Police Advisory: Fake Bank Email Circulating

February 6, 2013

The Bermuda Police Service Financial Crime Unit continues to advise the public to “remain vigilant regarding phishing e-mails that attempt to obtain personal information or other sensitive data.

A spokesperson said, “In a recent example, an imitation bank e-mail claiming to be from Capital G titled ‘Important Information for our Customers’ states in part:

“You are receiving this notice as a reminder that the security question we have on file for you within Online Banking was not up-to-date.

This email was sent automatically to your email address as an additional layer of security regarding your Online Banking activity as part of Capital G Bank Security Assurance.”

“Recipients should ignore these unsolicited messages or similar ‘official looking e-mails’ claiming to be from any of the local banks,” noted a police spokesperson.

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  1. Time Passages says:

    I received this one and I’ve never had a Capital G account. However, I sent back what looked like it might be a proper password and i hope it kept the fraudsters busy for a while. HAHA

  2. Family Man says:

    Oh, I updated my details anyway. I don’t want anything to delay the transfer I’m expecting from Nigeria. I’m helping Mr. Ribadu move some funds to one Gen. Abacha’s nephews and he’s going to give me a very generous share once I cover a few fees to get all the documents registered at his end.

    I’m so lucky he found me. In a few days I should be able to retire.

  3. RME says:

    I received one yesterday supposeldy from Bank of Butterfield with similar details. It told me that my cell phone number had expired (?!?!?) and I needed to update it on-line as an extra measure of security.

    Don’t fall for it people. Look carefully – bad grammar and poor spelling is a giveaaway for me that it’s not legit. You know the Banks don’t contact you like that and if in doubt CALL THEM first to be sure.