KPMG Donates $250,000 To KEMH Campaign

April 2, 2013

KPMG in Bermuda has made a $250,000 donation to the Why it Matters capital campaign, which is raising funds to upgrade the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

This latest donation takes the running total for the campaign to close to $28 million since its launch in April 2011. BHCT is leading the Why it Matters capital campaign with a philanthropic goal of $40 million to put towards the $247 million redevelopment project. The project’s overarching aim is to deliver an enhanced level of hospital care for the benefit of the whole community.

Chairman KPMG Neil Patterson on left, Chairman BHCT Philip Butterfield on right:


Neil Patterson, Chairman of KPMG in Bermuda, said: “Our employees and our families live in Bermuda and our firm has been an integral part of the local community for over fifty years.

“The redevelopment and expansion of KEMH is the most important infrastructure project for many years; it will improve the lives of everyone in Bermuda and future generations to come. As such, KPMG is very proud to support the construction of this world-class hospital facility through today’s donation.”

Artist’s rendering of the main entrance of the planned hospital:

Philip Butterfield, Chairman of BHCT, says: “We are deeply appreciative of KPMG’s generosity and their commitment to this extremely important redevelopment project. With KPMG’s support we are one step closer to achieving our goal of providing a world class standard of excellent health care through modernized facilities.”

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Comments (7)

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  1. Come on man says:

    $250.000 that’s all.

    • Ricardo Cardoso says:

      The only way that I can make sense of this ignorant comment is if it was made in sarcasm. Even then, it was made with poor judgment. A contribution of any magnitude (and more so for one of this size), should be highly commended and reflected on with gratitude.

      Thank you KPMG for your generous contribution. Please do not let inconsiderate bloggers such as this detract from your ongoing contributions to the community!

  2. bir says:

    Your kindness in donating to the Hospital is wonderful for Bermuda – What would this country do without Companies like yours providing funding and jobs for Bermudians.

    How grateful are we I know I am!!!!

  3. Say no says:

    The sad part about all this, is that we as Bermudians may never be housed in the new “wing”, as these are all private rooms. How many of us have this with our insurance. Congrats KPMG for you kind donation.

  4. Tom-e says:

    Thank you KPMG for your contributions. Grateful we are (or some should be)! We appreciate companies like yours that contribute to community efforts time and time again. Please know you are appreciated!!!

  5. Justin says:

    Thank you very much. Support from IB should be publicized more so that Bermudians can better appreciate the support from these companies. Well done, KPMG!

  6. James Rego says:

    Well done and thanks, KPMG!