27-Year-Old Man Jailed For Thirty Days

March 26, 2013

In Magistrates Court this morning [Mar 26], Seion Darrell, 27, was jailed for 30 days after appearing on charges of driving whilst disqualified and driving whilst impaired. It was the second time in recent months that Darrell had been before the court for offences of this nature.

Darrell pleaded guilty to driving whilst impaired, with the offence occurring earlier this month. Senior Magistrate Archie Warner disqualified Darrell from driving all vehicles for three years and fined him $2,000. The Magistrate also ruled that Darrell must serve 90 days if he defaults on the payment of this fine. He was also fined $500 for driving whilst disqualified.

Darrell then faced two outstanding matters of two unpaid fines totalling $735 and stemming from 2011. Darrell said he thought he had paid those fines but a records check showed that he had not.

The Senior Magistrate ruled that the $2,500 in new fines must be paid by 26th April 2013 or default time will be served consecutive to his 30 day prison sentence. Regarding the $735 in outstanding fines, he ruled that 30 days, consecutive to the already handed down prison term, must be served in lieu of payment.

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  1. what the hell. poor soul, now you’ve got a lot of time to think. never thought you would ever drink & drive & driving while already of the dam road, # 16 must be turning over in his grave.well you just have to now learn the hard way, sorry to see you go westgate. lesson well learnt.

  2. young bermudian says:

    I disagree. Most who drink and drive do not have a clear understanding of their actions and consequences. Education and a manadatory breathalizer is a better punishment. The cost for locking this guy up for a month is about $6600 to the taxpayer. If the guy was working, he probably lost his job and will probably sign up for financial assistance.