep it litter-free and encouraging their neighbours to join them.
  • Anthony Whaley Jr. – Outstanding Teen and Dedicated Volunteer – for his role as a committed KBB volunteer and member, and for his enthusiasm in protecting our environment and keeping it clean.
  • Jessica Petty – Outstanding Teen and Environmental Advocate – for her volunteer work with KBB as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award and her leadership in educating others about the importance of protecting Bermuda’s environment.
  • Couples for Christ – Most Active KBB Adopt-a-Spot group in 2012. Couples for Christ is one of KBB’s first Adopt-a-Spot groups. They have adopted Admiralty House Park and enthusiastically clean up the park and beach every month.

The KBB President’s Award was presented to The Central Community Action Team of the Bermuda Police Service – The Team understands that by improving the physical environment of a neighbourhood it can lead to a reduction in crime, particularly when neighbours and community partners work shoulder to shoulder. The Central Community Action Team has worked steadily to help area residents create Neighbourhood Watch groups and connect them with KBB to work together on community clean-ups.

Presidents Award Central Community Action Team Bermuda Police Service

The KBB Environmental Partner Award, a new recognition for 2012, was presented to The Garden Club of Bermuda. The Garden Club formed the Keep Bermuda Beautiful anti-litter and beautification sub-committee in the early 1960s. In 1964 the KBB Committee became its own organization.

KBB Environmental Partner Award_The Garden Club of Bermuda

Last year KBB renewed its relationship with its parent organization receiving support and working together on beautification projects. KBB is grateful to have this special relationship with Garden Club members and looks forward to future collaboration.

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  1. Joonya says:

    There seems to be quite a few Filipinos in that first photo.
    How dare those menace foreigners clean up my island.. joking.
    Thank all of you for the always outstanding effort and good deed.
    Especially when many Bermudians seem to purposely litter our roadways and nearby greenery. I become embarrased to be Bermudian sometimes.

    For example I was coming up Barkers Hill this morning and noticed someone dumped an old PC on the right side grass just before the top of the hill. Pathetic!! AND THE INCINERATOR DUMP RECEPTICLES ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! I really dont understand that.

    I swear it is like many Bermudians are solely out to destroy our island in every way. WHY WHY WHY WHY?

    • Cleancut says:

      “How dare those menace foreigners clean up my island” joking hey!

      Your a real bozo Joonya, the sick person you are.

      Do not forget the march tomorrow bozo!

  2. Weldon Wade says:

    Great work KBB!