Gun & Ammo Seized, Two Males Arrested

April 24, 2013

A gun and ammunition were seized and two males were arrested after the police executed a search warrant at a Sandys parish residence today [Apr 24].

A police spokesperson said, “Armed police officers executed a search warrant at a Sound View Road, Sandys parish residence today, April 24th. As a result, two male persons were taken into custody and a handgun as well as a quantity of ammunition was seized.

“Inquiries into this matter are ongoing by the Serious Crime Unit. Working in partnership with members of the community, the Bermuda Police Service is focused on getting illegal firearms off the street.

“Anyone with information on the location of an illegal firearm is urged to contact the Serious Crime Unit in confidence on 247-1739 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    now go get the rest of the scumbags!

  2. James Rego says:

    Way to go BPS! 100% behind you!

  3. Waiting to be saved : ( says:

    Somerset guys are not going around robbing people. They most likely had them for protection against all the little rats from PS.

    The same ones that are breaking in homes and robbing people of their gold. Stealing peoples bikes then calling them and telling them I can get your bike back for a few hundred. The list goes on.

    East and West guys are not the problem Mr. Police Mon. I know it’s all bull%^$t, but it appears you Police Mons are not targeting the correct gangs. Every male and female from age 10 to plus knows who the real problem is. Wake up Bermuda.

    Yea yea I know they shouldn’t have had a gun, but dam someones got to protect us. We all know someones has to terminate the problem. The police are scared to bust a cap in someone with a gun because all the amount of red tape they have to tape to their a$$ after trying to save a member of the public. Do I blame them hell no! So who is coming to save us, can someone please tell me. Before the election both parties PLP and OBA said we will do this and that. Now we all voted! OBA the balls in your court. What is the plan?

    • silence says:

      Amen.couldn’t have said it any better

    • mixitup says:

      Hmmm..I somewhat agree with you, the police know who the real vermin is.

    • Chica says:

      People who have irrational ways of thinking should not have possession of guns. I can understand the idea of protection however it’s never been a case where some one has been shot because they attacked another person with the intent to kill them. If it was their intent then sure yes shoot them, if not it doesn’t warrant the use of a gun. Hence my opening statement. These people don’t think like “us”.

      These guys go looking for people to shoot, it’s premeditated, not even caused by a fight or anything of that sort.

      So yet again, they’re killing each other but have no real, rational, normal reason.

    • ATEN says:

      you are somewhat way incorrect ! It takes two remember that so dont make west boys sound innocent because theyree not! NOT AT ALL!

    • This is true park side boys need to go they are the main punks mindless bunch they are ……

    • I agree with your comment 100% couldnt put it no other way.

    • Take out the CANCER says:

      110% with you on this. When I go west I feel ok and when I go east I feel ok but it’s something about beening in Town. Even with the Police Station smack in the middle of it all. The Police need to put all their efforts in Park Side aka Cancer this summer. They wouldn’t have to even worry about the other groups. I walked into the Beach Bar a few weeks back. I had great time until the PS roaches came in. Must be be their hang out spot since no other bars will put up with their life styles. Sorry to say but I left and I will not be returning.

      • Tiger Lily says:

        When Bootsie’s Club closed, The Beach became their next hangout. I have to agree that when you visit the west and east it is a different vibe.

    • I assume that you have been inflicted by these ill fated thoughts of yours for a very long long time. I can’t figure out for the common good of Bermuda, just what is it you be trying to apply or say.
      It is almost evident that your three best subjects in school had to be recess! lunch! and school’s out. You didn’t make any grade, except “high grade” n that screwed your mind n your thinking ability.
      Prehaps I should go back to bed and wake up again and see if this idiot is real or is this some sort of nightmare. In either case, the writer that I’m responding to has no batteries included…..whatsoever.
      Prehaps the BPS should execute a search warrant on your house or better still your parents house and see what they come up with. But for now, take two aspirins with water….not with henny or elephants or any other alcoholic beverage and then call the doctor a.s.a.p. Your wires have frozen or a bullet has been lodged in your brain n you just can’t think. Are you for real? Who will protect us from you. Your chambers have rusted out and that is why you have absolutely no batteries included.
      You suck……..DH.

      • Wait a minute says:

        Instead of you making suggestions you verbally beat on the writer. It appears that you may be one of the many small minded people in Bermuda that don’t know what’s happening in their own island. You sit behind 4 walls lock your door at night, read a book and hope for the best. When people go to the Police with information, the only thing they can help you with is relocating to England under a Witness Protection Program. That means you have to leave your father, mother, brother, sister, cousins and best friends behind to just stay alive. You can’t even return home because you become a instant target. There is only one group of men in Bermuda that have declare war on the rest. Stop being a fool by adding to the problem. Make a suggestion, the writer is correct when then say the police can’t help you. Everyone in Bermuda knows what happening, so have you been living under a Rock for the last 3 years? When these young men come breaking down the door at the family home, please tell Bermuda what you intend to do?

        • Tiger Lily says:

          Amen – experience is a great teacher. Many on the island don’t have a clue of what is happening. They say the one eyed monster when pointed in your face, will make you do anything. There is power when you use it. More people don’t talk because of fear.

      • Smith says:

        @ No Batteries Included

        Do you have any clue on what’s going in Bermuda? Waiting 2 be saved hit the nail right on the head. What they wrote was not Rocket Science it’s a fact. I don’t hang on the streets but my son comes home from school and he keeps me in the loop. As a parent I’m concerned about him as he approaches age. The internet is the information highway, websites like Bernews and the bloggers that come on here daily keep us all informed of what’s going on. Don’t bash people for making strong points if you have nothing of value to add to it.

        Do you know that many young man in Bermuda can’t travel from Sandy’s to Town or vice versa without being chased down and beat or worst killed.

      • Tracy says:


        Clearly your ego needs a boost for some reason, maybe it is big but never gets hard.

    • I. McHunt says:

      No sympathy from me! When the groups of young men who have long conducted their illegal and/or anti social behaviour in the Hook and Ladder, Cricket club, and other areas, begin to act like law abiding, respectful and community minded citizens then maybe I will have some sympathy!

    • Smh says:

      You sound real silly. Everyone “from 10 to plus know who the real problem is”? No one needs to wake up but you! I am 21 and I know guys from all the different gangs. I’ve known these guys since back when they all use to kick it with eachother. And to be honest a lot of these guys are actually cool guys if you’ve known them before their names hit the headlines. I’ve lost a few friends due to the ignorance. But at the end of the day, I don’t take sides. Because I know that ALL the gangs/sides are the problem! I wish certain people like you would wake up and stop tallying up who is arrested from each side. Who cares! They all contribute to the island sinking!

      Ohh and I live in Somerset, my house and a few other houses in my neighborhood have been broken into…. Are you suggesting that PS came all the way up Somerset to do those break ins to steal my precious gold? LOL smh.

      Idk, if you are a groupie, have an enemy in PS, roll wit the west and east, IDK and IDC but I suggest you take away your bias thoughts and realise that they are all an issue.

      • keep shaking says:

        Can you travel to town and relax or are you looking over ya back? Where do you feel safer. Stop bull$het you sound like a mole in Somerset. Who you going to run to when you being chased down like a stray dog? Forget being a mole you sound like some nerd. When they come for you the first thing you will do is jump on a plane to the UK. That’s what my fam was told because the police can’t protect you.

        • My Thoughts says:

          @SMH I AGREE 100%

          People think they know what is going on but have no idea! There is far more that goes on beyond the headlines. I have frequented Somerset areas and I DONT FEEL SAFE as well as “town”. this is not a one sided war. In the same breath that a town person will rob you, a somerset guy will take a picture with an innocent child at a birthday party and post it to a social network because the childs father is from town. In the same breath that a town person will start a meaningless fight in a club a somerset person will ride into the parking lot and make threats, brandishing a gun. The news does not report threats made, or stares glared because you a family member of “the other side”. For those people who think they know what is going on because of what a news paper, or website, or “gang expert” reports – WAKE UP. There is more to the story.

          It is quite true that no one is innocent in the situation that our island is facing. These young man ON ANY SIDE of the island have put them self in a state of defense and the only mechanism they have adopted is to ATTACK. Hurt them before they hurt you – is the mentality. In my opinion the war these young men are fighting are no longer against each other but within. Young men dont want to be involved but because there choice of friends or past they are automatically inducted.

          For example Ricco and Haile – although they had a past they changed, yet the innocent somerset guys that you speak of still commited such a brutal murder. Now a select few will take up animosity and seek revenge while another will decide that this is not the life that they want. on either spectrum the individual will still be a target. And this is something that every “crew” faces not only PS.

          Young man are dealing with grief and know no form of healing beside anger and revenge. Its really sad to say the least. I know one gentleman who has loss four friends, an uncle, and two cousins. Can you imagine having to deal with such a loss? And actually be able to move on a humble person? Or the same person you were before all this nonsense.

          Im not saying we must feel sorry for these gentlman but i personally think we need to pay attn to their mind states before going on and pointing fingers. Are these men mentally stable? Are they coping with the situation they are in? No they are ignoring the red flags and reacting with anger in their sitauations. This is why the nonsense is constant.

          How silly to say that it is one crew doing all the crime. People who arent even apart of the war are commiting robberys. Stop reading headlines and assuming that you know what is going – YOU DONT.

          *waits for attack on gramatical mistakes, uneducated opinion and the infamous “you know so much why dont you go to the police”*

    • REAL TALK says:

      Waiting to be saved do u know how stupid you sound. Their are thieves from east to west…. ppl robbing ppl from east to west so do not try single out a certain group cause u may be bitter towards them…. what about somerset ripping ppl off with fake money… I am on no side but wen you talk… just talk with a bit of sense…. its a island wide problem… they have guns just for protetction… please spear me the BS… I am guessing you believe the amount of people being shot around the curve is not west guys…. grow up and recognize the ISLAND problem and stop pointing fingers… cause from east to west they ALL have something to do with it…..And its going to take ppl like you to grow up and help the situation not make it worse!!!!

    • Life Of Real says:

      A gang is a gang. No matter if its east, town or west. We see who you represent. Grow up a**hole

  4. Wtf says:

    So they cowboys from the west are the good guys? Give me a f%#^ing break, the law is the law guns are illegal!!!

  5. Did he do it? says:

    So who the hell did the senseless killing at Belvins you idiots

  6. nok says:

    I don’t east to west they got to go.

  7. Terri says:

    Way to go BPS, one less gun on the streets.

  8. Bubbles says:

    Well done BPS don’t be so foolish! They get a tip and follow through with it! HARD WORK YES lol!! They surely break a sweat to fight crime! Please spear me!

    They should fight the real crime in Bermuda instead of assisting and keeping the real pricks out of prison! Who started this gun warfare! Tired of BPS getting praised when really they inspire and fulfill white collared modern day war crimes amongst the middle class black people of Bermuda!

    BPS can $%#@ off as far as I’m concerned! Sincerely, an educated black bermudian!

    • Dockyard Lackey says:

      Calling yourself “an educated black bermudian” is a bit of an oxymoron. Obviously spelling was not your best subject.
      “PLEASE SPEAR ME.” I will happily oblige after your bigoted anti-Police rant.

      • Giggles says:

        @Dockyard Lackey,

        Thanks for the laugh, your reply brightened my day!

        Sincerely, a not so educated, but not lacking common sense black Bermudian

      • Malachi says:

        Don’t take Bubbles so seriously – remember, she’s just a chimpanzee!

        ….must really miss Michael.

  9. Duhh says:

    Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law free them mans !!!!

  10. tgaotu says:

    make it law that if you have a gun you get shot by your own gun as punishment. One shot for each bullet you have. What else are the bullets and guns for, other than injuring or KILLING someone? Sounds fair to me.

  11. tgaotu says:

    a whole shipment of guns n ammo came in thanks to the scam of that new million dollar machine at the docks. Now it is too late, the weapons have been here for ages now. One gun? pffft. You know how many guns and bullets you can fit in a single container?


  12. I guess the only thing I would say to all the comments above,that it is good to credit the authorities and the whistle blowers with the fact that we have seized these weapons but would someone atleast have the brains to stop and think and give thanks to Almighty God for the masses of people who have prayed for this and now we see the true working of prayer in progress.

    We seemed to only real reconition to the church when we are in a serious critical crisis but when it is a calm period many people think that is they that reveal the sources behind the act.

    Needless to say,I would like to thank all those that know how to pray and are praying that we will see much more of these seizures in the future.

  13. Winnie Dread says:

    1 Less on the streets, good job BPS keep going, looooong way to go for us all.

  14. Uncle Bob says:

    It kills me when people come on here and the first thing they look for are spelling mistakes…Damn, I would love to meet the perfect bloggers in person and give them a big hug and travel voucher for their perfect bloggin-ational activity!

    Our Police commissioner is weak, the police deployment department is confused as to where officers should be to fight crime, and the traffic department is excellent, handing out petty tickets on a daily basis.

    Dear Lord, please not let us have a bombing in Bermuda, because our police department wouldn’t be able to solve let alone cope.


  15. Me says:

    Bermudians are really funny creatures…LOL…so you mean to tell me that the public has been crying to get the guns off the street and here we have a situation where guns and ammo were seized and people are mad because it was the wrong gang that got the guns taken away from them???? Bermuda ask yourself this very serious question do you want the guns off the street or not?? Why should it matter which gang the guns were seized from thats one less gun that will be used to kill or harm someone seems like a win to me.

  16. WHAT..... says:

    My solution…. FREE Coxy let him clean up back of town n then BDA will b peaceful again!!!!! LOL

  17. PSC says:

    Real talk tho!! Not to sound like um against the law!!…but these town rats….it’s no end to them!! These young Bies are running around doin anything to anybody!!..they rob ther own and cause trouble everywhere they go!! These fools and notorious for Wat they do!! The question everybody needs to answer is…wher do you feel more safe too? Somerset or town? Cuz I kno for damn sure that ther ain’t no somerset Bies robbing and causing trouble to anybody ( meaning a regular person!) it’s alot peaceful in west then it is anywhere else in this island!!’ Nobody can’t tell me different….these somerset Bies are the only ones that stand up too these town rats!! The only ones!’ All of the other sets lay down and let them town boys take over and do Wat they like in ther own hood!! I can tell you that 75% of ppl in bermuda or ppl that go out would tell you that somerset Bies are the realist and stand for ther own and ther community! And that’s real!! I DON’T CARE WAT ANY OF YOU SAY!! Ill rather a somerset guy to have a gun them a town rat to have one!!! I feel way more protected wit west Bies!!!

  18. Dianne says:

    I don’t care which gang had the gun. It’s off the streets. BTW, wasn’t the coward who shot the guy in the wheel chair dead from west? How about them boys from Happy Valley?… I seem to remember west guys bragging about how they got two for one. SMH!

  19. Me says:

    Until we stop justifying the actions of these criminals by saying one gang is better then the other Bermuda will never get better.

  20. P#C says:

    —- Sorry that they lost ther lives…but ppl don’t for nuffin wats bin done in the past…wen you do rat sh#t rat sh#t happens to you!! Let me give you a real example of a innocent person! Freddy Maybury..a hard workin farther of two! Wat about him?? And rats from town was bragging about that!! So wen u want to use examples of innocent ppl…make sure you use innocent ppl!! “”Dianne!!”"

    • whayadumb says:

      Thank u cause I was about to say the same thing. If u don’t know the ppl u defend n the dirt they do shut the hell up Dianne…

    • Dianne says:

      Freddy was a great guy.. His death was senseless and tragic. However I don’t recall saying anybody was innocent… My comment was in response to the person that said that west gangs were protecting people, and that they don’t go out looking to kill people.. Wether they were innocent people or not is irrelevant.
      In no way shape or form am I defending any gang or justifying what they have done. Two wrongs don’t make a right..
      Again one less gun off the streets!

      BTW.. If you want to tell someone “shut the hell up” use your real name.

  21. nuffsaid says:

    Much praise to the BPS.. Any gun off the street is closer to a gun free island again. Well sort off. Keep it up BPS.gotta be behnd you 120% Tickets for petty stuff is fine by me too. One thing some of you “Ar#e Hooles” don’t understand is that the Police have to be everywhere at the same time and that is impossible so just give thanks that we have some civil minded citizens that are willing to help with tips that assist them in making these busts that get guns/ammo off the streets. The news has to be more protective of these brave tipsters though.

    Most of the time you really do not have to worry about break-ins if you can secure your homes. Security; that’s the way to go.Secure your house! Get a dog that will tear burglars up when they come over the fence or in the yard trying to get into you home.

    Santucci:- Prayer without works is DEAD. Preach to the parents so that they will be for real and raise their children up in the way that they should GOooooo. One day a week does not been cut it OK. They need to get the WORKS going EVERYDAY if the church is to make a difference!And with the amount of churches on this island one would think that the island would be on a cloud on the way to heaven.

    Bubblie:- Go up Westgate and see your hommey..OK Remember that it was the PoPo that put him (them)there!

    Uncle Bob:- Get a life. Ya lil Mickey Mouse Army will deal with the BOMBING!!!Oops, Oh I forgot, they maybe off playing war games in the US, UK, JA or wherever when the bomb goes off…All 200 of um!! BPS to the rescue…again!

  22. justMYopinion says:

    SMH……These are not the young guys that you may all think they are either…….Too old and too grown to be involved in something so dumb!!! and a family man at that!!!!! SMH!!!!

  23. watch wat u say says:

    I just wish all u people that talk about parkside would state ya real name…since u have so much to say…bunch of punk a$%es!!!!! ^%$#@ ALL DAY B$%ch

    • John says:

      What a dumb kid. Get a life and get educated. When you get older you’ll be thinking WOW why did I waste half my life being half a a$$ because at this rate you’ll never make it to a full a$$. I just purchased my plane ticket care to come, opps sorry you can’t travel can you. lolololol You have so much mouth but you don’t type the full name mommy calls you. What a punk lolol.

    • Come Correct says:

      Why so the little girls can come in a group of 4 or more and rob us too? No, see buddy, someone with half a brain like me won’t be that stupid. Someone like me will wait for the day these silly punks try to rob my yard completely unaware of what awaits them inside of these walls, and they will beg for their lives. Not every law abiding citizen is a p@ssy hole you know. I stay in the area, keep robbing houses, process of elimination says you will meet me one day. Before you continue running you mouth, look at the trend that’s been going on for years, you little girls can’t do f@cks without having your butt buddies back you up. Alone you’re like a dog with its tail between its legs…and the general public fear you little b!tches smh.

  24. watch wat u say says:

    @P#C U sound like a real %^$.You must be from west.Just another ps hater get off our nuts n come talk that tuff talk in town. Tired of all u internet gangstas.P.#. ALL DAY

    • What? says:

      Just shut the hell up! You sound so retarded! Bout get off your nuts and come town. You’re arguing with an anonymous person and getting gassed up, but you’re anonymous too! Why even waste time replying dopey?!

    • bermy football says:

      Lol. Coming from the internet gangster