Photos: Mohawk Radio EP Launch Party In UK

February 14, 2013

The Mohawk Radio band extended their support to a fundraising effort by holding the launch party for their brand new EP “#1” in aid of the NK Theatre Arts ‘Big Sound Appeal.’

The band was re-established across the Atlantic in 2011 when lead singer Mia Chambray moved to the UK from Bermuda, bringing the name Mohawk Radio with her.

After responding to an online advert, she joined forces with Sean Frankland [Bass, Backing vocals] and James Gregory [lead guitar]. They were later introduced to Dave Quinn [Drums] and the line-up was complete.

No strangers to delivering live performances, the band has performed at various events across the North West of the UK, including supporting Australian band The Sun Pilots on the Manchester leg of the their recent UK tour.

Official trailer: Mohawk Radio ‘Access All Areas’

Having experienced the facilities available at The Forum Theatre for herself, lead singer Mia Chambray said she was amazed that such a great venue lay right on the band’s doorstep.

When they heard about the theatre’s fundraising efforts to replace the current sound equipment, the band jumped at the chance to support them by donating the ticket proceeds from the event to their ‘Big Sound Appeal.’

Ms Chambray explains, “Arriving in Manchester on June 16th, 2011 after deciding to uproot my life and follow my dream, I haven’t looked back since. In late July 2011 I responded to the boys posting on a Manchester Musicians website.

“We met at the Koffee Pot in downtown Manchester and hit it off right away. After our first rehearsal, l knew I’d found my musical soul mates. I’d travelled across an ocean and come so far, I knew these guys were who I was looking for. I cannot wait to see what the future hold for us.”

Photos courtesy of Mohawk Radio, click to enlarge:

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Comments (7)

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  1. Jeff Dwyer says:

    A star on the dressing room door with her name, you have got to be kidding me! The real world beckons….

    • Encouraged by what I saw says:

      And I hope for this talented 4some that success beckons. Keep chasing that shooting star my friend cos it’s as near as you’ll come, the only thing you’ll have on your door is an eviction notice. At least Mia and the boys are pushing for something, good luck to you Mohawk Radio. Ignore the haters, they have nothing better to do, sat behind their monitors trying to drag others down, what a sad lonely existence. You should strive for the greatness you may well deserve, the real people will be behind you all the way.

  2. London calling says:

    Mohawk Radio is mint. Have had a chance to see them at this show last week . Unbelievable. Go on Bermuda ! Manchester!

  3. Davy D says:

    You must have watched the video an awful lot to see her name… So why the hate?

    Last time I checked the UK is the real world. Why don’t we celebrate Bermudiana instead of throwing them shade?

    If you’d like you name on a door, I suggest you get a band together, work yourself to the bone to pursue you dreams.

    In the meantime. Enjoy all your time you spend watching YouTube and. Drinking haterade.

    Go On Mohawk Radio !!!! Bermudians all the way !

  4. The Mission says:

    Mohawk Radio are Brilliant . Mia was incredible at the John Lennon show …. Talented And beautiful! MOHaWK! Keep you head up girl !!

  5. Question Reality says:

    I have questions – -

    How is this band “Mohawk Radio”? Where are the locals/ex-pats that made up the original band lineup? Ask that question.

    I do not applaud stealing in any form or fashion – because this is exactly that – stealing. Ask the “star” about that!

    The way in which she treated her former band mates was beyond disrespectful and extremely hurtful, but she didn’t care then and she doesn’t now.

    With that said, I do wish her the level of success she is seeking – - because when karma comes back to her, it will sting 10x worse.

    I pray for mercy on her behalf.

    ? Reality