Slideshow: New Mural Appears On Angle Street

April 24, 2013

There is a new mural on a building on Angle Street in Hamilton, next to Club 316 and across from the First Church of God. Dale Butler is one of the persons behind the idea, and said that Charles Clarke, the owner of the building, gave permission to paint the building about three weeks ago.

“I thought it only fitting because most of the houses on the road have been beautified and the front of his building was in poor shape,” said Mr Butler.

“After the white coat I approached him about doing a mural and he was very enthusiastic. I contacted Gail Santucci-Palacio who brought her daughter Indigo and before we knew it young people, passers-by and neighbours chipped in.

“Due to poor weather conditions it took a little longer than expected. The ladder was constructed by Rodney Smith and tied in with the sell-out play that was held at the First Church of God on Sunday, April 21st.

“This mural is one of three currently in the City. It joins the one at Chewstick and the other opposite Dellwood Middle School. Our mural actually has a paw paw on it. Also, in order to broaden people’s knowledge of their legends, a variety of photos will be on display when the weather is good.

“Already it has been used as part of a tour for tourists. It is a learning experience for many and while we do not have room to put up every photo in my collection it has forced people to stop and ask questions or recall the contributions of outstanding Bermudians,” concluded Mr Butler.

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  1. Winnie Dread says:

    Great job to all involved, we need more of this.

  2. disillusioned already! says:

    Love it!!

  3. Portuguese/Bermudian says:

    Beautiful – love it!

  4. Catherine Dl says:

    Well done – fabulous addition to the area!

  5. Muslima says:

    Okay Bermuda Nice job. very very very good job!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. nuffsaid says:

    So nice to have good news. This is beautiful, Dale and company! A real facelift to the area! Well done.