Photos: Digicel Launches New Prepaid Plan

March 14, 2013

This morning [Mar 14] commuters in Hamilton may have witnessed Digicel staff — wearing red attire and riding red rental bikes — making their way around the town as part of the launch of their new product for prepaid cellular customers.


The new Digicel Prepaid Daily Plan offers prepaid subscribers a voice, text and data package for $3.50 per day. The plan works as a self service product in that customers can add the plan to their smartphones on their own by simply dialing a code – either *236# from their BlackBerry or *235# from their iPhone or Android. The plan includes unlimited local calling, unlimited local text messages and 10 MB of data for $3.50 a day.

“At Digicel, we are focused on delivering convenient and affordable products and services that allow our customers to keep current and stay connected. The introduction of this prepaid daily plan enables more customers to do just that,” explains Digicel Bermuda CEO, Wayne Caines — who was leading the pack on his red rental bike this morning.


“The inclusion of data makes this plan unique to any other prepaid offering in Bermuda and allows Digicel Prepaid customers to do more than talk and text. We strongly believe that our customers will appreciate this opportunity to get it all for one low price of $3.50 a day,” continues Mr. Caines.

Shane McDonnell, Sales Director of Digicel Bermuda adds, “Both prepaid and postpaid customers are increasingly purchasing data driven smartphones and devices. This daily plan allows prepaid customers to make the most of their smartphone investment by allowing the use of popular social apps such as BlackBerry Messenger, Whats App, Instagram and thousands more.”

In addition to the talk, text and web elements included in the Digicel Prepaid Weekly Plan, subscribers will enjoy other benefits exclusive to Digicel Prepaid such as free incoming Digicel calls, free incoming Digicel text messages, their $7 Government paid for them each month and over 200 top up locations island wide.

Anyone looking to sign up for the Digicel Prepaid Daily Plan can easily do so directly from their mobile phone: First, ensure that there is sufficient credit of at least $3.50 available on your Digicel Prepaid SIM. Then, dial *236# using your BlackBerry or *235# using your iPhone or Android smartphone and follow the instructions.

The Digicel Prepaid Daily Plan is designed to automatically renew 24 hours from activation as long as sufficient credit is available. Subscribers will receive automated notices upon consumption of 70% and 100% of the 10 MB of data included in the plan.

For those prepaid customers using standard mobile phones, without data capabilities, there is a variation of the Digicel Prepaid Daily Plan that offers unlimited talk and text only for $2.50 a day.

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Comments (43)

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  1. Looks fun! says:

    nice one Digicel!

    Made me smile today : )

    • Miami Dolphin says:

      At least the rental company is making money today

  2. Islandspice says:

    Well done to Digicel, out of the box, creative and just awesome. Brought a smile to my face this morning. My son is 2 yrs old and danced in his car seat as your team passed. Thanks for starting our day off so brightly…

    You guys Rock…

  3. Bud! says:

    I saw them on the way to work and it looked like they were enjoying themselves. I’m sure this would cause some buzz. I wish I worked at Digicel (just today).

  4. canookian bermyian says:

    saw them on my way to get coffe – good stuff Digicel!

  5. Digi LOVER says:

    Well DONE Digicel!! very innovative and creative!! Great way to start off the morning!!!

    Keep up the good work!!


  6. Y-Gurl says:

    Great work…now go put your network in shape please!

  7. Concerned says:

    All well and good, but please don’t over take queued stationary traffic in the rush hours please on a corner. One of the red bikes above nearly ended up as road kill this morning by my much larger 4 wheeled vehicle.

  8. Sorry Sir says:

    What a ripoff!
    Since when did prepaid have an expiry date? Anywhere else, you pay for a prepaid card, you get voice, text and data and you have it until it’s gone. Not expired at the end of the day. CellOne does the same crap.

    I pay $45 a month for 1 GB of data when I only use 200MB a month. Does it roll over? NO. Is their a way I can pay for 1 GB until it’s gone? NO. Do they give me the option of a lower size for a lower amount? NO.

    Getting rid of my DATA plan since it only works when it wants to and cell phone service providers don’t offer any kind of flexibility.

    • winwater says:

      At least with Digicel the network is fast compared to CellOne.

      • OMGosh! says:

        You’s a lie! Their network is not faster than CellONE!

        • Read the Details says:

          @Sorry Sir:
          you are confused. the daily plan is for prepaid. it expires after one day (24 hours). Postpaid plans are different and are based on monthly subscription. if they daily plan does not seem atrractive to you – then its not meant for you! its an optional plan.

          My Digicel 4G is quick. Stoy ya noise bie!

          • Sorry Sir says:

            That doesn’t answer my question. Since when did prepaid have an expiry date?

            Prepaid would make you think you pay for a set amount of voice and data that only expires when you use it.

            When you get prepaid voice, it only expires when you run out of minutes, right? but when you prepay data, it expires that day? That’s not right.

            • been a while says:

              No with prepaid when you have money/credit…you have an expiry time. If you don’t use it…it will expire. It’s been like that for years. If i have a big credit left I juat contact my carrier to see if they would give me more time. I dnt have to do that much because I top up every now and then and it keeps it goin. I think this whole data thing is like selling packages of data. It’s diff.

  9. Islandspice says:

    @Y-Gurl and JJ: I along with all of my family and friends have digicel phones, ipads, internet and Long distance. We love your network and he coverage is excellent.

    again, Digicel, the promootioin is EXCELLENT !!!!

    thanks for lowering prices and keeping little ole me in mind

  10. eyeinthesky says:

    Is it a deal…..? 30 days total $105….. I have a package that does all this for almost the same thing….. saving about $10

    for a GRAND Total savings of .33 cents per day wow…..

    Gov needs real reform on Cel providers and definately Internet Providers.

    • roots says:

      seems like a deal for prepaid if you ask me.

      • Come Correct says:

        Lol you couldn’t even download angry birds with 10mb of data.

        • sigh... says:

          True and if u wanna download angry birds get the 2.50 plan and a normal data plan. Maybe this thing they are advertising is for like basic users or something…

    • What matters most... says:

      It is a good deal for people who don’t have credit and can’t turn a phone on in their name, let alone one with data (a lot of people in Bermuda have bad credit)!!!

      • Sorry Sir says:

        Exploitation of people’s bad decisions/luck. Sounds awesome to me.

  11. Miami Dolphin says:

    Forget the hype…fix your network

  12. Orbit says:

    Lower your prices. Bought a phone de otha day for five bills or something. DEFINATELY feels like I forgot the lube. Jeeeeeez.

  13. Mr Real says:

    Stop the crap!!!!! spear me the bullsh&! this seems like all Digicel workers commenting on this crap! Cell one been had the same plan for $2.50 aint nothing new.

    • Oy Vey says:

      Actually… this plan has data. The Cell One plan doesn’t. So… that’s kinda new, inna?

    • Hahaha~! says:

      @Mr Real

      so tell me, how are the benefits at Cell one? : )

    • really? says:

      Who cares?! If they both want to offer the same thing or similar plans at least their customers get a deal. I don’t get the point of your comment…

  14. backbush says:

    might be worth the money if i was able to get services

  15. swing voter says:

    gurella marketing is lame. provide good service and you won’t have to do stupid to raise yur profile

    • take a break says:

      learn to spell and have correct grammar before you try to insult someone. Its not LAME it is DIFFERENT and because you have not seen it before you have to “hate” Digicel has good service and where they do have issues they are looking to improve. We forget that no one/company is perfect. they are NUMBER 1 in bermuda for a reason. Dont be so afraid of change and innovation that you become disgruntle. stop drinking haterade!!

      there is an old saying:

      “if you dont have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

      • GBDA says:

        Number 1….on what planet? Digismells will never ever get one red cent out of me again!

  16. James Rego says:

    Just came back from Costa Rica. Swapped out my local sim in the airport, got a prepaid Kolbi sim with a new number and for as little as 100 colons (20cents) you get voice, text & data. Twenty dollars lasted me for almost three weeks and I spent a tremendous amount of time on the Internet. And you can top up in any shop or gas station in the country.

    As someone mentioned earlier, there should be no time limit on prepaid. When the money runs out, just top it up.

  17. Barney says:

    I saw this group pull out of Montpilier Road this morning. One fool on a bike pulled straight out into the traffic and caused everyone to come to a standstill to allow the van and bikes to ALL pull straight out onto Middle road without stopping. News flash Digicel, the traffic laws apply to you all…..poor example and you caused an annoyance to others this morning.

    • Person with a thought says:

      I can see how that would be annoying but at the same time. .it’s not like they do it every week. I saw them this afternoon and they were riding two pple side by side. Could be worse right? (>_<)

  18. Jerome Daniels says:

    10MB of data!!! LMAO! What a rip off!! Anybody using a smartphone doing a lot of facebook, instagram etc. is going to be very disappointed.
    @Read The Details there are NO 4G networks on this island. Both carriers lie, because last time I checked my smartphone which is 4G capable said 3G on the display. Just saying.. Just another case of us Bermudians paying premium prices for non- premium services. Hopefully these rates come down real soon!

    • Person with a thought says:

      I wouldn’t use this because i use more data and have a different prepaid plan. I don’t think they want everyone to get on this offer. Only the people who want to start using data or use little. On another phone shows 4G. I am pretty sure it has to do with your phone software…

  19. GHETTO DIGICEL says:

    They would need to revamp thier front line a bunch of UNPROFESSIONAL JOKERS! I know of a few people that have sent their very impressive I might add resumes told they werent hiring everytime I walk cross there another one added to the list.

    Somethings that make you go hmmmm, no change your provider hahaha!

  20. Say no says:

    Doesn’t that work out to be about $105.00 per month. And you think this is affordable?