Collie Buddz to Appear In Beres Hammond Show

June 25, 2013

Bermudian reggae artist Collie Buddz will join the lineup for the “One Love One Life” concert at Par-La-Ville car park next month, which is due to feature Jamaican reggae star Beres Hammond.

The concert — to be held on Wednesday July 31, 2013 — is already scheduled to include Uzimon, New Kingston and Beres Hammond accompanied by the Harmony House Band with a full complement of back-up singers.


Fresh off his successful spring tour of the US, Collie Buddz will appear live in Bermuda between his packed US and European touring schedule. Last year Collie Buddz performed at Barr’s Bay Park on Cup Match eve, in a show that saw lines of people queuing to get in.

The concert is part of a four day schedule of events which includes: Friday July 26th the City of Hamilton Music Festival, Saturday July 27th the Rock’n De Rock event, Sunday July 28th the Vibe 103 FM Beach BBQ, and Wednesday July 31st the One Love One Life concert.

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  1. jake best says:

    uzimon and collie budd ,,,,no thanks

  2. Did he do it? says:

    Just gonna have to come later now! This is not a match for a Beres Hammond concert! Are you People crazy! Now if it was Gramps Morgan or even Troy Anthony that would be okay!

    • You Got That Right says:

      I agree. I went to a show with Beres and Troy at Somerset Cricket Club and that was a perfect combination. That show was off de hook

  3. Music fan says:

    It’s nuts that the Beres show and Shabba show are on the same night! Wish I could go to both 🙁

    • Cool J says:

      I feel you…It’s to bad we have to choose. Two great performers on the same night..dif locations kinda sucks. We rarely have big concerts like this in Bermuda, it would have been nice to see both.

  4. Support our oun says:

    Did he do it: It is so sad that we so readily accept any artists but our own. Collie Buds is well like and well received all over the world. As a testament to that his recent tour was sold out every night. As a Bermudian, I am looking to see one of my own perform on the big stage alongside the living legend himself Mr Beres Hammond.

    • Did he do it? says:

      Troy Anthony is Bermudian! Just my own preference! Now if Star Child was still alive I would be there! I think there are plenty of Bermudian artist that could fill this spot!

  5. Sunshine says:

    @ Music Fan, I agree, I think Shabba and Alison should have been on the Friday night with the ending up Cupmatch. Beres is a nice opening to the Cupmatch holiday. I also think during Cupmatch its time for Bermuda to have a Bermuda Sumfest, like Jamaica Sumfest and we have a lineup of all Bermuda artists from Sun up to Sun down or after the game both days and on the Saturday night after the holiday. We have enough artists in Bermy with good music and all types of music.

    • Tiger Lily says:

      Good Suggestion – where are all of our music promoters who can partner with Dept of Tourism? It’s a shame hotel rates are over $350 per night in the east. No Emancipation deals on this rock!

  6. keeping it real says:

    @ Music Fan and Sun Shine I think your both right,,I think Shabba is the better bet for a lot of Reasons,,Price ,two artist, not taking away from beres cause he is on top of his game ,,but its Cup Match, I wanna Party for the lead up to the Hoilday day,,I can rub and srub my woman when i get home, listening to beres Cd

  7. Support our oun says:

    @Keeping it real: I love love Beres and Shabba. However, if you look at the type of music both artists put out you must agree that Beres is the much bigger artist. Most (95%) of Beres hit songs are done solo while (90%) of Shabba hits are done with other artists. Unless Shabba is coming with backup singers to sing the parts of his many compilations, I would say Beres is a much better show. Hey, why pop in a CD when you can experience it live? But I agree its a shame both shows are on the same night.

    • keeping it real says:

      @Support your own you seem to be taking it a little Personal ,,Why ?????
      Mmmmm !

  8. Uncle Bob says:

    This is gonna turn into a race card thing…..if you don’t believe me just watch…

    Chickens go to Beres

    Beefs go to Shabba and Alison Hinds

    It would have been nice to blend chicken and beef together with fried rice.

  9. my final decision says:

    This is it right here:
    Wed Beres
    Thurs Cup Match
    Fri Soca vs Reggae
    Sun Non Mariners

    I await this Cup Match Holiday weekend

  10. Miguelito says:

    Go for it, Collie Buddz! Collie Buddz and Beres? Big sounds! Looking forward to a great show.

  11. Beres & Buddz fan says:

    My preference would be Beres and Buddz but $85.00 is a bit too steep for me.

  12. Hazel says:

    I agree with earlier comments about having big artists all in one night…should have scheduled it two artists per night over the 3 evenings of the holiday to give fans of all performers a chance to see their artist.

    Never seen Collie Buddz perform live before but have heard good things about his performances so hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

    All in all….I’m just looking forward to Beres because he NEVER disappoints me when he performs here. BRING IT ON BERES!!!!!