Video: Strengthening Ties Between Bermuda, UK

April 26, 2013

Britain’s Minister for the Overseas Territories Mark Simmonds, Governor George Fergusson, Premier Craig Cannonier and Finance Minister Bob Richards held a press conference this morning [Apr 26] where they discussed how they can work together for the benefit of Bermuda.


Premier Craig Cannonier said, “We want to assure Bermuda that we continue to look for opportunities as we move forward with our relationship with the UK and our Overseas Territories Minister Simmonds with areas that we can benefit from.

“Those areas like education, where we can find synergies there to help continue to look for opportunities of job creation. In the area of crime where we can work together helping to decrease the crime rate in Bermuda. These are some of the initiatives we have been talking about.

“We have been looking at other areas, like an International Business Summit that we can hold in the UK,” said the Premier.

Minister Simmonds said, “Could I first say how pleased I am to be here in Bermuda. We have had this morning an extremely warm, constructive, and positive dialogue about strengthening the already positive ties that exist between Bermuda and the UK.

“We’ve discussed a whole range of important issues as to how we can work together for the benefit of Bermuda. Both strengthening the economic and trade ties, facilitating stronger links in key areas like education and health, but also making sure that Bermuda retains its’ reputation at the forefront of an extremely well regulated financial center.

“We’ve discussed holding a Bermuda Trade and Investment Conference in the UK, and also to make sure that British businesses realise the investment opportunities that exist here in Bermuda to help drive economic growth, create sustainable jobs, and make sure that those very positive ties that exist between our two countries continue for the long term.”

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  1. Da Truth says:

    Interesting photo – - – the two Brits are standing with their hands behind their backs – - the universal signal of “at ease” – all militaries stand like that when they are at rest. The two Bermudian Ministers are standing with their hands in front – - a symbol of their desire to cooperate with strings – it says “I agree with reservation” – - won’t go as far to say it says “I don’t trust” or that it is completely negative (crossed arms would be saying that). But very interesting – - do they have something to hide?

    • Bermyman says:

      Probably more cultural than anything, both Brits would have attended English Public school (yes public school in England means private and exclusive) where part of their curriculum is military training and drill from the age of 13 and up. Where standing with your hands behind your back is ‘at ease’ but also more common even when you are a schoolboy in assembly. Whilst in Bermuda, school children are more inclined to stand with hands at the front and also in America it too is common. In ceremony when we are on display, we tend to revert back to behavioural language which we first learnt at school. This is where we first learn group behaviour. Google pictures of president Obama or other US presidents for example and you will see more photos I am sure of hands to the front or arms folded. – Your observation is interesting but I think you are embellishing the meaning behind the body language here, one could assume that there is some sort of hidden agenda in your post.

    • collins says:

      da truth,you are a complete idiot…..

    • Just maybe, it’s a bit too early for them to reveal how Bermudians and all foreign investors were / are feeling inwardly about what should /could be done to them that had taken advantage of all i.e, “we the people” for ones own personal gains…

  2. JD says:

    I’m sitting down, with my head in my hands after reading your comment. Please please oh wise mind reader tell me what my current pose symbolises.

  3. Campervan says:

    Will these strengthened ties be mutuallly benneficial? Will “stonger links in education, crime and health” be a two way street for both entities? Will the people of Britain bennefit from this too or is this just for the bennefit of Bermuda? Will Bermuda be making any concessions for tapping into UK resourses that are paid for by British tax payers?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      It’s evident from your post that improved educational standards would be a good thing.

  4. Always Watching says:

    seriously !!!! smdh !!

  5. LaVerne Furbert says:

    I’ll now do some research and see what the comments were when Henry Bellingham, the former Minister, visited Bermuda.

  6. LaVerne Furbert says:

    I just looked at the Bernews photo of Mr. Bellingham and former Premier Cox. Most interesting that Mr. Bellingham also had his hands behind his back, while Ms. Cox’s hands were in front. Thanks Da Truth. I’ll pay more attention now to where people place their hands when being photographed.

    • Good LaVerne now you will be able to see how often them members of your posse at times do scatch their own as#ss having no clue about what is being asked of them…

      • Impressive says:

        Why can’t you make a comment without being nasty and childish Mr Ray?? If you can’t make your point without resorting to swearing and name calling and down right disrespect, then pick up a book and improve you vocabulary and comprehension skills.. Thanks

        • Portuguese/Bermudian says:

          This is the same man who is in church every week.

  7. Cleancut says:


    Standing with your arms behind your back will automatically pull your shoulders back.

    Confident people seem to naturally stand tall; even when they are not the tallest in the room. Keeping your shoulders pushed back will lend you an air of confidence.

    How receptive you are is suggestive by where you place your arms and hands.

    Arms crossed or folded against the chest say that you have shut other people out and have no interest in what they are saying.

  8. Kemetnu says:

    As a matter of fact it could still be linked to slavery. While Britain’s history was to conquer and to enslave, while in bermuda most of us are of slave descent. We could have been trained to do this not even knowing.

    Just a thought

    • Ringmaster says:

      There is a third option. In many photos, Dr Brown stands with his arms straight down and beside him. What is that indicating? LaVerne?

      • Cleancut says:

        No Ringmaster, that doesn’t mean very much. Hands down by your side while in public office just suggests that you maybe coming into a lot of money.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Hands straight by the side is usually the posture of a person who is looking forward to retirement at one of his three houses so he can start to spend his hundred mill. If you look closely you’ll notice many people with that body language are also keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that no-one can trace anything directly to them….

        • Ringmaster says:

          Or maybe a person standing to attention waiting to take orders and be told what to do. However, by not waiting, he is disobeying authority.
          Yes, there really are body language signs.

  9. swing voter says:

    If that picture depicts political posturing, damn our bois look kinda weak. I grew up playing football, all of my team pics we stood chest puffed up, arms crossed….I don’t remember craig playing ball and Uncle Bob was learning financing during childhood. Seriously, every Bermudian of voting age is responsible for this mess. If you voted for the UBP (ultimate broken party) then you voted for the status quo and ignored their brokeness. If you voted for the PLP in 1998 (like I did) then bend over and let the guest workers from Guantanamo Bay give you a swift kick at least 3 times daily, 5times on friday. After all they’re working and living in comfort, while our children are unemployed, uneducated, and problematic….

  10. swing voter says:

    oh, the mess I’m referring to specifically….national debt and the uiguars guest workers

  11. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    You’re all a bunch of insinuating paranoids. Get a life!